ok so how does she do her hair

ok seriously though idc what immature anons say but i do find it a little sad that a very realistic woman like chloe decker, who is a single working mother is considered “boring.”

i love chloe so much bc i feel like she is a REAL woman. she gets fed up, her hair is messed up sometimes, she looks tired sometimes, her wardrobe is nice but realistic. i love her sm.

i love how she sees through lucifer’s facade, how blunt but caring she is, how she tries to make everyone happy but does not take any shit, how embarrassing she is when drunk. she is R E A L. i love her. bye.

Three years have passed

A/N: Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction, it’s based on my doujinshi. I’m not a really good writer but I’ll try my best since I’m going to delete the previous pages of the doujin. But this is basically what happens. Tell me if you like it or not. If I should keep writing the story or just give up. Also, feel free to give me any recommendations and suggestions.

Anime: Fairy Tail

Couple: Gajevy

Rated: T (Language)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Status: On going

Summary: Tired of being “the damsel in distress”, Levy left the guild without telling anyone except Master Makarov. She spent three years far away from Magnolia learning new spells to improve her skills. But finally, is time to return home. What’s that strange magic she learn?

Chapter One: Returning Home

Magnolia’s most famous guild was no longer as cheerful as it was three years ago. Even if it still was noisy the environment inside was different. They have maintained the title of the strongest guild in Fiore. But there was some sort of emptiness in their hearts. The smartest comrade they had left without saying a word to her guild mates. The happiness she transmitted was very contagious. Especially to the ones who made cheers for her when things get difficult. But that emptiness was about to be filled again. It was time for the young girl to come home.

Long messy hair moving side to side as she walked, wearing a perfect red crop top that contrast with the blue color of her hair. In both arms she had white finger-less long gloves and shorts that exposed the delicate skin of her legs. As she was passing through the streets lots of the residents stare at her. But it wasn’t a bad thing, they were surprised of how she looks. It wasn’t a bit similar to her old style.

Levy McGarden, a beautiful and intelligent Fairy Tail member was making her way to the guild. Nerves were taking a toll on her, leaving her split between eagerness to return to the happy memories and sudden anxiety of facing the others. Standing outside of the guild, she let out a long sighed she was holding and murmured. “It’s time to come home”. She opened the doors softly and slipped inside quietly. She looked for her favorite spot, and there he was. The wisest exceed she had ever met and learned to love. Making her way to the table she stopped right behind him and bent over.

“Long time no see…Pantherlily”

Levy. Lily thought as he turned around and saw her with a bright smile and her arm stretched out.

“I missed you so much” She said. Her lovely eyes looking directly at his. She grabbed him and give him hug, squeezing the Exceed happily.

“L-L-Levy I can barely breathe,” Said a purplish Pantherlily.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Lily,” She offered him an apology as she moved him to the top of a table.

A pink hair mage noticed the presence and recognize the scent of his childhood friend. He smiled and whispered to his partner, “Hey Luce, I think today is your lucky day.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Natsu? The celestial spirit mage replied. He pointed to the blue-haired girl.

“It’s that Levy-chan?! Is it really you?!” The excited young blonde shout from the other side of the guild.

Levy’s eyes followed the source of Lucy’s voice. She ran and hug the busty girl, making them to fall on the flat ground.

“Lucy? Oh my! You look so gorgeous. How you’ve been?” Levy cried.

Lucy laughed. “You too, also, what’s with the tough look? You sure look more confident and stronger.”

“LEVY LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!” Jet and Droy said in unison with hearts on their eyes.

Smiling at the heart whelming scene, Lily flew to the entrance of the guild. “I guess this is the perfect chance to get out of here and tell Gajeel the big news.” And with that last statement he left the noisy guild.

At the outskirts of Magnolia, the iron dragon slayer was munching some metal while watching the view of the whole town. He felt the presence of his exceed coming from behind him. “What do you want Lil’? Did you pick up a job or what? I’m getting tired of bein’ here doing shit.” He tossed away a few scraps.

“Well, let’s say that won’t be a problem anymore,“ said Pantherlily cryptically.

Gajeel turned his head and giving Lily a confused look. He stated: “What the hell are you talking about? Somethin’ hit you while your way back here?” And then he noticed something was off. He sniffed the environment and the strange smell was coming from Lily’s direction. He walked over to the exceed and grabbed him.

“Hey, put me down you creep!” Lily said uncomfortably.

Gajeel kept sniffing. “You smell different! It’s like your scent is overshadowed by another.”

“Familiar isn’t it?” Lily smirked.

Wait a minute. His eyes widened as realization hit him hard.

Lily nodded, confirming his suspicions. “What you’re thinking it’s the correct answer.” He paused. “She’s back and looks very different.”

Gajeel turned his back to Lily. Looked at the full view of Magnolia as he said desperately. “Levy?! Where is she?”

“At the guild, isn’t that obvious. Thought you were smarter.” Lily mocked. “I have to admit that she almost most suffocated me with that killing hug.” He paused as he saw Gajeel still as a statue. “Maybe if you start walking you might have a chance to catch her. So, what do you want to do?”

Gajeel looked over the shoulder. “Just like you said. Isn’t that obvious?”

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We're the Ones Who Live: Richonne One Shots Chapter 9: Lessons
Rick learns an important skill...

Originally posted by xneganslucillex

“Three sections?”

Michonne nodded at her husband, her lips quirked at the sight of him, back bowed over his daughter’s head with studious concentration.

“Right,” she encouraged, doing her best to keep her hands in her lap.

Rick struggled for a moment to hold the hair and reach for the brush, but managed after a few fumbles.

“So, you pull the hair over the middle part…” Rick recited, his brow furrowed. Judith squirmed in the hard kitchen chair, looking desperately over at Michonne.

“Mama,” she plaintively called for Michonne, teetering dangerously on the edge of a meltdown. Michonne smiled at her reassuringly.

“Daddy’s going to fix your hair really pretty for church,” she assured the toddler. She glanced back up at Rick, still struggling. “Make sure to smooth the hair first,” she cautioned.

Rick sighed, but reached for the brush again. With a few strokes, he managed to calm Judith’s wayward curls then began again.

“How do you do this so fast?” he asked, his eyes still on his daughter’s hair.

“I’ve had lots of practice,” Michonne giggled, her own hair brushing her back and shoulders as she laughed.

“Ok,” Rick released a breath, tying the end of the plait off with a pink hair tie. “How does it look?” he asked, his expression hopeful.

Michonne inspected the little girl’s hair, taking in the even sections. It was a bit lopsided perhaps, but otherwise it was passable.

“It looks great,” she said, too much enthusiasm in her voice, both for the benefit of her daughter and her husband. Rick grinned brightly, glancing down at his handiwork. “You might be ready for French braids now,” Michonne told him, coming up behind him.

Rick looked horrified at the prospect. “There’s more than one way to braid?”

Michonne laughed, reaching for Judith as she squirmed down from her chair. She swept the little girl up to her waist, balancing her in place against her growing belly.

“You better hope this one is a boy,” she told Rick. “I don’t think you’re ready to learn about curl patterns and hair textures.”

“I’ll figure it out,” he told her confidently, setting the brush down on the table and turning to his girls. He kissed them both on the foreheads, lingering to grasp Michonne’s hair between his fingers. “You can show me how to fix these later,” he told her, grinning.

“Ambitious,” she complimented, impressed.

Judith wiggled out of her grasp and she let the little girl go, listening to her little feet beat a path out of the kitchen and away from her kissing parents.

autistic jillian holtzmann


• she low-key flirts with literally everyone because that was part of her gender training of the “this is how to get people to like you” variety and she’s never quite sure when she’s supposed to turn it off so she just leaves it on all the time instead (and it’s finally working because look! now she has a found family of her very own!)

• of course she’s gay, she just doesn’t get why that would be worth mentioning, it’s not like flirting is the same thing as fucking

• blurting problem

• snacks whenever/wherever because hunger aggravates her sensory issues and then she gets Cranky and it’s just better for everyone this way

• blowtorches are the best visual stims

• dancing/spinning in a chair > handflapping

• her gaze drifts constantly, and the only time it doesn’t is when she’s very-clearly-on-purpose Staring at someone or something

• sensitive to light, wears tinted safety glasses/goggles even when she “shouldn’t” need to; the yellow lenses filter light the best, also yellow lenses increase contrast which makes it easier for her to register what’s around her

• and you know she doesn’t wear the safety glasses because she’s safety-conscious; see also: literally everything about the way she handles (and encourages untrained others to handle) miniature nuclear fucking reactors

(• see also: “safety lights are for dudes!”)

• but when shit goes from “yeah probably definitely dangerous” to “oh crap someone is actually about to get toasted” she throws herself in the line of fire to get them out again because she really super extra Cares about them

• thinks things are funny that other people don’t, laughs at moments when it’s prrrrobably inappropriate

• sees/notices obvious things that others don’t (the open basement door, the awesome logo in graffiti)

• may have all the trappings of a “marches to her own drummer” type but very much goes along with whatever Abby/the group decides, is more comfortable with someone else guiding her on what to do

• even her outward persona/style seems to be a result of her chameleoning her mentor

• takes the secret handshake with Abby very seriously, it represents something precious to her and is also really satisfying and when she’s by herself she probably stims sometimes by going through the motions as if there were a second set of hands there because it feels good and because it has to be perfect when she does it with Abby for real because it is Important

• the “screw u” necklace is also Important because it’s a thing she shares with her mentor

• organizational issues with her workspace, but finished gadgets are neatly stored and carefully labeled (and proudly displayed) because they’re her babies and she can’t risk them getting caught up in the mess

• if it’s not directly related to nuclear engineering, she takes a largely observational role in pretty much everything; she doesn’t really get it so she’s pretty quiet, and it stresses her out so she copes with humor but since she’s not really sure about the situation it’s mostly half-relevant vague one-liners and sarcasm

• goofing/clowning/snarking is the social mode she does best so she does it everywhere, all the time

• when she’s not specifically performing the role she’s learned and practiced, she is quiet, she mumbles, she rambles, she avoids all eye contact, she’s huuugely vulnerable

• “you have the longest arms”

• makes some super exaggerated facial expressions because those are the ones she’s practiced, she loves doing it ok, she just loves it

• dresses for physical and psychological comfort and that it… the huge pants are comfy as hell, the leather jackets make her feel tough and brave and safe

• her hair, because that’s the way she figured out how to do it herself when she was 9, and it became her thing… also she loves playing with the floof and feeling it bounce around on her head

musical-devotee  asked:

My mom reminded me what she did to me when I was little. Ok so I had thick curly hair when I was little (now its more wavyish)and my mom having straight and thin hair decided that she was going to try to style it and blow dry it like how she does (and brush it too) so next thing that happened was I have a afro her friend who had hair like mine is screaming bc of how bad it looked and basically that day forward I won't let my mom do something like that again

remember kids w curly hair

dont blow dry and brush at all costs

anonymous asked:

Michael is v insecure about his body so jeremy lays on his tummy alot and just talks about how soft he is and how pretty he is and michael gets happily flustered / chloe and brooke work together to help Chloe become a better person, and everytime Chloe does smth good shes rewarded with a little kiss on the nose, forehead, anywhere Brooke can reach!

ok im in love with the first one (me and my boyfriend talk abt doing that all the time but were long distance). jeremy combs his fingers thru michaels hair and kisses his nose and mumbles soft little praise against michaels lips whenever they kiss

also brooke is SO sweet and supportive of her gf like….. whenever chloe starts to doubt herself, brooke is right there to reassure her and remind her that everyone loves her so much!!

ngl, Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs is one of my first choices as dan wilds. she’s a mohawk native american and she’s so cute! but she can also do serious so well honestly and look at her. look at this face. that is determination

im getting strong “really regret vouching for the monsters right now” stink eye vibes whenever andrew or one of them does something ( x )

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Imagine the boys teaching Cas what a crush is...

Originally posted by supermerwholocked2893

You were seated at the table with the boys reading a book for fun. Dean was messing on Sam’s laptop, Sam was reading an old, worn book from the bookshelf and Cas was focused on a journal filled with notes on Supernatural beings, glancing up every once and a while to watch you read with your feet on the table. leaning your torso back in the chair.

 "Hey [Y/N].“ Dean called pulling your focus from the book. 

"Yes Dean.” You looked into his eyes as a slight smile came to his lips. 

“Why did the Pie go to the doctor?" 

"Dean, are you looking up pie jokes on the Internet again.” You rolled your eyes and smiled as you now had the attention of the table. 

“No…… Just answer the joke please." 

"I don’t know Dean, why did the pie go to the doctor." 

"Because he was feeling a bit crummy.” Dean smiled wide as you let out a chuckle and shock your head. 

“Dean Winchester, savior of the world and hunter of the damned, teller of lame pie jokes." 

"I got another one, why hasn’t the pie crossed Dean’s mouth?”

 You erupted into laughter as you realized what he was doing, “Dean is this your way of asking me if I would make a run and get you some pie?" 

"Please [Y/N]! I’ll do anything you want.” He begged causing you laugh even more. 

“You are too much Winchester.” You smiled as you placed a bookmark in your book, and started to get up, a smile plastered on your face, “anyone want anything else?" 

"I don’t think so, but if they have the grapes that taste cotton candy?” Sam asked as you nodded your head, and then you turned towards Cas, who was just staring at your face, bringing a smile and slight blush to your face, “Earth to the Angel." 

He blinked quickly before realizing what he had done, and when he did you saw a deep blush come to his confused face, which brought a larger smile to your face, "uhhh sorry…. What?”
“Do you want something from the store?" 

 "Uhhh no thank you [Y/N].” He quickly answered before looking back down at the table and missed you smile wider before you left the room to head towards your car. 

 "Ohhhh Sammy, I think our little angel has a crush.“ Dean exclaimed after you were out of earshot. 

"Really Dean, lay off the poor guy.” Sam answered as Cas looked from one boy to the other. 

“What? What do you mean I have a crush?” Cas asked causing Dean’s face to fall 

“Wait… Cas tell me you are joking?" 

"No I am not?”

 "Oh you virgin.“ Dean smiled as Sam glared at him. 

“I don’t understand why you are being my sexual activity into this.” Cas said causing Dean’s smile to go.

“Ok, a crush is used to explain a certain level of feelings that you have for another person.” Sam explained as he punched his brother lightly in the arm.

“Oh well what kind of feelings.” He tilted his head as Sam thought for a moment.

“Well it is the kind of feelings that one my define as a special bond, a bond where you really really like the person.”

“Oh okay. Does this mean that I have a crush with the two of you?” Cas asked as Dean erupted into laughter, clapping his hand on the shoulder for support as he doubled over, while the moose of a man stood there with his hand covering his face. 

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

“Let the professional handle this.” Dean gasped out as he tried to recover his breathe, “Ok Cas, What single Sammy over here is trying to say, is that a crush explains an certain feeling you feel towards another person who you are sexually attracted to. So while you, me, and the jolly dumb giant really enjoy each others company we don’t have crushes on each other because we all like woman. Now there is a checklist to see if you really have a crush on someone, and in your case this someone is our beloved [Y/N].” 

“Ok, what is this check list?” Cas answered excitedly as Sam groaned, “Let me guess Dean, the first thing on the list is “When you see this person do you want to have sex with her in a sleazy, gross hotel room?”

“Ok Cas, so how does [Y/N] make you feel when she is around?” Dean asked ignoring the comment.

“Well I have recently been feeling feelings of warmth. For example just watching her in a relaxed state of reading made me feel this warmth growing in my stomach. When she was also discussing the food run with you and Sam, I very much wanted to push her hair back behind her ear so that it was no longer hiding her face.”

“Okay, now when you are close to her to you ever feel the need to touch her? just small stuff like hold her hand, touch her leg, wrap an arm around her?”

“Well yesterday when we were in the back of the impala I would have enjoyed holding her hand, and I find myself resisting to boop her nose.”

“Ok final question. Do you want to have a physical, romantic relationship with [Y/N]?”

“As in do I want to have sexual relations with her?”

“Not necessarily, I mean sex is always a factor, but a relationship is about more then sex, it is about the small stuff like making her tea, or getting her favorite book for her, along with the bigger stuff, like buying or making her dinner, or having sex, or just talking about personal stuff for hours.”

“Yes.” Cas answered quickly; Sam looked at Dean as though he was a foreign being, and Dean looked at Cas with a glow.

“Well Cas, I think you have a crush on [Y/N]. So now we have to figure out what to do with it.”

“Wait, you don’t just ignore it and hope it goes away?”

“I mean you can but…” Sam started, but he found Dean’s hand covering his mouth.

“That is an option however it is the worst option you could chose. That is how we make jealous little stalkers, and you don’t want to be a jelaous little angel stalker?”

“No… at least I don’t think so?” 

“Trust me Cas, you do not want to be that guy. So you go with the other option, which is share your feelings with the other person. I mean the worst she can do is say no, and that she only likes you as a friend.”

“And if she doesn’t?”

“Well then you both make a decision to either remain friends, or to become boyfriend and girlfriend, which can possibly lead to marriage.” 

“Oh ok, how should I tell her?”

“Well try something romantic, maybe get her flowers or something.” Sam answered as he pushed Dean’s hand away.

“Oh okay. Thanks boys.” And with that he was gone, leaving the brothers alone.

“What was that?” Sam asked his smug looking brother, who was slowly getting up to get a beer.

“I was just helping out two friends Sam, no big deal.”

“Yea, who knew that Dean Winchester knew how to give advice about more then how to have a one night stand.” Sam called after him as he listened to Dean laugh at his comment. Because really who knew  the one stand king could give real relationship advice

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Baekhyun x Reader  Complicated 18+ (Requested) (Extra) Wedding Day Special!

“Anonymous said:Rose : BaekHyun is the son of the woman your father is going to marry. But his also your crush, can you make it angsty please ? :)”

Hello! So I received a request from a lovely follower of mine for more parts of this 3 part story. I have a lot of requests in the inbox currently, so instead I decided to give this story a special extra! For original story click the links below! Hope you enjoy!~

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You fiddled with the curls at the bottom of your hair before admiring your makeup. It was the first time you’d had a professional makeup artist work on you, and definitely not the last.

“I love this pampering, can we do this more often?” you asked, unable to remove your eyes from your reflection.

“The pampering yes, but the wedding I’d prefer just to do the once!”

You finally turned around and smiled at your dad’s fiancé. She was finishing having her hair pinned up into a formal up-do. “Does it look ok?”

You nodded and reassured her confidently “it looks gorgeous, and so do you.”

She chuckled at you and beckoned you over before turning to the photographer “would you get a photo of us please?”

You knew she loved having you around, a few months after moving in she was treating you like her own. She’d take you out shopping, watch chic flicks with you, and offer to do your hair when you were down. You wasn’t used to having someone like her around, but it was nice. Of course, no matter how well you got along, you could never let your secret slip. If she knew what you were like with her son, perhaps she wouldn’t treat you so well.


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Flush of Fate - Chapter 9

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Multi chapter, humour (I hope)

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Levy McGarden, Erza Scarlett

Summary: Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone you hate? Try being stuck in a bathroom with that person…while the party of the year is happening downstairs.

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 |

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Niall Imagine - You’re hired to date him ( Part 2 )

The only question in my head right now, why?

I thought he might feel the same way. But it was just an act to him, wow, he’s a good actor, making me believe there could be something more. I guess not.

“Love, want some breakfast?” Niall asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah, sure, why not?” I reply, getting up.

Niall made us some toast and eggs. If I may add, the best toast and eggs I ever had.

“Did you sleep well?” I ask, trying to make a conversation.

“Jip.” He says, popping the p.

“Thats great.”

“What are you going to do today?” Niall asks, putting away the dishes.

“Nothing, I might spring clean the apartment.” I say.

“You’re always cleaning.” Niall laughs.

“I got nothing better to do with my life, so might as well clean.” I say.

Its true, ‘dating’ Niall caused the paparazzi to follow me every where, I cant even go shopping in peace.

Thank goodness for the internet.

“What are your plans for the day?” I ask him.

“I’m taking Kim out, we are going to the mountains.” He explains.

Well there goes the pain in my chest again.

“Thats nice, just be careful.” I say, warning him.

“Don’t worry, nobody’s going to find us.” Niall says, probably trying to make the situation seem better.

“Do we have any chocolates?” I ask, I need it!

“Yes, but I’m taking it on my date with Kim, sorry.” Niall says, laughing at me.

No Niall and no chocolates? My life sucks.

“Ok, enjoy it.” I say, walking away, I cant stand here and listen to him talking about her.

What does he even see in her? Yes, she got a perfect hair and a perfect body, but come on…

How can he be so unaware of my broken heart?

- Niall’s POV -

Im on my way to fetch Kim for our date. I think we could be perfect together, like really.

“Hi Kim, lets go.” I say, kissing her cheek.

“Lets go.” She says, following me to the car.

This place is amazing. My date is amazing.

The time flew by. I take Kim back to her place.

“Thank you for the best day ever, Niall.” Kim says, hugging me and then entering her house.

I cant wait to tell Y/N about my date.

When I arrive home, I see her lying on the couch.

“Hi, love.”

“Hi.” She replies, but something is wrong, I can see it in the way she didn’t even look at me.

“Want to hear about my date?” I ask, standing now in front of her.

“Actually, no thank you.” She says quietly.

I suddenly see her red, puffy eyes.

“Were you crying?” I ask, my voice laced with concern.

“No.” She says, looking away. Obviously lying.

“You know you can tell me anything.” I say seriously.

“You want to know what wrong? Well, I’ll tell you whats wrong. I love you, thats what’s wrong.”

I just stay quiet, not knowing what to say. Do I even feel the same way?

“Are you going to say something?” She adds. Tears streaming down her face.

Once again, I stay silent.

“I quit” are the last words I hear before she runs off.

*** ***
Part 3 maybe?
- xo Amoré

burn (abby/raven, t)

angiecartinellis and beaglesinbowties ganged up on me yesterday with the abby/raven feels, so this happened instead of sleeping. whoops.

a missing scene from “reapercussions”; (also on ao3)

“Abby?” Raven’s voice is rough, still broken from the screaming that hadn’t stopped through her entire surgery.

(Not that Abby still hears it. Not that she can’t shake how Raven’s skin had tensed beneath her hands with every incision. Not that Abby can’t look at her without feeling the strangest combination of guilt and awe.)

She licks her lips and squares her shoulders, tries to ignore the searing pain that radiates through her body with every step. The stale air of the camp is even too much on her exposed back, and she has to grit her teeth until she’s standing over Raven.

Abby forces herself to relax, and smiles down at her. She thinks about stroking Raven’s hair back, but the idea alone is tiring. “How are you doing?”

Raven looks up at her and her brows are furrowed deep. Abby’s weak smile falls. “Jackson told me what they did to you.”

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Cameron Dallas Imagine - The Wedding

I told you guys I’d surprise you with a Cam imagine!!! :)

Also I just made up random names for friends otherwise I’d get confused!!

No one ever thought that Cameron and I would ever get together. They always thought we were too alike to ever work as a couple. “You’re better off being friends” everyone who knew us told us both when we first started dating. Yet here I was, six years later, sitting in front of the vanity in the hotel room I stayed in the night before, my best girlfriends fluffing about, helping me get ready for my big day. That’s right. Today was the day I was getting married to Cameron. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was shaking so bad that Ella, who was doing my makeup, had to stop.

“Y/n stop shaking!” She scolded me.

“I can’t help it. I’m scared. What if he doesn’t show up?! Worse, what if he dumps me at the alter in front of all out friends and family?!” I told her, beginning to shake even harder, if that was possible.

“Y/n, he will show up and he won’t dump you at the alter. He loves you so much. You should have heard him the other day. He was practically bursting with love. Just take a deep breath and calm down so I can finish your makeup.”

Her reassurance was enough to calm me down and stop the shaking so she could finish my makeup. I decided on simple makeup. A light layer of foundation, a subtle smokey eye, light pink lip, and a little bit of blush for that healthy glow look. I definitely wasn’t one to go overboard with the makeup. I hated that caked look. I smiled as she finished, looking into the mirror at how she had transformed my face.

“I look…. Just wow. Thank you so much!” I told her.

“Any time y/n. Now I’m gonna get changed while Kristy comes and does your hair. Will you be ok?” Ella asked.

“I’ll be fine. Now go get dressed!! Don’t want my maid of honour looking like crap!”

She laughed at me as she rushed off into one of the other rooms in our penthouse suite. Still looking in the mirror, I noticed Kristy walking over, loaded with hair tools and hair products.

“Ok y/n! What are we doing with this wonderful, lush, long hair of yours?” She asked.

“I was thinking a low bun with some wavy tendrils of hair hanging down at the front. I just want simple.” I told her and she got to work.

Half an hour later, my messy hair was transformed into a beautiful, yet simple updo. After thanking Kristy, I got up to go into my room and put on my dress and heels. Rather than go with the traditional white heels, I decided on blue as I wanted to be able to wear them again and also so they could be my something blue. Yes, I was being traditional. Something new (my dress), something old (my grandmothers necklace), something borrowed (my mothers veil), and something blue (my shoes). After getting dressed, I walked out into the main room, where my mother and father had joined my bridesmaids.

“Oh y/n you look so beautiful!” My mother practically sobbed.

“Mum don’t cry or you’ll make me cry and I don’t want my makeup ruined.” I told her. “Now let’s go. I don’t want to be late and make Cam think I’m not coming.”

I linked my arms with my parents, Ella and Kristy grabbing ahold of the train of my dress making sure it didn’t get caught. We made our way to the outside of the hotel and hopped into the limo that awaited us.


Twenty minutes later and we had arrived at the church. My nerves returned, but not as bad as before. Well that was until I saw the hundred or so fans waiting outside. We couldn’t get one day of peace could we? This was supposed to be my big day, yet here were fans about to ruin it.

“I’m not getting out of this limo until they are gone.” I announced.

“Y/n -.” My dad began but I cut him off.

“No dad. This is my big day. I understand that the fans come with the territory of being a part of Cam’s crazy life, but I will not have them be disrespectful and show up on my, I mean OUR, big day and potentially ruin it all. This is supposed to be a day I can share with family and friends, not family, friends AND fans.”

I sighed after letting that out. Sure enough, my dad listened and got security to come and have the fans move on. It took a while, half an hour to be exact, but luckily my mum had gone inside to explain so Cameron wouldn’t worry that I wasn’t going to show.

We got out of the limo, my beautiful bridesmaids walking ahead of my dad and I. Taking a deep breath, I began walking towards the church, standing inside the lobby area, waiting for my queue to enter. Not a minute later, the music started playing and the doors opened, revealing all of mine and Cameron’s family and friends. I gripped onto my dad’s arm as we slowly made our way up the aisle. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Chris nudge Cam, getting him to turn around, and when he did, a huge smile broke out onto his face, causing me to smile widely too. Reaching the front of the church, my dad gave me away to Cameron, placing my hand in his, before taking his place. We smiled at each other before turning towards the priest.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to join together Cameron Alexander Dallas and y/n y/m/n y/l/n in holy matrimony.” The priest began.

The priest droned on with all the necessities, only pausing for Cam and I to say our vows and put the rings on and what not. Soon enough it came to the part I had been looking forward to.

“I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest announced.

Smiling, we looked lovingly into each other’s eyes for a brief second before Cameron leaned in and kissed me. It was short, sweet and passionate, nothing too over the top. We both pulled away smiling, before linking hands and walking down the aisle to exit the church and head to the reception. Confetti was thrown at us by our friends and family as we made our way to our “Just Married” limo, which Taylor had decided to decorate, tie dye of course. We hopped in, cherishing the few moments alone we would get.

“I can’t wait for tonight.” Cam told me as soon as the door was closed.

“And why is that?” I asked, curious.

“Because it’ll be the first night I can make love to you as Mrs Dallas.”

“Mrs Dallas. It’s going to take me a while to get used to that!”

“You will. And then we will have mini Dallas’ running around the house and a Dallas dog and cat and -”

“Ok ok! I get it Cameron! But let’s take it one step at a time.”

Awkwardly laughing at how carried he was getting, I was glad when we got to the reception venue. Which just so happened to be the beach. We had gotten special permission to close the beach off for the few hours we would be there. Cameron and I got out of the limo, walking down to where the marquee was set up. Walking into the marquee, we were welcomed with claps and cheers from everyone there. We made our way to our seats, sitting down before everyone started chanting “speech speech speech.” And so the speeches began.

After some lovely and funny speeches, it was Cam’s turn.

“So I would like to say a few words about my beautiful bride before I hand the mic over to her.” He began. “We’ve been friends for quite some time, 9 years to be exact. When I first met her at age 14, I didn’t think I’d be where I am right now. At age 15, I fell for her, but I couldn’t tell her in case she didn’t feel the same way. It wasn’t until we were 17 that I found out she had fallen for me too. When we started dating, so many people doubted us and said we were too alike. But our similarities brought us to where we are today, married and about to embark on our next adventure. Y/n, I can’t wait to start a family with you. To have little Cam’s and y/n’s running around the house. I love you and I will love you until the day I die.”

As Cam finished his speech, I wiped away a few stray tears before taking yen microphone from him.

“Wow. I don’t know how to top that so I’ll keep this short and sweet.” I said. “Most people say that you’ll never fall for your best guy friend, and if you do, it won’t last but I call bullshit on that. Look at me, married to my best friend and about to start the rest of my life with him. Cameron, I love you with everything I have and I can’t wait for what the future has in store for us.”

I handed the microphone to Shawn who would be singing our song for mine and Cameron’s first dance as a married couple.

“Uhhh I’d like to welcome Cameron and y/n to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.” Shawn said as Cameron grabbed my hand, dragging me to the dance floor.

As Shawn started singing, we swayed around the dance floor, occasionally giving each other small pecks. And in that moment I was content because I was right where I wanted to be.

(So many feels while writing this. Sorry if it’s a bit crappy. I’m really tired but I promised you guys a Cam imagine!!)

(Credit to the owners of the gifs I used in the video. Also tell me if you want me to continue doing these little videos with the imagines)

Mindy Kaling Breaks Down Everything From Tonight's Mindy Project (and What Really Happened in That Airplane Bathroom)
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Glamour: Why did Mindy wait until second four to kiss Danny?
Mindy Kaling: Oh, that’s such a good question! 
Glamour: I was dying! I was like, “Kiss him!”
Mindy: I feel like…in my mind there were a few different ways because when I was editing it I had a few different reactions. One of them I felt like, “She was going to kiss him and was thinking in her head the logistics of what they were going to do when they were going to land.” In his mind, he was like, “Oh, God, does she like me or not,” and then in her mind there was a foregone conclusion they were going to keep kissing, but she’s like, “OK, what does that mean when we do that?” So she starts paying attention when he’s on the number three, and I thought that was cute because doesn’t she smile before she kisses him because he’s being so adorable?

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ok so i know how everyone was saying that amethyst shapeshifted her hair to be long like gregs? well i do think thats part of the reason but like what if she did it also because of vidalia? she does say that she copied and just followed vidalia around so it would make sense that amethyst might try out following her look a bit. and in the first pic vidalia has amethyst’s hair is short and in the second its long.