ok so how does she do her hair

Consent is so fucking important for everyone
  • Mini Cap: Mom, there's this girl at school.
  • Me: (don't panic, don't panic) Ok.
  • Mini: And she's always chasing me out on the playground and trying to hold my hand.
  • Me: (do not have a heart attack DO NOT) All right. What's her name?
  • Mini: Emily. And she's nice and she sits in my group in class and we read The Maze Runner together. She has hair like you.
  • Me: Ok. So... is there a problem?
  • Mini: I don't-
  • Mini: She's nice-
  • Mini: She's a girl-
  • Me: You don't like her like a girlfriend but she likes you like a boyfriend?
  • Mini: (stark relief) Yes. And I don't know how to say to her that I don't like it when she does this stuff.
  • Me: Just like that. Just tell her that you think she's a cool girl, but you don't like it when she's trying to hold your hand and stuff. Tell her that when she touches you, it's not ok.
  • Mini: And if she does it again?
  • Me: Tell your teacher. Tell me. Someone you trust and know. But tell her first that it's really not ok.
  • Mini: I won't get in trouble?
  • Me: No. It's your body. You don't want to be touched, you say so and that's the end of the conversation. If it continues, then I'll have to speak to someone.

ok so i know how everyone was saying that amethyst shapeshifted her hair to be long like gregs? well i do think thats part of the reason but like what if she did it also because of vidalia? she does say that she copied and just followed vidalia around so it would make sense that amethyst might try out following her look a bit. and in the first pic vidalia has amethyst’s hair is short and in the second its long.