ok so here's how i envision it:


waiting here, for evermore. (x)

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How about a doodle of Kanan and Hera dancing? I dunno why, it just popped into my head.

OK so I’m sure when u sent this, u were envisioning cutesy kanera snugglin and slow dancing homecoming style, but like

let’s be real here. canon space latino kanan jarrus can’t just slow dance. he’s too extra. which is why I’ve decided kanan is now the 5 time galactic space salsa championships winner

(yes, kanan’s lil shirtie is flappin open)

but also just bc I had to: 

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oh so they're switches. nice. 😏 i always envisioned gru as the one who tops all the time but honestly trying to imagine dru as a dom is p hot, ngl im getting the vapors over here.

heeeeeeeell yes!! same here! <3

and I mean, it´s not so far off, considering that Dru pretty much spent most of the time trying to seduce his brother ;3 (yea ok, he tried to make him villianous again but you get the idea)

and how could I forget mentioning scenes like this:

and this:

(just look at his face! omg!! o/////v//////o)

so fitz is going to be the only one looking for simmons. ok. cool. i can handle that. in fact i think that’s along the lines of what i had envisioned since she was swept away, a fitz who doesn’t give up. but nevermind that, back to the point here, fitz. or really iain de caestecker because he is the one who’s going to be portraying this story-line on screen.

we’re going to get angry fitz, sad fitz, frustrated fitz, contemplative fitz, distraught fitz, heartbroken fitz, disbelieving fitz, betrayed fitz, stayed-up-all-night-because-how-can-you-sleep-when-jemma’s-gone fitz and iain is going to take all of that and run with it. and it’s going to be painful but it will be amazing and i can’t wait.