ok so here is the deal these are the ones i have made for now

My first serious gf theory

how Bill could be defeated

So i don’t really have much to say based on stuff from the show, more from other things i’ve read/watched. 

Mainly the webcomic Girl Genius. The way Stanford said that the mind could be taught to block Bill, it reminded me of this 

Now a lot is happening in this scene but the gist is, the entity in the Yellow haired woman’s body wants to put her consciousness into the white-blonde’s mind. But she can’t, but she can still kill her so they make a deal. Surely it is a bad deal, basically giving the one who wants to take over your body a way into your mind. However:

What if the mind can be taught to trap Bill, just like Zola here did. 

Ok not just like it. If this is a viable method for defeating Bill, most likely the person who traps Bill will have to be killed (or blasted with the mind-wiper) whatever trap they made in their mind for Bill would not hold him forever. 

So what kind of trap would it be? One that would keep Bill busy long enough to really stop him. 

Like the MAZE in Stanley’s mindscape.  

The Rations of Wartale

Idk what motivated me to do this. I think it was one day in a stream everyone was talking food and Wartale, so my mind decided to go like “Food+Wartale=Rations. Let’s do this.”

@ut-wartale​ Here ya go.

Cut so I don’t fill up half your dash.

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