ok so here is a legitimate question

One thing I’ve learned from being in this fandom for almost three years is that if someone is telling you something that sounds too good to be true then it most likely is. There’s a lot of people who like to make up stories for notoriety. I know it’s hard to want to question someone who is sharing all of these wonderful things with you that sound so believable but you should take everything with a grain of salt, especially when certain information can’t be backed up with legitimate pictures. I’ve been there too many times and been devastated when I finally realised I was being lied to. We’re a trusting bunch over here and sometimes people want to take advantage of that. Please be careful.

End of Discourse: Death and Just Stay Dead - My thoughts on the Halo series as of 2017 Part 1

Okay so a couple weeks ago, @the-great-mighty-dick and our friendly Discord group got into a little hassle with some 343i fans over the present direction the Halo series is taking.

On their side, they believe all the new lore is fantastic and 343i are doing a great job at expanding the series.

On our side, we believe that 343i has no idea how to write a good story without ham-fistedly explaining everything in order to justify the lore.

Before we begin, let me say that I’m not going to solely just trash 343i, as I believe that if they actively gave a shit, we could actually have a good series that is a worthy follow up to Bungie’s legendary trilogy (including Reach cause GODDAMN is Reach a fucking amazing game).

So here we go, my two cents on why I believe that Halo should have ended after Reach.

Let’s jump back to the year 2001, Halo Combat Evolved has just been released and whew boy do people love it. I remember loving every moment of it (except the fucking Library), Looking back, I realize now that Halo CE is just Aliens but on a giant space donut, not that that’s a bad thing, Aliens is amazing. The story is concise and simple, but it leaves some mystery to the Forerunners and the rest of the Human/Covenant war.

Move to 2004, Halo 2 comes out and HOLY FUCK is it a broken unfinished mess of a beautiful game. Halo’s story becomes more than just Aliens! Now there’s monkeys and bugs trying to kill you, along with smelly space zombies. Again, and this is a point I stress, the story is concise and doesn’t require extended media knowledge to understand what the fuck is happening (though it does end on one bad cliffhanger).

3 years later, Halo 3 comes out and it’s the end: You’ve broken the covenant, the elites are your buds now, Gravemind is spouting some bullshit, and Truth is a bitch. Basically the best buddy-cop movie ever, Chief and Arbiter go on a rip-snorting adventure and wrap things up nicely, even if the game has one of the weakest character deaths in video game history (*COUGH*MIRANDA*COUGH*), it’s still a solid story with AN END. A DAMN GOOD END. Halo 3′s ending is like some nice frosting on a delicious green cake, it seals things together and leaves you with an upset stomach, but goddamn are you happy you had it. I’m not gonna lie, H3′s ending made me super sad to see Chief just drifting off in space, but it was a perfect circle for the trilogy: Start in a cryotube, end in a cryotube. For those who haven’t seen Halo 3′s final cutscene, take a fuckin look babe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5pdCUnM6GY

That’s how you do a powerful ending. The hero doesn’t always have to return. Not every question has to be answered. Mystery is OK!

I’ll skip over ODST, since it’s just a side story.


I’m sorry I just really love Halo Reach, it just feels so much like Bungie’s final love letter to their fans and it’s nearly flawless. Reach started out as extended media over the course of Halo 1-3, and we finally got to see how it all went down, even though we knew how it had to end.

Okay going on a tangent here, but there are honest to god 343i fans that say Halo Reach is an emotionless game. Excuse me did you fucking play it at all? Each level gives you a glimmer of hope and then snatches it away at the last second, reminding you that no matter what, you’re going to die. George and Six destroy the Super Carrier and hooray, but uh-oh here comes the rest of the fleet which immediately begins bombarding the planet and destroying so much, making George’s sacrifice almost pointless. Oh look you finally regrouped with Noble Team after watching a bunch of civilians die, OOPS THERE GOES KAT. JUN RUNS OFF LIKE A BITCH (yes I know it was his job) AND CARTER DIES IN A BLAZE OF GLORY, AND THEN EMILE GETS SHANKED AND YOU’RE THE LAST ONE LEFT. YOU WATCH YOUR WHOLE TEAM DIE AND YOU’RE POWERLESS TO STOP THE COVENANT.  Then there’s the ending. Then there’s the fucking ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDqa9LxRNtw (i seriously don’t understand how some 343i fans can say Bungie’s Halos have forgettable music)

What do all these games have in common? They have stores that don’t require you to read 3 novels and 5 comics.

This is the problem our Discord group has with Halo 4 and 5: They require too much outside knowledge to understand what the fuck is going on. Novels and comics shouldn’t be required to know why one character is doing what they’re doing, or why one event is happening.

Bungie’s Halo’s were great because it left some mystery to Halo’s universe. Where did the Flood come from, what were the Forerunners like? Who fucking cares? If you’re so curious, come up with your own ideas! That’s the beauty of leaving some questions unanswered, it allows fans to be creative and imagine fantastical things.

One common arguement 343i fans constantly make is that 343i has expanded the Halo universe more than Bungie ever did. While this may be true, you must ask yourself: is taking away every secret and mystery in the series a good thing? Is it right to deprive fans of wonder of what could be? While that’s open to discussion, I firmly believe it isn’t a good thing, and that it stifles creativity.

Really, is the game going to be improved if there’s a lore justification for everything? Can’t somethings just be in the game cause they’re fun? Is your enjoyment of shooting evil robots or aliens going to be ruined if you don’t know just why the mancannon exists?

This whole thing feels really unfocused and messy, but that’s because I’m trying to to rag on 343i, they just make it really hard. Halo was my first video game and the state of what it’s like at the moment is really saddening. I will explain why in Part 2.

Couples Tag - Josh Pieters Imagine

A/N: I haven’t updated in like a week… this weeks been full on but I’m good now, I have a couple of requests still to do (sorry if they’re yours, I will get onto them!!) But keep sending in requests!

Request: Could you please do a Josh x (female) reader imagine where they do a really cute, fluffy bf/gf q&a?


“Babe! You’ve been getting ready for like three years now, surely you’re done!” Josh screams to you from where he’s sat in front of his camera. “Josh shut up! You can’t rush beauty,” you laugh walking out of his room to take a seat in the chair next to him. “You always look beautiful” Josh grins before kissing you on the cheek. You giggle and turn to face him “I don’t remember ordering a double cheese burger today,” you say pinching his cheek, causing it to turn a light shade of pink. “Yeah and I don’t remember inviting my aunt over now shove off,” Josh laughs swatting your hand away from his face and pushing you out of the shot.

“So today I’m joined by someone you guys have never ever seen before” Josh starts, and you look at him questioningly from the side of the camera, you’ve been on his and the boys channels multiple times, “I found her on the side of the street” he grins and pulls you by the arm into the shot and you plop onto the chair. “Can’t you ever start one of your videos normally and say hello?” you laugh at your boyfriend while trying to get comfortable in the chair. “Nuh uh, noo” he laughs and shakes his head while looking up at the roof. (watch the start of Josh’s ABC challenge video with Simon and Callux - it’s the cutest thing ever omg) “Whatever” you laugh. “Ok, so for todays video I’m joined with my girlfriend, y/n, which can only mean one thing - the couples tag!” Josh claps his hands together.

You pull your phone out of your pocket so you can have the tag questions ready. “Ok so we have quest-“ you start to explain the video, only to be interrupted by Josh, “Y/n this is my video so shut up and look pretty” he says playfully pushing your phone down into your lap. You punch him in the arm while Jack speaks up from his spot on the couch “Josh we all know y/n carries your channel.” “No one wanted your input Jack!” Josh exclaims while throwing his half empty water bottle in Jack’s direction.

“Ok, back to the video” Josh mumbles looking at the camera again, “So we have the normal tag questions here” Josh explains, grabbing your arm and pulling your hand up which held your phone into the view of the camera “and we also got you guys to send in some questions, so lets begin!”

“Where did we meet?” you read from your phone and look up to Josh. “We had some mutual friends” Josh starts, “Yeah we met at a party” you nod along. “Ok, where was our first date?” you read. “We were friends first so it’s hard” you say while trying to think of your first legitimate date with Josh. “Ooh I know this one” Josh says nodding his head. “Yeah I think I have it, where were you going to say?” you ask looking up at Josh again. “When we went to that festival and we went on the ferris wheel” Josh states. “That was hardly a date!” you exclaim, “we were with the rest of the boys!” “And?” “That wasn’t a date-date!” You laugh, “I was going to say that time we had a picnic on the beach and you brought watermelon and it got covered in sand,” “Oh yeah! That’s right,” Josh laughs along with you. He leans over and grabs your phone from your hand to read the next question. “What do we argue about the most?” He reads. “What to have for dinner” you laugh, 
“yeah, its not really arguing its more bickering” Josh nods along.

“Next one!” Josh screams pushing this arms out to the side making you jump and almost fall out of the chair. “Josh! You dick!” you yell grabbing onto his arm. He laughs moving his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side. “Sorry” he smiles sheepishly, then looking at the camera and mouthing ‘I’m not’ and shaking his head. “Ok, If I’m watching tv what am I watching?” He reads from your phone, “Oh that Survivor show, you and Caspar have been obsessed” you state confidently, “It’s great!” Josh exclaims “you watch too many shows to keep up” Josh says looking at you. “Yeah thats true” you laugh. You both continue on like this for a while, making sure Josh had enough content for his video that was going put up the next day.

“Ok thats it for this weeks video! Make sure you-“ “Don’t subscribe or like!” you yell, interrupting Josh, “bye!” you wave at the camera, putting your arm around Josh’s neck and pulling his head down so your faces are squished together. “There’s my thumbnail” Josh laughs, trying wriggle out of your embrace to turn off the camera. You stand up to help Josh put away his equipment and you both later join Jack on the couch, who was currently playing Fifa.

Josh pulls out his phone and opens up snapchat, starting to record himself. “Guys I just finished filming tomorrows video with this one!” Josh says excitingly moving the camera to your face, you close your eyes and scrunch up your face giving the cheesiest smile possible. “You’re all gonna love it!” Josh finishes his snap and puts it on his story.

Then Jack speaks up, “Ok now watch Josh’s views double because y/n is in it.”

Monarchists are dumb

So I am going to respond to @circlet-of-kallipolis because @randomshoes doesn’t want to clog up her reblog, but you can find the original nonsense I am responding too here 

1) Ok, if you aren’t 100% in favor of Plato’s ideas, which system are you advocating for?  Because no where in your introduction post do you advocate constitutional monarchy.  So if you don’t you know…tell me what you stand for, you can’t really get offended with when people assume your opinions are something else.  In your intro post, you advocate for absolute monarchy using Plato as a Model, if that isn’t what you want well….what do you want?

2) no @randomshoes​ was legitimately asking a question, because when you were siting Plato who advocates for absolute monarchy.  And then you told her to google constitutional monarchy which…again there are like 100 different types of constitutional monarchy

And in the post where you describe your opinions, guess what?  You advocate for absolute monarchy, not constitutional monarchy.  She was making assumption based on what you have advocated, and you were too stupid to answer a basic fucking question.  

She assumed you weren’t advocating constitutional monarchy because you…advocated for Absolute monarchy.  in your “My vision for Monarchy” section on your blog.  

Evidently your education level hasn’t included basic deductive reasoning.   And you still haven’t answered their question because again, likely because you can’t.

3) If you don’t like democracy, why do you want a constitutional monarchy where democracy is part of the system?  

4) Again uninformed populace is a problem in democracies…which monarchy doesn’t solve.  Again, we have a wide range of historical evidence for monarchs having no idea what they are doing or how to run the system,

5) If you are advocating for a political system, yeah, you do need to know at least what kind of monarch you are advocating for.  Is it absolute?  Is it feudal, is it constitutional, what power does the sovereign have?  You don’t need to know every single little detail but you should at least know vaguely what kind of system you are advocating for, because an absolute monarchy is really different from a constitutional monarchy.  What kind

For the record, in the abstract, I want something resembling the American system (bicameral legislature, separation of powers, federalist state structure, term limits) but with no EC, and an anti corruption apparatus built into the system with pubic-ally funded elections rather than private contributions.  Also rework the Senate and the House structurally to be more national bodies. Also an election system that is completely revamped (not First Past the Post, multi tiered, open primaries etc).  

Missing a lot of details, yes, but that is a broad framework, but other than “I don’t like democracy, monarchy will fix this somehow” you haven’t even been able to offer that.  I mean are you modeling yourself off a historical monarchy?  If so which one?  If you aren’t, then how is your monarchy different.  I mean this is basic fucking stuff here

6) And you still haven’t even answered basic question like how the monarch is selected, and what happens when the monarch’s kid is a dud.  Because again, we have literally hundreds of examples of terrible rulers taking over and fucking up the entire state (Caligulia, Nicholas II, Charles X etc) and you don’t really have an answer to that question   I want it duly noted that Kingoftheromans advocates for hereditary monarchy based on gene theory which you said you weren’t in favor of but evidently you are now?   Like apart from a vague anti democracy sentiment, is there even any actual belief system here.  No wonder you always tag the same 5 friends every time, you don’t have like….any consistent ideas.

Also the Magna Carta happened because the nobles rose up against their king and forced him at sword point to sign it because King John was a terrible king, if you are such a big fan of monarchy why are you idealizing a period where aristocracy rose against their king?  

7) Considering that you can’t even answer a very simple question about what kind of political system you are advocating for, I don’t think I am the one suffering from a low education there buddy.  I mean even marxists can explain what kind of system they idealize, and marxism is utter lunacy.  

Taehyung Scenario: One Chance.

The costume party series

Genre: Romance.

Where was your friend when you needed her? Looking everywhere around you, you couldn’t find her, you had even told her specifically not to leave you alone, and not only because you hardly knew anybody else in the party, but because you knew he was here and god, you didn’t want him to get close to you.

The room was full of people and while searching for your friend you saw the most amazing costumes, one guy dressing as the mad hatter, a pretty girl as some sort of cabaret ballerina, a really handsome guy as Mario Bros, one guy that you thought you saw somewhere else was wearing an impressive policeman costume, you even saw a girl with a kitty tail and everything. Of course there were some really crappy costumes too, a girl that wanted to be a “sexy bunny” looked much more like a “trashy bunny”, there was another one with a failed attempt of a pumpkin costume and one guy dressed up as Super Man that looked down straight gross.

You were entertaining yourself with the variety of costumes when you saw him, he was walking in your direction and his eyes were looking directly at you, that fixed stare that made you weak on the knees. You tried to turn and make as if you hadn’t notice him, but it was already too late, Kim Taehyung was coming to you.

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anonymous asked:

k, so this is a mutual going anon with a legitimate question: So when I listen to Les Mis, all I can think is that Marius is REALLY ANNOYING! But it's clear that you and others in the les mis fandom think he's cool. So is there something in the books that makes him less irritating? Is there something you're seeing that I'm not? Enlighten me, oh awesome one! (please don't hate me, I'm actually curious!)

there are a few things i dont like about him but ok 

here are some cool facts about marius 

  • he grew up in a neglectful/maybe abusive household with his grandfather, who convinced him that his father was a douche. and then later his father dies and he goes and finds out that his dad actually really cared about him
  • his dad fought for napoleon and so marius goes and gets all obsessed with napoleon and his grandfather kicks him out of the house (and like. he learns SO MUCH STUFF about napoleon. hes REALLY SMART.) 
  • and then he meets courfeyrac and bossuet and one of the first things he says to bossuet is “what a beautiful name” because he’s a SWEETHEART 
  • and then (bc he’s homeless) courf offers to take marius home, and courf offers marius money and stuff but marius is like NO. I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR MONEY OK YOU NEED IT IM NOT A MOOCH
  • oh btw his grandfather sends him money too but hes like “nah” 
  • (aka another example of what a good and noble person marius is) 
  • and then courf is like “hey marius i have a translating job that u could do. do you speak german and english???” and maius is like “no but i will learn them” AND HE DOES. HE LEARNS TWO LANGUAGES IN A REALLY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME WHILE HE’S STARVING. did i mention how smart he is bc hes really smart
  • anyways then later, the ”””’jondrettes”””’ who are actually the thenardiers, but they changed their names (and they’re marius’s neighbors) say that they cant pay their rent
  • like wow ok he cant even pay his own rent but he’s paying theirs 
  • and then like later when he’s with cosette there’s this part where their knees touch and marius is like AHHHHH THATS GOING TO FAR and he blushes and pulls away and then cosette blushes too and its super cute 
  • oh and then you know that scene at the barricade where marius gets the fire and like saves the barricade??????
  • yeah well that actually happened except that the musical fucked it up. there was none of this “my life is not yours to risk, marius” bullshit
  • after he saved the barricade, courfeyrac “flung himself on his neck” and then marius asked courfeyrac “where is the chief??” and then enjolras comes up to him and says “YOU are the chief” 
  • and there’s a line that hugo says and its like “while enjolras might have been the chief of the barricade, marius was definitely the saviour” 
  • and this is getting long but yeah
  • that’s why people like marius 

estherpommedeterre  asked:

Hi, I have a weird (?) question. I was wondering about their names and how you could translate them in occidental names.. I know there's no direct translation, so I guess it's more of getting the idea if it's a name in vogue, or an old name. Anyway, if it's not too weird to do, could you (ok it's just not possible, clearly.) give a "translation" of their names? (really sorry to ask such a stupid question, im just squirming on the inside). Have a rad day!

Good question! A hard one, too. I’ll…I’ll do my best..

I got the following characters from a Chinese source posted on a Korean Nate blog. I can’t vouch that it’s a legitimate source, and compiled the translations based on dictionary definitions. So I’ll put a disclaimer here and ask you not to take the translations too seriously because I may be terribly, terribly wrong.

Surname characters usually have no particular meaning. Kim usually means gold. Jeon apparently means Field. Good to know. The others are ambiguous.

Nam / Joon : 南俊 : Southern / Of many talents and knowledge

Seok / Jin : 碩珍 : Big- or hard-headed(lol) / Cherished

Yoon / Gi : 玧其 : ????????????????

Ho / Seok : 號錫 : To call out; to command / Copper

Ji / Min : 智旻 : Clever and talented / Consoling autumn sky (weirdly poetic)

Tae / Hyung : 泰亨 : Big, #EXTRA(TRU) / Prosperous

Jung / Kook : 柾國 : A sturdy tree with fine grains(?) / Its scale is national 

(T/N: Tae means big or too damn much of something. Kook literally means nation. I wasn’t completely trolling.)

-Admin Ju