ok sleeping now tho


Ha ok, this is based off of this joke from Gravity Falls, the idea just came to me while I tried to fall asleep one night and wouldn’t leave me alone so!

Also bonus morning after:

Yes. Yes he did. And it’s all your fault, Missy.


☛ ‘ i really don’t like dancing the most ‘  -ksj

but what i love is the way clint delivers the line though like: yeah i know i look ridiculous fighting robots with my bow but just get ready to have your minds fucking blown! he’s like the coolest badass ever asfksjffgg

  • me: hey it’s midnight I have a final tomorrow what a great opportunity to achieve Responsible and go to sleep
  • me: ok it’s 1 now but I still have time to make this right beep beep go 2 sleep time for slumber town
  • me: ok it's 2 now the ship has sailed pls sleep tho
  • me: *starts online christmas shopping & lying on the floor*
  • me: ok I'm not mad I'm just Disappointed