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from the Endless List of Things I Love About Girl Genius

“Hero” and “Villain” are social roles that are completely removed from any system of morality. A character who does good things for good reasons can be a villain to others. A dork like Othar gets to be heroic just because that’s the societal role that fits him. It’s refreshingly human.

ok one more rant and then i’m done but if you really want to make a piece of feminist media, like REALLY REALLY WANT TO, and this is something Brave fucking knocked out of the park, you can’t just write a badass lady in a typical male role kicking ass and then call it a day, and you ESPECIALLY can’t put in a bunch of delicate girly lady strawmen (strawladies??) showing how BAD and POISONOUS traditional femininity is because BEING TRADITIONALLY FEMININE IS STILL A VALID WAY OF EXPRESSING WOMANHOOD HOLY SHIT plus can we talk about how revealing and problematic it is that society’s idea of a feminist woman is one in a male dominated role.

you’re not anti-feminist if you dress up, you’re not anti-feminist if you adopt a role typical of women, and just because you’re in a male role, doesn’t fucking make you feminist, because feminism is about a female character who has agency over her own actions, INCLUDING HOW SHE PRESENTS HERSELF TO OTHERS. pitting traditional femininity against tomboy-types is obscuring the issue, YOU’RE JUST PITTING WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER, feminism is not an attack on femininity, but something that should challenge the patriarchy.

Brave doesn’t challenge the patriarchy in any meaningful way, and i don’t think it was intended to, but it absolutely displays more than one type of female character and finds a resolution between two very different ways of expressing one’s womanhood without resorting to making judgement calls about which is better. it also does this in a manner appropriate to the time period and shows both of these women wielding a considerable amount of power. elinor, in her feminine role, is anything BUT weak, and merida’s coming to respect this fact is a really great deconstruction of the kind of feminist narrative that doesn’t allow room for more than one interpretation of how to be a strong woman.

  • sometimes i look at the eridan tag and i just
  • why
  • i wish people would stop making jokes about him thinking things aren’t mainstream or being a hipster or like any number of things that just don’t even fit with him in my mind
  • i feel like eridan is this giant dork and he’ll always be wearing his cape just everywhere and people will be like “you aren’t cool that'2 not a cool thiing to do you know”
  • and he’ll quietly whisper “just wwait until i learn this neww spell just you wwait”
  • i know the joke is like eridan is a hipster and yet he’s still not cool but
  • he’s just…not cool at all he’s too wrapped up in bad fantasy novels and trying to hide the fact that he likes bad fantasy novels from everyone because he knows they’re dumb but he can’t help it he loves them
  • i know this probably sounds like i just hate people who don’t characterize my favorite characters the way i want them to be characterized but…no 
  • i just get annoyed when things that are largely fanon become the, like, defining characteristics of a character in a fandom and….sigh
  • i just have so many feelings on this important issue

friendly reminder that sexuality is not black and white uwu

lots of people support those who are gay or bi or pan or a and that’s absolutely LOVELY

but if someone identifies as gay and then dates someone of the opposite sex it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a liar, they probably genuinely thought they were gay but people are constantly learning new things about themselves that they didn’t even realize before.

so please keep in mind that sexuality is a sliding scale. You can be “mostly” something but that doesn’t mean you are completely.