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When i saw this comment on my Roadhog face hc this is all i coupd think. Also…It was only after I finished that web did I realize hog would be viewing it backwards…..ooops.


many things that happened in Bambam’s vlive Q and A:
- Jinyoung was wearing a beret and also shorts
- Jinyoungs favorite movies are Scent of a Woman and Dark Knight (which are like 2 wayyyy different movies lol)
- Bambam definitely does not like the shipping between members (he mentioned it a lot)
- his favorite youtuber is Pewdiepie (he then imitated Pewdiepie)
- his favorite anime is Naruto
- he doesn’t like pokemon so that’s why he doesn’t play Pokémon Go
- he chooses Prove It over Sign (and apologized to Youngjae)
- he thought about dyeing his hair red next but decided against it
- he’s hotel rooming with Yugyeom and said 97 line room only!
- someone asked if he was a unicorn and he replied “no, Im human, man!” ( ok so why do people ask these types of question but also why did he answer it seriously omg it was cute tho)
- he said that he’s not going to be doing vlive for a longggg time (I don’t know why but that’s what he said 😟)
- he said “bye bye” really cutely

BTS Reaction to You (their crush) Having the Same Birthday As Them

ahhh this is my first reaction post in a really really long time, and of course I got very carried away lmao. I hope everyone will enjoy it!!♡

Rap Monster - namjoon would be really adorable. when he found out you had the same birthday he would purposely not have much of a reaction, but then when the day came around, he’d act like he forgot it was also your birthday.like you’d probably be a lil sad cause like how could he forget ur birthday if it was the same day as his??? but then later in the evening he’d text u like “come outside” and he’d be standing at your door with balloons and a cake and lil present and you’d be like “omg I thought you forgot!!?” and HEd just “nope, I just wanted to really surprise you” !!!!

Jin - HE’D BE SO SWEET AHHHHH. he’d suggest that you two would do something together on your special day like getting dinner together. you’d be at the restaurant and the bill would come and you’d reach to pay for it and he’d be like “no! its your birthday im paying” and you’d be “uhhh it’s your birthday too? i’ll just pay it’s my treat!!” and he’d refuse to accept it and so he’d pay and then he’d walk you home,, such a gentleman, and your hands would brush and he’d blush so bad but he’d be like….why not and would just lace his fingers with yours and now you’re holding hands !! when u get to your door he’d just be like “well…happy birthday, I hope you had a good evening with me :) “ and you’d be like “ofc I did….” and kiss him on the chEEK AND RUN INSIDE AND JIN’S LIKE “best. birthday. ever.”

Suga - this lil muffin omg,, when you told him your birthday he’d be like “wow that’s so cool, that’s my birthday too!!” he’d initially be really excited, but a few days leading up to your birthdays he’d totally ignore you, but its just cause he wanted what he had planned to be a really big surprise and he was afraid he’d somehow drop his secret beforehand. so, right at midnight on your birthday he’d send you a text with an audio file and just a lil message saying “sorry for not talking to you at all, this is for you. happy birthday, y/n” and you’d open the file and it was a song that HE WROTE FOR YOU. it would be very very sweet and it’d pretty much be a confession song ;;;;

J-Hope - when hoseok found out you two shared a birthday he’d be so excited! like it’s his special day but now its even more special cause its your birthday too. he’d want to facetime/skype the night before your birthday so that you 2 could say happy birthday to each other right away and it’d be super cute like singing songs together and playing would you rather..but eventually lil hobi would fall asleep before midnight cause he’s so exhausted :(( but you’d stay on w/ him until midnight and you’d contemplate waking him up but like..he looks so peaceful sleeping and you’d just whisper happy birthday to him & hang up, then you’d text him that he fell asleep + u didn’t want to wake him up and then would say happy birthday to him and be like “haha!! I said it first!” and he’d wake up and be like OMG I FELL ASLEEP :((( and he’d see ur text and he’d apologize to u and be like “let me make it up to you, lets go get breakfast!” and :-)))

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Jimin - he wouldn’t get super excited about it, but he’d think it was rly cool he had that in common w you!! he’d definitely want to hangout together the whole day. he’d be telling everyone he knows that he has a “””date””” with you on your birthday(s) but when ur actually hanging out…..he’s too nervous to even look at you. ofc tho, he gets over that and would become his normal self ,, would initiate extra skinship and just be really adorable throughout the whole day. would spoil you even tho youre not dating and its his birthday too. probably would forget its his bday too, just wants to make you happy ;;;;;

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V - omgggg this lil cutie, his reaction would be like :0 he’d be the most excited tbh, he’d just be like “omg no way! we have to spend the entire day together!!” the one to feel like you 2 have a special connection cause u shared birthdays. suggests you have conjoined birthday parties. and like he’d been tryna find a reason to hangout w you and so that just adds to excitement. spending your birthday(s) together would end up being really special, you’d go back and forth buying each other lil gifts and snacks and then you’ll have ur conjoined party and lil tae would be so so SO s O!! happy. like he wouldn’t want to spend his special day any other way. & so at ur guys’ party there’d be a moment where u 2 kinda stepped away from everyone else and he’d be really sincere and be like “thank you for making this day so special, y/n.” and he genuinely means it like he’s just so thankful to know u ;;;;;;

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Jungkook - the cutest angel, ofc he would be !! very excited when he found out you shared a bday. he’d want to stay up facetiming / skyping so u could come into your birthday(s) together!! you’d just talk abt whatever until like 11:59pm and you both go silent staring at the time display on your phone / computer AND THEN IT TURNS 12:00 and you both shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and then you argue about who actually said it first for a few minutes and then it falls silent again for a lil bit and neither of you know what to talk abt…so ur just like “ok well I’m up way too late now, I should get to sleep, I said happy birthday first!!” and u go to sign off and jungkook is like “y/n wait!” and ur ??? and hes like “we should meet up later today, I have something to give you…” like ok yeah slick jungkook its probably not a birthday gift right? and it would be a bday gift and he’d really put a lot of thought into it and wrote u a rly sweet letter to accompany the gift and seriously just… the sweetest boy ever..

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Amber  - As A Roommate

A/N: idk why I’m doing this but I woke up with this idea and just… roll with me on this ok? I just think rooming with Amber would be so much fun

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  • First of all, expect this girl to definitely get on her knees and ask you to be her roommate *loads of cringing* and then jumping up and down constantly when you say “Ofcourse you dumb llama” because how how can you say no to this cutie patootie???
  • So then begins all the possible planning of how you divide the space
  • I think amber would be the kind to just let you do whatever you wanted as long as you were comfortable, but not taking up her space in the process you know
  • Can I put a huge poster of some random kpop group in the living room?”
  • “Yeah sure why not?”
  • “Can we have gigantic pompous portraits of ourselves framed for the drawing room walls?”
  • This girl is just super excited and happy that she gets a whole new person to explore and live with and she’s just happy it’s you ok trust me on this one
  • You’ll probably meet up in a cafe to decide when to go house hunting and who brings what and she gets so serious so quick it surprises you. She even insists on coming with you when you look for the house, even if she has schedules all day
  • So you guys get some snacks and ice-cream and just roam the streets of some really peaceful neighborhoods looking for a home

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  • I feel like Amber might not show it but she really wants a home not just a house. She looks forward to filling it up with good memories. A place for her dogs to feel comfortable and a place where her friends can crash whenever. A place for the two of you to chill and feel safe
  • So when you find the place, it’s going to be a small fist bump and that’s it. You just know. This is the place.
  • Oh god moving day is going to be SO MUCH LAUGHING. you can’t get even one box unpacked because everyone is here to help and all you guys go out for barbecue and just laugh and laugh
  • But that night when you get back, its just the two of you on a single mattress in a huge empty room and you fall asleep so quick because you’ll have a lot more nights to stay up and talk
  • and boy do you talk
  • everything from childhood favourite games to high school friends to first boyfriends and the craziest things you have done - you just talk talk and talk
  • and rest assured, there will be all-girls-sleepovers with SO MANY PEOPLE
  • you come home and amber calls you up. She’s in her car and one of her friends has had a bad day so she was wondering if she could stay over (so cute she actually thought you’d be pissed) so you tell her only on one condition.
  • You buy the icecream and we CANNOT watch Marvel movies anymore ok Amber I’ve had it. I’ve just had it”
  • And it’s amazing that little laugh filled with relief in her voice over the phone. You don’t understand how she could have ever thought you’d be against it. Pabo

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  • Huge nights of cooking together
  • but the next few nights, you just order takeout. You’ve done enough ok
  • Though you love each other, loads, sometimes you just can’t be around each other. It’s normal for roommates to just get into everything together. Eventually your friends all become one and you end up hanging out inside, outside, everywhere. It’s too much. So some nights you go out with your friends and some nights when she’s away on her tour, you get time to just be you on your own
  • but when she goes on tour, you miss her loads and you can’t imagine ever having to live alone. How did you even do it for so long
  • You end up calling your friends ‘Amber’ because you’re so used to yelling at her
  • please protect the expensive cutlery
  • You get be in her vlogs randomly and suddenly people ship you guys together and amber tries to make a whole video of the two of you seriously accepting your marriage to each other. Yes You are married. So what
  • and so people start asking who amber would like to go on we got married with and she always looks at them like she’s offended and says “excuse me, I’m already married. To y/n”
  • But really, the fandom loves you and they follow you religiously and you become the amber messiah always putting up awkward selfies and sleeping and eating pictures of amber with captions like “ok fam you can calm down now i fed her” “she’s sleeping ok pls let me live”
  • If you’re both tomboyish and just non-girly, there are going to be so many mornings when you refuse to wake up and spend a whole day in your no-bra glory. This is the life ok
  • Heels and Bras were made by men and should be abolished bye

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  • You’re going to be seriously good friends with everyone she knows. It’s not because she wants to set you up or anything like it she just thinks you’re awesome and they’re awesome and if two awesome people meet - it’ll be so much more awesome
  • So you’re always on a random chat group with Mark or Jackson or Ailee or Eric or Henry or Min and it’s just TOO MANY PEOPLE OK TOO MANY PEOPLE
  • but then you realise suddenly that somewhere down the line they became your friends too. Their concerns start to bother you and sometimes when you feel down, they come over to spend time with you and just you, even if amber isn’t here
  • CYCLE COORDINATION OK (you know what i mean)

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  • and beware of work-mode amber because I don’t think you’ll hear a peep out of this girl when she’s on a working trope. She’ll spend all day in her studio, possibly over work herself and come home to crash or just text you to say she’s crashing at the studio itself
  • you demand selfies and texts so that you know she’s actually alive
  • her parents and sister texting you to get updates about amber because this idiot forgets to call them sometimes
  • and it surprises you because they always end the call by saying ”You should come home sometime” and it just warms your ice cold heart
  • random late night stupid conversations
  • What if we are the aliens and we are going to take over another peaceful civilization????”
  • “Do you think Jackson ever looks at himself and says he’ll date himself 10000%” “YES.”
  • She lowkey tries to set you up with one of her friends but you can’t even think of that because if you do decide to date any of them it’ll get all awkward and you don’t want to risk your friendship with amber or their friendship with amber or just the possible relationship
  • and she just hugs you out of nowhere “Babe. You really think anything can change us?”
  • (so you end up dating one of the legends that she is friends with and you live happily ever after kbye live yo life treat yoself)

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  • Crying amber just breaks your heart and you want to personally hurt everyone who even thinks of hurting your poor llama. I know I will. COME FIGHT ME
  • but when she sees you cry for the first time, she sort of sinks down in front of you and just hugs you until you calm down and doesn’t question you until you’re ready to speak for yourself.
  • I just think Amber is such a sweet, mature and kind hearted girl with so much love and happiness for the world. Living with her is going to be so smooth sailing because she’s quite accepting of situations and people I mean you don’t even have to pay me or anything just let me live with her and take care of her pls im always concerned about her.
  • *Sigh* protect this llama.

Wouldn’t this be awesome? I really wanna room with her once. Even if it’s for fun

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hi, can I request a scenario with minghao and his s/o is feeling really down or insecure, overall sad, and he notices and how he would help her? also your writing is so wonderful, I love your scenarios!! ❤

- the weather today is exactly like your mood
- dark and cloudy
- the day started off normally like always and you were completely fine until you had lunch with a couple of friends
- you guys have been friends for ages and your friendship is basically just filled with insults and roasting and it’s completely normal because you’re used to it right
- but one of them went a little too far
- they KNOW about your insecurities, they KNOW that it hurts and yet they STILL joked about it, and it didn’t help that everyone joined in
- you pretended not to mind and just laughed it off but….. when you got back to your apartment….. you’re reminded of what they said and you can’t help but feel so insecure
- you know you’re just being sensitive but when you constantly get made fun of it over and over again….. it really takes a toll on you
- because slowly, you feel like you’re starting to believe them
- after a few minutes of painful silence, you hear the front door open and you know your boyfriend minghao is back from school
- he sees you on the couch and collapses on top of you
- you say “minghao, get off” and he immediately looks up and he knows something’s wrong because you usually laugh or playfully push him off
- when he sees your frown, he sits up properly and asks “…what’s wrong?”
- you say “it’s nothing, really. i’m just being dumb and sensitive, it’ll pass” but he insists you tell him because he really doesn’t like seeing you this way
- you finally give in and tell him everything that happened and everything your friends said and in the end of your explanation, you’re expecting a hug or words of comfort at least
- but minghao just gets up
- and leaves
- that’s it. he leaves. without warning and without even saying bye.
- your look of surprise and confusion slowly fades and you get REALLY ANGRY
- you’re so mad you’re like ok you know what tomorrow i’m changing the lock you can find someplace else to sleep BYE
- after spending some time in the loneliness of your own thoughts and the silence of your home, the front door swings open and minghao’s there holding a plastic bag in each hand
- and he just calmly says “yeah. for you.”
- minghao places the bag on the dinner table and pulls out two takeout boxes from your favorite restaurant, tubs of your favorite flavors of ice cream, dvd’s of your favorite dramas he probably borrowed from seungkwan, and even a cute sweater
- you slowly walk over to your boyfriend and you just stare at all the things he brought
- you say “….what’s all this?”
- minghao laughs and says “THIS….. will all help you feel better” he then holds the sweater out to you and says “ah and this is the sweater you wanted the other day right?? i had to backflip my way to the stand to beat this girl who wanted the sweater too lol”
- you don’t say anything the entire time he sets up the drama and gives you the food and he’s the only one laughing during the drama while you just stay quiet
- he eventually notices that you’re not fangirling during the cute scenes like you always do and that’s when he pauses it and asks “are you… okay?”
- you turn to look at him
- and tears roll down your cheeks
- and then he starts saying a bunch of things in chinese and he’s tripping all over himself and seeing him this way
- you LAUGH
- you’re laughing uncontrollably and minghao just looks at you in confusion
- when you calm down, you say “minghao, i was crying of happiness” and he just goes like “….oh”
- and when he sits back down, you cup his cheeks and kiss him on the forehead and he just melts
- you smile and say “thank you” and he pulls you close and hugs you tightly
- now whenever you come home after a bad day
- he knows exactly how to make you smile again

thank you for your request!! ^^

How would BTS react when you're worried that they would leave you because they're so famous now

This Reaction was requested by Anonymous. Hope u like it. It was my first Reaction ever lmao


Your boyfriend just came back from the very successful Music Awards. You couldn’t attend them, but watched them trough TV. The boys looked really fine and mostly your beautiful boyfriend Kim Seokjin.
But as you were reading all the Twitter comments you became worried. BTS was so famous and successful now and they would grow in the future. How could you fit in Jin’s life?

“Jagi… Why would you even think that?” He would ask you calmly but still worried because he would see the tears strolling down your cheeks. You told him about your worries when you two were eating and he talked nonstop about the BBMA’s.

“B-because… There so many cute girl out there, Seokjin, and they love you. I m-mean I saw the BBMA’s and you were so handsome and here I am, just me!”

Jin would look a little bit helpless at first but soon would hug you and tell you how much he loves you.

“Jagi, you’re the only one for me. I don’t care about the other ones! We’re together for 2 years now. Nothing changed my feelings for you and never will. Don’t worry.”  


Yoongi and you were a couple way before BTS debuted, so you know each other like the apple of your eye. He wasn’t a man of big words but you knew his words would always have a big meaning behind them.

When you would tell him your worries about, that he received so much fame and maybe you were a distraction for him, Yoongi just snorted and muted the movie that you two were watching.

“What the hell are you talking about, Y/N? Are you kidding?”

“I’m serious… I just think…”

“You think I would leave you because the band is so popular now?”


“We’ve been together for years now and last week we talked about names for our future kids. So whats that with your worries?”

“Maybe you’re right…”

“Of course I am. Now shut up and come here. I wanna cuddle.”

You smiled at your sleepy boyfriend and asked yourself why you’d ever think that Yoongi would leave you. You two were the most badass couple.


Hobi was the nicest human you’d ever get to know. He was kind, funny and a pure sunshine. Everyone knew about your relationship and the fans liked you very much. Together with BTS you joined their visit for the BBMA’s but you kept in the background because you didn’t want to distract Hobi on this important evening.

He smiled and cheered for the camera and you were so happy for the boys wen they won the Award. As Namjoon held the speech upon the stage, your sight were focused on Hoseok. He looked at the Award and smiled so brightly, it must have hurt his cheeks.

BTS deserved the world and especially Hoseok,  your favourite human on earth, deserved way better than just a simple relationship. You both talked about marriage and Hobi liked the idea about a family in the future. But the word ‘future’ was a stretchy term.

“Wow! This was just so crazy!” He began when you two were finally in your hotel room. “Did you hear all those screams, Y/N? The fans were so crazy omg I love them! And the award… It was just so amazing and… Y/N? Are you crying?”

With three long steps he stood in front of you and caressed your cheeks. You didn’t noticed the tears.

“What? Oh no, no. It’s okay…” You began but Hobi shook his head.

“Y/N, tell me whats wrong! Did something happen tonight?”

“No, it’s just… I’m so proud of you guys, you worked so hard but… Hobi, you’re a real star now, I mean… This is your life and I’m not an idol, I’m just me!”

“Babe. The stage is not my life. You’re my life! Are you afraid I would leave ya?”

You nodded and he hugged you real tight.

“Stop worrying about those things. I would never leave you. I mean, I love your personality and I want that our future kids will have the same as you!” He smiled brightly and you couldn’t other than laugh with him.  


“I’m proud of y'all, Baby.” You said to your boyfriend trough phone.

“Was my english ok? I was so nervous, gosh…”

“You did great, Joonie. And y'all looked very handsome.”

“Thanks Jagi. The boys are super hyped now haha, we’re celebrating a little bit with Paul Logan and some other guys.” He sounded like a proud kid and you were really happy for them.

“Ah, I see. Enjoy it then!”

“Thanks, Babe. Everything ok at your place?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine, Joon.”

“Seriously? You sound a little bit distracted.”

“No, I’m good. There’s just…” You stopped and took a deep breath before you spoke. “We’re good, are we? I mean, you aren’t going to leave me, am I right?”

“What the… Babe, why are you asking this?” He sounded worried and you felt bad now.

“Because you’re so famous now and I’m just worried and I miss you…”

“Y/N, listen to me: I’m not gonna leave you, u hear me? Never. I love you and I miss you too. Now go to sleep and in 24 hours I’m next by your side.”

“Ok.” You smiled. “I love you too, Joonie.”

“Goodnight, Babe.”  


Jimin was a very soft and kind human. On stage he was the sexy dance beast but when he was home with you, he was a cute ball of fluff. He could be very manly and a full grown up, but he knew he never had to change in front of you. When Jimin was with you, he could be yourself and he loved it.

“Jagi? Did you saw my grey hoodie?” He called through your shared apartment.

“In the bathroom, Baby.” You called back. You were standing in the kitchen and making him breakfast, but this morning your thoughts just wandered.

“Uhm… Y/N? Are you okay?” He asked when he joined the kitchen and pointed at your hand. You were smearing his bread with butter but the problem was, there was no butter on the knife nor the bread.
You looked down and sighed.

“Baby, is everything alright? Since I’m back from the Music Awards you seem so distracted… Did something happened when I was away?”

“No. I’m fine, Jagi.” You answered. “I was just thinking how much you achieved the last years… I remember when we got to know each other and you asked me for a date…”

Jimin began to smile.
“Yeah. I was so nervous that you would say No. And now we’re celebrating our third anniversary this year. Time flies by, huh?”

“Hmm…” You hummed quietly. “Jimin? Would you ever leave me when things get much more stressful than now? You guy’s are so successful and famous…”

“Of course not! Never would I leave you for that, Honey! Please don’t worry about this! The last three years with you, were the best in my life! You were there for me in good but also rough times, why would I throw this wonderful thing between us away? I love you, Y/N.”

He kissed your forehead and you smiled.


Taehyung and you were called the ‘Chaos-Couple’ by the other boys. You two were funny, loud, overly excited about everything and perfect for each other.

You knew Tae since he was 8. You two were neighbours, best friends and later attended the same school. Only difference was that Tae was two years older than you. When he was 13 he asked you to be his girlfriend and you said ‘Yes’.  Since this day you were a couple and inseparable.

Taehyung was your big and true love and he thought the same about you. Since the first day of your relationship, you two talked about marriage, kids and the future. There was no such a thing as secrets or mistrust between you two. So when you became a little bit worried about all this fame and stuff, you just told him right ahead.

Tae wasn’t angry with you or something like that, he understood your fear and hugged you.  

“Jagi, I’m in love with you since I’m a kid and this love never changed just a little bit throughout these years. Don’t worry about this. I love you and I want to make you Mrs. Kim in the future!”


“Hey Seagull-Boy.” You greeted your boyfriend with a big smile on the door. Kookie smiled back and ruffled your hair before he leaned down and kissed you.

“Hey, Nerd-Face. I missed you.”

“I missed you too. Tell me everything about the BBMA’s, I just ordered food for us.”

“Didn’t you watched them online?” He asked and you nodded.

“I did. You guys were amazing and Namjoon did a good job as leader.”

“Yah, he really did. Hey, what did you thought about my hair? Weren’t they just amazing?”

“It was ok.” You smiled and Jungkook gasped.

“Okay? OKAY? Yah! You little punk! I looked fine as hell! All those girls were starring at me!”

“Don’t push your ego too high, Captain Seagull. They were looking at Jin and you know it. The third guy from the left slayed the evening.” You began to laugh when you saw Kookies face.

“I can’t believe you! I told you all those girls were looking at me and you didn’t even got a little bit jealous?” He asked and pouted.

“Why should I? We both know I’m the only one who bear with your arrogant ass.”

Kookie laughed and hugged you from behind when you walked into the living room.

“Yah… This kid.” He sighed and you just melted into his hug. You really missed him and closed your eyes when you mumbled quietly:

“But seriously… You wouldn’t leave me just because your so famous now and all those girls looking at you?”

“Awwwww… Is little Miss-Grumpy-Head a bit jealous after all?”

“Shut up…” You mumbled back and Kookie laughed before he kissed your hair and hugged you tighter.

“Never, Y/N. Never.”

“I love you.” You whispered and he hummed in return.

“Love you too, Munchkin.”

Chris&Eva #14

This was requested. 'You aren’t gonna like what I have to say.’


“So, I told him that Eva was my girlfriends just so he would back off,” Vilde said, laughing so loudly that few people were casting her annoyed glances.
“And, what? He actually believed it?” Sana asked, eyebrows knitted
“Yeah. Why wouldn’t he?” It was Vildes turn to knit her eyebrows. “We’ve made out in a parties before. In “Help the Penetrators” one and we kissed in the Russ buss, when we were partying with the Riot club guys.“
"Well, maybe, because everybody thinks that her and Chris are together?” Sana asked, giving Vilde her you-can-be-so-clueless look. Vilde was always at the  receiving end of that look.
“We’re not together. I am with Kasper . Everyone knows that,” Chris said, confusion written all over her face
All of the girls burst out laughing, except for Eva, who looked stricken. The last thing she wanted was for everyone think that she was one of those hopeless romantics, who thought that she could turn a fuckboy into a decent man. She wasn’t, nor she wanted to be one. Chris was, who he was and she was fine with it. She never expected anything more or anything less from him.
“Vilde is talking about Pentrator Chris. Everyone thinks Eva and Chris are a couple”  Sana said, her gaze focused on Eva, waiting for her reaction. Eva felt her face get hot, they clearly weren’t together, but they were something, she just didn’t know what yet.

She shruged  and stood up, her next lesson was Spanish and she didn’t want to be late for class because if she was, teacher would definitely ask her to read her homework and without Noora to help her, she was as helpless in Spanish as ever. She took her backpack and said, making her voice as cold,as she could,“People can say and think what they want, I don’t need their approval…. or disapproval  for that matter.” And with that she walked out  her shoulders back,  head held high… Only thing lacking was “Boss Ass Bitch” playing in the background.
For the rest of the day Eva tried to do her best and focus on school, but every single time her thoughts drifted to Sanas words. “Everyone thinks Eva and Chris are a couple”
Did everyone really think that? Eva didn’t think that hooking up at party a few times…ok… more than few times and sometimes leaving the parties together made them a couple. More like a fuck buddies.
It was almost 1 AM and Eva still wasn’t able to fall asleep, somehow, she ended up dialing Chris’s number and waiting for him to answer, after few second she realized how stupid it was for her to wake up him in the middle of the night and was about to end the call whe she heard a sleepy “hello”.

“Umm, hey…” Eva said, she contemplated telling him that she unintentionally called him, but it sounded stupid in her head and Chris no doubt would think so as well.
“Hey. Want sex, huh?” He said with a laugh, “Sorry, babe. I am nobody’s booty call.”
“Yeah, because you are usually the one doing the calling. Honestly, get over yourself,” Eva snarled, she began to regret calling him. If he was going to be his usual self-assured douchy self, she might as well hang up.
“Wow, why so agressive? Might I remind you that you were the one who called me,” Chris replied.
To that Eva had no reply. She drew in a  deep breath, might as well tell him now, “You aren’t gonna like what I have to say,’ she began slowly.
"What is it?” Chris asked, suddenly sounding more serious than she had ever heard him., “Did something happen? Did one of the Yakuza assholes hurt you? I swear to Go-”

“No, no. I am ok. It’s just that… turns out that everyone at Nissen thinks we are a couple. And before you start accusing me of something, I found out about it today. So, don’t go blaming me for spreading these rumors.”
“That’s it? That’s why you decided  to call me at 1 AM?” Chris said letting out a low chuckle, “Eva, relax. Who cares what they think?” He said softly, and Eva felt her body relax. Chris wasn’t angry. He almost seemed… fine with it.
“So, you are ok with this?” Eva asked, dubiously. Why was he so chill about this?
“Let them think what they like. I don’t desire their validation,” he said and she was almost certain that he rolled his eyes, “Seriously, Eva. It’s fine. Now get some sleep and maybe , if you are lucky, I will visit you in your dreams… naked,” Chris said with a laugh, now it was Eva’s turn to roll her eyes.
“Goodnight, Chris. Get some beauty sleep, God knows you need it, ” Eva said, hanging up, but before she did, she was certain that she heard him laugh. She put down her phone and felt herself smiling. Chris was fine with everyone thinking that they were together.

164: Type 1 diabetes.

Harry: “Darling,” Harry whispers softly as he sits beside you on the bed. He furrows his brows as he strokes your forehead. “I think this is more than just the flu” he murmurs. Whilst you had been poorly in bed for a few days with nausea and vomiting, a temperature, and stomach cramps to name a few symptoms, Harry, who had spent endless days and nights researching type one diabetes, wasn’t convinced that this was just a ‘normal’ illness. “I think it’s diabetic ketoacidosis” he murmurs, more to himself as you almost drift off once more. He gently encourages you into a sitting position and you sleepily wipe your eyes. “Go away” you mutter in protest. “Need t’ sleep” you add groggily. He shakes his head. “We’re going to the hospital” he informs you. He quickly rushes around the room, grabbing the essentials you’ll need for a potential overnight stay. “Come on, darling” he whispers softly, gently lifting you from your place of comfort. He helps you down the stairs and into the car before driving you to the emergency room. Upon arriving, he quickly informs the doctor of your lifelong medical condition and the symptoms you have presented the past few days. Within moments, blood and ketone tests reveal DKA is the cause and you’re soon hospitalised for the night. Harry softly chews his bottom lip as he observes you being hooked up to various machines to replenish your body of the fluids you’ve lost. “It’s ok, Harry” you whisper reassuringly when the doctors leave. He scoffs slightly, “I’m pretty sure I’m the one who should be telling you everything’s ok” he tells you, sitting beside you and combing his fingers through your hair. “But you’re in the right place now” he adds, yet he knows it’s going to take a little while before you even begin to feel yourself again.

Liam: “I think you should go see a doctor, (Y/N)” Liam murmurs softly. Your body hadn’t been right for a couple of weeks now; constantly hungry and thirsty, taking more bathroom breaks than usual, and feeling tired all the time. Every time you put it down to stress, Liam was adamant there was something more sinister happening. “Liam, I’m fine. It’ll pass, I’m sure” you had told him. But a few days later, when symptoms were still present and were worsening, you had no choice but to seek medical help. Sure enough, blood tests soon show you have type 1 diabetes. You shake your head at the doctor. “But, I can’t have it” you murmur softly in disbelief. The doctor hands you various leaflets and booklets, information crammed onto the pages, apologising for your diagnosis but reassuring you that with the appropriate diet and lifestyle, along with insulin therapy, it’s a manageable disease. “Babe, it’s ok. We just need time to work things out and make sure we know what we’re doing, ok? Think of it as a learning curve. I don’t know a lot about diabetes, so I’m going to have to learn about this too, ok? We can do it together” he reassures you, although he knows that the disease will affect you a lot more than it will himself. “I’m going to have this for the rest of my life, Liam. My body is going to have to rely on insulin injections. I have to monitor my diet for the rest of my life and make sure my blood sugar levels are right! This is going to be so hard!” you exclaim. Liam nods. “Yeah, it will be. But like I said, we’ll learn together, yeah?”

Louis: You wake up to the sunshine blazing through the cracks of the curtains. You quickly take in your surroundings and recognise with the whirring of machines and the strong smell of disinfectant that you’re in hospital. “Louis” you croak, as he rushes to your side. “Welcome back” he murmurs softly, skimming your cheek with his thumb. “Gave me a scare” he adds. You frown. “What happened?” you ask, noticing the I.V you were hooked up to. “You had a hypo at work. You were completely out of it. It’s a good job you were wearing your medical ID bracelet. Someone gave you your glucagon injection but it obviously didn’t work so they called an ambulance, and then me, and you ended up here.” You nod and bite your lip softly, knowing that this could have been easily prevented. “I’m so sorry, Louis. I was running late for work this morning so …” you begin. “You skipped breakfast? I thought as much” he murmurs. “You need to make some more time for yourself, darling. What if I didn’t get to you on time? Hypos are so bad and they make you so poorly, baby girl. The doctor said it will take a while until you begin to feel human again” he smiles. “Which means I can look after you and wait on you hand and foot and you don’t have to worry about thing, apart from read these!” he jokingly scolds you as he hands you a couple of pamphlets titled “Living with Type 1 Diabetes” and “Recognising Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia.” You return the smile. “Yes Doctor Tomlinson!”

Niall: After the fourth attempt at even beginning the first paragraph of the essay, you give up, the lack of concentration overwhelming and the letters blurring. With shaking fingers and a rumbling tummy, you head to the kitchen where Niall is cooking. “Hey princess, how’s the essay?” he asks. You let out a groan. “Don’t” you warn him. He furrows his brows and heads towards you, pressing his hands on your hips. You quickly pull away and head towards your handbag on the side, avoiding any form of physical contact. Your irritability becomes obvious to him and he knows which of your belongings you’re rummaging for. “Blood sugar?” he questions, placing the cooking utensils on the side and coming to stand beside you. “Come and sit down, darling” he murmurs softly, taking your insulin kit from you and encouraging you to sit at the table. Taking out the equipment you need, he steadies your hand as you check your blood glucose levels. Sure enough, they were low and you knew if they dropped any further, you’d have a hypo. Taking one look at the digits, Niall sighs heavily. “Ok. We’re gonna get something in you” he mutters more to himself as he goes to the cupboard of supplies designed for emergencies like this. When he returns to your shaking frame, he kneels in front of you. Opening the packet of jelly babies, he hands the packet to you. “Ok?” he asks and you nod your head, knowing it will take a little while for everything to balance out once again. “I’m sorry” you whisper, acknowledging your previous outburst. He shakes his head and holds up a hand. “It’s ok, darling. Now you just focus on your blood sugar getting back to normal again.”

Zayn: Endless glasses of water and more trips to the bathroom than you could count within the last few hours meant you knew something was seriously wrong. Quickly worsening was the headache and the need to just go to bed and sleep for eternity. The nausea that was developing was the final straw and you knew you had to do something. Rummaging through drawers, you call out to your boyfriend. “Zayn!” you exclaim. At the urgency in your voice, he rushes through the living room door. “Babe?” he asks, noticing your distress. “Shit” he quickly adds, noticing the various glasses lying around and taking note of your sleepy eyes. “I think it’s a hyper” you tell him groggily. He nods quickly in understanding, and knows that symptoms of DKA like you have presented will result in a visit to the emergency room. Soon enough, you’re admitted to hospital and are given an I.V to replenish fluids, as well as electrolyte replacement and insulin therapy to lower your blood sugar. “You feeling better?” he asks. You nod, “a little, yeah.” He smiles before taking a box out of his pocket. “It’s a bit ironic considering the circumstances, but I bought you something today.” Handing you the box, you give a shake before pulling the ribbon open. Inside is a bracelet, with the words engraved “Type 1 Diabetic. Insulin dependent.” Letting out a breathy laugh, you smile up at your boyfriend. “Thank you” you whisper. He shakes his head. “I want you to always wear it. That way, if you’re not with me and something happens, anyone who helps you knows your medical history.”

LOT/CC fic: Carry Me Home

I cut a bit from a WIP because it didn’t fit… but the idea was so fun that I couldn’t let it go. It demanded to be written.

For @larielromeniel. (Thanks as well for the beta!) Can be read here on AO3 or here on FF.net.

Sara doesn’t need much sleep, really.

It’s just one of many useful skills she’d taken from the League of Assassins. She can stay awake for more than a day with no loss of concentration, no loss of those other abilities, all the better to track a mark and eliminate them if necessary. She’d picked up those techniques well and quickly, and frankly, she’s always been quite proud of them.

But even she will admit she’s pushing it right now.

“How long has it been since you slept?”

Sara starts awake even as her chin starts to slide off her left fist, where she’d propped it while studying Gideon’s records and the time charts. Collecting herself…and trying to pretend she hadn’t nodded off…she peers at the tall figure that’s leaning against the doorway to the room.

“I’m fine,” she tells him, purposely not answering the question. “Looking for the next likely connection. Has to be done.”

Leonard ambles farther into the room, laser-sharp gaze focused on her, and she’s pretty damned sure she’s not fooling him at all. He doesn’t say another word, but she snaps back anyway, weary and defensive.

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frankieromustdie: ok full on seriousness, in my opinion this is the most important tour happening right now. if you love music and being inspired: do whatever it is you need to do in order to go see @thgchoir @listenerfamilyband and @theyare68 play together. it will knock the wind out of your lungs and fill your soul with fire and awe. they’re 3 days in to this US tour but there are still a lot of dates left. definitely don’t sleep on this, i promise you won’t be disappointed xofrnk 

(redo) Cross X Nightmare 1

(this is taking place on Christmas)

Nightmare: Hi guys.

Killer: so boss have any crushes?

Nightmare: are you asking EVERYONE that question!?!

Killer: yep but you first boss

Nightmare: no

Killer: what about Cross

Cross: are you talking to me or Nightmare?

Killer: you Cross

Cross: (blushes) y-yes

Killer: who…


Killer: ok ok calm down how about you Horror?

Horror: nope


Cross: I guess…

Nightmare: wait a second…

Cross: what is wrong with me today I for got to say ‘Hi Senpai!’

Nightmare: don’t even Cross!
Anyway go back to your rooms Now! And go to sleep! It is freaking 12:00 AM ok!

Horror: ok bye

Killer: bye boss

Cross: bye sen-

Nightmare: you stay Cross! I need to talk to you! NOW!

Cross: ok Senpai

Nightmare: …
Omg stop calling me senpai! And who is your crush?

Cross: … Look up…

(Nightmare looks up and sees a miseltow and Killer holding it)

Cross: (blushes madly) N-Nightmare!

Nightmare: NOPE

(Nightmare was about to leave wen Cross runs up to him and grabs him and kisses Nightmare, Nightmare wanted to slap Cross across the face but dint becuse it is the role with miseltows)

Nightmare: (thoughts) what the frick Cross.

Cross: (stops kissing Nightmare) sorry Nightmare, i was excited!

Nightmare: wait I am your CRUSH!

(See you in part 2)

Happy Trails to the incredible Oak, who deserves way more appreciation than he gets!! Merry Christmas!

I Do Not Hook Up

((A/N: So typically I like to listen to a variety of music. I often imagine entire scenes and stories to each song, and one of the ones I’ve always liked is to “I Do Not Hook Up” by Kelly Clarkson, with Dean making advances on the reader while drunk. And while she does like him, she wants something sincere, and she knows he does too, ultimately. So it’s fluffy in the way I imagine an alcoholic hunter being fluffy <3 ))

Warnings: Alcohol, language, sexual references.

Word Count: 2000 on the dot! I’M SO PROUD.

“You know, you look really good in that top.” He was grinning at you, lopsided with his eyes half-open, holding the dying glass of whiskey in his hand. You cocked an eyebrow at him, having had only one drink yourself.

“I’m aware. How much have you had to drink, Dean?” You turned to face him, ignoring the sounds of the world around you. The group of you had decided to go drinking after a hunt, Sam and Cas debating something at a table nearby, though oblivious to Dean.

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You’re having a heated moment and your child has a nightmare/cries (BIG BANG)

Jiyong: -he threw on something as fast as he could when he heard your 2 year old knock on the door. He asked her what was wrong while breathing heavy saying she had a nightmare he understood- “go lay down in your bed appa will be in there in a few and sleep with you ok?”

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Seungri: -being able to do anything anything was a rare treat these days after you son was born. But as soon as your son cried you made him stop and he gave you a look- “Do you seriously want me to go check on him right this second? Fine but you better be ready when I get back”

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Daesung: -he was out of bed pretty fast throwing on a tank top and pants to check on your child but came back a few moments later- “false alarm she fell back to sleep now where were we?”

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Taeyang: -you both covered up as soon as your son walked in with tears rushing down his face saying he had a nightmare. You told him he could sleep with you guys if he gave you a few minutes- “that was too close babe we should teach him to knock or he might be scarred for life next time”

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Seunghyun: -your daughter just walked in after she had a nightmare crying but soon stopped and asked what the two of you were doing scaring you both. You told her you’ll be over to her room in a few and don’t worry about what you and your husband were doing- “so you’re just going to leave me here like this. Fine. Be ready tomorrow”

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diapasondame  asked:

instead of going to bed at a reasonable time, I just read all of "carrying up his morning tea" and now I have feelings and it's all your fault. 10/10 would recommend to anybody who wants to be sad. Seriously it made me tear up multiple times. Not a criticism, was v good and I liked it v much. Very few things I read make me tear up since I started antidepressants. Thank u for sharing your writing with the world. I enjoy it so much. Ok I really should try to sleep now lol

thank you!! it is a sad thing to read (and it was to write too) but it was cathartic for me too. hope you got some sleep!! <3

Haru and Makoto counting saba~
Nanase Haruka (Shimazaki Nobunaga) & Tachibana Makoto (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Haru and Makoto counting saba~

^for anyone who wishes to translate~

basically haru counts saba instead of sheep to fall asleep>makoto laughs>as an apology he asks haru to lie down together and counts saba for haru until haru falls asleep 

*edit: translation found on 4chan 

Haruka: Hm… You can’t sleep? …I know a good solution. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself floating on water. It’ll relax you… You can’t imagine it? Is that so… Eh? You want to try counting? Got it. (counts until 15 mackerels) How is it? Do you feel sleepy now? …The mackerels are bothering you so it’s not working…? You wanted to count sheep?

Makoto: Hahaha! Haha, sorry, Haru! Seeing you count mackerels so seriously was just too amusing. In times like this, you have to count sheep, not mackerels.

Haruka: Makoto… You were here? Mackerels or sheep, it’s the same thing.

Makoto: Haha, that’s true. Sorry, sorry! To apologize for laughing, I’ll count in Haru’s stead. Here, lay down too. And you have to close your eyes as well! Are you ready? Here I go. 16 shee-

Haruka: Mackerel is better.

Makoto: Ah… Um… Hm then, I guess mackerel is fine too. OK, then I’ll count now. (counts until 30 mackerels) Are you feeling sleepy now? Ah, now I’m the one who wants to sleep… (yawn) Hehe, looks like Haru fell asleep. You did well today. Do your best tomorrow as well, okay? Good night.