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YOI Fan Rec Friday


Thank you all for your requests this week! I’m really sorry this is up so late, my wifi shut off and I had some personal things that were happening!

Rec’d by anonymous:
Yu-topia Gentleman’s Club by Aradellia (CurtusPatronus), Teen, 45k (WIP)
Victor hadn’t exactly wanted the end of his long training day to finish at the bottom of a glass alongside his friend Chris, however he hadn’t expected Chris to drag him to a strip club, of all places. Of course, he also hadn’t expected to be introduced to one of the most alluring and blinding dancers he had ever seen in his life.

Rec’d by anonymous:
Comfort Food by youaremarvelous, Mature, 20k (WIP)
Viktor is a wildly popular male model who is in crisis over aging out of the industry. He runs into Yuuri, an international university student struggling to make friends in the big city, and decides to make him his pet project. Unfortunately, matchmaking isn’t as easy as he thought it would be—especially when he starts developing complicated feelings for his client.

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Rec’d by @wombatcuddles :
Forgetting by pushpullds, Mature, 1.7k
Oh, he thinks, surprised. I’m married.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
come get you some of that bounce baby by crossroadswrite, Teen, 3.8k
in which they’re happily married, coaching Russia’s and Japan’s next great skaters, and Victor Nikiforov remains the clingiest, thirstiest man on the face of this planet.

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Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Katsuki Yuuri: Ascended Fanboy by Defiant-Dreams (baterina_1234), Teen, 8.9k
“And wow, that was a beautiful Viktor—I mean, a beautiful Quad Flip by Viktor.” Yuuri visibly winces and he momentarily covers his face. Morooka glances at him in concern but Yuuri shrugs it off quickly and shakes his head as he continues, “Really, others try to do it, but no one does a Quad Flip quite as well or quite as clean as Viktor—if they even manage to land it.” 

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Sing for me by siberianchan, Teen, 45k (WIP)
It is 1848, it is Opera and Yuuri Katsuki has just arrived from his former home Milan in Dresden to work as a chorus singer at the Semperoper. Starting over in a new country, surrounded by strangers is taxing, especially when the lead tenor is acting so contractionary towards you and when your own anxiety constantly has you on your toes.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Correspondence by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 36k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov agreeing to partner with Penned Pals for a season, had to be the best decision of his and Katsuki Yuuri’s lives. It brought them together after all.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Prince and the Pharmacist by Victuuri gives me feelings (Help_Im_Shipper_Trash), Teen, 1.3k (WIP)
When ordinary pharmacist Yuuri Katsuki is ordered by crowned Prince Cristophe Giacometti to be his escort, Yuuri panics and decides his only hope is to flee the country. On the run, he stumbles across a kind, silver haired stranger. Victor Nikiforov is instantly fascinated with the young pharmacist, and wants nothing more than to help. His two attendants, Yuri Plisetsky and Otabek Altin, are less than thrilled.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
in a snap of your fingers by silencedmockingjay, Gen, 3.8k
“I’m mad, okay?!” A flash of anger lights up Viktor’s face, eyes narrowed, eyebrows in a v-shape, mouth turned downwards. And then his hand comes up and slaps Yuuri’s hand away.

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Rec’d by @bluelup28 :
The Skater and The Beast by Charlie_R_Everitt, Gen, 17k (WIP)
Yuuri was cursed years ago to a grisly form and has hidden himself a way from the world. Yet, every year for the past couple of years, something has caught his eye. A beautiful young skater, skating on a near by lake by the village near his castle… “Yuuri, you should have faith!” “Pitchit, who could ever learn to love a beast?” AU with elements from Beauty and the Beast.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
All Eyes on Me by Kizuna_Auri, Explicit, 45k (WIP) (Omegaverse)
Yuuri, under the username of Eros, is a size queen omega who most certainly does not have an obsession with fellow camboy and legendary silver-haired alpha Aria. Just like Phichit is not the most meddlesome roommate known to man.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
One of those nights by justmeandmysillystuff, Mature, 102k (WIP)
One of those nights, Yuuri meets him by accident. One of those weeks, he gets into his life. One of those months, he realizes he may be falling in love. One of those years, becomes the best of his life.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
My Hero, Yuuri by Abarero, Teen, 57k (WIP)
At the age of 23, Yuuri Katsuki is certain he’s just a dime-a-dozen hero that will never make a difference. Little does he know that the moment his path crosses with legendary hero, Victor Nikiforov, both of their lives will begin to change for the better.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
This Night is Flawless by flowercrownyuri (elevensong), Teen, 5k
Prince Yuuri can’t see anything without his glasses. It normally isn’t an issue, but when Yuuri goes to the royal ball without them he can’t see the man who captures his attention that night and can only remember him by his voice. Determined to find the ‘mystery man’, Yuuri goes through the entire town in hopes of finding the one who won his affections. But what happens when said mystery man turns out to be a beautiful guy named Victor, and why is he acting like they met before last night?

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Lost souls by EurusLex, Explicit, 5.7k (WIP)
What the fuck was happening? His brain did not want to wrap around whatever was going on—maybe it was because had just woken up from a deep sleep or maybe it was the sheer terror pumping through his body—but no matter what it was, he really wanted to calm down so he could hear himself think.

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Rec’d by @fullmetalkarneval13 :
Stay Close to Me: A Highschool Love Story. by FullmetalKarneval13, Mature, 19k (WIP)
Viktor was Yuuri’s light, his safe place when he didn’t have one. But in middle school when Viktor had to move away. Yuuri drowned in the abyss of bullies and anxiety. Now years later Yuuri is a senior in highschool. He sees something that crushes and opens his heart at the same time.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Amnesia by cerisebio, Gen, 19k
Victor wakes up in a hospital room. At his bedside is a Japanese skater he came across at the Sochi Grand Prix Final.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Lessons in Love by fangirlandiknowit, Mature, 38k (WIP)
All Viktor wants is for his son to be happy - and if that means spending countless hours at the ice rink, a million more in the ballet studio, and devotedly cheering for Katsuki Yuuri at every competition he enters, then that is precisely what he’ll do. He just didn’t expect to become a fan, too.

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Rec’d by @osnapitzhanaa :
never tasted rubies by ebenroot, Teen, 16k
in which Yuuri is an unwilling radio host and Victor won’t stop calling in to chat with him

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Rec’d by anonymous:
I’ll be your Tramp if you be my Lady by DairyFarmer, Teen, 5.1k
“You are so sad.” Yuri grumbled as Viktor sighed longingly in the direction of Makkachin and Duchess’s groomer, who also happened to be an angel named Yuuri Katsuki. In which Yuuri is a pet groomer and Viktor falls in love.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Sweetsilversub by phlintandsteel, Explicit, 71k
When Katsuki Yuuri thinks about his life, he feels like maybe it should have the subtitle 'A Study In Contradictions’ after it. As he grows and learns more about himself though, he decides he’s willing to acknowledge that being a 'Work In Progress’ is ok too. Even if he struggles with uniting the 'online’ and 'in real life’ portions of himself, at least he’s got friends in both places who are willing to stick by him while he works shit out. And maybe more than friends, if the look in Victor’s eyes is anything to go by… How did this become his life!!?!?

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Rec’d by anonymous and @saecookie :
A Lesson in Wanting by awesometinyhumanbeing, Not Rated, 12k
Victor ties himself into a knot known as Katsuki Yuuri—in more ways than one—and they navigate their way to each other in a series of fits and starts, miscommunication, and Herculean pining.

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Rec’d by @flyingsuits-blog-blog:
Take Hold by LavenderProse, Mature, 20k
“I believe…” Yuuri says, pensive. “I believe that when you’re connected to another person so closely that you share a soul, it’s stupid to think that you wouldn’t feel it. How can you not recognize part of yourself when they’re standing right in front of you?”
“That's…I…yes.” Viktor tries to untie his tongue, mouth suddenly arid. “You—I think you would know, yes.”
Yuuri skates onto the ice and Viktor’s soul screams after him, Do you know? Can you see me? I’m here, I’m here.

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Rec’d by @snapdragon-princess :
Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 73k
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his 'Cinderella’ Yuuri.
(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing).

✧·゚: *✧·゚:* *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @deadlychildartemis :
A Heart of Blades||Cannot Break by Adel Mortescryche (Mortescryche), Teen, 16k (WIP)
Or the one in which Yuuri decides to try gaming on a whim when he’s thirteen, manages to get his hands on SAO, and has to live with its impact and fallout for the rest of his life.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

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Your hands are Really Nice- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: (requested) Reader is too shy to tell Jughead about her feelings, so Veonica and Betty take matters in to their own hands (mostly Veronica)

Warnings: Swears, fluff so much fluff I couldn’t even deAL


Being in love with your best friend isn’t easy. It feels taboo, like it’s wrong, and unhealthy. You’ll lay awake at ungodly hours of the night, wondering “How did this happen?” You’ll replay every moment of every waking minute you spent with them, wondering how in the world you ended up lying on your floor with an empty bowl of ramen beside your head and imagining what it would feel like to kiss them. You’ll catch yourself admiring the tiniest insignificant things about them, and every detail of their stupidly cute face, and every indent and curve and freckle on their body, and let me tell you, it sucks. Falling in love with your best friend isn’t easy, especially when your best friend is Jughead Jones.

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Hair, Sex, and Make-up

Being the youngest hair and makeup artist for the idol boy group BTS was your dream. Since you finally got to achieve it things were great and although it was hard being the youngest on the crew you knew that they loved you. You became close to the boys, but more so to Jungkook since you were the same age. However it seemed like things were going to change.

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 6k

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

“Yah, ___. Can you grab my makeup bag for me?”

“Yes, unnie.” You frowned in concentration and looked at Yoongi apologetically before running across the room and grabbing the forgotten make-up bag. Being the youngest hair and makeup stylist for the idol group BTS had it’s ups and downs. The boys loved you and you were close to many of them but the older girls bossed you around a lot.

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our little family pt.2 | jimin

Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au

Word Count: 2.7k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever.

Parts: 1 2

Warning: Slight cursing 

“Oh come on Y/N! You haven’t been out with us in forever, people are forgetting how you even look!” Your friend whined into the phone as you let out a long sigh, setting your book down unwillingly as you’d been reading it for the last hour.

It had been weeks since your friend, Hani had been begging you to go to the club with her, with you finding a reason to not almost every week.

“But–” you started, an excuse at the tip of your tongue as you had no intention of leaving this book. But she interrupted immediately.

“Nope! Don’t you even start! I’m picking you up in 30 minutes and you’re coming, even if I have to drag you out in your pajamas. So look pretty and get ready to get hooked up babe!”

Before you could protest, Hani ended the call, making you slump against the sofa, a long groan slipping past your lips.

Time to look for a dress tonight.

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hamilton + marriage proposal headcanons


you had to know this one was coming next.


  • he does it in a public place of course
  • literally in the middle of the food court
  • it really wasnt safe to carry it in his pocket in the mall but. he did it anyway
  • he gets down on one knee
  • in the f o od court
  • and because of that you genuinely think hes just tying his shoe
  • who the fuck proposes in a food court surrounded by teenagers who might get wrong ideas and french fries
  • apparently alexander hamilton
  • so you’re looking around and waiting for him to finish 
  • and when you look back theres a box in his hand
  • and he… takes out a… folded up piece of paper…
  • ITS A POEM…….
  • and he READS IT OUT LOUD and its so CUTE but youre also SO EMBARRASSED because theres a part about how much he LOVES YOU IN BED
  • and after what felt like six hours he finally just says… “will you marry me?”
  • you hug him and pull him very close
  • (you mainly want him to shut up and for him to not talk about you in the nude in public anymore)
  • (he will ask you if it took too long. say yes. it was. he will then say “you know what else is long”)


  • this boy…
  • is so romantic…
  • he puts his heart into everything he does!!!
  • so he takes you to a little hillside in a park or in the countryside
  • and takes you for a picnic and everything is really nice
  • he packed all of your favourite foods and drinks and desserts and hes wearing a really nice white dress shirt and black pants
  • theres a little letter at the bottom of the basket he wants you to read
  • the dedication is really cute (”to the love of my life”)
  • but when you finish reading the letter… he is gone?
  • you are clearly very worried and you stand up and start looking around frantically 
  • and he is behind you and behind him is laf, alex, and herc
  • they’re all wearing…. matching outfits….
  • he starts s i n g ing and da nc ing
  • and when the song is finished he rushes over to you and gives you a big hug
  • and he keeps going
  • he gets down on one knee and has the BIGGEST, HAPPIEST GRIN ON HIS FRECKLED FACE 
  • and when he asks you to marry him
  • you’re probably blubbering and maybe crying because its so goddamn cute and hes so goddamn cute and hes like ”oh god did i do something wrong”
  • and you just shake your head and say yes, you do want to marry him
  • and the boys are in the background smiling, and sweating after all of the choreo they did
  • seriously. they’d been practicing for weeks.
  • (they said john even yelled at them once because he wanted it to be perfect)


  • if there’s. ANYONE who is going to ask you to marry him in a restaurant
  • it’s lafayette.
  • he takes you out to a really fancy dinner
  • and you both dress up really nice
  • and you get what you swear to god is the nicest food you’ve ever eaten
  • and you laugh and smile and talk throughout dinner
  • but he seems… somewhat…. nervous and awkward
  • and he’s normally this smooth talking guy
  • and its… very suspicious
  • and its even MORE suspicious when he says he forgot his wallet and that you have to pay
  • and you’re like “…. alright???? …. i geuss?????”
  • he apologizes a lot, more than he ever has before
  • and when the bill comes in the lil wallet holder folder thing made of leather
  • and you start rummaging through your wallet for the money
  • he looks very panicked that you actually are going to pay
  • and he’s like “no no y/n please look in the folder thing please”
  • and he snatches it before you can do anything and proposes in front of everyone!!!
  • (you see a few waitresses cry)
  • (he repeats over and over that he doesn’t actually want you to pay)
  • (kiss him. he deserves it. he was so scared.)


  • you are completely alone when he proposes.
  • he just… does it in your living room?
  • he steps out of the bedroom and he has a shirt in his hands
  • and he’s quietly like “y/n i made this for you can you try it on?”
  • and you take it and somehow wrestle it onto your body
  • you don’t even know whats on it. you just look at him and tell him it fits
  • and he’s like “go look in the mirror and tell me if you like it”
  • and when you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror it says “will you marry me?” in big sparkly pink font
  • when you go back out hes wearing… a MATCHING SHIRT…
  • and he’s already down on one knee and you approach him
  • and he hits you with the pick up line he said when you first met
  • and you BURST into laughter
  • once you’ve calmed down he’s like “in all seriousness y/n… will you marry me?”
  • and when you say yes, he j u mp s up and tackles you onto the couch
  • (like it actually slightly hurt a little bit) 
  • and he’s very apologetic
  • and to make it up to you he starts kissing you everywhere he can reach
  • (he made the shirt very revealing… for a reason)


  • its going to be big.
  • its going to be very big because she has to live up to her own high standards that she and everyone else has set for herself
  • so she takes you to a really busy tourist destination
  • that you’ve probably been to a million times
  • and you’re like “ok nice can we go now angelica”
  • and she’s like hang on… i’m waiting for something
  • and when you’re probably starting to get really annoyed because you’ve been there for the longest time
  • music starts playing that wasn’t playing before
  • and its your favourite love song
  • (whatever genre, whatever artist, your favourite song is playing)
  • and you’re like wow angelica this is really funny huh? its my favourite song
  • and she gulps, really loudly, and takes you by the hands
  • and peggy and eliza emerge from the crowd
  • and, for you, they sing the rest of your favourite love song with beautiful harmony and really cute and simple dance moves
  • and by the end everyone around you is clapping and you’re clapping but still you’re…. probably confused because… why did she serenade you in public
  • and angelica gets down on one knee
  • and she asks you to marry her in the most simple phrase
  • just straight up. “Will you marry me”
  • you stand up and nod
  • and when you say yes everyone EXPLODES
  • and everyone is cheering and clapping and she kisses you and you’re both laughing
  • (”was it good y/n” “yes angelica” “are you sure cuz if it wasn’t good then i can redo it” “angelica it was great” “are you satisfied” “ye s”)


  • the two of you are out for coffee and you both are having a good time
  • laughing and typing away at your laptops or doing work
  • and eliza excuses herself to go to the bathroom
  • and so you’re texting on your phone waiting for her to come back
  • when one of the baristas calls your name even though you didnt order another drink
  • but you go over and retrieve the cup that is apparently yours
  • and try to take a sip from it because like… free drink hell yeah
  • but theres…. nothing inside but this little hollow noise???
  • so with an eyebrow raised, you take off the lid, and there’s this… beautiful ring at the very bottom.
  • like, it probably shouldn’t be there because if someone got the wrong cup, they would not return it
  • you know the ring is for you and that it’s from eliza but you… can’t see her? 
  • even the barista seems confused?
  • and then she shyly emerges from the bathroom and is like “DO YOU LIKE IT Y/N” across the entire cafe
  • and you’re like… “yes eliza i love it”
  • and so she runs on over and takes the cup from your hands and pulls the ring out
  • and she doesnt get down on one knee but she does help you sit up on the counter top
  • and she’s like “you know what i love? you”
  • and then she proposes. and she’s blushy and really flushed and has the goofiest, sweetest smile suspended on her face and she talks about how helpless you make her feel 
  • and when you say yes, she does this lil dance and picks you up by the waist and spins you around
  • and then she realizes she can’t carry you because she is smol!!! so you climb down
  • and she slips the ring onto your finger and kisses you and she tastes like hot chocolate
  • and its… amazing


  • he just got back from a really long business trip
  • and hes been away for weeks
  • and when you go to pick him up at the airport
  • hes sweaty, and his hair is kind of flat, and he looks more exhausted than you’ve ever seen him
  • but he still looks so happy to see you
  • and when you guys are hugging, he whispers “what’d i miss” into your ear
  • (which is an ongoing joke between the two of you)
  • and you whisper “you missed me” in return
  • and you feel his smirk grow against your cheek
  • but when you finally pull away after about ten years of hugging
  • hes not smiling and he says, very seriously, “i never want to have to miss you that much ever again”
  • and he gets down on one knee and opens a small pocket of his suitcase
  • and pulls out a ring.
  • and he says this big long speech about how much he loves you
  • and how much he missed you
  • and every little thing about you he loves
  • (and backs it up with evidence)
  • eventually, he’s almost fallen asleep when he says, “will you marry me?”
  • and you get down so you’re level with him and you say “yes, thomas, i’ll marry you. now let’s go home”
  • (when he wakes up the next morning he double-checks to make sure you said yes)
  • (you say yes, you did say yes. “did you miss that thomas?”)


  • lets face it.
  • this man probably wouldn’t go out of his way to propose
  • he loves you, of course, but you know that
  • and he knows that very much
  • and he doesnt feel the need to prove it to you with some big declaration?
  • (”i bet hamilton would do something lame like serenade you or read a poem, pssh”)
  • so you’re most likely in your bed just cuddling
  • and when you begin to pull away to get water or get changed, he looks over and just goes
  • “marry me?”
  • and you fall back into bed and tell him that you’d love to.
  • (he doesnt have the ring yet)
  • (he promises he will take you shopping when he’s not working)
  • (he works a lot)
  • (it will take a very long time to get your ring)
  • (he also doesnt want to go out when hes sick cuz he doesnt wanna cough all over really expensive rings)
  • (he apologizes profusely)
  • (tell him you love him anyway)
  • (and kiss him)


  • he is very shy
  • and has been carrying around the ring for months.
  • literally. months.
  • (he’s afraid you’re going to say no)
  • (like, very afraid you’re going to say no)
  • (he doesn’t put himself out like this a lot)
  • and hes also been waiting for the perfect moment!!
  • so one day you’re in a bookstore you both like
  • and amidst the stacks of books and paper
  • he gets down one on knee and is biting his lip because hes so nervous…
  • but he does it anyway!!! because he loves you!!! and really wants to marry you!!!
  • he wants it more than anything in his life!!!
  • he has a really!!! really cute and cliche speech about how much he loves you
  • talks about how beautiful you are every ten words
  • explains to you that you are the best thing in his life and never wants to lose you!!! but stutters his way through it
  • wants to put the ring on your finger while hes kneeling and… kisses your ring finger oh gosh…
  • he may… stay on the ground……. ???
  • (he wants you to either meet him on the ground or pull him up)
  • (pull him up by the collar and kiss him. he will smile so wide after)
  • (he might ask you later if it was romantic enough. tell him yes.)
Boku No Hero Academia Light Novel No.2 Translations

Commence Study Groups!

そろそろの勉強会: Chapter 1, Part 2 [click here for part 1] [Part 3]

(t/n: for some reason I found this quite hard to translate, but it was a quick short part before they switched back to yaomomo and gang, nonetheless enjoy the bakushima! p.s dont forget to read part 1!!! ^_^)

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Best Laid Plans

Properly late this time.

(Also posted on AO3)

“Alright!” Teddy said loudly clapping his hands.

Victoire rolled her eyes, “We’re all right ‘ere, Teddy. You don’t need to shout.”

“This is the very important first meeting of the-” Teddy hesitated and bought time by climbing up to stand on the empty teacher’s desk in the classroom they were meeting in, “The Cupid Club!”

Peter groaned.

“That is an 'orrible name,” Victoire frowned.

Daisy and Saanvi giggled, leaning into one another.

“Whatever,” Teddy said dismissively, “We can work out a better name later. The important thing is, we’re all here for one united purpose!” He paused to gesture dramatically and the other students stared at him, Daisy and Saavi giggled.

Teddy sighed, “You could show a little more enthusiasm, you know!”

“Should we clap?” Peter asked.

“Get on with it, Ted,” Victoire prompted with an exasperated smile.

Teddy said, “Fine. So, we’ve all seen my cousin and godfather, the illustrious Professor Potter and Professor Malfoy, flirting-”

“Insults really don’t seem like flirting to me,” Victoire said. To try and quell Teddy’s puppy dog expression she added, “They do look good together.”

Saanvi sighed, “Have you seen how Professor Potter smiles when Professor Malfoy talks with him?”

“He just lights up!” Daisy said with a giggle, “It’s the sweetest thing.”

“But what about Professor Malfoy?” Victoire said, “ 'E is always sneering and smirking at 'arry.”

“He stares at his arse.”

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 9: Las Vegas

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 8  -  Part 10

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, shameless twisting of canon to suit my lazy writing needs

Word Count: 4335

Author’s Note: Ok I don’t know how I feel about this part but this is the second rewrite and I just… here it is.

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After days crammed in the car and a night sleeping in the woods, this enormous suite in this luxury hotel feels excessive. Nat seemed to blend right in, a smug grin painting her face, not a hair out of place, a sleek dress to match the sleek tables and bright furniture. She’s the exact opposite of her friend, linked arm in arm with her, hair a soft tangle, still in that hoodie whose campfire smell lingers every time she moves. Just thinking about the smell of it reminds me of the morning but I shake the thought from my head, there are enough distractions here.

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Lay it on me- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: This is a continuation of “Wipe it off of me”, reader wants to try some stuff out with her boyfriend ;-D

(Read Part 1 )



The next day after what happened with Jughead, I immediately went to Veronica. She was my best friend, and I trusted her completely with my life, so I also trusted the fact that she would explain to me what the hell I should be doing when it comes to…..things like this.

“Veronica, I just, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about all this kinky stuff, but I know that if there’s somebody I’m comfortable enough with, it’s him, And Jughead, sometimes with the way he is, he, he…” I trailed off, crossing one leg over the other on Veronica’s mattress.

“Turns you on?” Veronica asked, a giggly tone in her voice as she spun around in her vanity chair to look at me.

“Yes.” I admitted, heat spreading across my cheeks quickly.

“Girl, I get what you mean, every time I see Betty in that cheer uniform-” Veronica dramatically draped herself over her chair, fanning herself with her hand. “ my gay ass heart just can’t handle it.” I rolled my eyes before standing up and swatting her in the arm.

“I’m serious, Ronnie! Jughead does.. Things to me! Things I’m not used to feeling! Things I seriously don’t like-” I cut myself off, groaning loudly in sexual frustration, and flopping back down on to Veronica’s bed face up. My arms sprawled out across the duvet and I sighed, turning my head to look at my friend now looking down at me.

“ He’s going to be the death of me, Ronnie. He really is.”

“Cheer up sunshine. Let me show you a few things first.”


I had left Ronnie’s house with a lot of ideas, and I planned to use them this weekend. The knowledge she had given gave me somewhat a surge of confidence, and I was positive that the rain check I had made with Jughead would be worth it. It was the next weekend when I finally acted upon my ideas.

My mom was going away for the weekend, which meant I would have the house all to myself.The last bell had rang, signaling to the students that they had just been relinquished their freedom and were free to leave the torturous hell that was Riverdale High (ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I’m a drama queen). I saw Jughead standing in front of his locker, rummaging through It while Archie leaned against the locker beside him, hands moving as he told Jughead something. I quickly moved from in between Betty and Veronica, quickly making my way to my boyfriend. I grabbed his shoulder as he stood facing away, pulling him down backwards so my lips brushed against his neck, and whispered.

“My house, tonight. I wanna make good use of that rain-check.” I let go of Jughead, my hand pushing him slightly and his body sprang back in to his previous position, his mouth open. I was halfway down the hall when he turned around, and I just giggled before winking and blowing him a kiss.


Instead of meeting Jughead at Pop’s, I went straight home, checking to make sure my mom had left for her trip. When I saw the empty driveway, I knew I was in the clear. I ran inside and up to my room, dropping my bag and trying to think of my next move. I figured taking a shower was good, so I took a quick one, making sure to shave even though I had done so a couple nights ago. I got out, towel-drying my hair and brushing my teeth before grabbing my nicest pair of bra and underwear. I wasn’t a huge lingerie person, but my mom had bought me a couple nice sets for my birthday, which I was now extremely thankful for.

I threw on a cami and a pair of (extremely short) shorts afterwards, before brushing my hair out and spraying a little perfume. When I was done, I went back down stairs.I occupied myself by getting a little something to drink, and messing around on my phone. I started to almost worry that Jughead wouldn’t show up, and my head started to get the best of me. What if he didn’t want this? What if I freaked him out and potentially ruined our relationship?

A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts, and I padded towards it, unlocking the bolt and swinging it open to see Jughead. He had his hands shoved in his pockets, his head raising to look at me. His eyebrows raised as he took in my appearance.

“Is your mom home?” He asked, stepping inside and locking the door behind him.

“No, she’s gone for the weekend. Business trip.”

“Good.” Jughead quickly had me pinned against the door, his hands wrapping around the back of my thighs and lifting me so my lower body was wrapped around his waist. His lips went to mine, kissing me roughly. My hands went around his neck, knocking his hat off when my fingers curled in to this hair. I tugged lightly and Jughead groaned against my lips. I broke apart from him, panting heavily.

“Do you uh, do you want something to eat?” I asked him, mentally face palming myself. Jughead laughed, his head falling in to the crook of my neck.

“Sure, what’s on the menu?” Jughead responded, lifting his head to look at me. I had an idea to fix the mood I just killed, bringing my lip between my teeth.

“Me.” Jughead looked taken aback for a second before a smug look took over his face.

“Hmm, dessert first. I like that idea.” Jughead leaned back down to kiss me, his lips on mine only for a second before trailing down my jaw and to my neck. Jughead began to litter my neck with dark, purple bruises, his body pressing in to mine. Jughead’s hands traveled down my body, his fingers slipping under my shirt. My breath hitched at the feeling of his warm hands on my cold skin, gripping at my waist firmly.

“M-maybe we should- we should go upstairs.” I panted, my breath heavy. Jughead adjusted his grip on my thighs before complying to my suggestion, stumbling a bit to find the stairs.

“You’re going to break your neck.” I giggled, clinging to his shoulders for dear life.

“Don’t undermine my masculinity.” Jughead pouted, climbing up the staircase with me still in his arms. I laughed at the clumsiness of my boyfriend as he actually managed to make it up the stairs, kicking my door open. Jughead dropped me down on to my bed, my back bouncing against the cool mattress. I sat up, reaching out and gripping Jughead’s jacket and tugging it off of him.

“Eager, are we?” Jughead taunted, helping me pull his jacket off. I rolled my eyes, my hands now going to the sweater underneath his jacket. I pulled it over his head to be met with another shirt.

“What is it with the layers?!” I groaned, my hands now working on getting the short sleeved shirt off. “Really, Forsythe, I thought when I invited you over, you would get the memo to wear less clothing.”

“Unless you wanted me to be a popsicle stick by the time I made it here, that wasn’t happening.” Jughead retorted, his hands going to my tank top.“ Although, I’m pretty sure I woulda been warm in a matter of moments anyways.” Jughead leaned down, his teeth biting gently at the skin on my neck, making my breath hitch in my throat. Jughead pulled my tank top off my body, his hands running down my sides and to my hips before gripping them tightly and pulling me closer to his body.

Jughead and I had had sex only a couple of times, the first time obviously being an awkward and romantic mess, and the second time almost being caught by Archie and Betty, who happened to live across the street from me.Jughead and I weren’t huge on sex, it wasn’t something we wanted to do 24/7 like a lot of the kids at our school, but the both of us had so much pent up sexual frustration lately that we were seconds away from creating tears in our remaining clothes.

Jughead grabbed the waistband of my shorts, slipping them down my thighs. I kicked them off before pushing Jughead over and down on to my bed. I unbuttoned the top of his skinny jeans, pulling them down his legs quickly before straddling Jughead, grinding down in to his hips. Jughead groaned, raising his hips to meet mine and I held them down with my hands, grinding my hips down harder on to him.

“Fuck.” Jughead moaned, his breath becoming heavier. I felt him get harder underneath me and I grinned, glad I was getting the reaction I wanted. I sat up, grabbing one of my scarves hanging off my bed frame and toying with it in my hands.

“You wanna try something?” I looked down at my boyfriend, his eyes wide and fixed upon the fabric slipping between my fingers.

“Lay it on me.” Jughead smirked and I grinned, taking his wrists in my hands. Jughead looked confused as I tied his hands to my bedpost, looking up at me.

“To be honest, I thought the roles would be reversed when you asked.” He chuckled, relaxing under my body.

“We’ve got the whole weekend, babe.” I reached behind my back, unclasping my bra and letting it fall off my shoulders. I flung it aside, my hands now traveling down my boyfriend’s body and running over his hard-on, hidden by the fabric of his boxers. I cupped it lightly before moving away.

“Do you really have to be a tea-ease.” Jughead groaned when my hand dipped under the elastic, wrapping my hand around him firmly. I slowly pumped my hand up and down, Jughead’s breathing becoming rapid. I pulled my hand down, my fingers pulling his boxers off and slipping my underwear off after. I leaned over Jughead’s body, grabbing a condom from the drawer of my nightstand.

I took the end of the foil package between my teeth, ripping it open. I was met with the gross taste of lube and a disgusted look swept across my face quickly.

“Why didn’t you just…. Open it with your hands??” Jughead tilted his head, stifling a laugh at my reaction to the flavorless substance.

“Veronica said it’d be sexier.” I scoffed, pulling the condom out of the package.“ Last time I take her advice.”

“Wait, you went to Veronica for advice on sex?” Jughead sat up a bit. I pushed him back down with my hand, looking shocked at my surprise burst of dominance.

“Jughead, I’m literally about to sit on your dick. Please don’t ruin the mood.” I pinched the tip of the condom, rolling it down Jughead’s penis. Jughead laid back down, eyes wide and looking at me. My knees went to either side of Jughead hips, my hand guiding him as I slowly sank down on to him. My hands went to my chest, my lower body feeling a bit tight and uncomfortable. When my thighs reached Jughead’s hips, I stopped, giving myself a moment to adjust before slowly beginning to rise up and sink back down on to him. I tried to keep a steady pace, my legs burning as I grinded down on to Jughead’s dick.

Jughead’s uneven breathing turned in to small groans and my hands went down his chest, my fingernails leaving scratch marks down his stomach. I began to go faster, already feeling worn out. Jughead’s hair was already starting to stick to his forehead, and my chest was glistening with a thin layer of sweat. I painted, picking up the pace even more and going as fast as I could.

Baby, baby untie me.” Jughead panted, wriggling his arms that were suspended over his head. I paused, leaning over and untying the knot of my scarf. When Jughead was free he immediately sat up, his arms wrapping around my body as he thrusted in to me. My head fell in to the crook of his shoulder, my nails dragging down the muscles in his back.

F-fuck, Forsythe, I-I’m-” my body tensed, the fuzzy feeling in my lower body and the twitching of my abdomen telling me I was close. Jughead flipped us over so I was on my back, his arms holding him up as he pounded in to me at a rapid pace.

My orgasm hit me like an oncoming train, my nails now digging deep in to Jughead’s skin and my back arching. My vision was blurry, colors and stars clouding my sight. Jughead came a few moments later, collapsing on top of my body. My arms went around his neck, my hands playing with the ends of his hair as I tried to calm my breathing.

Jughead eventually pulled out of me, his body leaving mine for a moment to discard the used condom before grabbing his sweater. He climbed back on to the bed, his hands pulling my body up in to a sitting position before pulling the sweater over my head.

“You know, I can dress myself. I’m not five.” I teased, pulling my arms through the sleeves of the long sweater. The end of the fabric went to my knees, reminding me of how tiny I was compared to my beanstalk of a boyfriend.

“I know.” Jughead was standing up, his boxers now on and his shirt slipping over his head. I raised my arms up, making grabby hands at him.

“Well if you’re going to treat me like I’m 5, then I demanded to be carried to the kitchen.” I pouted. Jughead turned to me, a grin on his face.

“As you wish.” Jughead’s arms went under my body, listing up like I was a feather. I squealed, clinging to him as he kicked my door open.

“So, why the kitchen?” Jughead asked, now carrying me back down the stairs he had carried me up about an hour ago.

“Well, I made dinner, and then after we ate, I thought we could test how sturdy the island in my kitchen is.” I bit my lip, looking at Jughead.

“I’m honestly convinced that I died and I have gone to heaven.” Jughead shook the fringe out of his face, dipping his head down and pressing his lips to mine.

Misfire [Chapter 3]

Summary: The four times Bucky tries to ask you out and fails.

Warnings: swear words, that’s all!

a/n: This part is a little different, but it returns to my normal writing style right after the first part. I’m actually kinda sick, so i apologize if this isn’t as good as the other chapters

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2

The Sinkage

Tony has created a chatroom. 

Tony added Wanda, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Bucky, Sam.

Bucky: SAM





Tony: What a pleasant, calm family we are

Bucky: Shut the fuck up Tony. You’re not the one who’s been receiving- 

Sam: Bucky check your door, you’ll find something there



Clint: Y'all are talking about shoving things up each other’s asses without me? I thought we were a team



Bucky: I need a break

Tony: We all do, Mother Russia

Bucky: Why in the ever loving fuck am I Mother Russia? I want to be Father Russia

Tony: Because of your hair, Rapunzel


Tony: How about we all go camping?

Clint: Yeah, okay. I’m out

Clint has left the chat.

Bruce: I’m with him. 

Bruce has left the chat


Tony: Natasha? Sam?

Natasha: I don’t think I’m in this time Tony

Natasha has left the chat

Tony: ok you all fucking suck

Tony: Sam?

Sam: I don’t mind going camping


Bucky: That means I’m out

Tony: Y/N?

Y/N: I’ll join too

Bucky: Well would you look at that!! Nature!! Trees!! Lakes!! My home place!! I’d love to go camping


Sam: smooth ass motherfucker

Tony: Very subtle Barnes

Wanda: May i join in as well?

Tony: Of course! Okay so Sam, Wanda, Y/N, Rapunzel-


Tony: -and myself. Perfect! See you all tomorrow

Tony has removed Wanda, Y/N, Sam, Bucky.

Tony has left the chat.

Bucky didn’t have Steve to rely on to supply ideas on how to ask you out since he was on a mission with Vision, and Tony would just start blasting Christmas music as loudly as possible to block out any of Bucky’s requests.

He had to science this shit out himself.

And by that he meant that he’d Google it.

Serenade her at the bonfire with an instrument that you can play!” He could feel the vomit rise to his mouth as he turned pink in embarrassment. What the fuck even was this?

Take her out on a walk, offer her something sweet, like candy-

“Are these instructions on how to ask a girl out, or how to kidnap her?” Bucky nearly shrieked and punched the person who spoke behind him before realising it was Quail Boy.

“What the hell Sam?” he yelled, shielding his phone away.

“Look man. If you want to ask Y/N out, I’ll help you. But for the love of God, don’t follow the last one. The first one was perfectly acceptable.” He ignored Bucky’s cries of protest as he flung himself over the couch to join him.

“I wasn’t- I-”

“Oh come on. The letter clearly was meant for the postbox next to mine, and I see the way you carried flowers around for her the first time.” Sam scoffed.

“If you knew about the letter then why-”

“Because it’s fun messing around with you. Now, the main business.”

“I don’t know how to play an instrument,” he mumbled, looking down. Fuck it, he had decided, I’ll take all the help I can get.

“Good thing I know how to play, then.”

When Tony meant camping, he didn’t mean out in the wilderness, trees everywhere camping.

Oh no, he meant massive-backyard-of-my-summer-forest-house-camping-where-there-are-no-wild-animals-and-no-dangers camping. 

“I was told that camping was not exactly in this kind of an environment.” Wanda stared at the large house ahead of her.

“That’s because it isn’t.” Sam answered, equally weirded out.

“We’re not camping inside the house, God. We’re camping a 1 mile and a half away from it.” Tony huffed, trudging forward, leaving the others to follow. 

Sure enough, he led you all through the house and out the back door, not even giving you all enough time to appreciate the interiors, into the thick forest of trees.

A path was made along quite clearly, leading into the thick blanket of trees. The smell of the bark and wet leaves made you smile as you revelled in the feeling of fresh air.

The path took a sudden turn before opening out into a large clearing. The sky was perfectly blue as you could see due to the sufficient lack of trees in this part.

But what gathered the most of your attention was the gorgeous body of water a few hundred metres away from where you were standing. You could see the small movements in the lake as the sun shone off it, reflecting the light in the most beautiful manner,

“Damn,” Sam muttered, everyone either humming an agreement or nodding along.

“I want to build a tent!” Wanda’s accent cut through the silence, making you smile fondly at her excitement. 

“Great, you can build mine too while I go check out how my house is doing, then. Thanks, bye!” Tony said quickly before stalking off, leaving you to stare behind him.

“Pepper would have his head if she was here,” you noted making Sam snigger.

“Hey Y/N. Do you want to go check out the lake with me?” Bucky asked, giving a weird look to Sam.

“But what about the tents?” you asked concernedly, not wanting to leave all the work load on them.

“Me and Wanda can do those. You guys go do whatever.” He rolled his eyes at Bucky, sending you a small smile as he beckoned you towards the lake. “Have fun.”

“Come on.” Bucky gently grabbed onto your hand, sending butterflies into your stomach as he tugged you along with him. “I think I saw some boats there. Do you want to go out onto the lake?”

“Do you know how to work a paddle boat?” You asked, raising your eyebrow.

“Well… no,” he admitted. “But it can’t be that hard, right?”

“I think we’ll be able to manage it.”

It took hardly 2 minutes to get the boat out into the water due to the fact that both of you were pretty strong. Just as it hit the water Bucky leapt in, picking up the oars that were on the floor of the boat and handing one to you.

“If we lose our balance, we’re both going to drown to death.”

“Ever the optimistic one, Y/N.” You simply winked at him, making him nearly drop his oar into the water as he rowed it in sync with yours. 

He was sitting opposite to you, leaning slightly to the left to balance out the both of you, his back facing the evening sun. His metal arm glittered in the light, a thin sheet of sweat covering his skin, and you could swear that he looked ethereal in that moment as he smiled at you, the focused look on his face leaving for a second.

The water ripples made a calming sound, the only noise in the surrounding other than the occasional grunts Bucky made, making you wish that you had a gallon of holy water to wash out the thoughts in your head.

The small chirps of birds made both of you turn your head every now and then to see if you could spot them. It was serenity at its best, and exactly what you needed after being put on back to back missions in this past week.

A small smile overtook your face as you saw the fishes darting around under the crystal clear water, not staying in one place for more than a few seconds.

As you looked back at Bucky to tell him you were almost at the centre of the lake, you found him already gazing at you with an intense look.

“What’s wrong, Buck?” you inquired, feeling fluttery and nervous at the same time under his expression.

“I- I wanted to say something. Well, a lot of somethings, but right now I can only think of a few and give me a minute, I have a lot to-” His usually calm way of talking was knocked off as he looked incredibly flustered.

You looked at the grip he had on the oar, his knuckles nearly white from his grip. You carefully stood up and crossed over, making sure not to tip the boat over as you made your way to him. 

His puppy like stare followed you and it took all that you had not to kiss him right there and then. You sat down next to him, waiting for the boat to stop moving before turning to face him.

“Relax. What happened, James?” The way his name fell so effortlessly from your lips made him weak in the knees. He was a grown, 100 year old man with the mentality of a 12 year old.

“See, the thing is, these few weeks since I-” His words got cut short as his breath hitched at your hand holding his shoulder supportively. He swallowed thickly before forcing himself to continue, trying to get this off his chest as soon as possible.

“What I’m trying to say Y/N, is that I really, really-” he instinctively shifted uncomfortably to the other side, trying to put some space between you both due to how nerve-wracking this was for him.

“Bucky, no! Don’t mo-”

Before you could complete that sentence, air whooshed by your ears before coolness encapsulated you, Bucky’s shriek being the only noise you heard before you were both dunked in water, the boat overturned and floating besides you.

Just as the both of you surfaced, gasping for breath, Bucky contemplated right then and there whether to let himself drown rather than face the reality of another failed mission.

it was getting really long so i cut it off here

last part coming next week!


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Camping Antics – ArchiexReader! Mini Fic - Part One.

hey guys, so this is going to be an ArchiexReader! mini fanfic, probably with two or three parts! This was a prompt sent in by @sweetvengeancee so hopefully it does it justice haha. Part one is basically setting up the storyline :) If you’d like to be added to the taglist, please hit me up, and also send me some feedback in my ask! :)

Summary: (Y/N) and the others go camping, which leads to Archie and (Y/N) sharing a tent for a night ;)

Warnings: THIS FIC WILL CONTAIN SMUT. There are hints of smut in this part, but please be warned, that the second part will definitely be smutty. Could I say smut any more? Yes, yes I could.


Originally posted by capturingfandoms


The sky was an inky, midnight blue with tiny pin-pricks of bright white. The chill in the air was evident by the visible clouds of our breath that enveloped our faces. We sat around the small campfire that Betty had expertly lit, and the smell of toasted marshmallows wafted through the air.

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Don't Repeat History

I couldn’t help myself ;u;

Important stuff:

Ok, I’m done. I did this like, in half and hour and stuff so it’s pretty simple but yeah. *Shrugs* 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the AU.

The words leave him before he could stop himself.

“This is the Blue Lion?” He asks, voice small as he stares up at the big lion in front of him, something inside him urging him to come closer but he pushes it back stubbornly.

Allura nods besides him, a pleased smile on her face. “Yes, you used to be her paladin. The Blue Lion is known to be one of the friendliest of Lions; your bond with her has been so strong since the beginning, never wavering in the least. It is said that –”

Lance tunes Allura’s voice down, leaving behind a faint ringing noise in his ears as he stares wide eyed at Blue’s motionless eyes.

He feels a tug inside him one more time and this time he winces, feeling it more physically than mental.

The ringing turns into purrs and soft growling and Lance breathing come out short as he watches Blue’s dim eyes lighten up with life.

One, two, three ticks and then it’s like Blue’s eyes snap open and images fill his head.

He can’t make sense of anything. The faces are blurred, the noises that start as laughter turn into painful screams and sobs. Every feeling overwhelms him: there’s anxiety, excitement, stubbornness, determination, pride, love.

There’s relief. There’s a soft comfort feeling in the back of his head but it’s not enough to calm his breathing, to ease his tense shoulder and beating heart.

Lance vaguely notices that he started shaking, barely hearing the muffled drowned voice of Allura near him, calling to him, asking for him.

He doesn’t understand the words, but he doesn’t bothers to. He just needs to go, there’s too much around him and inside him. He can’t be here, he can’t deal with this, he needs to leave.

He needs to leave.

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Locked in Love (M)

Word Count: 24k
Member: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut, Fluff & Slight angst like it’s barely even there

Getting locked in the mall on Christmas eve isn’t ideal, but getting locked in the mall with your brothers best friend that you haven’t seen in a while? Well, it might have been alright if you didn’t have feelings for him.

↠ Day 5 of the seven days of Christmas collab! Read the other fics here


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anonymous asked:

Camp sex with harry

Glamping was a hard sell when I’d suggested it.  Sure, Harry Styles could get down and dirty with the best of them, but the idea of sleeping in a tent that took him three hours to build while simultaneously trying to keep himself bug bite free was not something he was so jazzed about.  And glamping, in his words, “just seems unnecessary”.

Vacations were hard to come by for the two of us these days.  Since his solo career had launched it seemed like I had been carted from one four-star resort to another.  And sure, it was fun.  But the idea of being out in nature, under the stars, snuggled in a sleeping bag with Harry was just so enticing.  

He’d tried to convince me to let him take me off to The Caymans or St. Croix but once he’d witnessed the look on my face when I’d suggested the glamping, he agreed.

So we were off.  To our 4 night stay in Conestoga Ranch in Utah.  The accommodations we were staying in were actually old covered wagons.  Harry was actually ok with that part.  Because honestly, who in the world would expect to see him staying in a covered wagon in Utah?

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I Don’t Want You to Leave (M)

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Fluffy smut
Summary: You don’t want Jimin to go to work early on a Saturday so you seduce him to make him stay.


Jimin goes to work super early in the morning. He normally sets two alarms to help pace his morning routine and to wake him up just in case he falls back asleep. He didn’t have to leave for work until 8:00am, but he was a very punctual guy who hated being late so he always left ten minutes early in preparation for the worse case scenario. Mornings for Jimin consisted of a shower and his bathroom routine, breakfast, getting dressed, and gathering his work bag to double check that he didn’t forget anything. He always tried his hardest to be quiet in the mornings, but his alarms counteracted his efforts. You eventually learned to somehow sleep through them, they no longer bothered you, but some days you just couldn’t ignore it.

“Beep beep beep bee-”

Jimin quickly pressed the button on the alarm clock and set another one. Your eyes fluttered open at the sudden noise and you sighed once you saw the time. It was 6:10 in the morning. You felt your husband shuffle under you and let out a sigh of his own. The position that you were sleeping in allowed you to be an anchor for him, you were able to hold him down. Your head was on his chest and your arm was slung across his middle. At some point while you were sleeping, you had thrown your leg over his and they became intertwined with each other. When the alarm went off, he was hesitant to move because he didn’t want to wake you. You used this to your advantage to try to hold him in place.

After a few minutes, he sighed again and tapped you.

“Babe, I have to get up.” He said, voice deep and heavy with sleep.

You pouted as you opened your eyes and looked up at him. “No~ I want you to stay in bed with me.”

“I know,” He said “I do too, but I have to get ready for work.”

“I don’t want you to leave…”

Even though it was the middle of summer, your room was still too cool for your liking and Jimin was so warm. If he got out of bed, all of the warmth would leave with him and you would be left there, freezing in your own bed. It was also a Saturday and you didn’t understand why he had to go to work and why he couldn’t just spend the day with you.

“Why do you have to work on a Saturday anyway?” You asked, nestling your head back onto his chest.

“There are some things that I have to finish at work and they’re all due on Monday. I’m only working a half a day today, jagi.” He reassured you. “So that way I won’t have to worry about work for the rest of the weekend and I can spend more time with you.” He kissed the top of your head.

“Fine.” You grumble as you roll off of him. He sat up and got out of the covers. Just as you had suspected, the bed immediately got cooler and you were trapped in a bundle of empty sheets. You shivered when the air hit your back and Jimin noticed this and quickly filled his spot with the blanket. You watched with tired eyes as he walked over to his desk and sat down in his chair and started putting things in his bag. He was shirtless and you couldn’t help but stare at his muscles that flexed at every movement. His hair was messy, yet he still looked extremely sexy, the light pouring into your room from the window hitting him at the perfect angles. He looked like an angel.

When his bag was all packed he stood up, stretched and yawned. He walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him, disappointing you just slightly. A minute later, you hear the shower come on and your mind starts to wander. You stare at the door, contemplating on whether or not you should go into the bathroom and join him in the warm shower. Your mind said yes but your body screamed no. You were lazy and tired and you honestly didn’t really feel like walking across the room to the bathroom. So you settled for fantasizing about him in the shower.

You imagined Jimin getting undressed in front of the mirror, possibly taking a moment to inspect his incredibly toned muscles, and then stepping into the shower, the water soaking his gorgeous honey skin and highlighting his abs as it streamed down his body. Then he would grab the soap and lather himself in the scented body wash you loved so much. He would reach every inch of his beautiful body, his arm muscles flexing as he scrubbed his skin. His hands would travel his body, over his arms and shoulders, around his neck, across his pecks, down into the defined cuts of his abs, lower, lower, running up the mind blowing length of his cock– ugh his dick~!! Your mouth was practically watering at the thought of it, strong and large even when flaccid. He would run his hands up and down its length, giving him pleasure in the warm water. Would he think of your sleeping body in the room next to him as he rubbed himself? Would he also fantasize and wish that you would join him like you did? Would he imagine that his hand was yours or even your mouth? You wondered if he grew hard at the thought of you tou-

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening. You opened your eyes and looked at the clock, realizing that 15 minutes had passed. You must have fallen asleep… Your eyes find Jimin walking around the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. You lick your lips at the sight and unconsciously your hands wander down between your legs, into your underwear, surprising you when you find yourself wet. Curiosity led your eyes down to his covered parts and you were disappointed when you saw that there wasn’t a bulge in the towel. This is the moment that gave you the will power and energy to pull yourself out of bed. It seemed unfair to you that the thought of him could make you instantly wet and that your fantasies didn’t come true like you expected them to. Now you were determined to make him just as excited as you were and keep him home so that you could make your fantasies become a reality.

Your feet hit the floor as you sit up and move to the side of the bed. Jimin turned his head to see what you were doing and locked eyes with you as you strutted toward him, trying your hardest to be enticing. Your hips swayed with every step and your movements were slow as you neared him. He stood in place, watching your body with raised eyebrows and a slack jaw.

“(Y/n), what are y-”

You cut him off once you were face to face with him. “Minnie~” you whined, “I wanna spend time with you.” You pouted. Then you look behind him and back him up into his desk chair. Once he sits, you straddle his lap, your underwear rubbing against his towel. You wrap your arms around his neck and give him a cute look. He places his hands on your thighs as he speaks.

“We can spend the whole day together after I finish my work.”

“And when will that be?”

He thinks for a moment before answering. “12:30”

“12 noon.” You say sharply and he gives you a questioning look before he understands what you mean.

“Ok fine I’ll be back by 12. Then we can go out to lunch together.” He gives you a warm smile and you lean forward and kiss him lightly. When you lean back from the kiss you notice a slight change in his face. His eyes grow wide for a moment and it takes you a few seconds to realize that you had accidentally grinded on him.

You ask him if he can stay with you just a little longer and he refuses, forcing you to go with your original plan. You move off of his lap and stoop down in front of the chair, sitting between his legs. The towel is loosely wrapped around his waist, so it makes it easy for you to unwrap your gift. Once he is exposed, you grab onto his length and look up at him with puppy dog eyes. “Are you sure?” You question deviously as you feel him grow hard in your grasp. Your hand moves slowly up and down his shaft while you stare at him, observing how he swallows and tries to hold himself back.

This distraction makes it hard for Jimin to speak so he just bites his lip and watches your actions. Now fully erect in your hand, you bend down and kiss the head of his dick, making him flinch. You feel the slight movement of his hips as he tries to buck up and you know you have him right where you want him. Your hand stops and you let go of him as you stand up.

“It’s ok, we can spend time together after work. I’m gonna go cook breakfast for you.” You say, your peppy voice breaking the silence that has built up in the room. Before you get a chance to walk away, Jimin grabs your arm and pulls you back down on his lap.

You let out a little yelp at how fast he brings you down and he leans in close to your ear. “You know I can’t go to work like this.” He says, giving the shell of your ear a lick and then looking down as he rubs himself against your bottom. “You’re gonna have to help me take care of it.” He pulls you into a heated kiss and deepens it by gently grabbing the back of your head. His tongue slides along your bottom lip and you easily grant him access, opening your mouth so he can explore it. You let him claim dominance as he swirls his tongue with yours and you moan into the kiss. When you pull back to take a breath, he catches your bottom lip between his teeth and pulls lightly.

By this point you can feel him twitching underneath you desperately, so you position yourself between his legs again and push him back so you have better access. Then you take off your shirt, being considerate of Jimin’s view before you grab a hold of him at the base. You pump him a few times and then lick the side of his cock from base to tip, collecting the precum on your tongue when you reach the top. He lets out a low groan and you try to hold back a grin. You lock eyes with him as you lower your mouth onto him and a deep groan of relief resounds from his chest, loving the way your lips fit around him. Your tongue swirls around the head a few times before you take him in further and he lets out another sound of satisfaction. Slowly, you take him all the way in until your nose hits his abdomen and he is as deep as he can go. The sight and feeling of being all the way in your mouth is almost too much for Jimin and he has to hold himself back so that he doesn’t move. There is a stinging in the back of your throat and you swallow around him, causing him to gasp and whimper at the feeling.

“Mmm shit, (Y/n). You feel so fucking good.” He breaths. You can’t help but smirk around him.

You remove your mouth from him and grab a hold of his member, now slick and dripping with saliva and precum, while you try to breathe again, lungs burning from the lack of oxygen. Your hand slides effortlessly up and down his length, squeezing him with just the right amount of pressure. Jimin’s gaze is almost burning through you as he watches your every movement with half-lidded eyes. You continue to pump him, but engulf your lips around him once more and bob your head up and down at a mild pace, your mouth and hand working in sync. The sounds coming from your husband are the most sexy moans you have ever heard as you work his cock, his moans getting higher in pitch and more frequent, the neediness in his voice a telltale sign that he is close. You swipe your tongue over his slit and around his head at every chance you get, your pace quickening as he neared his end. His legs tensed up and he started to buck up into your mouth subtly as he chased after his orgasm, now desperately gripping the armrest so hard that his knuckles turn white. Glancing up at him, you see the desire in his eyes and immediately know what he’s thinking, so you give him what he wants, grabbing his hands and placing them on the top of your head. You stopped your movements and lifted your mouth off of his dick, causing a disappointed groan to escape his lips. But the fire in his eyes was reignited when he hears your words.

“Face fuck me.”

His eyes widened at your words, but he did not hesitate to adjust himself slightly and follow your instructions. You hollowed your cheeks and tightened your grip around him, bracing yourself as you stared up at him and waited for his movements. The hold he had on your hair tightened to keep you still and he began thrusting his hips up into your mouth, warming you up with a few cautious thrusts before suddenly snapping his hips at a fast pace, starting to get lost in the feeling. His orgasm got closer and closer as you observed his face, taking in every detail of how it contorted with pleasure, trying to distract yourself from the burning in your throat and the urge to gag every time he went a little deeper. His moans and groans got louder and higher until he was reduced to releasing sexy whimpers, each sound sending shockwaves through your body and straight down to your core and you couldn’t help but moan around him, the vibrations sending him over the edge, curses and your name flying out of his mouth. His hips stuttered as his orgasm overtook his body and he came into your mouth, your hand moving slowly along him to help him ride out his climax. You swallowed all of the love he had just spilled into you and licked your lips as you rose from your knees, cheeks flushed in a bright pink color.

He stood in front of you as your lips connected. His hands moved along the small of your back, down to your ass. He gripped your cheeks tightly and lifted you up, your legs instinctively wrapping around him, never breaking the kiss. He walked to the bed and gently placed you in the center of it, pulling away from you to take in the sight of your body. His eyes landed on the piece of fabric between your legs and he reached down to hook his fingers in the waistband. Your eyes met his as he pulled your remaining garment down your legs slowly, lifting your hips just slightly to help with the removal.

Jimin threw your panties somewhere across the room, you didn’t get a chance to see where because his lips were on yours as soon as he got them down your legs. You wanted more from the kiss but he pulled away, progressing slowly as he kissed down your body. He drew creative patterns with his tongue across your skin as he moved lower, stopping at the junction between your neck and shoulder to suck lightly because he always knew where to kiss to drive you crazy. Open mouthed kisses trailed down your body and travelled through the valley of your breasts, his hands tending to what his lips did not. The feeling of having Jimin touch and kiss every inch of your body drove you insane. He teased you when he got to your lower half, placing soft kisses on your hip bones and spreading your legs in front of him.

His lips explored every inch of your bare legs, leaving light kisses on your outer thighs and dark love marks on your inner thighs just to claim you as his. He kissed up and down your inner thighs, coming just close enough to brush up against the side of your lower lips and then skipped to the other leg. You were ticklish and getting impatient, whining when he skipped over where you wanted him the most. The build up seemed to last forever and you bucked naturally when he blew air on your exposed heat. Finally finished his journey, Jimin rested his eyes on the sight in front of him and licked his plump lips seductively as he ran two fingers along your folds, collecting your arousal.

“Damn, babe. Your dripping for me,” He cooed and hummed as he licked you off of his fingers. The sight alone sent heat down through you and you stared at the beautiful man in front of you as he continued to toy with your folds. You could feel yourself literally dripping onto the sheets below you, the anticipation eating you alive as you waited for Jimin to make his next move. “It’s ok I’ll clean up every last drop.” He said in a deeper voice that sent chills up your spine as he kissed your clit, making you flinch.

He stuck out his tongue and hesitated before moving, wanting to watch your face as you screwed your eyes shut in anticipation. He smirked when your hips began to buck towards him to encourage him, expressing how needy you were, and his mouth finally made contact with you, licking a long stripe through your folds, spreading them apart with his tongue as he went. Your back arched off of the bed and you let out a long drawn out moan. Your fingers found his soft hair and wove their way into his locks, pulling on them gently. Jimin licked up and down your slit, licking up the wetness like it was the most delicious meal he had ever tasted. His tongue moved up and circled around your clit slowly as he looked up at you. Your breathing was labored and heavy and your mouth hung open in pleasure. A smirk crawled onto his face as he observed his effect on you.

“Oh my- ohh!!” You gasped out as Jimin inserted one, then two of his fingers.

Jimin hummed at the response he was getting out of you. He loved pleasuring you and watching you come undone because of him.

“Does it feel good?” He asked innocently, but the look he gave you was dripping with lust and had ‘sinner’ written all over it.

“Yes, fuck,” You replied, cutting yourself off when he suddenly increased his pace and lowered his mouth back down to your clit. “Oh that feels fucking AMAZING, please please please don’t stop!!” You called out to him, the raspiness of sleep in your voice disappearing as you practically screamed your words. The knot in your stomach was growing rapidly as Jimin continued his ministrations. Naturally, your legs tried to squeeze together, but he kept pushing them apart with his free hand. You began to shake and pant loudly as the coil in your stomach grew tighter with every pump of his fingers. Knowing how close you were, Jimin took his fingers out of you and held your legs open, pushing them up to your chest, rendering you helpless to his stimulation. He wrapped his lips around your clit and sucked harshly, licking in tight, fast circles as you called out his name. Moans and lewd, wet noises filled the room, only adding to the sensations.

Your hands were all over the place, grabbing at the sheets and his hair, wandering aimlessly until one hand found his and you locked fingers with him. The other hand settled on your breast, massaging it and pinching at your nipple. The pleasure you were feeling was almost overwhelming as Jimin licked and sucked at your core, occasionally dipping his tongue into your entrance. His other hand left your hips and reached up to tend to your other boob, adding to your pleasure as you neared the edge.

Beads of sweat formed on your forehead and chest. You were so close and Jimin never let up. He picked up his already fast pace and hummed on your most sensitive place, the vibrations going straight up your body, sending you over the edge with a cry.

“Ji-Jimin, I-I’m cu-” You couldn’t finish your sentence as the knot in your stomach unraveled and waves of pleasure coursed through your body. Heat spread throughout your being as Jimin helped you ride out your high with his fingers on your pulsing nub and breasts, rubbing in sensual slow circles. Your heart was in your ears as your entire body tingled, low moans still escaping your lips as you trembled and twitched at his every touch. He stopped his fingers and began kissing his way back up your body, tracing an imaginary line from your navel, between your breasts, and up your neck, his feathery kisses tickling your flesh. He peppered your face in kisses and then moved back down your jaw to suck on spots on your neck, leaving small but dark hickies.

You let him do whatever he wanted while you caught your breath, trying your hardest to gather up what little strength you had to not fall asleep right there in front of him. You placed your hands on his soft, warm cheeks, catching his attention, and you brought his lips to yours in a lazy but passionate kiss. You could taste yourself on him, but you really didn’t care. Pulling away from him, you stared into his eyes with love and was pleasantly surprised when he returned the look with the same amount of love and adoration as yours.

“You’re beautiful,” He said against your lips, “And sexy… and hot…” Jimin said in between playful pecks on your lips. “Did I mention sexy? Cuz damn you’re so fucking sexy!!” He said with a bright smile that melted your heart. You giggled as he attacked your face with more kisses.

Shortly after, the other alarm rang, interrupting the small make out session that had ensued. It startled you and you jumped, almost bumping foreheads with Jimin as he still hovered over you. He moved from over top of you and got off of the bed with a sigh. He turned off the alarm and turned back to you. You looked at the clock before shifting your gaze back to him. The clock read 7:00am.

“I still have to get ready for work…” He said and you groaned loudly. “But you made me all sweaty so I have to shower again,” He added, a smile creeping up his face. “Care to join me?”

You nodded and he pulled you up by your arms, helping you off of the bed and onto your slightly wobbly legs. He laughed at your unsteadiness and you glared at him playfully, bringing up the point that he was the one who did this to you.

He turned the shower on and let the water run for a few seconds, it didn’t take long for the water to heat up because he just took a shower a half an hour ago. You stepped into the shower first, moving farther into the water to give him more space so that he could join you. There was enough space for the both of you, but it was still a cramped area and you two were forced to stand really close to each other just to get under the water. Not that you minded.

Jimin stepped in behind you and took a second to admire your body as the water rushed over it, tracing your curves perfectly. You turned to face him and pulled him further into the shower by his wrists while you scolded him for staring, never daring to admit that you were doing the same thing. You watched the water soak his hair and plaster it to his forehead. Reaching up, you gently moved the hair out of his face and gave him a kiss on his plump lips. Then you turned toward the water and stood there to let it glide down the front of your body. You felt Jimin’s strong arms wrap around your middle, pulling you closer to him. You could feel his breath tickling your shoulder as he bent down and pecked it and then rested his chin on it.

“I love you,” He mumbled softly in your ear. For some reason those three words, no matter how much he said them, gave you butterflies and sent a blush to your cheeks every time. You leaned your head back onto his shoulder and closed your eyes as you responded.

“I love you too, Jimin.” And there wasn’t a doubt in your mind that you made him feel the same way as his grip on you tightened at your words. He turned his head and his lips brushed the skin of your neck as he spoke.

“I’m so glad you’re mine.” He said as he pressed his lips the side of your neck. You smirked as he continued to kiss at the sensitive skin that was still buzzing from your previous orgasm. You relaxed in his arms and released a sigh of contentment, wishing you could stay like this forever. But as you swayed with him, you felt him on your lower back. Your eyes widened and you swiftly turned in his arms to face him. A mixture of shock and confusion was present on his face as you stood there, still in his hold, staring at him with wide eyes and raised eyebrows.

“Are you getting hard again?” You asked him, a smirk threatening the corners of your mouth, but you concealed it and replaced it with a blank look feigning disgust. He swallowed and thought for a moment before cautiously answering.

“Do you want me to be hard again?” He questioned slowly, still looking your face over, trying to read your expression. You allowed the smirk to show itself as you answered slyly.

“Only if you’ll let me take care of it.” You said seductively as you push yourself closer into him so that his semi-hard cock was pressed against your stomach. He leaned closer to you, lips just out of reach.

“Deal,” He said, a smirk crawling onto his face as well. “You’re just so fucking sexy I couldn’t help but get turned on by you. I love your body, to me you are perfect.” He purred. The butterflies in your stomach made a second appearance and you blushed at his words as he stood there, studying your form as the water ran down it. But this time, you didn’t scold him for it. Instead, you posed for him, sticking out your ass and arching your back so that he had a good view of your boobs. He took the initiative and gently grasped them, your body instinctively arching into his hands that fit so perfectly around your breasts. He lightly massaged them and tweaked your nipples, bending down to kiss you and swallow your moans as he continued to play with your body. You enjoyed the contact, but you also needed to feel him inside of you, so you pulled away from his lips and bit yours as you looked at him. He momentarily stopped his motions to look at you expectantly, awaiting your words.

“I don’t need any more foreplay.” You say, grinding your hips onto his and feeling his now fully erect length rub against you. He caught the hint and pulled you in for another quick kiss before turning you and pinning you against the wall. He held your arms up above your head with one hand as he lifted your thigh with the other, putting pressure on your body with his to make sure that you don’t fall on your already wobbly legs. You locked your leg around him to free his hand and he moved his fingers along your slick folds.

“So wet,” He mumbled mostly to himself as he lined himself up with you.

You felt his head poke at your entrance and your eyes met for a brief moment before he pushed into you, sliding in almost fully, your wetness making it easy for him to slip right in. He groaned at the feeling of being inside you and you moaned at the fullness you felt. He stayed there for a couple of seconds to give you some time to adjust, and then pulled out almost completely and watched himself sink back into you slowly. His hand found your waist as he repeated the action, sticking to the slow pace as if only to frustrate you. But you didn’t complain.

“Mm, You take my cock so well, jagi,” Jimin moaned as he continued to watch himself disappear inside of you. Your hands fidgeted in his grip as you whined, wanting to touch him and hold on to him so that he could move faster. His pace picked up slightly at your whining and you bit your lip to contain the noises coming from your throat as he went deeper. “Fuck, you’re so tight.” He groaned into your neck as he bent his head down to press a kiss to it.

You wanted to reply to him, but the angle and the depth he was getting prevented your brain from forming proper words, so you could only moan in response. He usually didn’t go this slow, but he also never went this deep. He was discovering new places inside of you that neither of you had ever known existed and it felt amazing. When he hit a g-spot, your leg almost gave out on you, but luckily he was pressed against you to glue you to the wall. He repeatedly hit that spot at a slightly faster pace, moving his hips closer to you to get deeper, and you couldn’t even make any noises at the pleasure you felt. Your mouth was gaping, but no sound was coming out. You weren’t even sure you were breathing. Jimin hungrily looked at your face, the sight of you enough to make him cum right there, but he controlled himself and instead let go of your hands.

When your hands dropped, you immediately reached for his shoulders. His hands found the back of your thighs and started to lift your other leg off of the ground, making you wrap your arms around his neck to prevent you from falling. He wrapped your other leg around his waist and pushed you up against the wall harder. You were suspended between Jimin and the wall as you squeezed your legs tight around his hips, bringing him closer to you. Jimin’s hands moved farther up your thighs and held on tightly to your ass, hard enough to leave marks on your skin.

Now he was pressed up against you with all of his weight and your hard nipples rubbed against his chest as you moved. He lifted you slightly and began pounding into you, bringing you back down on his cock to meet him halfway. Your loud moans echoed in the shower as he fucked the soul out of you, skin slapping together in the fast pace.

“So deep…” You gasped out. He groaned at the breathlessness of your words and went even harder and faster, making you practically bounce up and down at the impact. You let out an especially loud moan as he hit another sweet spot and your hands flew to his hair, gripping the strands tightly as curses and moans fell from your mouth. Jimin leaned his forehead against yours and stared into your eyes as he snapped his hips into you, the intensity showing in his gaze. The control and precision of his movements never ceased to amaze you as he knew exactly how hard and how deep to go to drag every ounce of pleasure out of you.

As he got closer to his climax, his groans became more frequent and you could see the concentration on his face as his hips became a little more erratic. He attempted to kiss you, but it was really just your lips pressed together in an open mouthed kiss, panting into each other’s mouths. You felt yourself getting tighter with every thrust.

“Babe, I’m close.” You panted, not sure if he recognized that you had said words. But he responded anyway.

“Me too.” He breathed, keeping up with his intense pace. His head once again dipped down to suck spots in your neck and you whimpered at the sensation. The added stimulation was enough to push you into your climax and you came hard on his dick. Waves of pleasure pulsed through you and you shook violently as your breathing hitched, making you momentarily forget how to breath. Your body went limp in his arms as you let him ride out your orgasm and chase his own.

Jimin’s pace didn’t slow, his moans became louder and his hips more erratic as your walls contracted and spasmed around his throbbing cock. He slipped in and out of you rapidly, each movement edging him closer to his release and each one of your whimpers and moans turning him on even more.

“Cum for me, baby.” You encouraged him with breathless words, purposely tightening yourself around him. Your eyes were barely open, but you got them to function in time to see the incredibly sexy look on his face as he came.

“Ahhh, s-shit.” Jimin groaned one final time as he came deep inside of you. You moaned at the sight of his face, his rosy cheeks, closed eyes, parted lips, and thrown back head. Both of your moans filled the room as you came down from your highs. He still held on tightly to your limp body as he gently and shallowly thrust into you to ride out his orgasm. When his motions stopped, he lifted you slightly and pulled out, both of you groaning from soreness and over sensitivity. He lowered your legs down to the floor and held you up. You felt his cum dripping down your thighs and get washed away by the water as you stood. Your arms were still locked around his neck and your legs were weak. He was the only support you had because obviously your legs weren’t of much use. Your lips connected and he once again stole your breath away, dominating your mouth with his tongue and not letting you pull away for air. When he did pull away, you both just stood there in the running water, foreheads together and eyes locked. The only sounds in the bathroom were the sounds of running water and heavy breathing.

“Ok now let’s take a real shower.” You said once you could breathe again. He smiled and stood up straight. You almost collapsed, but he held you steady. “Damn it Jimin, you broke my legs!” You laughed as you tried to steady yourself.

Actually taking a shower this time, you both helped wash each other. Once clean, you stepped out of the shower, somewhat regaining function of your legs. Jimin soon followed and grabbed a towel to dry you off.

“Sorry for making you late to work.” You apologized sheepishly, feeling bad about it.

“Today doesn’t even count,” He laughed. “I could go in whenever I felt like it, I just wanted to go early so I could spend the whole day with you.” He kissed your forehead as he finished drying your body, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. You then turned to dry him off but he swatted your hands away.

“Let me dry you off.” You said, surprised at his stubbornness. He only shook his head and you rolled your eyes at him as you pulled on your underwear and t-shirt.

“Hey (Y/n)?” Jimin called making you turn towards him. “Are you still going to make breakfast?” He asked and you couldn’t help but giggle. You nodded.

“Sure, but we still have to go out for lunch ok?”

“Deal.” He smiled. He kissed you briefly before you headed for the kitchen.

Camping Antics – ArchiexReader! Mini Fic - Part Three.

Heyyyyy. Here is the final part of the mini fic, just to round things off. This is a really short part, but its literally just intended to finish the fic ok. Any suggestions for other oneshots etc, please hit me up in my ask!

Summary: Archie and (Y/N) may or not get caught by the others. 

Warnings: lil bit of smut.


(not my gif.)

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Come Clean - Part 3 (Final)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 3,262

Summary: The reader catches Jensen snooping through her phone.

Part 1 Part 2

“What the hell was that, Jensen? Tell me now.” Danneel demands angrily narrowing her eyes.

“Um…she…well…I’ll be right back, ok?”


“Just give me a minute! I have to talk to Jared.” Jensen bolts to his costar’s trailer without waiting for a reply.

“What’s up?” Jared asks when Jensen bursts through his door like a mad man.

“What did Y/N say?”

“About what?”

“Don’t fuck with me right now, Padalecki.” Jensen growls surprising them both.

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The Blonde Leading the Blind - Jughead Jones x Reader Imagine

Warnings: None

Request by anon: Hi! I would like to request something for Jughead maybe something like Betty and Veronica is trying to set up Jughead and reader, so they send them into a blind date or something? Thank you :)

I took a little liberty with it, in the fact that it’s technically a one sided blind date, but I hope you like it!

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With All My Heart - Part 4

Word Count: 1852

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. I feel like this is just bad and I’m sorry. 

Comments and constructive feedback always appreciated

With All My Heart Masterlist

You woke up way too early for your liking the next morning. The day was going to drag by, which you hated, but there was no way you could get back to sleep. You dragged yourself out of bed and to the living room, grabbing a quick breakfast and throwing yourself down on the couch, trying to find something to do.

You decided to check Netflix when a thought came to your mind. If you were going to be spending more time with Jensen, you should probably watch his show. You scrolled through until you found Supernatural and pushed play, starting at season 1 episode 1. As soon as you saw him you couldn’t help but laugh. He was so young even his voice sounded like a baby. It didn’t take long though before you found yourself completely sucked in until your phone started to chime.

Jensen: Hey. Helping Jared took longer than I thought. You still wanna come over?


Y/N: Yeah, right after I finish this show on Netflix. Text me your address.


Jensen: K. Bring a bathing suit and extra clothes.

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When They Wake Up Next To You

{g osh my body B U R N S for this request thank you and everything you’ve done ever}

This was a request from @alteaplier I had lost the original ask for it but it has finally been finished!! Hope you enjoy it may be a bit cheesy and sappy but I L I V E for that ~~~~~~~~~~~ [Shiro]

•you and him totally fell asleep holding one another, but your back is against his (godly) chest

•when he wakes up and rubs his crusty eyelids and can actually see you clearly, he’s already setting up a thanksgiving dinner just for an excuse to thank whoever is up there something extra

•it’s only now does he realize he’s awake really early, probably around 2 or 3AM

•it’s only when he feels how sticky he is with sweat and how he’s breathing quite heavily does he realize he woke up from a nightmare that he’s glad he forgot

•and that’s also when he realizes that you’re face and just the fact you are alive and well and breathing was the reason he forgot so quickly

is very hesitant to reach for your face because he feels that it may be a dream that you’re there, and when he touches you…

•you’ll disappear

•once he touches your cheek and nothing happens, he lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding and just laughs

•(oh go sh k i l l me) he leans in and kisses the top of your forehead and then light pulls you closer to him

•kinda feels like crying because you’re so pure and full of love and thinks you don’t deserve him because he feels he isn’t “to your standards” and is imperfect

•but then he swipes that from his mind because if he had said that out loud and you were awake to hear it you would probably smack the back of his head or start crying (+ a long lecture about why he’s perfect the way he is, even if he bites into ice cream) there’s no in between

•falls asleep easily and dreams of something a lot better than usual


•definitely woke up because you turned toward him

•opens his eyes and just smiles but not like a H U G E grin, just, a smile showing he is content and pleased and, happy. yeah, happy.

•the both of you are in his room in the castle, he’s facing toward the wall with his back to the window.

•the way the light pours in, and rests ever so gently upon your face absolutely blows him away

•you know those times when you just think, and realize wow, I’m actually seeing this with my own two eyes, I am living and breathing and my internal body can do wonders beyond the minds of others. That’s what’s happening.

•he’s seeing you, and truly you, in front of him, where your only worries are your dreams and whether they are good or bad

•just the way the light is on you, and his shoulder casts a shadow on it as well, makes him feel so breathtaken (that’s a word right?) and he has no idea why

•rubs his thumb against your cheek and just shuts his eyes slowly and takes it in. Your feel, your smell, everything.

•kisses your forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, that one very obvious freckle on your face that you clearly despise because of how obvious it is but he just loves it

•I’m getting sappy and I want to cry pls end me

•bruv you open your eyes at the right time and he just sees how beautiful your eyes are with the light on them like that and he just rolls onto his back

•goes “ok woah who gave you permission! Certainly not me!”

•God could he get used to this though.


•I feel like he wouldn’t have known you were sleeping with him in the first place

•he probably had some nightmare and you happened to be awake to hear it happening and your mom instincts came on and you went in his room right away

•his head was under your chin, so when he woke up he was really confused and gently pulled back

•sees you and is just so confused for several minutes

•like, “what? when did u get here? why?”

•100% believes he doesn’t deserve you

•although he believes that, he still cherishes you and doesn’t try to bring you down by telling you how he feels about your relationship with him

•I feel he’s the one to wake you up, whether it’s an accident or on purpose.

•maybe he pushes you lightly and whispers your name a few times and it’s all just so he could thank you politely and properly

•or he noticed how your hair was stuck under your eyelashes and your mouth and he has super short nails so he accidentally pinches you grabbing them

•totally laughs if that’s the case like I’ll fight you on this

•you: “keith ow wtf”

•keith: pffffffffttttttttfffffff


•omg please my pure chil d I love him sm


•holds your hands

•rubs his hands up the sides of your arms and on your waist

•just, gosh my breathing is slowing down and now its speeding up and I can see every math equation

•already knows he’s gonna make you some B O M B A S S b-fast and even if you don’t like it he’ll make it better!

•besides that, he almost cried and he’s just like “ohmygodjdbbd hhhhhhhhhffffff I love you”

•let’s say he has a camera on him, 99.9999999% chance he’ll take a photo of you no matter the flash

•you’ll probably wake up and be like ok tf

•he just looks at you, gently pulls you to him with his hand on the back of your head and kisses your forehead, then rests his own against it

••you’re probably blown away because he’s so wholesome and sweet especially so early in the morning where souls are still asleep

•tells you to go back to sleep

•if u do he’ll play with your hair and if you don’t he’ll play with your hair

•coran walks in at one point and hunk just fukcing stares him in the eyes and coran puts his hands up and backs out “ok ok ok ok ok o-”


•as soon as I saw this request I had Pidge’s planned out RIGHT away

•ok so basically, pidge is designing a new robot that can help create fabrics and new clothes for everyone in the castle, for when they don’t have the time to borrow some from Coran or Allura or go to a Space Mall

•you watch as her brain works through everything and her fingers are moving so quickly as she pieced together each and every intricate part of the robot

•you end up falling asleep on her shoulder and she doesn’t realize until she herself starts drifting off so you both fall asleep against the side of her bed

•allura happens to be checking on you and asks Shiro to help the both of you into the bed

•when Pidge wakes up not only is she confused, she’s also worried

•you two had stayed up so late, that there’s no doubt it’s really late into the afternoon, but when she realizes it’s not, and she must’ve woke up randomly, she sighs in relief

•she kisses your forehead and just continues to look at you

•touch your face again? Never. she didn’t want to risk waking you, or stirring you to the point that you roll over

•everything was perfect, almost all stress was gone from her

•her last thought before falling asleep is “I hope we find Matt soon, alive and well, so he can meet the person that makes me truly feel and truly love.”

•most likely whispers I love you or holds your hand before falling into a lovely slumber