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I get so confused by how fandoms of less mainstream stuff start on tumblr like a year ago all the tsoa blogs I followed started talking about the trc. Then out of nowhere all the trc blogs started talking about tfc and then soc and check please. Then like a month ago everyone started talking about eyewitness and skam and yuri on ice. I’m pretty sure all these fandoms share a lot of the same fans and like everyone follows each other so who is the source of this new stuff? Am I just really out of the loop because I’d never heard of like anything. How does it go from 0-100% of my dash in like a day

Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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  • Kuroo: i don't want a lot for christmas
  • Kenma: ok it's still early december
  • Kuroo: there is just one thing i need
  • Kenma: stop
  • Kuroo: i just want you for my own
  • Kenma: still not in the right order
  • Kuroo: make my wish come true
  • Kenma: kuro...
  • Kuroo: all i want for christmas is you
  • Kenma: i told you no mariah carey
  • Kuroo: you never said no mariah careyOKE

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Top five favorite girls in town? Top five guys?


  • @fallonrobinson: Because I’ll let no one else wake me up at one AM to see how pretty the moon is knowing how damn well I’ve had decades of moon gazing. 
  • @thalia-dunne: Smart, beautiful and makes a mean chicken noodle soup. 
  • @rachelsilverwolf: Who else is going to save me from the children?
  • @gabbymontgomery: Best sister in law ever. 
  • @cassandracresswell: Sparks, shocked me with her electric feel and I’ll never feel the same way again. Literally. 


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: @dashhastings, @rowanxhastings, @clarahastin, @catriona-the-witch, @adelaidebeauchamp, @addiexxleroux

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Describe your wife's beauty without naming any facial features.

She was beautiful, and one could call her a miracle, with how she shined and lit up the room. Her very being seemed as though it had no parallel, and looking at her beauty, I ask myself, so very often, how she could have chosen me for her friendship– as it is something I do not deserve, I know this for fact– the way her laughter can bubble out of her mouth and the way my heart soars every time she does, yes, she is beautiful, and I am blessed to know her.

[inaudible shit talking]

anyway considering they’re literally the two POV characters I probably don’t pay enough attention to tris and noa

why is the mobile app making all my uploads look blurry?? it’s 100% fine on chrome?? I’m so not okay with this??

stop holding onto the past

true savageness

man im rewatching the ranking part in ofd and i love everything about it legit i even forgot who came in last place so i got to experience the tension and excitement all over again

Ok but one of the best things about Tormund possibly* still being at Winterfell and near Sansa is that you know he’d be making all kinds of unflattering jokes and insinuations about Littlefinger’s little finger, and LF is exactly the kind of dude who’d pretend to laugh it off publicly but would be EATEN UP INSIDE over it, and Tormund would know he was and that would make him do it even more. 

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*p o s s i b l y, I am aware that this is all wild, baseless speculation on my part