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YouTube AU: Sidney Crosby is a fitness and well-being guru on YouTube. Evgeni ‘Geno’ Malkin is a popular vlogger and notorious prankster. Nobody thinks anything of the pair until they film a series of challenge videos together and Sidney starts appearing in many of Geno’s daily vlogs. Their fans become suspicious of their relationship status, leaving the comment section a constant mess of “are they dating???!??” and “i ship it!!!!” until finally Sidney uploads a video that gives them an answer: The boyfriend tag. 

anonymous asked:

You look kinda like snooki (the way she looks now as a mother)

…..you know that makes sense. I mean people told me I looked like Marie Anne from Total Drama

so snooki is on the list of celebs I might resemble now too. 

if you beg for help on tumblr you get about 10 people helping

if you make an innocent mistake you get 1000+ attacking you regardless of your mental health state

but after the lack of help and all the attacking brought to you by this lovely website theyll still reblog your hashtag when you are gone and pretend they support prevention and you


i was tagged by wednesdayxaddams to post my best selfies of 2k15 and now i feel a little more powerful

i tag gusvansantigold itbeatsthe pauldanofanblog the-queer-frontier behind-your-ribcage dotrocks oppositeofearth weplannedarevolution @ all of my cute friends but only if you want to