ok now what to do for z


((a made a dhmis version of the “malk” video”))

Tony: “Hey Larry you got anything to eat?”
Larry: “Yeah in the fridge.”
Tony: “Hey Colin grab me a slice of pizzer.”
Colin: “We dont have any pizzer but i can get you some pizza.”
Larry: “That’s what he just said.”
Tony: “Yeah I just want some pizzer.”
Colin: “Nah youre saying it wrong you’re saying “pizzer” like its a disease.
Larry: “Ahaha how do you say it?”
Colin: “I’m saying the way everyone oughta say it. Pizza, p i z z a.”
Larry: “Right like two percent.”
Tony: “Right like a whole pizzer.”
Colin: “Nonononono, say pizzadilla.”
Tony: “Pizzadilla.”
Colin: “Ok now say pizza.”
Tony: “Pizzer.”
Colin *looks at Larry*“……..Are you hearing this?”
Larry: “Yeah, the guy wants a slice of pizzor.”
Colin: “Pizzor!?!”
Larry: “Give him the pizzor Colin!”
Meat man: “Larry inside voices please.”
Larry: “Sorry Meat man.” *turns to Colin and Tony* “My meme friends.”
Meat man: *Puts sunglasses on and leaves*
Tony: “Colin! Cut me a slice of pizzer!!”
Colin: “Why are you yelling at me?”
Larry: “Just give him the freaken pizzor!”
Colin: “You guys aren’t even saying the same thing!”
Tony: “We’re all saying pizzer Colin!!”
Colin: “No! You’re saying pizzer! *turns toward Larry* You’re saying!-”
Tony & Larry: “Pizzerrrr!! Pizzoorrr!! Piiizzzzeeer!! Pizzorrr!! Piiizzeerr!! Pizzooorrr!!!”
Colin: *pulls gun out* “SHUT UP!!
Tony & Larry: *Both have there hands up*
Colin: *Puts gun to his head*
Tony & Larry: *Take their guns out and aim them at Colin*
Larry: “You better put it down man!”
Tony: “D-dont do it Colin!”
Colin: “You’re gonna shoot me if I shoot my self?!?! That doesn’t make any sense!”
Larry & Tony: *Both look at each other then put there guns to their heads*
Larry: “Colin put it down!!”
Tony: “Put the gun down!!”
Larry: *Starts to weep* “Just put the gun down!”
Tony: *Weeping* “You’re like a brother to me!! Your hand is like a brother to meheee….”
Larry: “Put the gun down!!”
Colin: “And then after that we all pull the trigger. All of us.”
Tony: “Ohoho you are not filming something like that.”
Colin: “Why not?”
Tony: “It’s so…eh dark.. I dunno.”


  • Lay: answer this question, okay?
  • Kai: k.
  • Lay: what do you like to do when you're not busy?
  • Kai: you.
  • Lay: Jongin...
  • Kai: yes hyung? :)
  • Lay: you cant answer questions with a letter, that's just strange.
  • Kai: ...
  • Lay: ...what?
  • Kai: hyung I meant "you" as in, "Y. O. U".
  • Lay: "X. Y. Z." see, I can do it too. you can recite the alphabet later Jongin, now answer the question correctly.
  • Kai: fine.
  • Lay: ok.
  • Kai: I like sleeping.
  • Lay: next to me, or by yourself?
  • Kai: next to you :)
  • Lay: Jongin I said no letters!

positive affirmation about work:
this time last year I was fuckin up a lot bc of chronic depression and my boss’s response was “I don’t understand what goes through your head when you’re making x, y, and z mistake,” and, “if you’re burned out on this job you need to find another so we dont have to fire you,” but now when I have an off day and make mistakes, instead of criticizing me immediately, he first asks, “are you doing ok?”

negative affirmation about work:
I had to fight nail and tooth to get a pay raise while I was depressed last year even though I was trained and took over an entire department at my job. but now that I’m feeling good/have been feeling good, I got a 50 cent pay increase unexpectedly. I’m not complaining abt that but it kind of sucks that ~still~ good mental health is rewarded strongly over poor mental health even tho neither are very strongly within folks’ control.

ok so i just thought of a story that has nothing to do with this post or art or anything homestuck but i might as well tell it now that i have your attention probably ok so last night i was just resting my good zesty bod gettin them z’s ya know when all of a sudden i wake up in a sleepy daze to the sound of a subtle hurling sound. it was then that my half-awake half-dicklogged mind registered what this horrid familiar sound was. i peer up my eyes fuzzy with the cloud of shitfaced daydream when i see her. on the edge of my bed sit a fat fluffy mess of convulsing fur. my cat. shes there. about to puke all over my soft cradle of heavenly blankets. i launch forward at warp speed in a measly attempt to stop this tragedy from happening. maybe if i was quicker i could have taken her out into the kitchen to avoid the grotesque wet mess on my bed. but it was too late. before i could even lay a finger sausage on my cats fur, she was already laying out a fat mud monkey all over my clean pristine sheets. she hath puked on my bed. at 3 in the morning. i was devastated.