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What would be there reaction if your purposely annoying them?

Author’s note: I had to hold myself back from making Zen’s a full scenario


  • Literally the hardest person to annoy
  • He just keeps laughing AT YOU
  • Finally, you decided to take a different approach
  • You walked over to him and leaned on his gaming chair
  • “How come you always play LOLOL? Why don’t you pay attention to meeeeee?”
  • You stuck your head in front of the screen
  • “Hello? Earth to Yoosung, it’s your amazing girlfriend speaking!”
  • Yoosung stared into your eyes and hit the pause button
  • “Is that really how you feel? Do I play too much? I try to give you-“
  • You rolled your eyes and moved away
  • “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • “I was trying to annoy you.”
  • “Huh?”
  • “Annoy you! That’s what I wanted to do! But you just keep laughing and apologizing!”
  • He smiled and stood up, kissing the top of your head
  • “That’s because nothing you do can annoy me. I love you too much!”
  • “You’re so cheesy… I love you too.”


  • Zen was up late memorizing a script when you decided to make him your next victim
  • “Whatcha reading?”
  • “Just my part for this new movie. Wanna help?”
  • You gave a sinister grin
  • “Sure.”
  • “Okay! Just start here, MC.”
  • You two began reading a conversation
  • “I heard that you could help me out with a little… situation of mine. Can you?”
  • “Depends.”
  • “On?”
  • “How much money you got.”
  • Once Zen started getting into his role, you enacted your plan
  • You raised your voice two octaves higher and gave your lines the weirdest accent you could muster
  • “bUT, hOw daRE yoU, sIr? SinCe-“
  • “MC?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “What the hell was that?”
  • “What was what?”
  • “The accent.”
  • “What accent?”
  • “The accent you just did.”
  • “That’s how I normally talk??”
  • “No, it’s not.”
  • “…Ohhh, you mean tHIs accent?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Ok, I’ll stop!”
  • Zen sighed. “Now, where were we?”
  • You smirked
  • “riGHt hErE!”
  • “MC, stop!”
  • “I sTILL have nO-“
  • “MC!”
  • He ran his fingers through his hair and huffed
  • You giggled and leaned forward, giving his lips a little peck
  • “I think it’s time for bed-”
  • He nodded, “You’re right.”
  • “-because you must be hearing things!”
  • “THAT’S IT!”
  • He grabbed you and started tickling your sides
  • “Z-ZEN STOP!”
  • “NEVERRRR!!”


  • She was hunched over a pile of paperwork when you came up behind her
  • “Jaehee, it’s time for dinner!”
  • “Just a couple more minutes…”
  • “You said that ten minutes ago!”
  • You crossed your arms and tapped your foot
  • “Stop.”
  • “Stop what?”
  • “Stop tapping your foot, you know I hate that.”
  • That gave you an idea
  • You crouched down next to her and blew in her ear
  • you smirked
  •  “I know.”
  • She looked over at your smug face
  • “Well, don’t do it again. I’ll go eat in a second.”
  • “…It’s been a second.”
  • “You know what I mean!”
  • “I’m not sure I do.”
  • “Are you trying to annoy me?”
  • “Is it working?”
  • “…No.”
  • “No?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Yes it is?”
  • “No, yes to the no.”
  • “Yes to the no?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Wait, so yes to the yes? Or no to the yes?”
  • Jaehee sighed and stood up
  • “Let’s go eat dinner.”


  • He had been working alllll Saturday, and you were bored
  • And worse than that, you had just had a cup of coffee
  • So you were hyper too
  • “Juuuuumin!”
  • “…”
  • “Juuuuummmiiinnnnn!”
  • “…”
  • “Juuuu-“
  • “What is it, MC?”
  • “Hi.”
  • “I’m working, MC.”
  • “Whaaat, and I can’t say hi?”
  • “No.”
  • “Hmph. You’re no fun.”
  • You stared at him as he continued to work
  • “Jummiin!”
  • “…”
  • Juuuminnnn!!”
  • “What now?”
  • “Hello.”
  • He stopped typing and closed his eyes
  • Quickly, he stood up and grabbed your hand, leading you away from his home office
  • “Where are we going?”
  • “You seem to have a lot of pent up energy, and I’m going to… take care of it.”
  • Oh
  • You liked the sound of that


  • You sat a few inches away from Seven and stuck your finger out
  • “MC, what are you doing?”
  • “Nothing.”
  • “Why are you so close to me?”
  • “Well, I’m not touching you.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “Nope. I’m not touchingggg youuuuuu!”
  • he laughed and took off his glasses
  • “Well, two can play at that game.”
  • He spun his chair toward you, and put his face centimeters away from yours
  • “S-Seven?”
  • “What? I’m not touching you.”
  • You stared at him, and then down to his lips, and then back up to his eyes
  • “You’re such a tease.”
  • You tried to lean forward and close the gap, but he quickly pulled away, standing up in the process
  • “Hey! You said no touching!!”
  • You stood up and slowly walked toward him
  • “I know, but… now I want a kiss!!”
  • He gave you a smirk and took off running
  • This did not turn out like you planned
  • It turned out much better

((a made a dhmis version of the “malk” video”))

Tony: “Hey Larry you got anything to eat?”
Larry: “Yeah in the fridge.”
Tony: “Hey Colin grab me a slice of pizzer.”
Colin: “We dont have any pizzer but i can get you some pizza.”
Larry: “That’s what he just said.”
Tony: “Yeah I just want some pizzer.”
Colin: “Nah youre saying it wrong you’re saying “pizzer” like its a disease.
Larry: “Ahaha how do you say it?”
Colin: “I’m saying the way everyone oughta say it. Pizza, p i z z a.”
Larry: “Right like two percent.”
Tony: “Right like a whole pizzer.”
Colin: “Nonononono, say pizzadilla.”
Tony: “Pizzadilla.”
Colin: “Ok now say pizza.”
Tony: “Pizzer.”
Colin *looks at Larry*“……..Are you hearing this?”
Larry: “Yeah, the guy wants a slice of pizzor.”
Colin: “Pizzor!?!”
Larry: “Give him the pizzor Colin!”
Meat man: “Larry inside voices please.”
Larry: “Sorry Meat man.” *turns to Colin and Tony* “My meme friends.”
Meat man: *Puts sunglasses on and leaves*
Tony: “Colin! Cut me a slice of pizzer!!”
Colin: “Why are you yelling at me?”
Larry: “Just give him the freaken pizzor!”
Colin: “You guys aren’t even saying the same thing!”
Tony: “We’re all saying pizzer Colin!!”
Colin: “No! You’re saying pizzer! *turns toward Larry* You’re saying!-”
Tony & Larry: “Pizzerrrr!! Pizzoorrr!! Piiizzzzeeer!! Pizzorrr!! Piiizzeerr!! Pizzooorrr!!!”
Colin: *pulls gun out* “SHUT UP!!
Tony & Larry: *Both have there hands up*
Colin: *Puts gun to his head*
Tony & Larry: *Take their guns out and aim them at Colin*
Larry: “You better put it down man!”
Tony: “D-dont do it Colin!”
Colin: “You’re gonna shoot me if I shoot my self?!?! That doesn’t make any sense!”
Larry & Tony: *Both look at each other then put there guns to their heads*
Larry: “Colin put it down!!”
Tony: “Put the gun down!!”
Larry: *Starts to weep* “Just put the gun down!”
Tony: *Weeping* “You’re like a brother to me!! Your hand is like a brother to meheee….”
Larry: “Put the gun down!!”
Colin: “And then after that we all pull the trigger. All of us.”
Tony: “Ohoho you are not filming something like that.”
Colin: “Why not?”
Tony: “It’s so…eh dark.. I dunno.”


  • Lay: answer this question, okay?
  • Kai: k.
  • Lay: what do you like to do when you're not busy?
  • Kai: you.
  • Lay: Jongin...
  • Kai: yes hyung? :)
  • Lay: you cant answer questions with a letter, that's just strange.
  • Kai: ...
  • Lay: ...what?
  • Kai: hyung I meant "you" as in, "Y. O. U".
  • Lay: "X. Y. Z." see, I can do it too. you can recite the alphabet later Jongin, now answer the question correctly.
  • Kai: fine.
  • Lay: ok.
  • Kai: I like sleeping.
  • Lay: next to me, or by yourself?
  • Kai: next to you :)
  • Lay: Jongin I said no letters!
RUKI  A  TO  Z  INTERVIEW [Stuppy 2014  June Vol.1] 〜part 2

[click here for part 1]

O - OVERSEAS: Do you like it overseas?
Overseas? I guess, there are lot of places to be discovered. I don’t think I’d wanna live there. I love Japan. And it’s so clean, too. I don’t really like the toilets or the smell of the rooms abroad, you know.
What if it were just for a short term study abroad?
Perhaps Hawaii or South Korea. Some place that’s not too far away from Japan.

P - PHONE: The people you often call?
I don’t. I guess, guys do have that image that they don’t talk on the phone so much. As for girls, I really wonder why they always have those long phone calls? That’s a mystery, isn’t it? I guess it’s cause for guys the phone is just a tool to get in touch with people.

Q - QUIET (silence): Are there times you wish for silence? Or times you want to be alone?
When we’re recording, there are usually a lot of staff members around, but I’m really good at fading them out and being alone in my head. Also when we’re rehearsing, I can make myself feel like there’s no one but me.
But that doesn’t mean that you’re rejecting everyone, right?
Yeh. It’s not like I’m in a bad mood and don’t let people near me or that I make those kinds of situations worse, but it’s strictly my own affair, an issueinside myself. I’m the type of person that can quickly switch inside myself, so I don’t expressly ask for silence or some alone time.

R - ROOM: What’s the ideal house/room for you?
I don’t just want one big room, I want several of them. And I want them all to be different. A distinctive room for my hobbies, a room where it would be easy for me to work, a bedroom with a night sky, a homey living room and I’d want a Japanese-style room where I’d pay a lot of attention to the finest details. Something like that would be nice. I guess, above all I really want that unique Japanese-style room. And this has nothing to do with it, but lately I’m interested in Japanese swords and I’m extremely into those I watched on Youtube. So, I guess I also want a room for a Japanese sword collection.

S - SMELLS: Are there any smells you like?
There are. The smell before winter comes. I really love the smell of fragrant olives. Or whenever I smell that sweet smell that’s in the cold, icy air, the words “Aah, it’s almost winter!” just leave my mouth instinctively. And I also love that tender smell before spring comes.

T - TEAR: When have you cried lately?
Recently, when we were on tour, I watched a program on hide-San on Youtube and cried. I was watching it while thinking “it’s really been so long already, huh…”. While I was watching, I remembered a lot of things and thought of my own age (?) and I spontaneously ended up crying. I was surprised myself. the tears were just streaming down my cheeks.
Was that a LIVE?
Yeh. a LIVE. (?) I dunno, I just ended up thinking about many different things. like “I wonder, what hide-san was thinking”.

U - UFO: Do you believe in UFOs?
I don’t just believe in them, I’ve actually seen one. It’s true. It wasn’t a mistake in my vision or something.
Wasn’t it just a light reflection of something?
No. You would think that. Like, this must be a mistake. There was some shining and it disappeared. Besides, it wasn’t just one, you know. There were 4. A strong red light went on. It’s true, I swear. I wasn’t alone when I saw it, my parents saw it too. It wasn’t seaward side, but toward the mountains. And it didn’t make the sound a plane would have made. That was definitely a UFO! But you know, even though I believe in UFOS, it’s hard to think that there are other people living in the universe.
Well, that UFO has to be run by someone, right?
That’s why it’s so mysterious, isn’t it?
That way of thinking is what’s so mysterious.
No. That’s not what I mean. Let’s assume there really are people living in the universe, do you think they’d be able to drive/operate a UFO?
Well, UFOs are flying cause someone is able to operate them, right? Though that was never the topic of those talks that unfold controversy and debates, I think (laugh).
No, this is actually quite an important and essential matter. They say, there are a lot of creatures in the deep see that we don’t know anything about yet. Did you know it’s said that there are human-shaped creatures in the deep sea? No matter how you look at it, it’s sort of combined (laugh) with something like “wouldn’t it be super scary if creatures like that really existed?” (?) But I personally love creatures like that.  I can’t help it, I’m just really interested in freemasonry like that, that’s why.

V - VALENTINE: A valentine’s day memory?
Hmm, I think I just received the usual. That obligatory gift-chocolate (as opposed to chocolate given to a boy out of genuine sentiment).
Obligatory gift-chocolate?
Definitely. You know, obligatory chocolate you get out of decency. Cause I think, when I was little a girl gave me chocolate on valentine’s day and that was certainly for status and all (?). Such is life. I remember that one time when I was in elementary school that girl from my neighborhood who was my childhood friend brought some of that obligatory-chocolate all the way to my house.
Well, if she troubled herself to come all the way to your house, it wasn’t really out of obligation, was it?
No, it was definitely obligatory chocolate. Because even though I liked “Kit-Kat” she brought me “Apollo” (laugh).
So, if it had been chocolate out of genuine sentiment she would have known which chocolate you liked, right?
Exactly (laugh). Ah well, it’s a sweet memory.

W - WAR: What about memories of fights/quarrels?
Fights, I like watching them.
That’s an unpleasant preference, isn’t it?
Ahahaha. I mean, don’t you get curious? You know, like “how will this fight be settled?” There are often people fighting in street corners, aren’t there? Whenever I see people like that, I always end up watching them. Wondering, how that fight will end. Or you know like people who grumble and complain about clerks at convenience stores? They’re like “what the hell are you saying?” and stuff and I always think to myself “how is the clerk gonna settle the matter?”, walk into a small corner and listen carefully to their quarrel (laugh).
Ok, this hobby is getting more and more unpleasant as we’re going along (laugh)
Ahahaha. yeh, it’s true (laugh). But you know, it’s not like I feel good about fights. But isn’t it amazing that you can feel reluctant about something that has nothing to do with yourself? It’s something that’s not happening in regard to yourself and you still get such an uncomfortable feeling, I just think, it has a really negative aura.
So you end up analyzing that too?
Yeh, I do. Like “that clerk is being talked to like this but what is he/she thinking?” Basically, I just love thinking and reflecting on things, you know (laugh).

X -  X-DAY (that one day): What is the X-DAY according to you? For example, the day you will die or get married or your children are born?
Rather than my own, I may more often be thinking about Japan’s X-DAY. What will happen? In terms of economics I just feel that whatever will be will be, but like various environmental destruction issues, you know. I mean, it’s in the news and people make much of it but there’s always some things that are not reported. It’s like “Huh? What ever became of that discussion?” and it’s just left to chance. Kinda looks like people are waiting for it to weather and the memory of it to fade. That’s scary, isn’t it? Like “what will happen? and if there’s a big issue that concerns the world they wouldn’t just hide it, right?” Occasionally there are times when I get really frightened. It’s not like that X-DAY will come closer before we know it and they will suddenly announce it, right? Still, I don’t think that while we are alive it will get that far but I think about what will happen in the times of the children that are being born now and it sure scares me, you know.

Y - YET: Something you still couldn’t clear/purify until this vey day?
I guess, I still wasn’t able to produce music that made me think “now I can quit.” 
And after you’ve achieved that, you’ll think “now it’s ok to quit”?
hmm. there are places when I think “what do I treat as an achievement?”, but there also those where the summit is not clear and unknown, so this is kinda difficult (?). 

Z - ZOO: The CD jacket of BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY was covered with animals, wasn’t it?
Right. That last film we showed at the end of our LIVES during the BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY tour made a samsara (endless cycle of death and rebirth) kind of impression, an image where the 5 bodies got entangled in. You know, like being in a loop.
I see. So it was also a representation of life then. By the way, do you like animals?
I do, I love them. You know how animals can’t speak? (?) That’s really cute, isn’t it? Like they seem as if they want to say something. I think that’s just really cute (?). Like when they just look at you in silence and wag their tails. I end up thinking “what is the little guy thinking wagging its tail like that?” I don’t think I’d find them as cute if they could speak fluently, you know.
Ahahaha. That’s a typical Ruki-ish way of thinking.
Also, there’s an animal that really caught my eye lately. The fennec (shows a picture he saved on his phone)
What’s that? A cat?
No, it’s a fox. It also wags its tail, this one. It’s like the cutest parts of a cat and a dog combined, right? And the ears are big and cute, too. Makes you think “is there really an animal that picks the best parts of both!?“ It’s too cute, isn’t it? You know, now I wanna go to a zoo that has fennecs. That’s my number one dream right now (laugh). Reptiles, however, are impossible. So are insects. I like ugly animals. I always end up wondering what they think about having been born with this face? 
The outcome? You’re still thinking about it, huh (laugh)
Yeh, I am (laugh).

[note: I marked the one’s I was kinda confused about with a (?) but other than those it should be fine ^_^]

New Year's Eve

-HAPPy nEW YeaR??!!?!


-Are you drunk?


-Maybe you should slow down the alcohol consumption.’


-‘* yOU dont tell ME whatta whatta uuhhDO im gonna keep drinking and ur gonna keep your pie hole shut


-‘I do not have a “pie hole” Dean. If you are referring to my mouth, I do not intend to keep it shut, as you are obviously overly intoxicated.


-Ehh maybe your jus under intoxeeccaattteddd And now i drink


-Okay Dean. Continue making poor decisions.


-Where are you anyway?


-Damn right i will and what’s with this 20 questions? how the hell im supposed to know where I’m at


-Dean, this is serious. Where are you?


-Your incessant intoxication has been getting you into trouble as of late, and I am getting concerned.


-Ah ya know……arrrrrooouuunnddd HANGING OUT drinking a lil bit what’s the big problem ‘ere


-Are you with a woman?


Why?… are you…jealous.



-No, I , I am merely concerned by your whereabouts and- making sure you are not getting yourself into trouble.


-You did not answer my question Dean, are you in the presence of a female?


-Oh yeah Cas partying it up over 'ere its a friggin’ playboy party


-NO cas i am drinking alone in the middle ah know where

Heh care to join in all the fun?


-I not nor read well into sarcasm Dean, but I will take the ladder text as the serious one. You know I do not drink alcohol. However, being with you would not be displeasing.


-Again, I ask where you are?



-South on fout 55

-In my baby outside some depressing ass bar. Try not to get losss buddy


-Well, I shall certainly try not to. I’ll be there shortly.


- ill be waiting


-Okay Dean, but try not to become too intoxicated before my arrival. I need to out a few things away.


-Yea yeah sure fine


-Dean I have arrived at the establishment.

-It is dark however, and I am having difficulty locating your vehicle.


-Can ya see it now?


-I see you, get back in before you hurt yourself.

Cas walked over to Dean’s Car. He isn’t entirely sure why he went there tonight. Usually he just lets Dean do his own thing when he goes out drinking. This time however, Cas is concerned.


“Join me man pick up a beer and jam out to a few of em songs.”

“Dean, I already told you I do not consume alcohol. As an Angel they can cause very adverse effe-“

“Ah pah-lease cas live alil'” *hic*

“You jus hang and let me have the fun.”

As Dean spoak, he had a hard time focusing on Cas and he slurred his words together.

“Okay, thank you.  But would you open the door. I have been standing here for quite some time, and you have not returned to the vehicle as I previously requested. “

“Suuuurree for you cas anything”

“Thank you.”

“SSsssoOOoo ya came here to what? Take care ah me i mean clearly you didn’t come for the booze,” Dean shook his bottle in Cas’s direction as he spoke, spilling its contents onto the floor.

“I came to ensure you stayed out of trouble. I presume you were not with a woman tonight by the looks of it.”

Dean snorted before saying, “Nope only girl i need right here,” He said, patting the dashboard.

“An by the looks of it, idsay ur still jealous.”

“I do not understand how humans give inanimate objects genders. And what would cause me to be jealous,” Cas snapped.

“Ah I dunno guess I must have been wrong then.”

“Yes- yes you were, I see no logical reason for me to be jealous of a female holding your attention.”

Cas turned up the volume for the radio before saying, “Uh-huh cas if thats how ya feel. Ah man this song!”


“I realize you have an affinity foe Led Zepplin, but could you turn it down?”



            Dean turned up the volume even more.

“Why did I even come here?”

“Beats me.”

“The lyrics are quite pleasing, I must admit…”

“…Maybe you jus cant stay away from this face,” Dean said, not paying attention to Cas’s previous comment.

Cas shifted uncomfortably saying,  “If you are asking if I find your face aesthetically pleasing, we have had this conversation before. The symmetry of your features is impressive, in addition to your jawline, lips, and your eyes, the color of which I find ver-“

“Alright, alright Cas I get it, you think I’m hot.”

“I- I did not say 'that’…”

Finishing off another bottle Cas said, “ Uhuhh sure Cas that’s not whtchya said but its what ya meant. C'mon you know what i mean”

“It would not be appropriate for me to think, much less say those kinds of things about you Dean.”

“And haven’t you had enough to drink tonight?”

“DOnt touch my drinks unless ur gona join.”

“And maybe your horizons just need to be widened,” Dean said, gesturing with his arms.

“Ok, fine, I will take one”

“Thank you. But Dean, ‘my horizons?’ I can see the horizon line just fine thank you.”

“Well ya know when you said you cant think things like people being hot I mean come on appropriate? who cares man ,” Dean said nudging Cas’s shoulder, “Drop that heavenly crap and jus let your thoughts go man.”

“I- I can’t,” Cas said, before he took a sip of his beer and turned to look away.

“Ah cas c’mon what is *hic* it… some'n clearly on ur mind .”

Dean scooted closer and pointed his empty beer bottle at Cas saying, “Out with it.”

Taking a few more drinks Cas said, “I-well, it’s complicated. I mean- Dean I can’t just-“

“Uuuggh damnit stop looking away,” Dean said as he reached over, grabbed Dean’s face moving it to face him, “there now if you don wanna talk fine bu it seems ta me you got something big on your mind so spit it out or shut it and spend the res of the night in alcohol and rock.”

Cas finished his beer and grabbed another before saying, :Dean, I don’t think you understand, I can’t just tell you-“

He paused for a moment taking another sip saying, “I- it’s not that simple, it’s not good. I- I’m not good… I- I can’t ruin e-everything.”


“Aright fine, this is why booze is here, drink an forget your troubles… whatever cryptic shit your talkin about.”

“God Dean, could you jus stop, seriously, I- I can’t just- shit!”

Cas left the car quickly and obviously upset about something. He left Dean in the Car confused about what had just happened.

“Ahhh crap,” Dean said as he got out of the Car.

Stumbling towards Cas Dean said, “C-cas hey what the hell is goin on man- hey! will you juss stop walking away or at leas slow down a bit…i…may have had too much ta drink over 'ere”

At this point, the effects of the beer were taking their toll on Cas, “Dean just stop ok, please- just- get ou- away. You don want something  you’ll regret to happen, I’m- jus goin'gg to ruin.”

“Ruin what?”

“N-nothing, I saaid go away,” Cas pushed Dean feebly before giving up on pushing him away.

Before Cas could pull back his arm, Dean grabbed it saying,  “NO now stop messing around and damnit Cas…jus- jus tell me…is…is there something wrong or are ya mad at someone or wha-“

“I, jus- no I’m not mad I just- I just- you, it’s you. I can’t- could you please just go,” Cas said, clearly distraught and sad.

“Whaddya mean me? and no you wanna go then you gotta tell me.”

“Please jus let me go,” Cas said as tears began running down his face.


I cannt do dis now. Just stopp.“

“I real-you don understand- you wont feel the same I know you don- you cant, don make tis harder for m-me than ii already is!”

“Aright arit calm down i can barely understand you come on youdon even know where ya goin jus stay here with me in the car. K,” Dean asked, leading Cas back to the car.

“I wish I nevr came tonigh’t.”

Cas looked at Dean moving closer, “An why dont YOU star talking, *pokes chest* YOU keep making ME talk, I don know people too well but earlier,” Cas poked Dean in the chest saying, “YOU were acting kinda strange like when you arr with come girl you wan to hook up with and all. An why do YOU,” He said poking him again, “Care so much about how I’ feel, an apparently I think your ‘hot’ well-how do YOUUU feel”

“Well hell now your talkin at least…,” Dean sighed before continuing, :Cas, alright, ya know you’re right and I’m just gonna say some stuff an see where it goes but… i-i… well ok you… mean a lot ta me an i fine that i like being aroun ya an stuff and- wow, that sounds pretty  lame, ok, sorry, is just YOU and well i… and i know you probly don even understand bu-z”

“I, Dean- I don’t think I understand what you are tryin'g to say, I- I feel like you. I mean with you I- just feel different, b-ut I, don’t know why.” Cas paused for a moment before saying, “Just- never mind, I didn’t say anything Dean, I’m sorr'y. Just-“

“NO please no, don jus look, what I’m tryin say is tha i care bout you so much and i feel different aroun you too and i never know how to describe it and- and- i’ve'ad way too muchta drink an you probly don know what I’m saying-“

“See an nowe-re both drunk- an you probably don even know what your ssayin here. I know you dont really feel like that cus- wev been friends so I know you- an you- no. Juss stop.”

“I think I should leave now before I say something that’ll screw us up.”

“No! …i mean please don leave…i…i do mean what I’m saying and-and  you-if im understanding right… you might feel the same.”

“Well den justell me wat your thinking then! I cant deal withis- is jus beating around the tree.”


            “I like you Cas. I mean uh…” Dean said before looking the other way.

            Suddenly Dean felt hands wrap around his face and full him over towards the other side, suddenly we lips were on his. He looked at Cas’s whose eyes were closed, and began kissing him back. Dean was in a drunken have and began toying at Cas’s lips with his tongue. Cas let him as their kiss deepened.

            Cas pulled away taking a few deep breaths, “Cas- I… Um,” Dean tried to say, feeling his face flush, “are you su-ure abbou-” he felt Cas’s lips go back over his and he felt fingers run through his hair. Cas once again pulled away, hands still laced through Dean’s hair. Cas looked down and said, “I lo-ave you D-ean.”

            This time, it was Dean who kissed Cas. Dean was overwhelmed with emotion and passion, and he may have been way drunk to top it off.

            Dean slid his tongue past Cas’s lips trying to explore his mouth. Cas let out a moan at the touch as he felt Dean’s tongue on his. Moving his hands onto Dean’s jacket, Cas gripped hard pulling him in closer. After a few minutes Cas made his way onto Dean’s lap and continued kissing him.

            Dean gasped as Cas let his fingers slide through his hair. After a bit, Dean pulled away before continuing his kisses along Cas’s jaw and onto his neck. Sucking on Cas’s neck Dean heard Cas let out a moan as he ground his hips down.

            Dean jerked a bit at the contact and realizing Cas was hard against him. Pulling away he pushed his hips back up to Cas and watched Cas squirm and blush above him.

            “You like that,” Dean asked smirking.

            “Nhgg,” Cas replied as Dean continued grinding his hips up.

Smiling, Dean pulled Cas back in and began kissing him again. This time he nipped at Cas’s lip and sucked on it a few times, causing Cas to whimper in response. Eventually, Cas felt Dean’s hands tugging at the hem of his shirt, lifting it free from his waistline. He felt Dean continuing and unbuttoning his shirt. Once Dean pulled off the shirt, tie, and jacket, he let his hands run lightly up and down Cas’s torso.

            Cas’s back arched at the touch as he pushed his chest closer to Dean. His skin felt on fire under Dean’s touch. Cas gasped as he felt Dean’s fingers glide over his nipples. Taking notice, Dean began kissing down Cas’s chest and slowly licked one of his nipples and began rubbing the other with his hand.

            Dean continued by sucking on Cas nipple causing the other man to rock his hips onto Dean’s.

            “Dean,” Cas breathed out.

            Removing his mouth Dean asked, “What, you ok?”

He slowly rubbed Cas’s nipped before Cas continued, “I need-“

            Cas stopped talking suddenly and groaned before kissing Dean hard. After a few moments, Cas pulled back and Dean asked, “What do you need?”

            “I need –ou to touch me.”

            Dean immediately had his hands back on Cas’s torso exploring his body. He continued working on Cas’s nipples with his mouth as he rubbed a hand up and down Cas’s spine. Above him, Cas was rocking into him as he let out soft moans and grunts.

            After a few minutes, Dean slid a hand down Cas’s stomach and he palmed Cas’s erection.

            “D-ean,” Cas moaned out, as he bucked his hips forward grinding against Dean’s hand.

            “I think, ‘ere gonna need to find some’ere else to do this,” Dean breathed, noticing how hard his erection was beginning to strain against his pants.

            Before he could let out another word, Cas had moved them, back to their motel room and had pushed him over on the bed.

            Cas began kissing Dean hard as he began pulling Dean’s shirt off. Sitting up after removing his shirt, Dean grabbed onto Cas’s back letting his fingers trace over his muscles as he kissed Cas’s chest.

            Cas stood up quickly pulling Dean up with him. “I bel’eve we need to remove the ‘est of our clothing,” Cas slurred.

            Cas felt Dean’s hands quickly begin undoing his belt before pulling his pants and underwear off. After Cas stepped out of his clothes and removed his socks he watched as Dean looked him up and down.

            Dean smiled as he began removing the rest of his clothes. Once he was fully naked, he led Cas back to the bed climbing on top of the Angel.

            Dean began kissing Cas’s chest as his hands ran down his sides. Dean began licking one of Cas’s nipples and playing with the other. Cas began gasping as he felt Dean’s lips playing with him. He felt Dean suck and kiss his nipple causing him to unwind beneath him.

            After a few minutes Dean began kissing Cas lover and lover before he kissed the hear od Cas’s dick causing Cas to moan. Dean looked up at Cas for permission before he took him in his mouth and began slowly sucking. He let his tongue lick the underside of Cas’s cock as he moved back and forth, in and out. Dean felt Cas’s hand in his hair rather quickly and felt Cas squirming beneath him.

            “D-ean,” Cas breathed, “Just hurry up- if you d-on’t s-stop I’m gonna-“

            Dean quickly pulled up letting Cas regain composure.

            After a bit Dean said, “Are you ready to keep going?”

            Cass nodded and Dean continued, “Im going to put a finger in you, ok?”

            After Cas nodded again, Dean placed his finger at Cas’s entrance and moved it around a bit, getting used to it being there. He slowly began pushing his finger, causing Cas to let out a gasp.

            “You ok?”

            “Yea, just keep going.”

            Dean worked his finger all the way, letting it rest there for a bit. He then began moving it in and out. He looked up and saw cas trying to control himself as he let out small ghasps.

            “I’m putting in another finger.”

            Dean slid in a second finger causing Cas to gasp out in pain.

            “I’m sorry, should I-“

            “No, just keep going, please.”

            Dean began working both fingers in and out, twisting his fingers as he went. Soon, Cas was getting used to his fingers and Dean began scissoring them. He began pushing his fingers faster and harder and quickly he found Cas’s prostate. He heard Cas let out a loud moan. Dean smiled and began focusing on that spot.

            “D-ean,” Cas groaned, “If you sont s-top-“

            Dean removed his fingers and grabbed Cas’s hips, pulling the Angel closer to him.

            “Are you sure you want this?”

            “Dean, I’ve wanted this for years, yes.”

            Dean slowly pushed in, pausing to allow Cas to adjust. Then Dean pulled back before quickly pushing back in. He continued rolling his hips in and out as he felt his body becoming closer and closer. Underneath him Cas was gasping every time Dean moved.

            Dean loved watching Cas’s face as he fucked him.He bent over and began kissing Cas, sucking on his jaw as they moved together.

            Eventually Dean found Cas’s prostate once again as Cas loudly gasped. Dean degan moving faster and harder at that angle. He felt himself coming closer and closer and he could tell the same thing was happening to Cas.

            “Dean- I’m gonna-“

            Cas moaned as Dean hit his prostate again Causing Cas’s body to tense up as he came across their chests. Dean kept moving and he felt Cas’s body tightening around his dick. Pushing in once more, Dean felt himself release as he shot his hear back moaning.

            After a few minutes settling down, Dean pulled out and rolled over next to Cas. He kissed Cas lightly on his lips before pushing back some of the hair on Cas’s forehead.

            “You know I love you Cas,” Dean said out of breath.

            Cas smiled before kissing Dean back passionately.

            “I love you too, I always had.”

            Dean smiled, intertwine Cas’s hand with his before he quickly kissed him once again. Wrapping his arm over Cas’s chest he closed his eyes. He knew tomorrow he was going to have one hell of a hangover, but it would be the best hangover he would ever had. And it was definitely worth it.            

XY and Z 22

As usual with episodes focused on Serena, here I am. As usual also, an episode Serena-focused meant an extra of effort by the animators so even the art was enjoyable.

Some high points:

  • Now more than ever is evident that Ash would be fkin dead without his XY family. He owes Serena and the Bergamot siblings a few (this is not the first time they save his reckless as$).
  • Totally unrelated to today’s topic but, after a closer watch, that over thing Clemont invented for when they camp is actually awesome.
  • As predicted, Serena dressing as Ash was not just some unjustified act, Jimmy was actually being annoying and wouldn’t let Ash recover so Serena wanted to get rid of him (because she also knew that if she told Ash about the battle challenge he would want to take it, half dead and all hah).
  • Serena emulating Ash speaking manne, even in voice tone ftw.
  • Serena bonding with pikachu and actually being able to understand him. Bless.
  • ”I’ve been watching Ash’s battles closer than anyone, haven’t I?”. Canon that Serena actually studies Ash battles and that’s the reason she’s able to emulate her style.
  • Eureka teasing Serena “Do your best, Ash~” 
  • -Ash: *is in pajamas*
    -Serena: *throws hat to him* Ok now you can battle with dignity.
    Totally what happened. ^^^^^^^^ (that smirk tho).
  • Jimmy being amazed by Serena skills, a well owed recognition she has been deserving for some time already. Also being doki doki for her.


  • Jimmy, an actual great character of the day. And that includes his pikachu.

anonymous asked:

but why did jade had to take it with her tho? now z*** stans will bash her and perrie at every chance they get


  1. JADE DID NOT TOOK THE SIGN, the event hosts gave it to her at the exit (it was confirmed by people who attended).
  2. even if she saw what was the content lmao isn’t zayn irrelevant for little mix now? he ain’t related to perrie anymore y’all can chill now, it’s not like his stans haven’t said the exact same thing about little mix the past 4 years anyways.

An A-Z Guide to Making Your Indie Rock Band Not Suck in 2014

Indie dudes in indie bands: Can you just put everything down and stop for a second? Literally everyone else making music: You are OK. Carry on with what you are doing. Jazz singers, old guys in shitty blues cover bands, art kids layering their voices into shimmering soundscapes usingMelodyne, next-levelers coming up with drone metal/Philly disco hybrids, Satanic choirs, DJs who perform using wind-up gramophones… literally everyone except indie dudes in indie bands, just keep on keeping on. (Note: for the purposes of this article, girls can be dudes too.) This A-to-Z is of no use to you. You are already saved: go treat yourself to a Snickers.

Now, indie dudes, I’ve got something for you to read. Print it out and put it on your fridge Or just continue to stare out of the window, composing lyrics about your ex who won’t give you your skateboard back and coming up with chord changes that even that bald Mormon sex-case Will Oldham would have thrown away for being too insipid. The choice is yours.

A is for Anarchy: In all creative enterprises there is no authority greater than yourself. The second you start chasing fads you are dead in the water artistically. Plus, unless you’re extremely lucky, it won’t do you any commercial favors either. For example, if your unsigned band has a triangle in its name as a replacement for the letter A, why not instead form a new band that dresses in giant turd costumes and hats made out of plastic dog shit and rename yourself Fecal Fred and the Fucking Turd Hats? You will literally have more of a chance of getting signed and acquiring an audience than you will by chasing after 2009’s lamest and most insubstantial trend. Think for yourself—it doesn’t cost anything.

B is for Bullshit: Don’t believe in rock mythology. None of it is true. Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips penned such classics as “Should We Keep the Severed Head Awake??” and “Oh My Pregnant Head (Labia in the Sunlight),” but do you know how many times he took LSD ever? Four times. When I was in a band (who you will not have heard of), we used to take LSD at every practice. The more scientifically-minded among you will be able to find some correlation between these two facts.


So I hit 358 followers (*wink wink*) like 6 days ago haha oops SO I thought I’d make a follow forever!! These are some hella rad blogs and I probably missed a lot of you (sorry!). Whether I’ve been following you since the beginning or 2 days ago, thank you so much for making my dashboard awesome :D Also, thank you to all of my followers for following me!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. 

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People are not respecting the music, and [are] devaluing it and devaluing what it really means. People really feel like music is free, but will pay $6 for water. You can drink water free out of the tap, and it’s good water. But they’re OK paying for it. It’s just the mind-set right now.
—  Jay Z on Free Streaming (x)
Hawks Nest My Chemical Romance interview SEPT 20TH 2002
  • This was done on September 20, 2002 outside of the Hawk's Nest. It was a full moon.
  • Josh: This has nothing to do with anything, but what if vampires really do hurt me?
  • Gerard: Umm...
  • Mikey: Ut-oh.
  • Gerard: No, I promise you, they will never. Umm... Yeah. I don’t have an answer for that.
  • Frank: And you don’t get a refund on the CD.
  • Ray: Then you get to live for a really long time.
  • Gerard: Yeah, exactly. It’s kind of cool actually.
  • (silence)
  • Frank: I think he’s waiting for a better answer.
  • Gerard: Ok, let’s introduce ourselves.
  • Mikey: Ok, I’m Mikey and I play bass.
  • Gerard: I’m Gerard, I sing.
  • Frank: I’m Frank, I play guitar and scream.
  • Matt: I’m Matt, I play drums.
  • Ray: I’m Ray, I play guitar.
  • Josh: And what if vampires really do hurt me?
  • Gerard: Oh, come on. With the vampires again... You’re not getting your money back.
  • Ray: Call our entertainment lawyer.
  • Josh: Ok, this is a serious question now. You guys are from New Jersey, so, given that, what if vampires really do hurt me?
  • (everyone laughs)
  • Gerard: You know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna tie you up, take you in our van to downtown Newark...
  • Matt: You might not meet your first vampire, but you’ll meet something else.
  • Gerard: That’s what happens if we get that question again.
  • (I whisper to Clair to get her to ask it)
  • Ray: Is he gonna ask it one more time?
  • Gerard: I can see you, dude.
  • Josh: I know.
  • Gerard: He’s asking her right in front of us.
  • (everyone has a good laugh)
  • Josh: Ok, this seriously has nothing to do with vampires anymore.
  • Frank: What if vampires really do hurt me? I hope they hurt you.
  • Josh: Werewolves... No, I’m kidding.
  • (everyone laughs)
  • Gerard: That’s so weird, we were talking about that today. We have a side project called Wolfen and we were going to play because we only play during full moons.
  • Mikey: Yeah, only during full moon cycles.
  • Josh: Is it full right now?
  • Ray: Yeah.
  • Gerard: That’s why we were going to play as Wolfen tonight.
  • (Mikey is drinking an entire bottle of Pepto Bismol and everyone makes reference to it)
  • (There are two breaks here- the tape recorder gets paused twice- and I remember why the second time but not the first)
  • Josh: When I first heard the name My Chemical Romance, I thought it was going to be techno. Do you get that a lot?
  • Mikey: We played Philadelphia once, and they called us the Chemical Brothers. And we didn’t even draw as the Chemical Brothers.
  • (everyone laughs)
  • Mikey: It was one of our first shows, and I’m sure people knew that the Chemical Brothers weren’t playing the Fire.
  • Gerard: We really just wanted a name that wouldn’t sound like any other. There are a lot of trends in names right now. We tried to stay away from that. We went through five or six different names, a couple of them are actually band names now with different bands.
  • Frank: One is a song title for Thursday.
  • Gerard: Yeah, a Thursday song title is very close to one of the original names we were going to use. But... Yeah, we get a lot of Brit-pop. People think that we’re Brit-pop. That’s kind of cool.
  • Josh: But you are Brit-pop.
  • Gerard: Yeah, basically.
  • Josh: I want to go back to New Jersey, but I’m not going to bring up vampires again.
  • Gerard: Ok, good. ‘Cause you know what happens to you if you bring that up again.
  • Frank: You’re gonna go to Jersey.
  • (everyone laughs)
  • Gerard: Yeah, the seedy side... Where we’re from.
  • Josh: It seems like there was a time when every band was coming out of New Jersey, and that may still be happening now but people stopped paying so much attention now. At one time, it seemed like everything was coming out of Jersey and now it’s kind of died down. Like it’s ok to be from Jersey again or something.
  • Gerard: Yeah, I think that what happened was Thursday and Saves the Day broke, and they’re Jersey bands. Then there was a shitload of Jersey bands coming out at the time, and the ones doing really well were opening a lot of doors.
  • Josh: And Midtown.
  • Gerard: And Midtown. So I think people took their attention away from the emerging New Jersey bands for a while, and concentrated more on the bands that were doing well. And I think that since those bands have kind of been doing well for a while now, they’re kind of focusing back on Jersey again and what’s coming from New Jersey next. So I definitely see excitement building on Jersey again.
  • Frank: There are a lot of good bands in New Jersey.
  • Gerard: There are a lot of good bands coming out.
  • Josh: Like the Break.
  • Gerard: the Break.
  • Frank: the Break. December.
  • Gerard: Prevent Falls. the Banner. the June Spirit. Sense Failed- they just got signed to Drive Thru, we’re really happy for them. I’m sure there are more, we’ll think of them later on.
  • Frank: E-Town Concrete.
  • Josh: I heard about this singer/song writer from Jersey called Bruce Springsteen.
  • Frank: He sucks.
  • Gerard: I heard a demo and I think if maybe they put in some studio money, he’d be better.
  • Josh: So now, aside from being from Jersey, you’re on Eyeball Records. Which is the “birthplace of Thursday”. And then Geoff actually produced your CD too. Are you concerned that being from Jersey and on Eyeball, then on top of it to have Geoff in there, that people will just pass you off as like, “Oh, this band is like Thursday”? I honestly don’t think you sound like Thursday at all.
  • Gerard: That’s the thing. I think he wanted to be involved because it didn’t sound like them. The cool thing about Eyeball is they don’t sign bands that sound like Thursday. We work pretty close at their office, we’ll do our mail order sometimes, and we just try to help them. There are only two guys- Mark and Alex- who run it. They do a ton of fucking work. They get a ton of demos all the time. Everyone of them sounds exactly like Thursday. And they sign none of them.
  • Frank: Yeah, if you sound like Thursday, don’t send your demo to us.
  • Gerard: Because he won’t sign you. There are a lot of bands I’m not going to mention that got signed, but they’re not signed by Eyeball.
  • Frank: Yeah, since we don’t really sound like Thursday, we haven’t really gotten any of that backlash.
  • Gerard: I think we only get compared to them very rarely and when people do it without actually listening to our record.
  • (a little pause)
  • Gerard: You got this smile on your face like you’re going to ask about vampires again.
  • (Mikey continues to drink Pepto)
  • Josh: I was going to go into vampires next, but now you blew it...
  • Gerard: You know what’s gonna happen so you gotta think of something else. We don’t have much room in that van, but it doesn’t matter, we’ll shove you in.
  • Josh: Do you guys wanna be goth?
  • Gerard: Umm... No, no we don’t.
  • Ray: We just wanna be dark.
  • Gerard: I know it’s gonna happen, but we haven’t gotten any goth comparisons yet. But we’re basically like the Misfits...
  • Frank: We have been called fags though.
  • Gerard: Yes.
  • Mikey: Speak for yourself, g.
  • Frank: Just because you don’t hear it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
  • Gerard: And I’m a big fan of the Damned, so I guess I’m as goth as the Damned. The Damned is not a goth band, they’re a punk rock band. They just like dark shit. We like bats, they like dracula. Some people might be assuming that we might be, but we’re obviously not. We tried to play a goth club once though, just for fun, and because we have that whole vampire thing.
  • Josh: Were there vampires there?
  • Frank: Yeah.
  • Gerard: There’s this place in Newark that’s full of vampires. Jersey is full of vampires. They get together and play those roleplaying games, and then they think they’re really vampires so they sit around and drink each others’ blood.
  • Frank: I saw that shit on Ricki Lake, dude.
  • Josh: Do they come to your shows?
  • Gerard: Umm, no.
  • Frank: A couple. A couple goth kids started coming to our shows.
  • (an im received noise is heard)
  • Josh: That was an im!
  • (everyone laughs)
  • Gerard: Someone is fucking popular up there. But we don’t really get any goth crowds at our shows. We get a few here and there, but they probably get turned off by the sound.
  • Josh: There has actually been a lot of talk surrounding you lately, and hopefully around this time next year you’re going to be a lot bigger.
  • Gerard: But we’re staying indie. Just for the record, there’s been a lot of talk around our label and about us, but we’re staying on Eyeball and we’re staying indie. I just wanted to say that.
  • Josh: I think people are going to start buying your music and know it.
  • Frank: If they can get a fucking copy.
  • Josh: Now, you guys are probably going to be big soon- going back to that- and I've been working on some music of my own and I was wondering if I could sample some on you accapella.
  • Gerard: Ok.
  • Josh: (singing) It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.
  • (everyone kind of looks around, not sure what to say)
  • Mikey: Do some Jay Z.
  • Josh: Well, will Eyeball sign me?
  • Frank: No, you sound too much like Thursday.


Anonymous said:

I know people have been throwing prompts at u like crazy😁. But can you pretty please write a prompt where v invites z to a yacht party they go for 2 weeks . While they are there z finds out that he slept with one of the girls on the yacht and things get crazy. So z wants to leaves back to la and doesn’t speak to val 2 weeks later 😘 pls pls I’ve wanted someone to write this but everyone Is always rejecting

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Look at that beautiful editing I did at 5 am, wow!!!! 

Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve done one of these and I’ve unfollowed and followed a hella lot of new people ever since then so, here it is!!!! (ps: if ur on here and we dont talk it means i think you’re Really Cool, okay. Also, I might edit this bc I feel like I forgot people…… i’m sorry…….)

# ● A ● B ● C 

0w0b aatrox aercosm ahrismilkymounds autisticluteces axelas babyoaky big-bad-warwick chocolachao c9meteos clgdoublelifts 

D ● E ●  F

dianalift  dogmatism eroticpony ezioleos forte-and-a-half foughtandfell 

G ●  H ●  I

gurodroid garrussexkarian hawkesenpai hawkelahawke hyper-weapon imbonzaii inuis 

J ● K ● L

lesbiangf liimperatrice likeanahmed loschicas

M  ● N  ● O

meliong moewave morgkin namcobandai nantarakantara nicolitis nisuyaka nunu-bot

P ●  Q ●  R

prinsep queer-anders rokurin raspbeary reveckorianna rendslaughterdevour regalyan

S ● T ● U ● V

sardothiiens sailorlux shadycloud shalistera shinysylveon somebodynotcool spaceoperetta spellthieves starrysailor summonerjolan sweetgarrus tablechan teamsolomeme talldarkandmoee viziermalzahar

W ● X ● Y ● Z

wwitchofthewilds  yiliangpeng zados zev-ran zeppelis

Drama CD preview translation

slaine: what a wonderful room! look, Harklight-san, it’s tatami! tatami!
hark: so, this is what you’d call a traditional Japanese room.
slaine: I’d heard that you can’t expect much from inns reserved for school trips, but that wasn’t the case at all!
hark:yes, indeed–ah, please sit, slaine-sama. I’ll make some tea.
slaine: p-please stop with the “slaine-sama”, harklight-san… we’re both students of the same school, and the same year!
hark: but you are someone who, soon after transferring, crushed the delinquent Trillram-senpai and Femieanne-senpai… for a humble student like me to call you so lightly…
slaine: ah…. I wouldn’t call it “crushed”, how would I put it…
hark: such humility! ahh, it’s an unbelievable honor to be able to share a room during a school trip like this with the slaine-sama I admire! [tea] here you are.
slaine: t-thank you! and really, I’m glad I got to know a diligent and kind person like you, Harklight-san. Please take care of me during this trip.
hark: Likewise.

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Zidane: *beckons Bale over*

Bareth: *bounces his man-bun over next to Z*

Z: Gaz, since you’ve been sidelined for 135 years give or take… I’m gonna have to give you a brief briefer-slash-refresher on what’s going to happen. Because you’re going in in, oh, about 5 minutes.

Bareth: *leans in eagerly*

Z: Ok, first things first: that wide expanse of green? That’s the pitch. That’s where players – yes, that’s right….players like you, exactly! – try to take the ball from the other team and attempt to put it in the back of their goal. Not OUR goal, okay? Just remember: wherever Keylor is standing, that is precisely where he will NOT appreciate you guys getting the ball anywhere near him. Also, minor thing. You see those players out there? See how they’re not using their hands?

B: *nods slowly in dawning understanding*

Z: Yes – you get it, huh? You cannot use your hands for handling the ball or for scoring a goal. Don’t do a Suarez– oh, wait, you’ve forgotten who that is? Well I don’t have a ready video to show you right now. Maybe later. Remind me. Or not. Ok let’s see… what next….

Six Hours

A few days ago I asked for some prompts and got a few. :-D Here is one that hopelesslove87 requested. Asking for… Val has to leave Z in NY for business. Z gets bored. Maks and Alex take her out to cheer her up - dinner, park, movies. It’s not quite that, but I was inspired by the prompt, so I hope that’s ok!

Title: Six Hours
Fandom: Valdaya
Note: It’s all in fun!

“Really? You’ve gotta be joking!”

“Sorry babe there isn’t anything I can do about it. Trust me I would if I could.”

“I know Val, its ok. These things happen. I’m not upset, maybe a little bit sad.”

“Don’t worry Zendaya he makes me sad all the time!” I speak up smirking at the two of them from couch.

“Hilarious!” Val spats back sarcastically; as Zendaya smiles nervously, unsure what to say or do.

“Also Daya don’t worry I’ll take care of you. I got you.” Her nervous smile changes to a genuine one.

“Well that could be fun. What do you have in mind?”

“Oh I see how it is!” Val practically whines; myself and Zendaya laughs.

“Hey you’re busy! And I can’t just hang out here for six hours can I?”

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ok so with al the valdaya vs. janelskiy drama i thought i would share my opinion


ok so to begin lets talk about the age gap and idk the fact that it is BARELY legal! now Z is gorge, she is stunning! but i just think she is  little too young. also, i just don’t see the chemistry. honestly, i don’t base ships off of age or appearance, i base what i want to ship on cold hard chemistry. the whole reason i started watching DWTS was for beth and janel, bc i am a motavator aswell as a huge pll fan. i did not sign up for becoming madly obsessed with these ships until i saw the beauty of janelskiy. the fact that they fit together like puzzle pieces, they are very different, and just their body language makes me fall in love with them everyday. the thing that REALLY took the cake for me was when janel switched partners. janel says things like “I’m not thinking of val, I’m not thinking of val, I’m not thinking of val… ok I’m thinking of val” when her and artem were getting down and dirty just… and when val punched the wall when he saw part of their routine (he also didn’t know the camera was on him) not to mention the heart to heart after just EUGHHH! they calm each other down and love each other so much and i just want that. just seeing them in public acting the same way makes me swoon, because face it, val is a dancer and a damn good one, therefore he can easily turn on the chemistry in the dance, but the chemistry in public is whats hard! ok so val and zendaya are more like a brotherly/sisterly type of love. i just don’t feel the chemistry. trust me! i test a lll the ships, because deciding on an OTP is hard! i just don’t really see it. i love Z and its nothing against her! or valdaya shippers! i just don’t ship it! 

julesmind  asked:

as much as i want to believe that z is free to do and say what he wants, that interview showed just how controlled he is by management. why put half of your former fandom against you, if you know those are the ones who are going to rush to the store and make your 1st solo album successful? my automatic answer: they need the attention focused on him now, they need to keep him at the top while 1d "chills" for a bit (is that even possible??). idek why i get angry at this point. hope you're ok bb xo

Hey dear. I’m fine, thanks.

Realistically this isn’t how Zayn would relaunch his career. Talking about shipping?? And not talking to his bandmate for months? And being Muslim-lite? Honestly, why would he go there? Even if he’d actually have said all those things, why did his team let it go to print? It doesn’t make sense.