ok now what do i do with my life

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Five things you’ll find in my bag: makeup bag, wallet, phone, phone cord and candy lol.

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom: so many video games and movies, painting of the guardian soul keyblade by @castleoblivions, the cute little keychains of kh characters, my collection of dreamcatchers, and this little butterfly led light i have on my window.

Five things I want to do with my life: get a studio space, find that special someone, own kh3 ok and idk what else.

Five things I’m into right now: kingdom hearts, horizon zero dawn, final fantasy xv, phineas and ferb lol, and say yes to the dress.

Five things on my to-do-list: meet the pretty boy band one day (@yunalesca @gladiolvs @tinyienzo @tinyshoopuf), meet @castleoblivions, a lot of giffing shit and aesthetics.

Five things people may not know about me: i’ve never broken a bone in my body, i stepped on a nail years ago, i got attacked by a dog just before i graduated (i still remember the horror and dread i felt when they said i might have to get the rabies shots because the owner refused to show us the dog had all their shots. thankfully i didnt have to), i cry really easily and i always feel like i’m alone and that my friends dont like me.

not gonna tag anyone i’m lame ok

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Now I'm really sad it's almost the end of the promotions, when they go on their world tour I'll be left all alone, dwelling on past mistakes, and feeling like shit again. I don't even know what I'm doing with my life, if it wasn't for BTS I would be gone by now

Ohhh no don’t think that even if they will go on tour they will post on twitter and on fancafe and post videos on youtube you will not even think they are in tour trust me

I can’t tell you things will be ok i  can just tell you that you are a warrior if you survived till now you can do anything.. … we are so focused on knowing exactly what to do in life and we forget the fact that life is not about that… you don’t really need to do anything just breathe … look outside lately i’ve been feeling even worse than i do on a daily basis so i look up at the sky or go for a walk (the weather here was really nice) so i went out…you are never alone you actually have yourself ..i am not there yet i hate myself with my entire being but i am trying to actually be better and when you will feel good about being just with you than nothing will matter anymore

i am sorry hahaha for this little rant 

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“when you feel like giving up, remember who you’re doing it for.”

I think we all need this after episode 11 and the upcoming episode 12. ಥ_ಥ I’m in denial that yoi is ending ok? let me weep in peace 

(also for anyone who’s tired/stressed out in life)


Yuuri definitely has the Viktor one plastered to his wall, nothing can make me think otherwise.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m Yours

Summary:  Post Season 1, everyone is okay, but they come back one by one, or in Lance and Hunk’s case, in a pair. Shiro and Keith get split up and Keith is the last one to make it back and hugs the life out of Lance when he finally makes it back.

Word Count: 3536

Notes: Ok, if you don’t know, the song is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. And the scene comes from a piece of art by @thesearchingastronaut and seriously, give them a follow, their art is amazing guys! Leave a comment and some kudos and I’ll love you forever, hope all of you enjoyed!

On AO3

Honestly, everything could fall apart right now and Lance wouldn’t care. They were all alive and just…everything was okay. Shiro was still with them, Pidge was no longer alone, and he had just spent another month alone with Hunk while they found their way back. And Keith?


Lance found himself grinning ear-to-ear thinking about the hug that Keith crushed him in as soon as he exited his lion. Like, it was a long time ago that Lance came to terms with his feelings for Keith (even with the mullet) and okay, this was a mature decision for him, but he decided to wait for Keith. That month with Hunk turned into some kind of confession, a month long confession.

Hunk wouldn’t leave him alone about how Lance, who challenged Keith to damn near everything, had an irrevocable crush on the guy. Hello? Did anyone see the way Shiro was upset about Allura? Lance couldn’t take it anymore.

But when Keith came running at him nearly squeezed the life out of him, Lance melted. He hugged Keith back with just as much force, Keith had only held on more.

“It’s good to have you back, Keith,” Lance muttered.

“I…I thought I lost you guys forever…” Keith’s hands were clawing at his shirt. Lance and Hunk were the second pair to make it back to the castle, right after Pidge. Both Pidge and Hunk came up with a pretty ingenious way on how to find the castle again, Lance was lucky to be with Hunk, or else he would still be flying around searching.

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Hi! Firstly I love you and your studyblr. You are a life saver muah 💋. Ok so HELP ME! I have my mocks right around the corner and i haven't done anything and i still don't feel motivated. I don't wanna fail. I have to complete a lot of stuff so how do i do that quickly. Any tips?🙃😶❤️

Thank you so much for the compliments! You have no idea how happy you’ve made me now! As stupid as I am i had to google what mocks are (I’m ashamed of myself ehh), so I’m not a pro but I’ll try to give some advice:

active learning

For god’s sake please don’t just skim through the textbooks over and over again, it’s ridiculous and time-consuming. In the end the information won’t even stick to your brain, so don’t passively read and highlight, you are just wasting your time. Instead opt for active learning methods:

  • read and make your own notes
    ps. don’t just write down exactly like they are written in the textbooks, formulate them with your own words, and make them as compact as possible
  • research on the topics online; google is truly my bff if i want to go in-depth/don’t understand a topic
  • watch documentaries and youtube videos!! seriously the videos give you so much more simplified information in a short time!!
  • discuss the topics with your friends or mutuals who also are studying for mocks! 


Don’t study too much on your stronger areas, again you’re just wasting your time doing so. Focus on your weaker areas like e.g. math, chemistry, english lit(seems to be the subjects people have the most troubles with?). 

I would also suggest your to learn the basics properly first! Like why would you proceed to more complicated topics and manage them if you don’t handle the basics? I mean you’d be just wasting your time once again.

time management

Make a schedule for your studying! Collect all your study materials and try to calculate how much time you have left for your exams, choose the subjects you are going to focus more on and plan your times until the D-day. But please don’t be too optimistic and think you can handle studying 6 chapters of math and 5 chapters of chemistry in one day, that’s unrealistic. 

Also don’t think you can study 4 hours in one sitting and actually learn something, the information won’t “stick” you know? Maybe study for 30 minutes and then quickly revise for 5 minutes and go to the bathroom or down to the kitchen to fetch something to snack on! Repeat this maybe 3-4 times and take a long break where you meet friends or do something fun. Later that day you can study again but maybe not for so long as earlier!

Studying is important but don’t forget to live your life too!

studying shouldn’t be taking over your life

“Grades are important” 
“My parents are going to kill me”
”I’m such a failure”

Education is important, i agree, but unfortunately many students are studying under pressure. They have parents who demand good grades and want their children to study in a overly fancy university, or they are the students themselves who are the ones who except too much. An A and an A* would be amazing to get but for fuck’s sake B’s and C’s are good too. You shouldn’t be studying 24/7, even though the mocks are around the corner. Sleep, eat healthily, read books, spend a night watching Netflix even tho the books are waiting for you, exercise, do something stupid, procrastinate; don’t try to be an over achiever, be a human.

Eve Bennett has amazing tips for taking and studying for exams on her revision channel
I’ve hear great things about Christopher Thornton who explain’s common topics on his youtube channel

There a plenty of videos on youtube, just google a subject and insert “revision” and tons of videos will pop up!

I hope these helped you, or someone else, in some way!

Ok, but this scene , when we first watched it, we thought she was just a little psychopath teasing Sherlock by her little song, but now that we know what the song really means do you realize how painful this is? 

She wasn’t messing with Sherlock, She was asking for  h e l p

“I am lost, help me brother
 save my life
 before my doom I am
 lost without your love save
 my soul seek my room”

She was begging for Sherlock to save her soul

do you see what i do?

summary: Shiro has pretty clear intentions; Allura clearly has no idea what’s going on. Or, The 5 times Allura was completely oblivious to Shiro’s crush, and the one time she wasn’t.
notes: shallura hell is reading all the fics on tumblr/ao3 3 times and still not being satisfied so you have to write your own



The original mission objective was to liberate the small planet from a tyrannical government–which, at first, just seemed to be a normal level of corrupt, but after some digging they discovered Galra influences as the driving force behind it all. Some rich, lucky power-monger had discovered he could save his own skin but selling out his people.

Shiro kept a pretty short list of things he hated, but sellouts definitely made it on to it.

Liberating such a small planet surely wouldn’t attract too much Galra attention, and at the least it would just be a thorn in Zarkon’s side. Personally, Shiro would rather put a spear, or a handful of blaster bolts into said side, but beggars can’t be choosers.

They didn’t really go into it with a plan; at least, Shiro didn’t. The esteemed princess of Altea, however, got a certain gleam in her eye that sent shivers down his spine. Terrifying and powerful was a good luck on her. (Technically, everything was a good look on her, but that was more because Shiro tended to look at her as if she hung the stars than anything else.)

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Donnie & Mortia
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Location:</b> Central Park<p/><b></b> A teenage girl with dark hair and dark clothes is sitting on a bench alone. A teenage boy with dark clothes and a beanie walks up to the bench and sits down. He's carrying a grocery bag.<p/><b>Donnie:</b> (nods) Hey!<p/><b>Mortia:</b> Hey!<p/><b>Donnie:</b> I'm Donnie. Donnie Barnes.<p/><b>Mortia:</b> (dramatic) Mortia M Black.<p/><b>Donnie:</b> What's the M stand for?<p/><b>Mortia:</b> Mortia.<p/><b>Donnie:</b> That's cool.<p/><b></b> Donnie sees a tattoo on Mortia's arm.<p/><b>Donnie:</b> Awesome tattoo. What does it say?<p/><b>Mortia:</b> Life is what we do between nothings.<p/><b>Donnie:</b> That's deep.<p/><b>Mortia:</b> You get me. Now I'll like to be alone.<p/><b>Donnie:</b> Ok. I have to cause mischief now anyway.<p/><b>Mortia:</b> Mischief? What kind of mischief?<p/><b>Donnie:</b> I'm going to vandalized my history teacher's car.<p/><b>Mortia:</b> Do you need help?<p/><b>Donnie:</b> Didn't you want to be alone?<p/><b>Mortia:</b> (dramatic) Don't we all want to be alone?<p/><b>Donnie:</b> No.<p/><b>Mortia:</b> Let's go.<p/><b>Location:</b> Matthews's Apartment Building.<p/><b></b> Donnie takes the shaving cream, toilet paper, and eggs out of the bag. He hands the items to Mortia. They start spraying shaving cream all over the car. A man comes out of the apartment building.<p/><b>Cory:</b> What are you doing to my car?<p/><b></b> He recognizes the two culprits.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Oh, it's you two.<p/><b></b> Donnie and Mortia ignore him and keep vandalizing his car.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Stop it!<p/><b></b> They don't listen.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Are you guys even listening?<p/><b>Mortia:</b> Words are meaningless sounds.<p/><b>Cory:</b> That's does it. You're in trouble.<p/><b></b> Donnie and Mortia look at each other and smile.<p/><b>Donnie:</b> Are you thinking what I'm thinking?<p/><b>Mortia:</b> If it's causing more trouble, then yes.<p/><b></b> Donnie and Mortia pick up the eggs and toilet paper and walk closer to Cory.<p/><b>Cory:</b> (panicking) Guys, what are you doing?<p/><b>Location:</b> Matthews's Apartment.<p/><b></b> 10 minutes later.<p/><b></b> Topanga is sitting on the couch reading a book. Cory hops in, covered in toilet paper and egg yolk.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Hi honey.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> What happened to you?<p/><b>Cory:</b> I got attacked.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> By who?<p/><b>Cory:</b> Those two hooligans.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Riley and Farkle did this to you?<p/><b>Cory:</b> I'm starting to regret letting them become their alter egos once a month.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> They really went to town on you.<p/><b>Cory:</b> Tell me about it.<p/><b></b> Cory hops to the window and sees Donnie and Mortia making out on his car.<p/><b>Cory:</b> That does it. I was ok with them having teenage angst, but I draw the line with them making out on my car. I'm putting a stop to this.<p/><b></b> Cory starts hopping and trips over the step and falls face first on the floor. Topanga rushes to Cory.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Are you ok honey?<p/><b>Cory:</b> Just leave me here to die. I had a good life.<p/><b>Topanga:</b> Wow this family's dramatic.<p/><b></b> Topanga walks into a different room.<p/><b>Cory:</b> You're just going to leave me here? Help, I'm falling and I can't get up. Topanga?<p/><b></b> She doesn't come.<p/><b>Cory:</b> The egg yolk is going into places yolk should never go. TOPANGA!<p/><b></b> The end.<p/></p><p/></p>
Stages of therapy

1. Can you the therapist make being here bearable enough that I stay in this room the full 50 minutes and don’t bolt out of that door right now?

2. Read this thing I wrote but don’t talk about it mention it or acknowledge that you know it

3. Ok you can ask me some simple questions but give me multiple choice answers to choose from

4. I’ll talk about feelings oops you said feelings my brain has frozen

5. Dear therapist you are the most important person and I want to tell you everything about my life and then I want to move into your house and live under your desk

6. Right. Ok. Let’s do this. What do I want to WORK on in therapy despite the discomfort because I am finally realising you are a safe person and this is a safe place

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*hughughug* I've had some of the exact same friendship things. I'm so sorry. Do you have a drink of water handy? <3

I do. I’m drinking water and hugging a red panda plushy. It hurts like an ache. I was tagging her in things hoping for some kind of connection and it’s like I lost a part of myself months ago but I didn’t really realise it until today and my heart is broken.

I guess I know why she never mentioned the presents I sent now.

I know I’ll eventually be ok and I’ll look back on what she added to my life and just be… Ok. But that’s a while off I think, I used to have a big kind of… Queerplatonic, I think is the word? Some kind of crush but not crush… It was a complex friendship, or I thought it was. I’ll always love her and wish her the best. O guess we both changed.

Thank you for being so nice to me, and any others that have been nice to me during my mini meltdown. I don’t lose friends easily.

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Hey, I know it really isn't my place to try and convince you not to feel bad about something and act like I know what is best, but hear me out. That moment that it hits you that you are doing something that involves actual real life people can make you feel horrible. But when you realize it, don't beat yourself up about it. You feel now that doing it is wrong and disgusting, but thats ok! You aren't going to do it anymore! So leave that stuff behind and make stuff you, and them would be proud of

I’m… not doing anything involving real people?

[ Ok, the moment passed. Now I can go back to concentrate on What’s Really Important and stop fucking care about the opinions of people that aren’t even useful to me and that I care about or some bullshit? What do they had ever do for me, anyway? Except for defending me.  And getting me cool presents.  And making me grow as a person. And brinding me inmense joy.
Exactly, nothing, they didn’t contribute in anything in my life in any way. 

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22, 18, and 54

Ok girl you do realise now that you’ve sent this I want to know all about you (evil laugh).

22. description of crush.
My crush would have to be super romantic, and super in tune with what I’m feeling/thinking. Ugh no I can’t not say it because IT’S RHYS. OK. BYE.

18. do you miss how things were a year ago?
A year ago I was forcing myself to finish my degree in Architecture and I was only doing it because people thought I was amazing because of it? That’s not how you should live your life trying to please other people am I right? So do whatever makes you HAPPY!

54. something thats worrying me at the moment
Ok baby girl, this is so dumb but I’m house sitting right now and the owners left a note to “water their (HUGE) garden.” And that’s it. AND OH MY FUCK I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Like how long do I have to leave the sprinklers on? When do I do it? Do I pet them lovingly?????? I DON’T HAVE A GREEN THUMB help



Ok so I have changed this tumblr url to hollythewatchdog.

As you may know I have two watchdog oc’s but I still haven’t really figured out what I want to do with Victor (my second oc). So I am making this blog to be about Holly (my first oc) because she is the one I have developed the most and the one I enjoy using. If I receive any asks or drawing prompts for Victor I will bring him out. For now just imagine he is doing his own thing and enjoying life. I will probably bring him out for rp’s when I need him. Sorry for the sudden change and any inconvenience to my followers.

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I know I am in the minority but I'm totally fed up with Paddy. Aaron needs to have a "come to Jesus" conversation with that man. Either accept Robert or no longer be a part of Aaron's life. At some point Aaron has to stand by Robert and let Paddy know that the past is the past and if Paddy wants to remain in Aaron's life he knows what he has to do. Paddy gets no more passes from me. He's been back for 6mo now and can see how tight the boys are. Now Paddy is just being childish and selfish,

Hey anon!!!

By no means do I think you’re in the minority here (not from the looks of my dash anyway haha) - it’s ok.

The thing is (the thing is I’m really really biased when it comes to Paddy and Aaron and Paddy’s relationship), the thing is I don’t think Paddy has seen enough of Robert and Aaron’s relationship. At all. He’s stayed well out of it.

I always yell about how they need to fix Aaron and Paddy because Paddy hasn’t really regained the part he had in Aaron’s life since they fell out last year.

I do think that ultimately, Paddy needs to accept that Robert isn’t going anywhere if he wants to stay in Aaron’s life, because Aaron is a grown adult and they’re going to be married and honestly, Robert clearly isn’t going anywhere - but Paddy hasn’t accepted that yet -

and it’s not a bad thing that he hasn’t, and it’s certainly not unreasonable

and in fact it’s great, because if he was fine with it, we’d just have to assume that either Paddy has accepted it off-screen, or he doesn’t care enough about Aaron for it to make a difference to him either way

but Paddy hasn’t accepted it and they need to have those scenes, Paddy and Aaron, they need to have that conversation, because they haven’t - and also to push Aaron into saying explicitly, “i love him and if you love me you’ll accept that I’ve chosen to spend my life with him”

(and I say this all as someone who has been and still is the Paddy in a similar, although way less soapy, situation with a very very close family member - it’s the worst lmao but u gotta do difficult and unpleasant things sometimes, for the happiness of the people you love)

So yeah, I’m not annoyed at Paddy. I’m mostly just grateful that they wanted to tell this part of the story tbh, because it’s long, long overdue

(even tho I don’t think I’m gonna get everything I’m looking for in those scenes, it’s a least a damn start)

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nickname: meg, megn, though ngl every time a friend refers to me as “memelord” i gain two years of life

star sign: cancer

height: 5′5.5″ (the half is very important ok)

favourite music artist: hhhh i dont often stick with any one musician for very long but ive liked panic! at the disco for a good long time now

last tv show you watched: most likely jojo

what kind of stuff do you post: jojo, memes, lil bit of voltron/zelda/fire emblem.. whatever im into at the moment

do you have any other blogs: yeah ive got an art blog (largely inactive now cuz im too embarrassed to post anything rip), a jojo blog, and my meticulously organized and tagged valentines stash blog


hogwarts house: look. pottermore and every single internet test keeps putting me in ravenclaw. and i see where theyre coming from but hear me out. slytherin calls to me.

pokemon team: mystic!!!!

favourite color: blue

how many blankets do you sleep with:  a sheet in the summer, but right now i have two blankets and a comforter. very snug and warm -v-

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followers: 153 (how many of those are porn bots? only god himself knows)

20 blogs im tagging: i like to play by the rules as much as the next man but lbr i dont think ive even met twenty people in my whole goddamn life. true story. ill still try but you know how it is

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