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I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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The only thing on my mind today was Andrew Minyard and his mocking salute.
It’s super shaky, messy, and rough and the quality sucks sooo bad (I’m sincerely sorry for that, I had insane trouble with the size and resizing, it’s super annoying plus tumblr loves to screw the quality) but anyway.
Now I really wanna animate a few scenes from the books (will only take a life time but whatevs, do I have something better to do with my life ? Yes definitely..but do I care? No.). Also, thank you for 200 followers and welcome to the fandom who ever just discovered it!!


I made this for my own amusement and entertainment.
Of course tomorrow the place will be plastered with better quality captures, but for tonight, whoever need this, feast your eyes on freshly Misha Collins pictures.
Even in low resolution this man is killing me.
Now, the mandatory cold shower after the manipulation of Misha… Pictures.
Ok bye

my favourite fox

Sf9 When They Find Out They’re Not Your Original Bias

Inseong: “That’s hilarious, of course I’m your ultimate bias right?” He would ask until he sees that you’re being serious. Probably wouldn’t get too upset about it but he’d be shooked and would ask a shiton of questions on what made you like the ex bias before and would probably try to display those same qualities in him later on smh. If you’re ex bias in sf9 was Taeyang, he’d try to be as sexy and dance better for you. “Babe, look at my body wave, I’ve perfected it oh yeah~so sexy~.” and your just like ppftt okay sweetie. God, catch him just trying to be more sexier on tv and everyone just like “is he feeling ok?..”

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Youngbin: Wouldn’t mind too much about it. “I mean if Rowoon was your bias before, that’s ok with me babe as long as I’m your ultimate bias now.” And that’s what he would say to you out loud but whenever your’re not there and he’s with just the other members including Rowoon, he’d stare at Rowoon for a longass time. (and I mean just stare) until Rowoon would get uncomfortable and would be like hyung why are you looking at me and Youngbin would just smile and be like “I’m trying to figure out what about you attracted Y/N in the beginning..” Was that shade the world may never know Whenever you’re with them youngbin will highkey try to up his game, trying to look more cool and battle to get your attention (even tho he’s already dating you) and Rowoon who already realized why Youngin’s acting like this from day 1 would just be like omg, is he still really acting like this.

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Rowoon: Wouldn’t let it hurt him even though it’s sort in the back of his mind whenever he see the member. “Zuhos was your original bias? ..Say no more, as long as I’m the only and only ultimate bias now, thats all that matters.

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But deadass would be so petty and just bully your ex bias for like week till he gets over it.

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Dawon: Having that knowledge engraved into him some days, he would either not care at all about it or be super duper salty and petty there is no in between

“Jaeyoon? HAHA iTS ALL GOOD I DONT CARE i mean why should I be mad there no reason to be jealous I’m actually gucci babe.”

*NEXT day*

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Zuho: “….You used to stan Youngbin as your ult? So You didn’t fall in love with me at first? Was I even on your mind when you first met all of us, I fell in love with you from the beginning though and yet I wasn’t even your first original bias..*sigh*

“Zuho are you actually this upset what..” Legit he really isn’t and is just teasing you but you’ll never know. Whenever you’re with sf9 and you coincidentally end up standing next to Youngbin or something, he’ll mess with u again and pretend to be sad like ‘sigh and there she goes again’

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Taeyang: “It’s cool, you cool, we cool baby.” But nah NAH, this guy is the most jealous and pettiest of them all. 

Hwiyoung: Oh hey y/n hows ur da-


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Jaeyoon: All smiley and is like “pftt u kidding me, why do you have to even tell me, it’s not like the past matters bby” But in actuality, he’s already got this thing handled.

 “So as you know, y/n used to bias you but ofc you know what you are obligated to do right or should hyung repeat it again for you.”

Chani: yes yes i know, to act as unattractive and uncool as possible in front of y/n”

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Hwiyoung: Downright Offended. “So the other day y/n told me i wasn’t her original bias and Dawon was.,Does that make any sense? Dawon? Like, I can maybe understand it if she had said Rowoon or something, but dawon?” (About to get a flying kick by Dawon right after but the boy’s not gonna let that stop him from speaking his petty mind)

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Chani: Is a swave and chill guy most of the time but to know that he wasn’t your first bias and Inseong the awkward uncle was? Now that’s just ridiculous to him. Wouldn’t let it get to him tho but the other members and Inseong wouldn’t let him live about it especially Inseong who would mention it until Chani goes legit crazy

Inseong: Hey Hey it’s ok it’s not like you’ll ever be good as me in y/n eyes it’s just the truth of life little one

Chani: I- *explodes*

Inseong: shhh shh let’s just keep it moving

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A tiger dies and leaves his skin, a man dies and leaves his name.

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“With you here, I feel a lot better and at ease.”

ok so y'all probably know by now that i’m obsessed with romanian and i could go on for pages and pages writing about all the stuff i love about it, but i won’t subject you to that, so instead have something i found hilarious:

the word for “ox” is “bou”

which means that “oxen” is “boi”

(enjoy that comically poor-quality meme, took me like 15 minutes to make lmao)

this also means that “the oxen” is “boii”, which is even better XD

Making patches

I see a lot of people asking others how to make patches, and I see that most of the replies are usually to just use some acrylics and paint your own. This is a totally awesome method, and one that I have used myself, but I rarely see anyone talking about screenprinting as an option. I imagine that part of this is partly due to the material requirements making it seem cost prohibitive, and that it seems like a whole new art form to learn with a bunch of weird chemicals and processes. Because of this I’d just like to take a moment to let folk why screenprinting is both rad as fuck, super easy (if time consuming), and maybe a better fit for what you want.

I started making tshirts and patches in high school by drawing on rags with sharpie, but never really liked how that looked in the end, I was still broke as fuck though and wanted a cheaper alternative than buying from a shop. I also had moral issues with buying band merch not directly from the band, but that’s a different rant/conversation. Anyway, onward after the break!

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the space between stars: chapter four ≡ 

“The team needs you as much as it needs me! I need—” He stopped short, his breath tight and controlled as he looked at the floor, and then up at her, his hands still curled into fists, but more composed now. “Look, Allura, I know that you’re skeptical that this lead will actually lead to anything. But it’s the first one I’ve ever gotten. I need—I want to know, whatever I can. You know better than anyone else what it’s like to wake up and have nothing but missing blanks. This is my chance to maybe fill in one of those blanks. Please…

Allura’s eyes softened, even if her frown deepened. “We’ll see where it goes,” she relented. “And as for the Black Lion, we will… figure out what to do when the time comes. For now, everyone should be resting. You especially.” She slowly walked up to him, and just as she started to pass him, she paused by his side, and placed a hand on his shoulder, where metal met flesh. He was warm and cold to her touch. “And Shiro…” her voice was almost gentle now. “I do not want you to be too disappointed if this does not turn out the way you wish. The Galra play many games with the mind.”

He conjured up the image of the witch, impersonating the worst of himself, and then blinked it away from his mind’s eye. “I know.

human! cath と chastiefol

can you believe it’s been more than a year?

Oh for the love of cup noodle

So my son and I were discussing ffxv headcanons and he asked why Gladio liked Cup Noodles so much especially since a rich boy like him could afford better (though he can also order a lot of Cup Noodle). So here’s the headcanon I presented him:

In his younger years, when Clarus took Gladio camping, he refused to glamp it. No RV. No renting cabins. It was just them and their sleeping bags and mother nature. There’s a lot of practical reasons to do this with Gladio outside of just doing father-son bonding. As the king’s shield, Gladio most likely would follow Noctis to war like Clarus did with Regis. War does not care if you are nobility. In the field, you are just a man facing not only the enemy but the elements as well. You can’t bring a wishlist of supplies. Just what you need and even with that you may run out or lose supplies. So roughing it really exposes you to such a reality. They not only went camping, but also trained and hiked until their feet were blistered. This really put things into perspective and thus grew up understanding the importance of having survival skills.

Now Cup Noodle is not only cheap but it’s nonperishable. It lasts and all you need is a kettle of water to boil. Wait a few minutes and you have a meal. Add meat and peas that you can get from the land and you have extra nutrients. For an added bonus the little flavor packs are a lot better than the standard issue MRE (ok for those you don’t know, these are meals ready to eat - freeze dried or dehydrated meals…I actually got to try these and I didn’t like it though thst wss in the 90s…perhaps the quality has improved, idk).

The taste of Cup Noodle is nostalgic for Gladio. While he genuinely likes the cheap ramen it also reminds him of the times he spent with his father. After Clarus’s death, Gladio feels closest to him when he sits by the campfire, sipping on the hot broth.