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It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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You actually think you're a better writer than Jason and the rest of the writers? Clexas really have gone to delusional level now.

OK anonymous stranger on the internet super qualified to judge writing quality. Do I believe it? Let me tell you something…if they kidnapped us, put us both in a room, told us to write something to save our lives, and that they were going to shoot the worst writer of the two I promise you that by the end of the day I’d have convinced them to shoot him not just once, but twice.


Partners in crime.  | for @julietta-gg  ♥


a very flattering thumbnail hello

ok so i was tagged to do the accent tag by @aigustd and @jimintensify i think :DDD they tagged me like 3 months ago and here it is now. better late than never. had to upload it on youtube bc it was too big for tumblr. also i’m Extra so instead of just recording my voice i decided to FILM MYSELF SPEAKING bc i’m as Extra as shinee ok cool. love the low quality of webcams. really hides my ugly

i’m tagging @itsequality, @moonjjongie, @kvths, @rosymyg, @agustdia, @flowerkibum, @acebytaemin, @sugasboy, @junglecork, @nugutaegi, @ffsnamjoon, @spacetaemin, @lacrimaex, @godsavemefrombts, @minhollydays 

here r the questions:

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Did a draw the squad thing with Ayano, Osana, and Taro.
Osana came out so nice.
Ok, so, Ayano is wearing red and black because @pirran-p drew her in Harley Quinn’s outfit so now whenever I see her I can’t help but think of Harley. She also has pink eyes because @type-silber said Ayano with pink eyes and I fell in love.
Taro has blue eyes cause I like Taro with blue eyes.
And lastly osana looks like that because I like dark skin, freckles, and blue eyes and there needs to be more skin color diversity in yansim.

Btw if you’re on mobile please click on the image for better quality 💕

based on @creamycomet​ ‘s Bokumachi fanfic Reconciliation Chapter 11

When I was thinking what to draw for this fic this is the first thing popped into my head.  Where Yashiro is obviously disturbed by the couple (especially Kenya. 

i love this fic so much but Yashiro is so scary right now I need Kenya (つД∩)

earth calling team sawaya

Okay so here a little information post.
I will upload from now on only doodles I guess and I won’t be much active anymore. I have double shift at work again that means I work 10 hrs come home for 2 and went to my other shift for 8-10 hrs. I don’t want the Midd Blog to die so I will upload sketchy art, I hope thats ok. (I feel bad cause everyone told me how they like my art and  now I can’t even post some quality hah)

The thing is that I want to reach a certain point in the plot, and then go back to past and biggering time. I want to show these events since 2015/2016 and I didnt come to the point yet, so im frustrated I won’t move on. I thought its better to just sketch the plot down instead to let it die or draw better art but finish it like in….2020?? -LAUGHS-

Yeah so bear with me. Everyone who expect quality art from me can unfollow me now o–<–<

BTS as Family Pt.3 "Shopping"
  • A/N: Other parts are on my masterlist.
  • Jin: Ok my sad-excuse-for-a-family, we're all going to spend quality time together. So we're going shopping!
  • BTS: *ignoring Jin*
  • Jin: Ahem... I said, we're going shopping!
  • BTS: *still ignoring Jin*
  • BTS: *scramble to car*
  • - @ the store -
  • JungKook: I want to sit in the cart mommy!
  • Jin: Ok baby *lifts up JungKook*
  • Jimin: I want to get in too mommy!
  • Jin: Boy you're 7 stfu.
  • Jimin: *crying, makes RM carry him*
  • Hobi: I'm going to the pharmacy section.
  • Jin: Why?
  • Hobi: So I can cure all the sick people with my godliness *heavenly lights shine on him* I'll also save them money on the medicine. *more heavenly lights*
  • Suga: Uh-huh, sure weido now stop people are staring.
  • Hobi: Let them stare for I am- *gets knocked out my Suga*
  • Suga: I SAID STOP!
  • Jin: *moves kids away* Ok children nothing to see here.
  • RM: Honey can we go down the condiment aisle?
  • Jin: Why we have enough condiments @ home.
  • RM: Yeah but Jimin says he wants to get some jams.
  • Jin: *stares narrow-eyed at Jimin*
  • Jimin: Daddy, mommy's scaring me again. *burries face into RM's shoulder*
  • Jin: Where's Taehyung?
  • JungKook: He said he was going down the ice cream aisle, because that's what his kind eat.
  • Jin: Namjoon go get your child.
  • RM: Don't you mean "our" child?
  • Jin: No I mean YOUR child. This is my baby *points @ JungKook*
  • - 5 mins later -
  • V: I don't understand why I can't just go and live on my home planet.
  • Jin: Because I said so, now JungKook baby get out the cart so I can-
  • JungKook: No.
  • Jin: What did you just say?
  • JungKook: I said no mommy. Are you deaf?
  • Jin: Boy you better-
  • Police: Ma'am is this your child? *holds up V* We found him in the dairy aisle eating ice cream without paying for it.
  • Jimin: Yeah we know him! That's my little bro-
  • Jin: NOPE! I have never seen that kid in my life.
  • V: But mommy I-
  • Jin: Maybe you should find his real parents.
  • Police: *drag V away*
  • RM: Why did you do that?
  • Jin: Because he's technically not my son, only JungKook is.
  • RM: *facepalm*
Why I’m OK With Being Single For a While

You know what, now that I’m starting to see the relationship patterns of this generation, I’m starting to realize how significant it is to spend some time truly being single and not seeking anything or anyone out. 

I think the most important part of being single is the fact that it is better to be alone than with the wrong person. 

It is hard as hell feeling like no one else in this world understands you. But it is worth it to wait until you find the right quality person to dedicate yourself to.


“Sardines, of course!”

(Mod: Sorry for poor quality, I wanna try and get through the intro before Halloween is over! <|D; Rest assured when I slow down it will look better but for now, thank you @ask-sonatadusk and @ask-treats-sweets for responding first to the new blog, and I hope it was ok to draw your characters and hope I did them well! If you want it taken down just let me know! )

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Do you have any advice about opposed vs unopposed family medicine programs? I've heard that unopposed can be better to train in, as you get more exposure to procedures without competition from other residents, etc. But I've also heard that some faculty in some unopposed programs are just not that into teaching or evidence based medicine (and it would be better to go to a university based program for that). How did you and others you know choose? Thanks for your advice!


Ok, if you plan on doing community care family medicine, not academic or research based, do an unopposed program. Seriously. University vs. non-university affiliated and size of city don’t so much matter. There are unopposed programs in big cities (though the really complex stuff is usually redirected to nearby tertiary care centers). Now the quality of teaching will vary program to program, so it’s important to do some away rotations at your top 2 or 3 programs to see what they’re like. 

When I did an away at the program I ended up matching at (community based), I was blown away at how much better the teaching was in quality and evidence than at my large, university-based, med school affiliated family medicine program. 

The family med program at my med school was terrible. TERRIBLE. They were always last in line for deliveries or good peds admits because there were OB and Peds residents who needed to get their “numbers” first. They got crappy internal medicine admissions from the ER because the complicated or interesting things went to the internal medicine residents. They had bare bones critical care training. They attracted poor quality residents despite actually having some really great faculty. Now that may just be my program, but I’ve heard this a lot from university based opposed programs. 

EVERY program I applied to was unopposed. All fifteen. 

Here’s some things for you to ponder with any family medicine program:

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