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Out of our two dancers, I feel like Rin’s probably the one that comes up with the meme worthy choreography that gets super popular when their MVs come out and basically anyone who’s anyone has seen the dance and done it and

Eli just has to stay strong

Call me James (Dom!Bucky Barnes x Sub!Reader)

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hi hi Can i request a Dom!Bucky or Dom!Steve or both and insecure!Sub!reader with some smut action please please?

  • Words:  1.762
  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Warnings: HEAVY SMUT, HEAVY SWEARING, dom x submissive
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/L/N) is your last name, (Y/E/C) is your eye color and (Y/H/L) is your hair length, (Y/H/C) is your hair color, (Y/F/B) is your favorite band, (Y/L/F/Bra) is your least favorite bra.

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You and Bucky were best friends… The kind of best friends that thought “sex makes a friendship stronger”, and for you, it had worked like that; none of you wanted to ruin the friendship. You loved how he made you feel; desired and wanted, but when sex was over… You just felt like you normally did, insecure, and all those beautiful feelings were gone. Bucky kept saying you were gorgeous, calling you “baby” or “babe” but you didn’t buy it, you couldn’t find a reason why a guy like him would have something with a woman like you, it just didn’t make sense in your mind. On the other side, Bucky was too afraid of asking you if you wanted to be in a proper relationship, he cared too much about you to lose you in any way. He loved you, and sex was just they way of showing it to you.

One day, you were reading a book on how to cope with insecurities, it was definitely your least favorite topic but you thought that it might help you feel a little bit better; you were on Bucky’s room and he appeared through the bathroom door wearing nothing, not even a towel. His metal arm still had water drops on it, and with the sunlight that came through the big window behind his bed it, they seemed to be creating little rainbows. For the first time he blushed at the situation.

“(Y/N) make me a favor and announce yourself before appearing in my bedroom while I’m naked”
“Buck, is not like I haven’t seen you naked before. Although this is a good change, most of the time you’re all sweaty” you shrugged carelessly and kept on reading your book.
“What are you reading, smart pants?” he said looking for underwear in is drawer.
“I would describe it as how to cope your insecurities for dummies” you closed the book and left it on his night table “It could be worse”
“Why do you need to cope with that? I mean, when you and I have sex you’re nothing but insecure, I mean, most of the time you are under control” He pulled up a pair of black jeans that fitted him perfectly; it was tight on the right spots. You couldn’t help but to look at his crotch.
“It’s exactly because of that. Sex is the only aspect of my life I can control, it happens when I want, with who I want and the whole oxytocin thing helps a lot… But when I’m alone with my thoughts… I can’t control what goes on up here” you pointed your right temple “which makes me mad, sometimes is hard to shut down my brain”
“You should let yourself go, you’re not always going to control sex, and that may help you with being ok with not having control of everything around you” He gave you a sweet smile before sitting next to you in his bed “You don’t have to control everything, really” He made his index and middle finger walk from your hand all the way up to your shoulder, putting away your (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair and caressing the naked skin of your neck, sending shivers down your spine “Perhaps I shall take control this time” he said leaning forward to your neck and softly kissing it repeatedly.
“Bucky… No, don’t do this… Not like this” he hushed you as his metal arm ran down your other arm and then back to your waist. You could feel how he licked and nibbled your skin “Don’t leave hickeys p-please”
“Silence” he cooed “I’m in control for today. You might just like this” His lips moved to yours and he kissed you softly yet passionately; both his flesh and metal hand were on your waist, playing with the hem of your (Y/F/B) t-shirt, teasing you and your skin under the fabric. Bucky somehow made you melt under his touch; you didn’t know why or how, but no other guy made you feel like that.

His hands stopped the teasing and got to business, grabbing you tightly from under your clothing and moving all over your back. He bit your lower lip and licked it; you both made your tongues meet and swirl inside your mouth. Bucky broke the kiss just a little, just to look straight into your (Y/E/C) eyes.

“Bucky… Let me…” You said trying to catch your breath.
“Not this time baby, you’ll follow my lead today”

He straddled on top of you and held your hands to the wall, whenever you tried to move them, his grab got tighter. You thanked your lucky stars that he had perfect control of his metal arm. You, rubbing against his body, was an impossible thing to do, and he, rubbing against yours, made your core wetter. If he was having control of sex today, the least thing you could do was trying to control your body. He finally let go of your hands but only to grab them again after pulling your shirt away leaving you on your (Y/L/F/Bra), why did you decided to wear the ugliest one today was a thing you would never answer, but he didn’t mind, instead, he rubbed his naked chest against your not yet naked body. Your brain kept trying to hold back a moan, but it was only a matter of time until you or your body showed how you actually felt. He released you from his grip and you were not sure what came next; the fact that you didn’t have control of se right now was driving you nuts, but at the same time, it gave you a fuzzy feeling of safety; Bucky wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, or would he? He released your hands and stood up.

“Up” He demanded and you just had to do it. His silky voice sent shivers through all your body. “Good girl; now take them off” He pointed at your pants; you unmade the button and pulled them down. “Now take these ones off” He pointed at his own pants. “I’ll make things a little easier” He said while taking off his belt and leaving it on the bed.

You got on your knees (you knew, without a doubt, where he wanted to go) and unmade his button and pulled his jeans down; you took a look at the big bulge being held by his underwear. You had seen it before, but as you were being dominated, it was the first time you had seen it this close.

“Suck” You looked at him in surprise “I said, suck.” You nodded nervously and undiscovered his large shaft. You leaned forward to wrap his tip with your lips and you filled your mouth with his manhood. Moving back and forward, you felt how he grew bigger and heard him curse out loud. “Shit, oh-“He moaned trying to catch his breath. You kept sucking him and simulated him with your hands. “Fuck, (Y/N)!” You moved your head and hand faster, trying to make him reach his climax. “No s-stop! (Y/N)…” It was already too late, you mouth was dripping with his seed; you somehow had control again. “Ok, that was unfair, lady. On the bed, now.” You loved his control, but you hated that he was right. Your mind wasn’t obeying much anymore. You sat again on the bed and he laughed. “No, lay on the bed and spread your legs for me. This is for making me cum when I didn’t want to” He said pulling away your panties, you shivered under his touch. “Oh baby, you’re so wet, and perhaps a little sensitive, right?” He teased you by playing with your clit, you accidentally let out a moan; definitely, you had no control over your body anymore. “Very sensitive, baby”

Two of his flesh fingers slid inside your body, making you scream in pleasure, he pumped in and out as your breath escaped from your lungs. You tried so hard to push back all your moans, but Bucky was doing an excellent job with you.

“Bucky! Shit!”
“Oh no, you should call me James” He said swirling his expert fingers inside you, you arched your back uncontrollably as you tried to keep your mind straight “You are not allowed to call me Bucky tonight”

He furious pumping began again as you cursed his name loud enough so the whole city of New York could hear you. You lost the count on how many orgasms you had at that moment, but you were damn sure it was at least 2. He played with his mouth and his fingers and you just couldn’t help it anymore.

“OH FUUCK!!” You let out a scream that even scared Bucky a little. You shivered as you tried to catch your breath once again. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” You repeated quietly.
“Well, you just squirted on me, baby. Did it feel good?” You nodded because your mouth couldn’t produce a sound “Perfect, now turn around” You rolled over with you butt up “Baby, have I ever told you how much of a beautiful ass do you have?” He squeezed it and then smacked you.
“Bucky!” You scolded, he had one heavy hand.
“What did you call me?” Smack again.
“James, d-don’t spank m-me” You stuttered feeling your ass stinging “Please…”
“Oh, that’s better. But you’re not in control, I told you” He smacked your ass once more. He teased you with his shaft on your entrance, was he trying to make you beg for him? “Ok, so… what do we do now?”
“Fuck me, James” You begged in a low voice.
“Excuse me? I didn’t hear you?”
“Fuck me, James!” You screamed as he pushed his hips against your ass “Oh, fuck yes!”

He smacked you with his flesh hand and with the other he pulled your hair back, using it as reins. You kept your head up and with your back arched; he was taking full control. You didn’t take long to cum one, two, three times.

“Fuck me hard, James!”
“Oh, fuck yeah!” He gave one last thrust before coming undone inside you.

Your knees got weak making you fall onto the bed, Bucky laid beside you petting your (Y/H/C) hair, and giving you sweet kisses on your shoulders. You kept trying to catch your breath. Rolling over, you faced him and leaned to kiss his lips.

“Thank you James” You said breaking the kiss
“It was a pleasure” He winked at you and he leaned to kiss you one more time.

How To Get Away With Racism (HTGAWR)

Season 41 Episode 12: Why are PoC of Colour So Sensitive?

the hit show starring white hamilton fans !!! the next episode’s on tonight 8/7 EST but there are re-runs 24/7 !! tune in for an enlightening journey !!

with a special segment on understanding the “poc clique” - aka how to keep your racism lowkey enough to avoid getting called out for it, and now featuring sensational advice from a top expert in the field of blaming racism on your mental health !!

Your Touch, Your Words - Olicity Oneshot

Six months into their relationship, Oliver makes a proclamation that Felicity has a hard time believing. Established Olicity. Set after 2x23.

Your Touch, Your Words

She felt him approach her from behind long before she heard him, but his silent steps didn’t make her jump out of her skin as they would have a six months ago, Felicity having gotten used to Oliver’s rather wordless way of greeting her. Reaching her, he wound an arm over the front of torso, gently resting it against her collarbone, fingers on her shoulder, as he pulled her back into him. He dropped a kiss to her exposed throat, nuzzling it a bit before pressing his lips against her temple. Felicity turned just enough to smile at him, covering the fingers on her shoulder with her own.

“Hey you.” Oliver finally said, having finished with his little ritual as he wrapped his other arm around her waist, placing his free hand on her stomach, thumb moving up and down slowly, tantalizingly.

“Hey yourself. You got him?” She asked quietly, referring to another dangerous criminal they’d been after for the past week. Just your usual brand of murderous psychopath, Felicity found herself thinking. Oliver nodded at her, a light smirk appearing on his face.

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“I’m not Superman, so I can’t say anything big like I’ll protect everyone on earth. I’m not a modest guy who will say it’s enough if I can protect as many people as my two hands can handle either. I want to protect a mountain-load of people.”

                                                     15th of July ~ Happy birthday, Ichigo!