ok now m sleep

did this one 3 months ago as you can tell. uhhhhh,,, m rlly gotta sleep. but posting it here bc mm still proud of it. one of the best and only things ive finished all year. even though looking at it i can still find some mistakes i can change nowadays. ok but anyway for real i shall sleep

Anyone else have nightmares about stuff that never happened to them but otherwise would classify it as a trauma dream? Cuz I keep having nightmares of things that aren’t actually about what traumatized me? It’s weird…

code-of-creation  asked:

... what if ghirahims d is a daggar

link: ghirahim, for the last time, we aren’t having sex. your dick is LITERALLY a DAGGER. i don’t want to die.

ghirahim: but skychild, most people would die to have sex with me


ghirahim: you’d make an excellent sheath for my dagger


ghirahim: you can be the pedestal in which i encase my blade for eternity



link: ok alright

ghirahim: wait really

link: no. come here i’m going to kill you

Here we go again ✨

anonymous asked:

Ok I'm supposed to be getting ready to sleep now and then you posted another gif of Johnny and now I'm an insomniac (btw do you know that song?)

No but I know ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’.. and you are very welcome! If it makes you feel any better @teasemekookie and @lonely-kitten-named-bambi kept teasing me last night as I was trying to go to bed..

my children, out to ruin peoples lives…  s o b s 

so i️ slept over in my crush’s bed ln again and when we got in bed we cuddled for like an hour and i️ was trying to fall asleep during that and after an hour he was like “ok i’m gonna try to go to sleep now” and i️ was like “is that not what we’ve been doing?” and he was like “nope” he literally stayed up just to cuddle me