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In all aspects of my life I’m really trying to be the human equivalent of a peanut butter and pickle sandwich

like, at first glance it’s downright unpalatable, and it’s honestly still sorta gross even when you love it, but none the less it has a small yet devoted group of ppl who really Get It and genuinely appreciate the unique combination of flavours its bringin to the table lol

Em… a witchy nerd???

Brian had done it. He had finally done it. He was Lexi Mason’s boyfriend! The hottest girl in the grade was his, and they had a date tonight. School felt like an eternity, all he thought about was his date. The second the bell rung, he flew out of his chair and packed his bag. It didn’t take him long to find Lexi, and they were walking away from school in no time.

His date was at Lexi’s place. She lived with her Aunt. She always talked about how great her Aunt was, so Brian was anxious to meet her. Lexi walked next to him on the sidewalk, her flawless tan skin glistening in the sun, and her tight shorts making it hard for Brian to conceal his excitement. He wondered how far they could go on the first date. Lexi was famous for going far, he just hoped he wasn’t an exception.

“You’re going to love my Aunt.” Lexi said for the millionth time today. “All the boys do.”
It made Brian a little uncomfortable to hear Lexi talk about “all the boys” because it reminded him of just how many people she has been with. However, she must have one hell of an Aunt if she’s brought up how amazing her Aunt is this often. Brian didn’t think about it too much; he was caught up in the curvature of Lexi’s shorts.
“So what do you want to do once we get there?” Brian asked. She had been so vague about their date and he was dying to know what would happen.
“I don’t know, I guess we’ll play it by ear.” Lexi responded, chuckling.
Brian knew exactly what that meant! He was getting laid!

(Technically, he wasn’t wrong.)

It was a hot day, so Brian bought him and Lexi Popsicles. She gobbled hers down surprisingly quickly, but he remained diligent and took his time with his. It was his favorite flavor, pineapple.

It seemed like forever, but they had finally arrived at Lexi’s house. It was an old, Mediterranean style home that was massive. Moss and ivy grew up the pale stone walls. Brian was thoroughly impressed by the house. Whatever Lexi’s Aunt did for a living, she sure made a lot of money. They walked up a brick pathway to the front door. Lexi knocked three times, and a voice from behind the door shouted, “Coming!!”

It must’ve been Lexi’s Aunt. Brian waited impatiently as the click clack of high heels got louder and the lock turned. The door swung open, and Brian’s jaw dropped. Lexi’s Aunt stood in the doorway, butt naked. She had a robe around her arms, but it didn’t conceal anything. Her breasts were enormous, and her nipples were round, plump, and gorgeous. What surprised Brian the most, however, was the fact that she had a penis. A penis! He would never have guessed it in a million years!

She brushed her black hair out of her face and took a bite of the pizza she had in her hand.
“Mmm, hey Juices. Home already? And brought a boyfriend back with you too? He looks very cute…”
The look Lexi’s Aunt gave Brian froze him. It was like she was dissecting him, and at the same time, worshiping him. Also, he thought, what kind of weird nickname is Juices?
“Hehehe! Hi Aunt Stacey! Looking yummy as always!” Lexi giggled.
Yummy is an odd word to describe someone, Brian pondered. Especially when they are a naked woman with a penis.
“Hehe, this is my friend, he’s coming to stop over.”
Brian smiled and awkward, forced smile. He was still in complete shock.
“Sure thing.” Aunt Stacey responded. “Feel free to help yourself to the kitchen, Hun.” She took a bite of pizza, turned around, and walked inside. Lexi and Brian followed.

“So,” Aunt Stacey said between bites of pizza. “You two can go downstairs after you have what you want to eat. I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Ok!” Lexi replied. “Im not very hungry right now. Are you, Brian?”
Brian shook his head.
“Ok then.” Aunt Stacey said. “It’s probably better that you save your appetite any ways.”

Brian really hoped that she was talking about dinner.

Lexi led Brian into her basement. She had a huge couch that sat across from a flat screen TV. “You can throw that Popsicle stick out if you want.” She told him. “The trashcan is over there.” She pointed to a door beside the staircase. Brian opened the door. The room was pitch black. He felt around for a light switch. His hand came across one and he flicked it. The room lit up, and once again, Brian’s jaw dropped. On the walls were hundreds (that’s right, HUNDREDS) of pictures. Each one of them were a selfie of Aunt Stacey naked, Lexi naked, and some boy naked. In every photo, the boy was covered in semen. Brian even recognized some of the boys in the photos. This was crazy!

Brain’s instinct told him to get the hell out of there, but for some reason he stayed. He knew it was insane, but he really liked Lexi, and Aunt Stacey was gorgeous. He looked at all the photos of the boys, and every last one of them were smiling. He didn’t want to leave and regret it. He spiked his Popsicle stick in the trash, and left the room.

When he came back into the room with the couch, Lexi was snuggled up on Aunt Stacey, both of them naked. They were facing the other way, so Brian cleared his throat to get their attention. They turned around, and both grinned. “Hey there cutie-pie!” Aunt Stacey announced. “How’s that appetite?”
Brian paused. “Famished.” He finally said, his voice wavering.
“You don’t sound to confident in your answer.” She said. “Come over here.”
Brian walked around to the other side of the couch. Two things caught his eye.
The first was the beauty of Lexi. He’d never seen her naked, but it sure didn’t disappoint. She had small perky tits with nipples that popped out of each breast. Her ass was immaculate, not a single mark on it. He could see her small pussy from between her thighs.
The second thing that caught his eye was that Lexi was sucking on Aunt Stacey’s nipple like it was a drug. Lexi’s eyes were closed and her face made that “have mercy” kind of look.

“Sit down on the other side of me and copy Lexi. Trust me, Hun, you won’t regret it.”
Brian started to walk around to the other side of her.
“Oh, and you can lose the clothes.”
Brian stood still for a second. Was he really about to do this? He started to take his belt off. This was it.

Brian pulled down his pants, revealing his stiff penis.
“Would you look at that!” Aunt Stacey said. “That right there is a nice one.”
Brian wondered how she could say that when it paled in comparison to the monster she had in between her legs. He threw his shirt on the floor and lay down next to her. He hesitated for a moment, blushing, and then moved in and began to suck on her enormous tit. Intoxicatingly sweet milk filled his mouth. He closed his eyes like Lexi and reveled in the delicious drink. He couldn’t get enough of the stuff. He started to suck even harder.
“Well aren’t you enthusiastic!” Aunt Stacey blurted. Brian felt her hand grasp his behind and squeeze. “You are a great find, Lexi did a fantastic job.”

Brian didn’t care that she talked to him like he was an object. He liked it. It made his cock furious, and persuaded him to suck the white nectar even more vigorously.
“Alright you two.” Aunt Stacey interrupted. “I can’t help it anymore. Get on your knees and get to work.”
Brian didn’t want to stop sucking. He could do it forever. But he opened his eyes and saw Lexi get on the floor and he followed.

Aunt Stacey spread her legs. Her cock was only half-hard, but that didn’t stop it for being the size of Brian’s head. He was nervous.
“This is your first time, right Brian?” Lexi asked.
“Yeah.” Brian murmured, his eyes still locked on the veiny beast before him.
“Ok then, I’ll show you the ropes.” She reached out and grabbed the base of Aunt Stacey’s cock with both hands. “Start off small and work your way up. First, lick all around. Just the tongue. Get it nice and wet.” She stuck her tongue out and licked from the tip of the penis all the way to the base. “Cmon, Brian. This thing is big enough to share, hehe!”

He leaned in and, along with Lexi, licked all around the dick. He covered it in his spit. He rubbed his lips up it and kissed the tip.
“Look at that, Lexi.” Aunt Stacey noted. “The kid’s a natural.”
Brian looked up at Aunt Stacey, met her eyes, and kissed the tip of her cock once more.
“Ok now we can put it in our mouths.” Lexi instructed. “Just the head at first, and then later we can get bigger.”
She put her mouth over the head of the cock , and pulled her head back quickly, making a popping sound. She backed away, and let Brian do the same. He opened wide, swallowed the head, and pulled pack fast, making the same popping noise as Lexi. He did this twice more before Lexi took over again.
This time, she took it even deeper, going about halfway down. She slowly pulled back this time, closing her lips tightly on the way up and leaving a line of saliva from her mouth to the head.
Brain then opened his mouth and started to fill it with Aunt Stacey’s cock. He swallowed the head, then went further, and then even further to get as far down as Lexi. He gagged on it for a second, and then regained his composure and pulled back like Lexi did.
“Goooood boy.” Encouraged Aunt Stacey as he did this.
Lexi immediately put the cock in her mouth once it was out of Brian’s. She went halfway once more, but then kept going. Her eyes shut tightly as she forced her lips down all the way to the base of the behemoth. Brian was in disbelief. How was that even possible? She then pulled back slowly once again, and stopped at the head which she licked and slobbered on for a bit. She then pulled all the way back.

It was Brian’s turn.

He put the tip in his mouth, and pushed his neck down to get halfway. This time, he didn’t gag. He kept going, but suddenly found that he couldn’t go any further. He was still about 4 inches from the base.
He felt Lexi’s hand on the back of his head. She started to push him further down the shaft. It was painful, but he loved it. He could feel the flesh filling his throat and her cock growing inside of him.
“Just a bit further, baby. You can do it.”
Lexi’s hand pushed harder, and his nose finally touched the perfectly trimmed hair above her crotch. He held his head there for a few seconds, then dragged his lips up the shaft as sluggishly as he could. He removed his mouth from her dick and took a huge breath of air. He loved the feeling of the penis in his throat. He loved the way he choked and gagged on it.

“Great job, baby.” Aunt Stacey caressed his head.
“Isn’t he great, Aunty?” Lexi asked.
“He’s amazing, sweetie. Best one yet.” Aunt Stacey put her hand around her dick and stroked it a couple times. “Alright guys, I’m as hard as I’m ever gonna get. Lexi, how about you take a seat first?”
Lexi smiled and stood up. Brain watched as she climbed up on the couch over Aunt Stacey’s dick. She squatted down, and the tip of Aunty’s cock went into Lexi’s small pussy. She comminuted to lower herself slowly, moaning and quivering as the giant shaft penetrated her tiny body.

“Brain, how about you sit up hear and watch. I’ll let you suck on me some more.” Brain gladly jumped up onto the couch and buried his face in Aunt Stacey’s voluptuous rack. He drank and watched as Lexi went up and down, up and down, up and down. Her small tits bounced around and she screamed as the cock punished her. Brian could see the bevel in her stomach appear and disappear as the cock went in and out. Aunt Stacey reached down and grabbed Brian’s dick, and began to stroke it. He was in paradise as he sucked Aunty’s addictive milk, watched Lexi bounce on a cock, and got a handjob. Lexi started to go faster and faster, as well as moan louder and louder.
“Come on now!” Aunt Stacey yelled. “Show him why I call you juices!”
Lexi screamed as she got plowed by the monster, and suddenly stood up to the cock was no longer in her, and spewed clear liquid out of her vagina. She shook and rubbed her clit while squirting all over Brian and Aunt Stacey. “Good girl, Lexi!” Aunty cheered over Lexi’s moans. Lexi unleashed her fluids everywhere, coating the couch. She finally stopped, and leaned in to Aunt Stacey, who locked lips with her. They made out intensely, kissing from the neck to the nose. Aunt Stacey continued to stroke Brian’s penis as he fixated on their show.

Lexi pulled away and sat next to Aunty on the opposite side Brian was on. “Ok Brian.” Lexi urged. “Your turn!”

Brain got up and looked at Aunt Stacey.
“Don’t worry, baby. You got this.”
He stood above her immense penis, and squatted. The tip slowly penetrated his asshole. It hurt him like hell. He persevered anyway. Her cock buried deeper into his ass as he slid down, and it began to hurt more. It stretched out his insides, feeling like it was about to rip him in half. However, the feeling of it inside of him drove him crazy. The way it opened him up, and barreled through his insides. He finally hit the bottom. Her cock felt like it was in his throat. He started to rise, watching Aunty’s face smile at him.
“You’re doing great baby.”
He got to the very tip, and sank down once more. This time it hurt less and felt much better. The cock inside of him pushed its way deep into his gut. He let out a moan as it hit the bottom. He rose up again and fell down, and then up, and then down. Just like Lexi. He started to go faster and faster. He was addicted to Aunt Stacey’s cock. He adored the way it disciplined him. How it smashed into his ass over and over. He was flying up and down her dick now, letting it plow him again and again. He could feel his own penis start to swell. He bit his lip as he went even faster, her immense, murderous cock plunging in and out of his innocent ass. Over and over and over and over. Faster and faster and faster and faster. His started to shake.
“I’m about to cum, baby!” Aunt yelled.
“S-so am.. So a-am I!” He moaned. He was barely able to get the words out of his mouth.
“Ready baby?” Aunty asked. “Three, two, one!”
Cum shot out of Brian’s penis onto Aunt Stacey’s face as he sat down with all his force, feeling her hot seed rocket up his ass. It filled him up and kept coming, endless amounts of semen inside of him. Brian stood up off the cock, and let Aunty shoot all over his body, drenching him in thick white cum. He opened his mouth and drank it, adoring the bitter flavor. Her cum went everywhere. Lexi came in and drank some of it with Brian. They kissed as Aunty still hurled her cream at them.

Finally, Aunt Stacey was finished. All three of them were covered in sticky white cum.
“Come over here you two.” Aunt Stacey patted her thighs. “Have a seat.”
The two of them sat on Aunty’s thighs and squeezed their heads in between her semen-soaked breasts. Aunty reached under the couch cushion and manifested a camera. She held it out, facing the three of them and snapped a photo. One more for the wall.

"Take the pain away"-Chanyeol




“Y/N…Please wake up… I know you can hear me, just wake up…”
‘I can hear you… I’m too weak. Why i can’t say anything?. Why everything is black?. Im scared…’
“Y/N, say something. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t drive that fast. Will you forgive me? Will I forgive myself?” Chanyeol cried, when he saw Y/N body. Blood was everywhere. She looks so pale
‘I will, I love.’ Im still to weak to say something, but I can here pain in his voice. The accident wasn’t his fault. The drunk guy made mistake. Accident was his fault.

Two weeks later

“Did she wake up?” Suho asked. He was with Chanyeol all the time. 
“No…” Chanyeol said as quite as it was possible,
“She will be fine. I promise.”
“Please, just take the pain away. I can’t live without her. She is my world, my everything…”  Chanyeol said avoiding eye contact and shaking his head
“You must be strong, for her” Suho came closer to him trying to grab Chanyeol’s attention. But he failed. 
“But how? How can I live without her?”
“She is still alive. Haw can you saying things like that?”
“But she…”
“Shut up , she is still alive. Now, repeat it” Suho gave him a small smille
“She is still alive…Yeh, you’re right. She is still alive. I will be strong for her” Finally, Chanyeol moved himself from chair
“You should take a break. Go home and get some sleep”
“I will…” Chanyeol was in pain, he kept asking yourself ‘Why it must be you’, ‘Why you ’re lying in coma‘

They were quite on the way home. When they were at home, Chanyeol closed himself in his room and he stayed there by two days.

“I’m worried about him, he should eat something” Kyung said to Suho with Ramen in his left hand
“Just give him some time…”
“I think he had enough time” Kyung strated to walk to Chanyeol’s room  “Hey man, I have some food for you” He said and gave him a small smile.
“I’m not hungry” Chanyeol said with a cold tone
“Don’t be childish. You must eat something”
“ I said Im not hungry, OK? Now, you can leave me alone”
“Listen to me, Im not going to leave you. Do you know why?”
“No”  Chanyeol said, shaking his head
“Because I care about you. We all are worried about you. You dont have to be strong for us, but you must be strong for her. What if she wake up? Where will you? In your room,exhausted, because you are stupid? ” Kyung moved closer to him. “You must eat something, you must be healthy”
“But what if she will never…”
“Dont you dare Chanyeol“
“Ummm, guys…” Suho came toexhausted‘s room with phone in his hand.
“I just got off the phone with Doctor…Y/N woke up” five minutes later everyone were in Suho’s car. Chanyeol‘s heart was full of hope. He was so excited, because he can finally see you.

In the Hospital

“Where Y/N is? I need to see her”  Chanyeol when he saw a doctor
“She is in room 7 but you need to know somethi…” He couldnt finish, Chanyeol was already in you room.
“Hey babe, I missed you soooo much” He tried to to hug her
“Excuse me, but who are you?” Chanyeol froze

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