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and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo

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Anonymous asked: “Yooo jk!! What do you like to do for fun???”

jk: i’m a serious guy!

~ M

ps: excuse my handwriting. i tried to draw on paper and i like it bc of my pens (and paint’s annoying). how did it turn out?

Malec AU where Magnus is internet famous dancer who shares his wild life and his magnificent himself through instagram and youtube videos on his channel. Alec studies english language and literature at university, wears only black and is the strong, silent type. One day, they meet through Izzy who is Magnus’ fan #1. Magnus immediately falls in love with that tall dark and handsome man with beautiful smile and snarky comments. Alec is not impressed but in fact is impressed a lot and only playing hard to get. But as everyone knows, Magnus Bane loves a challenge.

doumekism  asked:

tianshan (someone else probably already asked but I'm gonna try my chance)

actually no one did, so you’ll be my guest :’) 

  • who said I love you first: He Tian. part of him is afraid Guan Shan doesn’t understand how much he cares and the other, major part of him is simply smitten with everything Guan Shan is, so the words come out instinctively. it surprises him as well, though, not the truth of it, but rather the intensity of its essence; he has been loving Guan Shan with his lips and his eyes and everything else but words, for so long, and now he’s learning to love him with vowels and consonants and it’s something so unique for He Tian, it makes his chest tight after hearing himself say it. 
  • who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: He Tian, definitely. and it takes him a long time to decide which picture to choose, because he has like 849201 pictures of him saved and yeah, that’s a tough decision. one time, just for the fun of it, he uses a pretty naughty, after-sex photo of Guan Shan, eyes closed and chest bruised and chin slightly smeared with semen, and Guan Shan almost throws his phone out the window when he finds out because what the fuck is wrong with you, but He Tian just shrugs “you looked hot the other night”. “and what if someone else sees it?” “they won’t”. but even so, He Tian sticks to adorable pictures, because he’s got a point, no one should see Guan Shan that way but him. 
  • who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: they both do and it’s kinda hilarious; one time He Tian wrote something cheesy on it (baby?), cheesy enough to bring a bright red on his cheeks, but instead of wiping it off (and be exposed to his flustered expression), Guan Shan writes back. not the cutest thing, but for He Tian, it’s still precious. so yeah, sometimes they randomly scribble things to each other after showering and it’s just fucking domestic.
  • who buys the other cheesy gifts: definitely He Tian. jesus, he would buy so much embarrassing shit just for the sake of annoying his boyfriend. but lowkey, he wants to remind Guan Shan that he’s loved and the teasing is part of it, in its own way. and Guan Shan likes it too and he grows accustomed to it, to the point it would be weird not to receive something from He Tian once in a while. and one day, Guan Shan mans up and decides to buy something cheesy for He Tian, because if he can do it, I can do it too, though… it’s deadly embarrassing.. and when He Tian receives the gift, he cannot?? believe it? he wants to laugh but there’s a bit of redness on his face that keeps him quiet for a bit and Guan Shan notices it and holy shit, it was so worth it. 
  • who initiated the first kiss: if we’re talking about their first, consensual kiss, that would be Guan Shan. because He Tian would never force himself on him again, and he almost thinks Guan Shan will never, ever reach out, but to his surprise, it happens. the feeling of want in Guan Shan grows so much, he feels like his mind cannot work out this confusion by itself anymore and He Tian’s lips might make more sense. 

(of course I wrote too much oops)

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Arrow x Reader

Requested by : @xsomeonestrongerthanmex

Words: 2,000+

Warings: blood, torture and feels beware my friends.


You gazed at the endless amount of water and prayed that someone would see you or hear your screams. You were on holiday when you bordered the tourist boat hoping to get some photos of the sunset but ended up getting pulled into a rough storm which lead you and a few other people into the middle of nowhere everyone on the boat has either fallen off during the storm or jumped off after losing hope.

Days and nights had passed and you lived off the small amount of food and water you had with you and some left on the boat. You were looking around in the captains cabin hoping you’d find something to help you but unfortunately nothing was there, you made your way out when you suddenly slipped over something which happened to be a pair of binoculars. You walked around on the boat and peered through the binoculars hoping to spot land and then you saw it and gasped.

At first it looked like a normal island but after taking another look you felt a dark auro surrounding it and had a feeling it’s not somewhere people would go to visit but it was your only hope of surviving and so you when the boat drifted close enough to the island you dived into the salty water and swam towards it.

When you finally reached the island you fell hard onto the sandy ground drenched in water trying to catch your breath when you heard some grass rustle.

“I hope that was the wind” you whispered to yourself. You slowly got up and moved your dirty hair out from your face to investigate, you walked towards the bushes only to see nothing you sigh in relife but at the same time you were hoping someone was there.

Just as you started walking away you heard a branch snap and quickly turn to the direction you heard it an saw a man staring back at you with his clear blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

You were speachless and suprised after not seeing another human in days.

“Hello…oh my God sorry I just haven’t seen another person in too long” the man says in a soft voice “How did you get here?”

“My boat go caught in a storm and I kinda drifted for a few days” you answered.

“I’m Oliver and that also happened with me ” he introduces himself and slowly makes his way out from under the trees.

“I’m (Name)” as Oliver stepped into the light you got a better view of him and could clearly see his well built body “Is there anyway to get back home? I’ve kinda had enough of my amazing vacation”

Oliver chuckled at your sarcastic comment “I haven’t found anyone other than you” you frowned at the answer ‘I’m gonna die here’ you thought to yourself.

“But I haven’t looked that much so there’s still hope that people might be here” he says with a smile.

“Yeah you might be right” you give a smile back.

After a few days you’d grown a lot closer to oliver and found out he’d lost his father in the shipwreck. You were sitting down next to him as he looked down at his father’s grave when you felt an arrow pierce your shoulder.

“What the!?” You fell to the ground and oliver came rushing towards you only for him to get shot aswell.

“(Na..me)” Oliver whispers your name but you had already passed out.

You’d woken up in what looked like a cave and the pain still in your shoulder but surprisingly the arrow had been taken out. Oliver was beside you still unconscious with the arrow still deep in his shoulder, you moved closer to him and could hear him mubble your name which made you smile.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” you turn towards the Chinese man who had just walked in to see him holding some herbs and bowl of water in his hands.

“W-what do you want?” You sat up and tried not to look afraid.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” He says as he nudges the herbs and water towards you and after understanding the gesture you take it slowly and swallow the bitter herb luckily the water helped wash away the after taste.

“I don’t get it first you shoot us then you heal us?” You look up at him but he just stares back.

Not long after oliver wakes up “(Name) are you okay?” He looks at you with a worried face.

“Yeah” you answer him as you help him sit up and when he sees the Chinese man his face turns to pure anger

“Why did you shoot us!?” He asks as he clutches onto his wound.

“(…*speaks chinese*…)” He once again gestures the drink the herbs and water to Oliver.

“I think he’s telling you to drink it” Oliver looks back at the man and swallow it and gives the same reaction as you did and without warning the man pulls out the arrow from his shoulder resulting in Oliver screaming in pain.

After that he taught both oliver and you to hunt and survive, most of the time oliver would just complain about picking up the dead animals.

“Why don’t I shoot it and you pick up….the rest” the man hands the bow to Oliver.

“Hit tree” he says “breath” oliver misses terribly “you” he gives the bow and arrow to you.

You slowly pull the arrow and take a deep breath and aim towards the tree but notice a rabbit in the corner of your eye and change direction to it instead of the tree making a head shot.

You look back at the two men to see Oliver wide eyed “She survive” the man says.

“I’ll get that arrow” you follow Oliver behind as he walks off but not even a minute later both of you were ambushed from behind by unknown men and you blacked out after that.

“(N……e)…(Na…e)….(Name)!” You slowly open your eyes to see Oliver in tears “Thank God your awake you got me worried” he wraps his arms around you tightly.

“I’m sorry” you give him a small smile and he slowly helps you up. “What happened?”

“This guy Fyers wants to know where the man whose been helping us is” Oliver whispers into your ear.

“He’s been helping us we can’t” you whisper back.

“I know” as Oliver finished talking a man in a suit and mask came in along with another man.

“Your times up Mr. Queen tell us or my men will get the answer out of you” says the man your guessing was Fyers.

“I don’t know who he is!” Oliver answers back.

“And what about you miss, do you know this man, Yao Fei” he holds a picture.

“No I’ve only been with Oliver ever since I got here” you answer not breaking eye contact.

“Get it out of them” Fyers says as he walks out of the tent.

After he leaves both you and Oliver were tortured by the man in the mask you felt his blade cut deep into your skin several times and the blood wouldn’t stop flowing out your wounds.

All you could do was cry and scream
It felt like it was endless pain and suffering but the worst part had yet to come when Fyers ordered you both dead luckily Yao Fei appeared just in time and helped us both get away.

Unfortunately Yao Fei couldn’t carry both of you and Fyers’ men where catching up you knew what you had to do. You stopped in your tracks.

“You guys go ahead I’ll distract them” you say as you leant against the tree for support.

Both Yoa Fei and Oliver looked shocked in the words you’d said.

“We keeping going” Yoa Fei says.

“(Name) don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you behind” you could hear the footsteps coming closer and pushed them both behind a large bush and started making your way into the opposite direction.

“I see them!” One man shouts and you try to pick up your pace even though you were pushing your limit even with all open wounds. Suddenly you foot gets caught by a tree root and you tumble down the hill into a high current river.

Oliver was about to shout for you but
Yoa Fei stopped him they both assumed that you’d fallen to you death and they had every right to believe it. All oliver could do was cry he would never see you again, your smile, your beautiful (colour) eyes.

—–Years later——

Central City

You didn’t remember much of what happened on Lian Yu, after you’d fallen into the river everything blacked out and next thing you new you woke up in the hospital bed at A.R.G.U.S. and was told to keep what happened on that island to yourself and it’s not like you had a choice most of your memories had been lost when you hit your head.

These days you’d work alongside the CCPD as a police detective with Barry Allen and Joe West and in secret help out Team Flash.

You were at your desk filling a report when Joe came running towards you.

“Everything ok Joe?” You asked as he took a few deep breaths.

“We have to head to STAR labs, Cisco and Caitlin need us” he answer holding up his showing a message from Cisco and you both quickly head there.

You rushed into STAR Labs where Cisco and Caitlin were.

“We got your message, what’s up?” You ask Cisco looking a bit worried.

“We’ve detected a new Meta-human and he’s pretty strong like super strong! And Barry can’t take him on alone so we need as much back up as possible” he answers.

“Sure thing you know where he might show up next so we can ambush him?” Caitlin starts to work on her computer.

“I’ll search through the cameras and see if I can find anything” you nod and look around the room for a certain speedster.

“Where’s Barry?” You ask.

“He’s getting some more backup, he should actually be here by now”

—-Barry POV—-

“Oliver please, remeber how awesome our last team up was!?” Barry says to Oliver who was trying his best to ignore him. “ Oh and you can meet the newest member of Team Flash, she’s super cool I’m sure you’ll like her”

“Ok I’ll go, only because I know you won’t shut up if I say no” Barry’s face lights up.

“Ok I’ll see you there later guys” and he speeds off back to central city.

“I’ll never get used to that” Diggle says.

—-(Name) POV—-

You were sat next to Caitlin when Barry zoomed into the room.

“Hey guys I got Oliver to say yes” he says trying to catch his breath.

“Oliver” it felt like you knew someone with that name, someone you didnt want to forget but unfortunately you couldn’t remeber.

“I mean Arrow” Barry corrects himself.

“Awesome I still can’t believe you’ve worked with the Arrow he’s like super badass” you start fangirling

“What about me?” Barry asks in a fake sad tone.

“Your cool” you pause when he smiles “But not as cool as The Arrow” everyone in the room start to giggle.

Not long after a set of footsteps could be heard in the hallway and a man in a leather suit with a hood over his head and a mask over his eyes came in.

He hadn’t looked at you yet but you couldn’t take your eyes off him and for some reason he looked very familiar.

“Hey Oliver took you long enough” he gives Oliver a cheeky smile.

“I got here as fast as I could, what are we dealing wi-” he stopped talking when he faced you.

“You ok Oliver?” Joe asked. Barry looked in the same direction to where Oliver had become frozen and saw you.

“Oh yeah that’s (Na-)”

“(Name)?” Oliver cuts Barry off.

“Wait you know (Name)?” Caitlin asks. Everyone was confused including you.

“(Name), I thought you died…on Lian Yu”

Then it all came back, your memories started coming back the shock was too much and your head suddenly felt faint and you started to fall.

Oliver acted fast and caught you before you hit the ground. Caitlin led Oliver into the medical room with you in his arms and placed you on the bed.

You slowly opened your eyes and met Oliver’s.

“I’m so sorry I forgot you Oliver” you felt tears slowly stream down your face.

“Don’t be I’m just glad your alive and I have the chance to tell you something I should have told you on the island” he slowly wiped your tears away and kissed you.

“I love you, I’ve always loved you and I never stopped loving you” he says caressing your face.

“I love you too Oliver”.


I hope you guys liked and if you have any requests just send me a message.

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anonymous asked:

Remember that bit you wrote about the team thinking that tsukishima was abusing yamaguchi? I loved that a lot was was wondering if you could do something similar but where yamaguchi actually /is/ being abused (if not by tsukki then by someone else) but its psychological abuse, no one gets hit. Kageyama actually sees it happen late after school when everyones gone home. He ends up going to an old senpai (Iwazumi) for advice on whats abusive and whats not/what he should do. The rest is up to you~

Ohhhhhhhhhhh (Side note this may not be entirely accurate, I’m not an expert on domestic abuse of any kind)

Kageyama Tobio has always been known to be dense. He doesn’t know social cues, he’s not too bright, and he’s a bit brutish. However, Kageyama’s head is not as full of volleyball as many would think. In fact, he’s thinking about watching his sister when their parents go out on their weekly date night when he sees it.

Well, he hears it first, really.

“P- Please, don’t leave me, Tsukki…”

“I think I might,” Comes Tsukishima’s voice, cool and collected; the complete opposite of Yamaguchi’s “I told you what would happen if you talked back.”

“Y- Yes!..S- Sorry! Please don’t leave.”

Kageyama frowns. Peeking around the corner of the gym, he finds Tsukishima and Yamaguchi there, Yamaguchi bowing deeply to an intense looking Tsukishima standing rod-like straight, arms crossed, glaring at the darker haired boy in front of him.

“Good, you’re apologizing. Now, do it right, or I’ll leave y–”

“P- Please, Kei, you’re all I have–!”

Tadashi.” Tsukishima snaps, and Kageyama frowns harder. “Good boys don’t talk unless prompted. I wasn’t done speaking.”

“R- Right…” Kageyama watches as Yamaguchi bows even lower. “I- I’m sorry…”

“Now. Apologize for talking back to me. Like a proper good boy.”

Yamaguchi straightens, and Kageyama can see tears gleaming in the brunets eyes as he opens his eyes, and speaks. “I– I’m so sorry, Kei, I didn’t mean it, I’m pathetic. I’m nothing without you. Please don’t leave me.”

Kageyama can see the smirk Tsukishima is giving Yamaguchi even from around the corner.

“Good boy. I accept your apology. Never let it happen again.”

“Y- Yes! Of course, it’ll never happen again!”

Tsukishima’s face softens, and he gently knocks a knuckle against Yamaguchi’s chin. Yamaguchi flinches.

“Remember, Yamaguchi; I’m the only one who can make you happy. No one else loves you like I do.”

“O- Of course, Tsukki…”

Kageyama would scoff and make himself present, maybe make a comment about Tsukishima’s disgusting version of foreplay, but when the two turn towards the sidewalk, he can see the genuine fear in Yamaguchi’s eyes. This has him frowning deeper, confused, but he can see Tsukishima and Yamaguchi making their way down the sidewalk, towards him, and he curses silently, turning and running in the opposite direction.

He doesn’t stop until he gets home.

“Tobio! You’re late! And why are you so out of breath?”

“Sorry, ma, I lost track of time training with Hinata. I ran the whole way back when I realized how late I was.”

His mother clucks her tongue, but lets it slide as his father makes his way to the spot next to him. “We’ll be home by midnight. Your sister already ate, so you can just heat up the leftovers. Sorry we didn’t leave anything out.”

“It’s ok. See you when you get home.”

Kageyama kisses his mother on the cheek, nods at his father, and he’s alone again. He knows his younger sister of only five years, Mari, is in her room, using the home phone to talk with her girl friends, and so he goes straight to his bedroom. His mind is still on Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, and the genuine fear he saw on the brunets face.

He tries to play everything off as some weird kink Tsukishima has, but he knows it’s not. And he has no idea what to do about it. It’s unhealthy, what they have. Tsukishima is downright threatening Yamaguchi with abandonment.

…But luck seems to always be on Kageyama’s side.

Before he can overwork his brain, he gets a snapchat from one Iwaizumi Hajime. Kageyama can’t help but think maybe Iwaizumi will be better knowledgeable on the topic, so he types out a request to talk in his reply.

Iwaizumi calls him in almost a moment, and when he opens his mouth to greet his senpai, Iwaizumi is already speaking. “Kageyama, are you alright? You never ask to talk.”

Kageyama bites his lip. He’s fine, but he doesn’t exactly know what he should say. “I, uh…I saw something.” 

“…What did you see?..” 

“I, well…Saw two of my teammates…” Kageyama trails off, not knowing how to continue. “…And I think one of them is unsafe.” 

He can practically hear Iwaizumi’s frown forming. “What do you mean, Kageyama?” 

“Well, the one – they’re dating – the one guy was threatening the other, and…and putting him down, more than he usually does, and…the other one, he was…very scared looking. He was terrified of the first guys’ threats…And I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work…” 

Silence greets him, and Kageyama almost pulls his phone from his ear to see if the call is sill connected. “…Kageyama, when was this?” 

“Only a few minutes ago…I’m home now, it happened when I was on my way.” 

A sigh. “I’m glad you told someone. I think you should tell a counselor, though, or someone. I’m…Not going to be any help. And if these two really are in a relationship like that…” 

Kageyama sighs. That’s what he’d expected, but he was hoping he’d be wrong. “…I’ll have to tell Takeda-sensei in the morning. Thank you, Iwaizumi-san…” 

“Any time. Keep up our streak now, Kageyama, ok?” 

“…Ok?..” He has no idea what a “streak” is. 

With another heavy sigh, Kageyama shuts his phone off. He takes a breath, closes his eyes. He’s not telling Takeda. 

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Could you do the fake dating prompt with 76 and widowmaker? Thanks so much, hon

Soldier: 76

“We could have posed as siblings, that’s all I’m saying.” he mutters under his breath as you check into the hotel, luggage in your hands and fake smitten expressions on your faces.

You raise your eyebrow at him and don’t resist the chance to wrap an arm around his waist. Just to rile him up a little, of course.

“Jack, we look nothing alike.”

He doesn’t skip a beat.

“You’re adopted.”

The elevator music almost drowns out his soft huff, the closest approximation to laughter he does these days. You squeeze his waist a little too hard in retribution.

“Why should I be the one who’s adopted? You’re adopted.”
“No. Thanks to Winston, I’m your husband.”

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Here to Collect

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Words: 1.324


Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

This was the best party I ever been to. Alcohol, pot, all you needed to have a good time. It wasn’t a big party, just a few friends hanging out on Dylan’s house. Still the best fucking party!

Dylan was the hottest guy on my school. It was a hard time trying to be included in his group but now here I am.

I wasn’t that drunk or stoned I can’t be. I have to remember this. His touch, his lips. God he knew how to make a girl feel good.

“God Y/N you’re so hot.” He said as he kissed my neck and I took a pass from the joint. “We should go upstairs.” He whispered in my ear.

He gave me his hand as he stood from the couch and interlaced our fingers. We were making our way through the living room when we heard the bell ring.

“Just ignore it.” He said to me and we continued walking until we heard a loud bang and four guys entering Dylan’s house with baseball bats and spanners.

“Hey Dylan. Big party here, hum? Why didn’t you invite us?” The guy with dyed hair said.

“Cause you’re not my friends, Clifford.” Dylan spat.

“Oh I’m hurt.” The same guy said with a fake hurt expression and his right hand to his heart looking at the guy with lots of tattoos and a coffee like skin.

“What do you want anyway?” Dylan asked annoyed.´

I didn’t know how he was so calm I was almost pissing myself. They didn’t look bad, they were kinda hot actually, but for fucks sake they had bats and spanners. They weren’t here to play.

“We’re here to collect.” The blond one with blue eyes and a lip ring said. He’s voice was so low it kinda freaked me out. This seemed like those gangs movies.

“I told you that I still didn’t have the money Hemmings. Just fuck off.” Dylan said and the guy didn’t seem too happy when Dylan said him to fuck off.

“Yeah but your time ran out.” The curled haired one said.

“I told you I would get it ok. Just give me some more time.” I was totally freaked out right now mainly cause the blond guy was looking at me like he was thinking on something. I want to get out of here!  I clenched Dylan’s arm tighter and he looked at me whispering ‘its ok’.

“That’s our problem we don’t have time. We’re here to collect if not money will collect something else.” The blond guy said again his tone of voice not so peaceful anymore and I think I died when he looked at me after saying that.

“Dylan.” I wined.

“It’s ok babe. I got this.” He said caressing my cheek and kissing my forehead.

“Is that your new girlfriend Dylan? She’s very pretty.” The dyed hair guy said winking at me.

I let go of Dylan and started to walk back until I hit someone’s chest. I looked back and everyone was here watching the scene. I totally forgot about them and the party.

“Everyone out!!” The coffee colour guy screamed.

Thank god! I was walking to the door but before I could pass them the blond haired guy pointed his bat at me. “Not you princess.”

“Pick.” The curly guy said.

“You, you and you stay.” Coffee guy said. I looked at the girls and saw Abbie, Mags and Rose. What the hell was happening here?

“No you’re not taking her.” Dylan said coming to me.

The blond guy walked in front of me. “Really? And who is going to save her? You?” And with that Dylan backed off. Save? What?

“Dylan!” I screamed I think I’m getting what’s happening now.

“Calm down baby girl, I swear we’re not gonna hurt you.” Dyed hair guy said in my ear as he hugged me from the back preventing me from running away.

“Michael! Hands off, she’s mine.” Blondie said.

The guy wined but his mood lighted up when he saw Abbie.

“Come on guys you don’t have to do this.” Dylan said.

“Do you have the money?” Dylan shook his head no. “So we have to do this.”

Tears were already falling from my eyes. I can’t believe this!! Why did I come here, why? I just want to go home…

While the other guys were with my friends and the blond one had his back turned to me I decided I could run. So I did, I ran to the door. But before I could make it outside someone caught me. I was sobbing at this point.

“Where were you going princess? The party isn’t over yet.” He whispered in my ear and I knew it was the blond guy.

“Please, please let me go. Please.” I pleaded as he had an arm around my waist the other still holding the bat and my back pressed against his chest dragging me to the living room again.

“I can’t do that baby, because your boyfriend there has debts to pay for.” He said pointing the bat at Dylan.

I looked at him in the eye, my eyes red from crying. “Please.”

“Don’t worry princess I’m not gonna hurt you.” He said trying to comfort me but I only got more scared.

“Now we have to teach you a lesson, don’t we Dylan?” The curly haired guy said.

All three of them approached Dylan balancing their weapons in their hands. I turned around on blondie’s chest and buried my face on it. I don’t wanna see this. He let go of his bat and put his hands over my ears. Still I could hear him scream in pain. The only thing I could do at this moment was cry. I couldn’t make them stop… They were four big guys and I was just one girl.

At this point I couldn’t hear anything just my sobs. I felt a kiss being laid on my forehead and his hands weren’t at my ears anymore.

“It’s over baby.” I nodded and was going to turn around but he stopped me. “You don’t wanna see it.”

And I really didn’t. Only God knows how terrified I was and if I saw their work on Dylan I might faint.

“Come on.” He said dragging me along with him.

“Where are we going?” I asked my voice weak.

“You’ll see.”

“Where are we going?” I asked sternly and stopped walking.

“Don’t make this hard babe.” I’m done! I’m done with this shit. They come here and destroy everything, beet Dylan up and now they want to take us God knows where. I’m pissed now. Or maybe is the pot making its effects on my brain.

“Let go of me!” I screamed.

“Ok you’re high.” He got a hold of me and put me over his shoulder and I don’t know why I started to laugh.

“What’s with her?” Someone asked.

“She’s high.” He answered.

“Only now? There’s something wrong with that girl bro.”

“No there’s not! You’re the one that has something wrong.” I screamed. I didn’t know who the voice belonged to, it didn’t make sense in my head anymore.

Blondie put me down when we reached a van. I was still insulting the guy.

“Ok look at me. What’s your name?” He asked with both hands on my face turning it to him.

“Not telling. You’re a meanie.” I said crossing my arms.

“Oh my God. Look I need you to shut up now ok?”

“Make me.” I sassed sticking my tongue out.

“You asked for it.” He said as he crushed his lips to mine. He tasted so good, his lips were so soft and his lip ring felt so good. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Are you going to shut up now?” He whispered when he pulled away.

I looked wide eyed at him and nodded slowly.

“Good. Get in.”

Copyright © 2015 DestielHolmes.  All rights reserved.

PART 2 →

Ok I really don’t know how I feel about this or if a should write more. Tell me what you think here. Love you Nuggets xx

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Hey Kaite!! Ok ok so I'm changing my mobile theme or whatever and I kinda likes it but it needs a matching icon and I love your icons so this is perfect!! If you don't want to choose colors from the picture I used 8cd3c3 and 5e7c74 but if you think something else would work with the header feel free to something else! Oh, and could you please make Magnus looking dramatic/sassy or extra? If that's too much job just do something with Magnus. Thank you so much and I'll shut up now lmao

I hope these are ok for you!!

compliment: alicia!!! ok so you know i love you and youre blog so much and bc of my unplanned hiatus we havent talked or interacted for so long and i miss that, but anyway ur blog is one of my favourites and you know i love youre url and everyone should be following you

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I know I said I was going to bed and I am. In bed, that is. But I had a random thought.

Do you think Joel’s hearing is going quicker than it should? Besides being a carpenter and definitely​ being around loud machinery, he has no ear protection around gunfire or bombs. His hearing has to be shot.

…Pun only slightly intended.

And whattabout Ellie? Her hearing probably isn’t so great either.

KBTBB headcanon: MC is cleaning and the bidders catch her dancing sexily to a song

Requested by an anon. I hope you enjoy it! For those of you who are wondering, yes I’m open for requests. I made a page for the games and routes I’ve played.

*His POV*

I came back from a meeting and arrived to the penthouse. I heard some movement going on upstairs. It’s probably _____. I head upstairs and quietly walk towards the bedroom. She’s dusting and listening to music with headphones. She stops and looks at her phone with a smile on her face and says to herself, “Yes this is my sooooong!”
She starts swaying her hips and moves her body in a way that turns me on. I want to continue to watch her in awe but I can’t help myself, I need to touch her. I embrace her from behind and she jumps and whacks me in the head with the feather duster.
“Get off you–oh my god Eisuke! I’m so sorry. L-Let me help you.”
“Ok you can help me…”
“Ok what should I–mm!”
I cut her off with a kiss.
“You might have to change the sheets again once I’m done with you.” I say licking my lips.
“Eisuke I’m working not right now.”
“You can’t expect to give me a show like that and not expect me to not want you.”
“What show? Oh my god you saw that?! That’s so embarrassing…”
“Do you want to make love to your song?”
“Shut up you tease.”
I’ll get my way tonight. That’s for sure.

_____ is vacuuming the living room when I walk into the penthouse. She’s very concentrated. She’s listening to music with headphones. I could tell that the song changed because she stops vacuuming and starts to break out dancing. At first it’s silly but it slowly becomes sexy. I can’t help but stare at my woman giving me a show and the best part is that she isn’t being shy because she doesn’t know I’m here. The song ends and she gets back to vacuuming but is still moving her hips to the song that’s currently playing.
“Oh Soryu when did you get here?”
“Long enough to know that you’ve got pretty sexy moves.”
“Oh my god.” She’s so cute when her face turns red especially when she’s embarrassed.
“Want to try out those moves in the bedroom?” I can’t help but laugh through my serious face because I already know what her answer will be. I’ll wait until she’s off of work and those sexy moves will be all mine.

I walk in on _____ making the bed and she’s listening to music. Her hips are swaying to the beat of the song she’s listening to. Can my princess get any cuter? As she bends over to tuck in the blankets and sheets her butt starts to shake and it looks great. I’m having a hard time holding back. I just want to push her onto the bed and feel her body on mine. She’s still dancing unaware that I’m watching her. I put my hands on her sides and take out one of her ear buds and whisper in her ear,
“If you keep moving like that I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself.”
“Baba! How long have you been here?”
“That doesn’t matter.”
I push her onto the bed and start to unbutton her shirt but she jumps off of the bed and buttons up her shirt.
“Baba I’m working. Now’s not the right time.”
“Ok I’ll wait for you pretty lady. I’ll have to warn you that I won’t be gentle when you walk through this door when you’re done with work tonight.” I wink and she blushes. She laughs and shakes her head and gets back to work. Heh the princess has no idea what’s coming for her tonight.

I’m in the penthouse with nothing to do and I walk past the bathroom when I hear something. I peek my head in and it’s ____ cleaning the bathroom and listening to music. As she’s mopping the floor she uses the mop as a dance partner and is dancing around it sexily. I didn’t know my pet had such good moves. I walk into the bathroom with long strides and I slip and fall.
“Dammit.” I forgot the floor was wet because ____’s cleaning it.
“Ota are you ok?”
____ rushes towards me but she slips on the wet floor and falls on top of me.
“This is new…I’ve never had sex on a wet bathroom floor, and usually the master is on top.”
“I fell on accident and just happened to land on you. I didn’t want to…you know…”
“Make love?”
“Have sex?”
“Put the hot dog in the bun?”
“For Christ’s sake Ota!!”
“Haha you’re so silly Koro. Don’t worry I’ll get my way with you tonight and if you don’t mind, I would like to be the one on top.” I kiss her cheek and lips. I slowly get up and help up my clumsy pet and walk out of the bathroom leaving ____ flustered.

I arrive to the penthouse and find ____ sweeping the floor. She doesn’t notice I came in because she’s in her own world when she’s listening to music and blocking out the world with her headphones. I hear the bristles of the broom sweeping the floor and all of a sudden the sweeping sound is replaced by the sound of tapping feet. With my cigarette in my mouth, I turn to look at ____ dancing around. She doesn’t look like a kid when she’s dancing like that, she looks like a sexy woman. It’s turning me on but I’ll just leave her be for now. She’s done with her sexy, little dance and I walk up to her and start to grab her from behind. The next thing I know the head of the broom hits my manly glory.
“Oh my god! Mamo I-I’m so sorry.” She’s trying so hard not to laugh at me while I’m experiencing this excruciating pain that only a man can feel.
“Geez kid, who knew you’d have such good reflexes.”
“Well my boyfriend is a cop and I need to be aware like him.”
“Cops don’t hit people in the balls ____.”
She’s still laughing. I know what’ll wipe that smile off of her face…
“Hey nice moves by the way,” I slowly start to straighten up and move my hands from where I just got hit, “I didn’t know a kid like you could move like that. It was hot.”
I knew it, she immediately stopped laughing and now she’s red with embarrassment.
“You saw that?”
“You’re lucky I didn’t try to do anything to you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do anything to you tonight.”
“If you try to do anything while I’m working I can just hit you in the balls.”
“Noooo no no no. That’s not cool kid.”
“Haha I’m just kidding…sort of.” She kisses my cheek and gets back to work. I’ll get back at her tonight.

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when yoongi tweeted that they should be uploading "today's bangtan" soon (the group pic they upload on bts official Twitter when they have a schedule) ok now hear me out.. i'm not saying jimin uploaded that cute (his chest omg) selfie for yoongi but that's what i'm totally saying.... i mean they NEVER upload selifes to that account. (ok it's probably coz of his modern dance today) but let me be delusional and think it's his way of teasing (and shutting up yoongi who spammed their twitter lol)

but also imagine jimin checking twitter after the show was over and seeing all of yoongi’s tweets and he frowns a little because he was supposed to be resting right now but yoongi is being so adorable he can’t help but smile

jimin keeping tabs on yoongi’s tweets and smiling to himself bc yoongi’s so cute cheering for them all back at home… and then noticing that they don’t have the acrylic stand with them that yoongi was expecting to see so he tells the staff to pretty please upload that cute picture of him instead just to appease him

(and then when he sees yoongi’s new lockscreen later he knows that it totally worked)

Liam Oneshot - Kidnapped

requested by anon

Liam freaks out because Garrett kidnapped you.

“Has anyone seen Y/N? She doesn’t reply to my messages” said Liam walking to the pack. 

“In fact I’m starting to worry too. She has never ignored my messages. And she forgot about our meeting.” replied Lydia. “Do you think something has happened?”

“Did you querrel?” Scott asked Liam.

“Even if they did she wouldn’t ignore me.” replied Lydia instead. “I always give her advice abou boys and…”

“What? Are you talked about me too?” exclaimed Liam.

“That’s not important now! I’ll check if she’s at home.”

“I’m going with you, Scott!” insisted Liam. 

“Oh, are you looking for Y/N? What if I say I know where she is?” suddenly said Garrett coming to his locker. 

“What are you talking about?!”

“I said that I know where your precious Y/N is. She is safe. For now. We can arrange a kind of exchange. You’ll return Violet and I’ll tell you where I hid Y/N.” he smirked.

“What did you do?!” growled Liam. “If you hurt her…”

“Stop that, Liam, not at school! Stiles, keep him back!” 

“And how am I supposed to do that?!” sighed Stiles.

While he with the help of Lydia tried to calm furious Liam down, Scott lowered his voice: “You know that I don’t have an idea where Violet is, we have nothing to do with it.”

“I don’t care. You’ll find her and then I’ll return Y/N. Only then.”

“Step aside, Stiles, I’ll kill him right now!” hissed Liam.

“Stop it! You can’t kill people. At least at school.” shushed Stiles still trying to stop him. 

Garrett smiled and walked away as Lydia said: “We have to do something but it can be a trap you know.”

“Can’t you use your werewolf powers to find Y/N, Scott?”

“I can try. But I need some of her things to find the scent.”


After a few hours of a long search the friends found an abandoned house on the outskirts of the town where Garrett hid you. Tied with cords you sat in the corner of the empty room, shocked and desperate. 

“Oh my God, Y/N!” shouted Liam running to you and trying to untie you. You noticed his hands shaked a bit and he couldn’t cope with the rope. “I was so afraid that… that he did something to you. He didn’t hurt you, right? Otherwise I’ll tear him to pieces. Well, I’ll kill him anyway.”

“Hey, relax. Liam. We won’t kill anyone” interrupted Scott helping you to rise to your feet. “Are you ok?”

“I’m… quile fine now, thank you all…”

“Thanks God you’re safe,” hugged you Stiles.

“Hey, step away from her,“ Liam looked unexpectedly gloom.

“What? Why can’t I… Are you… jealous?” teased Stiles putting his hand around your shoulders and added smiling: “You know, Y/N, he was literally freaked out when he knew you were kidnapped.”

“Shut up, Stiles!” Liam was embarrassed.

“Ok, stop playing, we need to take Y/N home. Lydia’s waiting you there too,” responded Scott leading you to the door.

“You know, you should tell her,” smirked Stiles, “Everybody sees you like Y/N.” Liam left him not saying a word. “What? I just try to help you!” 

A/N: Sorry that I made you wait for a long time. Hope it won’t disappoint you.

Fic: Happenchance

Ok so this was a one shot that I wrote around the time of Obama’s inauguration.  Darren Criss had tweeted out something about his flight back east and since I didn’t feel comfortable writing CrissColfer, I wrote it as Klaine instead.

I’m VERY new to Tumblr so if you like it, I’d be honoured if you reblogged it so it could reach more fans. I’ll post more of my fics as I figure out how to do it… hahaha…


Kurt Hummel does not believe in fate.

He does not believe in love at first sight and he definitely does not believe in soul mates.

These ideologies are illogical to him. What he believes in is hard work, perseverance and discipline.

Which is why happenchance is the last thing on his mind as he boards his red-eye flight to New York…..

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TaoHun taking Candy for a walk
  • Sehun: do you really have to carry her? She came with paws, you know
  • Tao: first, it really hurts when you talk like she's a toy and yes, I have to carry her. Don't you read the papers? People can't drive for their life!
  • Sehun: anyway, it could teach her some reflexe- OUCH! I'm kidding!
  • Tao: well, stop then! I'm caring for her. *turns to Candy* Am I not my baby? Yes, love, who's my baby? You are! I love you baby~
  • Sehun: you're the one who should stop, it's getting creepy.
  • Tao: you're just jealous.
  • Sehun: yes, I am.
  • Tao: no, you're- What? You admit it?
  • Sehun: I was your baby before her. It's just natural. Shut up.
  • Tao: aw~ my baby is jealous~
  • Sehun: no, don't even try it, too late for it now.
  • Tao: ok, so let me have some fun with Candy now, and I'll show you who's my first and favorite later, tonight *winks*
  • Sehun; You better keep your word