ok now i need to sleep

You know what will never stop confusing me?

There are actually people out there who look at Teen Wolf and think Stiles and Derek don’t like each other at all. Not even that they just don’t ship them, but legitimately think they hate each other and only put up with each other for Scott’s sake.

And just…

…So I mean just… how.

From the 8.19 Engeki Haikyuu Line Live Stream!

They challenged Wada Shunsuke (the musical composer) to create a new theme for Karasuno before the stream ended, and this minute-long segment is what he had for us by the end!  Those going to see Summer of Evolution will likely hear some version of this song during the show!

The live stream also announced that they will be selling the soundtracks for both Karasuno Revival and the Winners and Losers productions!!!  Two new Engeki Haikyuu soundtracks!!!  And yes, even the rap battle against Datekou will be featured on the Revival CD!  


22/30 dailies

I really like the headcanon that Yagi has to eat like- frequently in small amounts, because of his stomach injury, but he never bothers to stick to it. Someone gotta make this man care for himself better >:I

Prompt:  Would it be okay to ask for Might/Inko, or Deku/Urahara? Something where the couples are trying to encourage and support each other. I know some people aren’t into het, so if you wanna pass on these, it’s cool.

The struggle was real with Inko, her face is so overworked and I’m STILL not ok with it but its coming up to 1am and I need to sleep (as always…) I also for some reason decided to draw an angle on the scene, thinking ‘yeah! I’ll get some cool perspective in there’ not thinking ‘hey what about that part of the sink that’d be attached to the invisible wall in front of them?’. So uh, transparent cupboards are the new thing? In stores now?

I’m still open for prompts, but I do have a lot that I wanna do already, so bear it in mind :)

tiddy shance because I had a stressful day and I needed to doodle this happy Lance
also just bingewatched half of a Brooklyn 99 season, so now I think in camera close ups

The Tree God

I’m the DM with a two-person party. One player has had some experience with DnD, but for the other, it’s his first time.

And on every tree-related roll, our axe-paladin has gotten 20s.

Part 1

Me (DM): Ok, the path goes either right, or left. What do you do? 

Paladin: I go forward.

Me: No, I mean, there is only right and left on the path. The rest is just forest.

Paladin: No. I take my axe and go forward by cutting down all the trees.

Me: Fine. Roll.

Paladin: (rolls a 20)

Me: *screams*

Part 2

Me: Ok, (Sorcerer) now has a stick-torch.

Paladin: I want one!

Me: Then just cut off a branch. You’ll need to roll for it, too.

Paladin: (nat 20)

Sorcerer: what?!

Part 3

Me: You are now inside a small cave, about 7 feet across. There is still a hole in the ground from the tree.

Sorcerer: What if an enemy finds us while we sleep? (It’s nighttime) 

Paladin: I’ll just put the tree back.

Me: Uh, sure, roll.

Paladin: (nat 20)

Me: I hate you.


It’s hard to look Barry in the eyes when there’s so much want reflected in his blown out pupils, but Iris holds his gaze as he draws her towards him. One of Barry’s hand’s cups at the curve of her jaw, rough pad of his thumb smoothing over her cheekbone. “You’re so beautiful” Barry whispers

Iris’s nose brushes against Barry’s and she reaches out automatically to slide a hand over Barry’s waist. They stare at each other for a few seconds, but it’s Iris who makes the first move. She leans in, pressing their lips together, and she’s sure actual sparks tickle her skin when they kiss.

Those sparks turn into fireworks flickering behind closed eyelids as Barry takes control, tilting his head and licking over the seam of Iris’s bottom lip until she lets out a soft noise. With her lips parted, Iris mewls as Barry licks into her mouth. She’s weak in the knees as their tongues slide together, clinging desperately to her soulmate to keep from falling.

But it feels so good that she doesn’t stop, not even when Barry sucks on her tongue and then scrapes his pointed canines over the smooth sweep of Barry bottom lip.

“B-barry,” Iris breathes, breath shaky, but she doesn’t back away. Instead, she leans forward, pressing her chest to Barry and relishing in their contact.

The second kiss steals the air right out of her lungs, pours fire into her veins, and Barry growls possessively.

Her legs feel like jelly and her fingernails scrape along Barry’s rib cage, arching towards her soulmate as her teeth nip against Barry’s lips. Iris’s breathless, panting softly and pulls away about an inch to catch her breath. Barry’s not any better, chest heaving up and down.

“Be mine,” he rasps, smoothing his thumb over the jut of Iris’s cheekbone again.

“I’m already yours.”

“Forever?” Iris shudders from the implication and she leans into Barry touch.