ok now i must got to sleep


*//q//*;; can’t say i didn’t try ////

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♧ ☄ ✍

♧ - Best friend?
I have several. One of my main best friends is Liv. I met her through tumblr and she is one of the most encouraging and supportive people in my life.

My other best friend is a girl named Haley whom I’ve known since I was a child. She is probably the kindest person I’ve ever met.

And finally, my big sister probably understands me better than anyone in the world and I absolutely adore her.

✍ - Story from your childhood.
Ok! Got one. Apparently I was an unintentionally manipulative lil shit since before I can even remember. So, when I was a tiny lil baby Leigh (imagine bouncy platinum curls and enormous blue eyes and apple cheeks), I had trouble sleeping just as I do now. But my parents were very adamant that no kids would sleep in their bedroom. So one night (I must have had a bad dream) I went to go get mom, but remembered i couldn’t go in her room. So instead Of waking her up, my parents found me curled up asleep in front of their door the next morning. Mom said she almost started crying. So yep…!

☄ - I wish…
That the goblins would come take me away, right now.

I had to. You were asking for it.

Also that the power would come on.

Thanks for asking!