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He’s kinda like a different person.

Things James Corden has said about One Direction:
  • You’re adorable, boys”
  • “4 of the loveliest boys you could ever meet”
  • They haven’t changed….They’ve gotten older, and they’ve gotten richer, but their sensibility of who they are as people feels exactly the same…It’s an astonishing meteoric rise, their whole life changed – and I’m very, very proud of how they have remained true to who they are.”
  • They’re still very, very united as a four and I think they still have a rich future together”
  • They’ve made an impact on quite a few people though, and in 20 years that will still count for something”
  • I love the boys”

to whoever that anon was, it’s 2am and I have finals tomorrow but I suddenly decided I needed to see Anthony Ramos as Sonny so here it is for everyone’s viewing pleasure


the calendar // panic! at the disco

“I can hear him,” Louis whispered, searing his lips to Harry’s panting mouth. He pulled his mouth away to breath, slamming his cock deeper inside of Harry’s wet, tight, lush body, Harry wailing and bucking against him. Louis shuddered out, “I can f-fucking h-hear him. Or her. Them.”


Louis’ damp fringe fell in his eyes, brushing over Harry’s forehead.

“God. The meaning of life,” Louis said, his voice tight. “Oh my God,” he clenched his eyes shut, Harry sucking kisses to his trembling lips, “I can–I can fucking hear it.”

Harry would have laughed, but his lungs pushed out a puff of pained breath instead.

“What’s the–What’s the meaning of life?”

Louis’ head fell forward, his throat clicking out a choked off sound, their foreheads pressed together.

“This,” he whispered, his voice cracking. He squeezed Harry’s hands and ground into him, slow and deep. Harry’s wail was muffled by Louis’ lips, his legs hugging Louis’ hips tighter. “Y-You. Fuck, Harry, you are.”

—  Escapade