ok not the best quality

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whats ur fav pokemon

i havve a lot more favvs tbh but these are the first big 6 i could think of!!


✨ ✨ the only photos u’ll ever see of me smiling like this are the ones where i’m either binding or petting a cat ✨ ✨

happy tdov from yr local nonbinary shutin! this is my 3rd tdov, but the first time i’ve participated ^^ (they/them)


“part of you”

i keep seeing parallels between spuffy & bliv and ngl i hope the izombie writers explore their relationship more 

@faanged picked a fight with alek !

yo, kid, you’re a lot stronger then you look. alek said, unsure how many times he got hit in the face from this kid.  you use to you getting your ass beat or somethin ?  he assumed the dude was used to his ass being kicked, so he learned how to hit back or something along those lines. little did he know. 


Anon said: “Can you do Halloween backgrounds of either of Grif and Sister or just Kimball?”

Here you go, I hope they’re ok.


a series of neko!Gaara because you I need it in my life (ノo v o)ノ。₀: *゜