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Nolan is such a blushy bab, can you imagine if he’s drafted by Philly or Dallas?? (I know the Devils get first pick but I only know hallsy there really) but like imagine G taking in another rookie and this ones almost too sweet and looks like a raspberry and he becomes buds with TK who’s got a crush that’s a mile wide and Ivan and him get along really great or sharpy just teasing him good naturedly all the time to see him turn pink and seggy loves getting him to smile and he gravitates towards bish and wants to be so good for jams and ugh I can’t believe how much I like this kid.

In the Air - Nolan Patrick

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Here we are! A super cute and fluffy imagine with the cutie that is Nolan Patrick!! Hopefully you guys like this and let me know what you think!! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 780

Warnings: all fluffy!!

Request: “ok so i have a request for you and its totally ok if you don’t write it or whatever but i love your stuff and saw you were taking request. so i was wondering if you’d do a Nolan Patrick imagine that’s just super fluffy and cute. i have no real other guidelines but i love him and i love you and i love fluff so i figured i’d ask. thanks!! ❤️” - @jaschhen-7

Up next: Sebastian Aho


“Babe we’re gunna miss our flight!” Nolan yelled from the front door, impatiently looking at his phone.

“Ok, ok, I’m coming!” you threw a couple last minute items into your suitcase, zipping it up and grabbing your purse.  You looked around the room once more, making sure you hadn’t forgotten anything and then made your way to the front door.

“Good?” Nolan smiled at you.

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                                   Since her last visit with Jenny, Liliana had been thinking of her close friend any possible moment. It hadn’t made things easier, knowing she had once been in a hospital bed due to everything unfolding on that evening. With a break in her schedule, more of Liliana’s time has been spent around others. It meant more visits to Jenny which she didn’t mind because she preferred being around the female. Wrapped up in a blanket on her friends couch, Liliana had sighed before glancing over at Jenny. “What did we just watch?” Completely out of it, dark nut hues blinked multiple times in a row to process everything. Mind fucked. “Hm,” hummed Liliana, resting a hand on her cheek. “Yeah, never again. Do you want something to drink or eat?” Having made herself warm and welcomed in Jenny’s apartment from the first moment Lili had started to babysit Jake. 

OUAT logic

*brings back zelena*

*doesn’t bring back peter pan*

*Doesn’t bring back neal, graham, or any other worthy characters*

i love you too
Revenge sketch | Nolan & Emily Masquerade 2.18

Please don’t turn away (Jack G)

Anon requested:  Can you do an imagine where Y/N is cleaning or something and Jack Gilinsky comes home and tells her that he has been sleeping with someone else for about 3 months and they have this huge fight & Y/N says “You just threw out whole life away! What about our son (1 years old & named Nolan) and our relationship” and tells him to get out and after he leaves she goes to her moms house with Nolan and they talk and she comforts them but Y/N knows she has to be strong for Nolan.

^^ ok synopsis basically but I thought this sort of resembled “You’re Lucky” but I did my best, hope you like :) 

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

I was cleaning our bathroom when I heard the door open and close downstairs and the keys being thrown on the counter. Assuming it was my boyfriend, Jack, “Jack I’m upstairs” I announced and I heard his footsteps up the stairs. I turned around, feeling his presence. “How was- what’s wrong?” I asked him as I saw his distraught face. 

We need to talk” he says quietly as he walks closer to me. “What’s going on”  I pull my hands away as he tries to hold onto them. “I’m sorry…so s-so sorry” he apologizes. “Jack what the fuck is going on” I ask again sternly. 

I I I’m just so sorry” he kept repeating. “Jack Gilinsky tell me what the hell is going on right now or I swear-” “I slept with someone else…” he interrupted me. 

My heart stopped and sank all the way to my feet. I couldn’t even think straight. “How long”  I asked firmly. “I’m sorry I-” “How long Jack.” I asked again when he diverted the question. “3 months” he stated quietly. I shook my head tears threatening to blow my cover. “You realize you’ve thrown our entire life away. I I can’t believe you. We have a family for God’s sake! I wanted to marry you! Spend my life with you! And you threw everything away! Including your family.” I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I grabbed the diaper bag that was in the closet and made my way to the baby’s room. 

Where are you going?” he asks worried. I didn’t bother responding knowing I would either freak out or just start bawling and stay instead of doing what I was supposed to. He was relentless though, nonstop asking where I was going and why I was taking the baby. 

By the time I got to the door I turned to face him with the baby in my arms and my keys in my hand. “Listen Jack, I am done with this. You’ve been coming home late and now I know why. You smell different and I know it. It’s not my perfume and it smells cheap no doubt. I thought I knew you better than to be a lipstick on the collar type of cheater. But not even once, hundred of times I’m sure over the past 3 months. You are typical and I knew it from the get but I didn’t want to believe it. I thought you’d changed because of the baby but no. I am done.” I told him and opened and slammed the door of the house we owned. I quickly fastened the baby in and started the car and sped off. 

That night I knew there was only one person I wanted, and needed, to see, my mom. I went straight to her house and showed up with red, puffy eyes and the baby in tow. 

It’s been a few days since I saw Jack, though he’s tried numerous forms of contact, even emailing my mom himself. But, I didn’t want to hear it from him. And at the same time, I knew I had to be strong for myself and our baby, he needed a father in his life. I guess I would have to push everything aside and figure something out. 

- - - - - -

 I hope yall liked it! I might have a part two in mind if yall really want it! Lemme know! 



What she says: I’m fine

What she means: It’s been five years and there’s still no official follow-up of any kind to Inception, and I guess that’s ok, I understand Nolan not wanting his ~artistic vision~ to be tampered with, but I wonder if he has any idea how much that world and those characters mean to so many of us, if he has any idea what kind of amazing world-building and dedicated fandom has grown on the back of his movie, how it’s bigger than just his thought experiment now, it’s about giving us a chance to return to this universe we all love. I’d be okay with a prequel, a look at the early days of dreamshare, if it’s a way of avoiding screwing with the ambiguity of the ending, because there’s still plenty to explore there. Heck, they could make some kind of film version of The Big Under, the comic, I’m sure Ken Watanabe would be up for it, and we could finally learn more about Tadashi! Or they could just make a sequel focusing on a completely different dreamshare team. That way maybe Eames could still turn up, maybe, and Arthur, and we could see them together again, just for a few more precious moments, and it would be the most wonderful thing, and oh, Arthur and Eames, there’s nothing like them anywhere. But I just want more Inception, it’s not like I can’t be satisfied if I only have JGL and Tom Hardy back together again. Show us what Robert’s up to these days, or give us a whole TV series with a whole new amazing team. It’d be so cool. What’s holding you back, Warner Bros.? We need this. Do you even know how hard it is being in a fandom with no new canon material produced for five years? Do you even know how amazing what you’ve given us is, that we’ve been able to stay happily playing in this two-hour-and-28-minute-long sandbox for five years? New canon isn’t asking too much. We deserve this.  I’ll be okay, really, if it never gets made, because what we’ve built as a fandom is so incredible. But please, oh, please. We’ve waited so long. I just want to see Eames kick Arthur’s chair one more time.