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Fuck Flowers, Fuck Spring, Fuck This

Anon asked: Ok, you don’t even have to write this as a fic BUT CONSIDER. Micheal has really bad allergies or a really snotty cold. His face is red, is eyes are watery, and he won’t stop sniffling. So, he shows up to school and everyone thinks he’s crying and they’re all just like “Bro are u ok?” especially Jeremy.

You know what it’s 2 am but fuck sleep I feel productive and as someone with 25+ allergies I relate to this on a spiritual level, let’s g-g-g-GO

You know what fucking sucks? Hay fever. You know what else sucks? Spring. Everyone loves spring but Michael is a big bag of snotty suffering because of all the god damned pollen in the air. Fuck allergies, seriously. He went to bed the night before sneezing and sniffling and only able to breath from one nostril. He was too damn tired from school and more importantly socializing to actually do anything about it, so he slept it off.

But the thing about hay fever? It could last more than a day. Michael woke up with his nose itchy and blocked and his face feeling warm and gross. His eyes hurt, his head hurt, and he wanted nothing more than to curl into his bed and sleep. But his alarm was still going off and he couldn’t skip school over allergies, not with all the stress days he’s taken.

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Some advice, please? There is this guy that I really like; we get on so well: easy to talk to, obvious chemistry, etc. We spent 2 weekends together, and then he dropped off the face of the earth. Stopped talking all together. But then came back a few weeks later saying he felt bad, and enjoyed our time together and was just really busy (which I call bullshit on). I just dont know what to do, because i really like him but dont need to be a second rate thought

Ok those last six words say it all babe. You were/are an afterthought to him.
It’s complete bullshit to get another weekend/date/whatever. No one is “too busy” to drop off the face of the earth w/out notifying you. He’s inconsiderate at best an a manipulative prick at worst.

please recognize that while ur fave may have gone thru a redemption arc and is a better person now, that means that they have actually done wrong enough for them to need to be redeemed in the first place, and they have not actually done no wrong in their life, stop woobifying characters im so tired guys please let’s all take a nap now it’s nap time ok goodnite

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what’s your favorite thing about julieta?

well i’ll give you two answers… first answer becs idk if it counts as a ‘thing’ is that, i have a very low tolerance for people. i need my space a lot and i’m REALLY closed off and even when i really get along with someone i’m not good at.. answering messages or whatever… i care but i’m weird and i think it’s more of a me-thing than anything? 

but getting to the point the Thing is that that doesn’t happen with her because i just love literally everything she says and thinks, i just really like hearing it and i’m comfortable with her… like i could chat with her for hours and hours and i’d be completely comfortable with it, or like, not talk too and it’s cool too. i just want to hear everything because of that.. so yeah that’s my favorite thing about her… that she really fits in my life and that she exists..

second answer that’s more of a tangible thing is that we literally share a fucking brain about memes like she was like ‘remember that one vine’ and i literally described it without even ANY context at all and i was right so yeah that’s also something.

honesty hour.


Happy Birthday, BTS!


it’s The Boys
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i’m sure this has all been said before but it’s so fucking tiring to read article after article and post after post by straight (or even just non-lesbian) feminists waxing poetic about the bechdel test. like yeah, obviously it’s indicative of a massive issue w the representation of women in media and a useful tool to gauge the failings of hollywood and big time show writers or whatever

but that wasn’t what it was fucking intended for. it was never about all women, it was about the lesbian experience. it was about the overwhelming loneliness of the lesbian identity and how far removed you feel from media. i feel this every day, and i have for the last decade that i’ve been out

it’s infuriating to watch straight women talk about the bechdel test at all (“my show is different – even though they’re talking about men, the story is about their friendship. it’s like turning the bechdel test on its head”) and even MORESO when they’re fucking criticizing it (“the bechdel test isn’t the end all be all… films can still be feminist and not pass it. films that don’t pass can be even more feminist than films that do!”)

it’s like…. the name of the fucking strip has the word “dyke” in it. have you all ever considered once that the original comic wasn’t ever meant for your consumption at all? have you ever thought about the fact that alison bechdel was writing as a lesbian about her lesbian experiences and that maybe, just maybe, this isn’t some generic feminist concept but instead a description of a lesbian-specific experience?

and the thing is that the liberal feminist application of the bechdel test has been criticized for not being intersectional – which it isn’t! movies about gay men and men of color are still incredibly groundbreaking and significant to our culture even though they “fail” the bechdel test

and that is LITERALLY BECAUSE the bechdel test wasn’t ever fucking MEANT to be the Generic Feminism Test Of Diversity And Equality – it was commentary specific to the lesbian experience when engaging with media

straight feminists historically hated and excluded lesbian feminists (and many do to this day lmao) but still, as always, want to co-opt and misappropriate our writing, concepts, and experiences to suit their needs


I thought this post was really cute so here’s datekou

daichi just wants to watch the movie in peace

How to not drown in witchcraft

no, this isn’t a survival guide on how to avoid a 17th century ducking stool. Rather, some harsh truths I’ve had to face over the last 17 years.

You’re not special
You’re unique; just like everyone else. No witch is more powerful than any other; no witch is of a more ancient lineage than you. If you ever come across someone who claims to be an all powerful being or consistently needs to re-affirm a power play to make themselves appear superior to you: runaway! Trust me when I say that Lucifer’s most valued lieutenant is not sitting on a couch in South Dakota, watching Netflix in their pyjama’s whilst DMing you on social media. When you come across people who make fantastical and dangerous claims like this cut off all contact immediately; and no you don’t owe them an explanation because they’re not in a sound place to receive that explanation in the first place. Your spiritual safety comes first.

You’re never going to be an expert
You will never know everything about witchcraft, and you will never stop learning about witchcraft. What’s more, it’s perfectly okay to not know everything. Witchcraft should empower you to find your own path and journey, realistically there’s no way that journey is going to contain every ounce of knowledge and experience that witchcraft can provide.

It’s ok to walk away
Witchcraft is the practice; witch is the identity. No one can rob you of your identity or how you visualize yourself, so if you need to take a break from witchcraft whether it be a week or a year, know that you’re still a witch for as long as you wish to identify as one. Witchcraft has existed for thousands of years, it’s not going to vanish just because you stop practicing candle magic for a few months.

Beware of those who mentor you
Whether you’re in a one-on-one situation or in a coven always be aware that not everyone’s intentions are pure. If you’re in a coven or learning situation where someone constantly affirms their authority over you, leave. “I’m in charge”, “this is my coven”; these are big red flags, the goal of any community or learning situation is to facilitate the growth and nurturing of others. Covens should always be egalitarian, with opportunities for leadership and spiritual roles consistently provided. A person who’s agreed to teach you a skill or field of information should be perfectly comfortable if or when you excel them. Ask yourself does this person/group want me to be the best I can be?

The experience danger zone
At some point you will become an insufferable know-it-all, usually this occurs when someone has been practicing for 3-5 years. This is a danger zone because whilst yes you’ve been practicing long enough to have a decent knowledge base and you’ve probably carved out a path for yourself, reality is you’re still a baby witch. That hurts I know, and I’ve had it said to me at the time and it made me angry, but it’s 100% true. In all honesty 5 years is nothing when you consider what can occur in a lifetime. Does this mean you have nothing to contribute? Fuck no! You have everything to contribute as someone who’s living the experience of witchcraft; you are vital to the community, you need to be heard. But, be aware of the ego trap you can so easily fall into during this time; it happens to everyone, and all you need to be mindful of are your intentions and motivations towards others.

Your path is your own
This is so vital to maintaining a long-term practice. Reaching a place of understanding where you can walk your own way without validation of others or inflicting impunity upon those you disagree with. The witchcraft community is currently experiencing a renaissance, there’s a new generation of witches coming through and their opinions and ideologies are clashing with the old vanguard. So here’s the reality check we all need, that Wiccan lady at the crystal shop who’s been practicing since the 1960’s is never going to stop saying ‘Blessed Be’, and that high school kid who hides curse jars under their favourite tree is not going to meditate away their anger and commune with the Goddess. So where’s the balance? We have to accept responsibility for own journey and actions. By all means we need to fight to shut down racism, homophobia, appropriation and misinformation that are rampant in our community, burn that shit to the ground! But we also need to learn to forgive people when they need it and make genuine efforts to deserve it. A community is not a community if you want to go to war with everyone who’s different to you.