ok no it's just not fair ok

On Altea we wear this colour to honour our fallen warriors.

national dogs day has granted me a reason to sketch the matsus as dogs, so here they are! been meaning to do this for a while! mainly because i wanted to draw ichimatsu as a chow chow

what’s that you say? “get out my house furry scum”? ok, fair enough

I feel like if Sam was a Russian doll it would include those who have possessed him. Sam’s the first doll and underneath there’s Meg’s vessel, then another Sam, then Lucifer’s vessel, then Sam, then Gadreel’s vessel, then Sam again.

goalkeepers are actual angels on earth, who deserve the world and all the love cus they’re so pure, goalies deserve all the appreciation and if u dont think so ur wrong cus theres no opinion on this, i dont make the rules sorry


It’s been so long since I’ve drawn Ethrean. Finally tried to do something more complicated with the armor! 

Tried to make it look like a fake screenshot lmao

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is castlevania actually that good?

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YES, it is really gory and graphic with some things (also the language part) but i didn’t know what to expect when i started to watch it and everything made sense after the first episode and it has me hooked now. i came bc of @rotisserierogers and stayed for the badass alcoholic walking wreck of a man trevor belmont.

(i don’t watch a lot of anime either so it’s sayin’ something)

My dash keeps showing me a post about Greg “charming” Blue Diamond so much that she wanted to “save” him by taking him to the zoo. With the conclusion that no one can resist the Universe charm….

Here’s the thing though: Greg didn’t charm Blue Diamond. Not really. What he did do, however, is talk to her about her grief. Offering comforting words and even letting her know that he understood how she felt. Which impressed her.

She was impressed that a mere human could understand how she feels, because she clearly doesn’t view humans as sentient, intelligent beings. Which isn’t evil per se. Why would she think of some alien race as equal to her own? Humans have a hard time seeing other beings on Earth as intelligent. Hell, in some cases we can’t even see the intelligence in other people. So why would Blue Diamond?

Getting back on track: Greg was probably the first person in thousands of years that spoke to her about grief like it was real. Like it was valid. Like she wasn’t wrong for feeling it. Even sort of gave her a reassurance that its ok that she’s still grieving because it can take a long time to be ok with the knowledge that the person/gem you love isn’t coming back.

That impressed her. This human understood how she felt. And he didn’t deserve to be killed by the Cluster.

I mean, its not surprising that it was Greg. He IS a good man. But I think joking about the “Universe charm” takes away from the bigger picture there.

Blue Diamond has been alone in her grief. From Yellow Diamond’s words, she was expected to just shake it off and move forward. But she can’t. And, to be fair, Yellow Diamond can’t either, but she’s better at hiding it. Better at bottling up her feelings and ignore them.

And here’s Greg, a human, talking to her about her grief like its valid. Offering comfort and reassurance.

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¿And you know something my dear? Be weak like you is a problem in the actual society :^( ¿you know why? :'C because you are occupying the place of someone that can do pretty much more than you ;) so please do a favor for this platform and close this shit, and grow up a little bit and stop watching a show just because is the only way that you can be happy. And one one more last thing you manage to be more annoying and disgusting that the original amethyst, fake fat ugly and disgusting little shit

i’m so moved, i’m crying.

Stefán Karl / Robbie Rotten fan accounts on instagram are really great, but can y'all not post other people’s art on there without getting permission first? And credit the artist properly, too? Its… really not fair to the artist for ppl to just steal and repost their art, and sometimes Stefán will like that stolen art and how would that artist ever know? How would Stefán ever know who drew it? Like… it is not hard to ask permission, to source things, and honestly I’m super disappointed bc I’m seeing a lot of art being ripped off tumblr. Please stop that. Art theft is never OK.

i Hate with a passion the fact that so many fictional characters, shows, books are ruined for me because of association with people who have done me wrong. for the most part i can get over what they did to me but i’m still not ever able to look at those things without that association.

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Ok so I feel bad, cause all of hero academia is kids, but I think they look hot?? And I'm not a kid, but when shouto used his fire the first time or izuku showed his 6 ok or man kirishimas hardened mode it's like? Dang??? Its just confliction, most of thge time i just want to hug em but then those times happen and i hate myself

to be fair a lot of the kiddos from bnha don’t look like fifteen-sixteen year olds–Shouji is probably the most extreme example–and, my dude, there’s no shame in finding things nice to look at. as long as u know what ur doing^^

literally every frame of shouto in the anime is beautiful, especially when he uses his fire side. like. goddamn. it’s funny cuz his character design had all the makings to look like a really bad OC ((heterochromia, depressing past, super strong)) but everything about him is super likeable–his personality is the real kicker here though. he’s not your regular cool as a cucumber and silent rival y’know??? he’s just super awkward and doesn’t know how to interact with others to save his life??? he’s super earnest and takes life lessons to heart???? he’s just… such a breath of fresh air compared to other “silent, broody” protagonists and i love horikoshi for breaking the fold by creating shouto.

i don’t know why people don’t really talk about???? how hot izuku is???? i think i’ve been noticing this especially in the recent episodes (and he only gets better from here shit man). look-wise, yeah i can understand why people think he’s plain, but he’s one of those people where the longer you look at them, the more you see something about him that’s really, really nice. for me it was his shoulders and hands for some reason??? they’re really??? defined??? and then when i plugged a good pair of earphones on, i listened to his voice in both english and japanese, and jfc those moments where he mutters/talks to himself is. wow. it’s not just about his voice getting deeper–it’s what he’s talking about and why exactly he’s muttering in the first place. is it possible to find intelligence really attractive??? idk manz.

kirishima overall is freaking dope man i love him. like shouto and izuku he’s super earnest, sweet, and supportive–like, c’mon, bakugou respects him. you can tell he’s special from that alone^^ kirishima when he’s not in hardened mode is wow but when he is he’s just. ow. does that make sense???

yeahhh so ik you were initially talking about appearances anon but my thoughts kinda derailed lolol. like with character designs alone these kids are hella attractive but??? when u see their personalities??? their goals??? their morals??? 

it’s too much for my heart manz.

it’s 4am and I’m awake without the use of caffeine and like? why can’t I always wake up like this?? I’m literally at like level 5 Human rn I’m having all these thoughts like I’M GONNA DRAW and I’M GONNA GO ON A RUN but when I wake up at 7 I can’t even remember my own name

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"they are sending a clear message to queer kids that it's actually not OK to be queer". I understand your frustration, I really do...but at least he is not a homophobe! :-D Mind that "I'm gay and I lost my job for that" is even a worse message for new generations. Kids (queer or not) have to learn that it's ok to be gay, but life (often) sucks and they have to stand up for themselves. Sometimes lying is just a way to survive. It's not fair, but we should not blame the victims.

This exactly. Darren has been bullied and abused by so many in his life.  He doesn’t need us to add because we don’t agree with every decision made. Trust me, no one has more anger about this than Darren himself and his close loved ones who are watching him navigate this nightmare.   

He is trying to survive in a cruel industry.   So that he can continue to do what he loves.  Perform and share his talent with the world.  Failing to understand that he has no control is a grave error.  

It’s easy to throw stones   But unless you’ve walked a day in his life, it is unfair to judge him.    I doubt anyone watching would be able to take on Fox and successfully walk away with a career.   And yes, him fighting and losing.  That is a terrible message.  But you know what is a good message?  Darren fighting within his means, despite the weight on his shoulders, and thriving and striving for freedom.   Taking the required steps to move forward.  And I hope his message only gets stronger as he successfully moves forward and wins the war.   

So instead of anger.  Let’s focus on how to help him untangle the web that has been weaved.  Something I strongly believe he is desperately trying to do.  

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Hey guys! I'm currently working on a Marauder fic (obviously involves Wolfstar) and I wanted to tell you how much you've inspired me. Ahhh... you've completely changed my outlook on Peter and I'm definitely basing how I write him on how Mattias portrays the character (major cinnamon roll). This is just to say thank you! I have so much admiration for the four of you. Also, I hope it's ok if I were to steal a few of the things you've said in your videos because they're hilarious.

Hello! We’re delighted that we’ve been able to inspire you to write marauder fanfic! It’s perfectly ok to use our lines, as long as they aren’t from the Casting Moonshadows-scenes, as those are not ours to grant permission for; we’ve used them with the permission of the original author, Moonsign, so those lines belong to her :) Everything else is fair game, as long as you credit us!

oKAY SO I have finally finished Rev2 with the good ending (I know I know bear with me) a-and… aND…. A N D…  I have a lot of feelings but mainly about Claire and her hair I thought it was going to be made clear why she cut it bc like… I WANT ANSWERS (ok pretty sure it was bc she wanted a change after being betrayed yet again and thinking Moira was dead and zombie island etc etc bUT STILL) also that “he’s in China now?” broke my heart bc like… I know she’s TerraSave she doesn’t fight bioterrorism directly like Chris but like it was everywhere on the news about Tall Oaks and both her and Barry were gonna have a party or something?!?! Like?!?!?! ok I know she was still worried and keeping track of Chris and all that (which is v sweet and I’d kill Capcom if they hadn’t shown us that) I’m jUST a bit overwhelmed it seems again bear with me #FEELINGS everywhere ;w;

What you Think after Spending too much Time with the Signs

Aries: I swear to god if u say anything about fighting or “hardcore” stuff one more time I will literally punch u

Taurus: Do u literally only have 2 interests because that’s all u can talk about wtf change the subject

Gemini: I’d duct tape ur face but I’m p sure you’ll still manage to talk through it jfc

Cancer: stop bitching about literally everything because idfc

Leo: If you start 1 more sentence with “I” we’re done omfg

Virgo: do u have sane thoughts? I don’t think so jfc

Libra: How is it that u r literally the only person who doesn’t screw up because u talk like that’s how it is omg stop

Scorpio: I swear if u don’t chill and stop being all “dark and emotional” I’m going to burn everything u love

Sagittarius: ur jokes are horrible and jfc u need to chill before I knock ur lights out

Capricorn: are u legit incapable of smiling??? not everything is serious omg

Aquarius: Ppl aren’t horrible just because they disagree with u and jfc u r not funny u r just mean

Pisces: literally wtf are u on omfg

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Hmmph wow Tord I know what's gonna happen so if your gonna go through with this *slides over a suit case full of guns* If like to join the red army if that ok doesn't mean I won't leave you alone just be careful how everything goes ok but can I join its a fair deal

Tord: ..You know, it isn’t that easy to join.

Tord: And of course I’m going through with this.