ok nick you need to stop

This is what you do at weddings

(or at least this is what Harry and Nick do when they’re together at a wedding)

Do I need to add it was inspired by this

“I feel like it’s the only thing I’ve been doing lately – going to weddings.”

“I feel you.”

“I caught a bouquet at the last one though, so I guess it’s my turn now.”


They’re quiet for a while after that, standing on a pier, looking at the sea, like they’re in a freaking romantic comedy. Harry smiles to himself. Which would it be though? Before he gets a chance to mentally go through all of his favourite ones and decide which has a scene exactly like this, Nick interrupts him.

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#80 [Kenny Omega]

Requested, #80: “Does he know about the baby?” - with the young bucks and Kenny omega? Like the reader is the young bucks sister who slept with Kenny?. (Prompt from here.)

Author note: This is straight up fluff and silliness. And ran long. Ohhh well.

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Kenny Omega had come in to your life without preamble.

It felt like one second your brothers, The Young Bucks, were talking about “changes” in New Japan and Bullet Club, and the next you had a two-tone-haired man standing in front of you.

There were very few interactions between the two of you before you realized you had some attraction to him. At first, you’d just assumed it was physical, and had kept yourself from doing anything about it. But the more you were with him, the more you realized it was a lot more than just your body craving his.

Kenny was intelligent. Well-spoken. Funny. Genuine. Passionate. Caring. Trustworthy. Hardworking. Determined.

That last part was what really led to your current situation; you pressed against a shirtless Kenny in a heated kiss.

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch. 5 - The Heart of Sherwood

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/ Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. Thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reviewed and reblogged the last chapter, you are all amazing…and sorry, not sorry, for the cliffhanger last week. Also I want to thank the awesome SOC development team of @raykamino, @nick-and-judy-daily, @senny74 and @alexboehm55144 for helping with ideas and beta reading this chapter, I could not do this without you guys. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/6/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 5- The Heart of Sherwood

As soon as Robyn and Hannah had contacted Jack, the buck rabbit had ran into his Skye’s home office who was busy trying to mobilize all the Major Crimes Bureau agents under her command to help with the impending relief effort, he had to shout that Hannah and Robyn were injured and trapped to get her attention. Skye immediately hung up the phone and started forming a plan of rescue, the nearest MCB office was less than three miles away and it had a helicopter on it’s grounds, the husband and wife drove to the field office and Jack quickly selected two agents with medic training to accompany him on the rescue mission while Skye despite being worried sick stayed at the field office to coordinate all the other agents. It’s at this point Skye realised one important detail that both her and Jack neglected; they hadn’t contacted Nick and Judy, Skye cursed herself for this, she had been so focused on the rescue she had forgotten to call them. The resulting phone call was panicked, scream filled and sound tracked with sobs but soon enough a message came through on the radio that Hannah and Robyn had been found and they were getting rushed to Savannah Central General Hospital via the chopper. Nick and Judy were told to get there as soon as they could…

“Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Judy repeated with rushed breaths, she was in the passenger seat of the family car as Nick drove through the wrecked streets of Savannah Central with the hospital less than a block away.

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Ms. Powers- Part 13

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“That’s all for today. Everyone, bring a knife for Wednesday’s class, we’ll be working on close contact blade fighting,” you dismissed the training class. You looked at your watch; Steve would probably still be working with Barton on firing tactics. You were 20 feet into your walk to the mess hall when you phone went off. “Y/N.”

“Yes, Fury?”

“We’ve been working on this guy for two weeks now and we still can’t get anything. We need your help.” You changed course and walked in the direction of the interrogation block. You swiped into the room. Sitting on the viewing side of the glass was Fury, two guards, and Steve and Romanoff.

“What are you two doing here?”

“Heard what was going on,” Natasha said, “couldn’t miss out on seeing the little worm squerm. You turned around and looked into the glass room and found yourself looking at the man who, two weeks earlier, had tried to poison all the esteemed guests at your ball.

“You sure you’re good to do this, doll?” You felt Steve’s presence as he walked behind you and asked so only you could hear.

“I’m ready. What all do you want me to ask?”

“We’ve already got his real name: Bryan Klein. From San Antonio, Texas. Software programmer for a private company. Banner was able to get the strain of poison used. So really all we need is the who and why.” You nodded at Fury and opened the door into the interrogation room.

You pulled up a chair right in front of the man. He looked at you and avoided your gaze as he remembered your face. “Remember me? I was the first one to try that delicious soup of yours. It’s a shame it didn’t work.”

He was silent as he looked confused.

“Want to say anything Bryan? It seems like you’re curious about something.”

“You should have been killed after a spoon full of that stuff? How’d you do it?”

“How’d I what? Not die? Magic I guess,” you skipped over his question. “Who are you working for Bryan? My colleagues are eager to know and I have things to do today.”


“I think we all know you’re lying, Bryan. Save yourself some trouble, and me for that matter, and just tell me who you’re working for and why they wanted to assassinate everyone the other night.” You tried for another 30 minutes to no avail. At this point you could feel Fury becoming angrier from the other side of the glass. “Bryan, I’ll give you one last chance before I take the answers from you,” you warned. “Who are you working for and why did they want all those people dead?”

“Go screw yourself. You think if, after two days of interrogation from men lots more intimidating than you, I’m going to tell you anything?”

“No. You’re not going to tell me anything,” you sat back in your chair. “I’m going to take it from you.” You got in his head and shifted through his thoughts. Memories of his family and of one girl school, countless others. You finally got what you wanted- a phone call coming from a blocked number. The end of the call he and the other party spoke the same phrase. “Hail Hydra.” You got out of his head and looked at him. “Thank you for the information.”

As soon as you stepped out of the room Fury spoke up, “What did you get?” You looked from Fury and lingered at the sight of Steve; “What is it,” he asked.

“I got the name of the organization…”

“Well,” Fury raised his tone.

“Hydra,” your eyes darted to Steve who tensed up as soon as the word left your mouth.

“That’s not possible,” Steve’s hands were now clenched as his side.

“That’s who he was in contact with Steve. I’m sorry, but it’s true.”

“What else did you get,” Nat spoke up.

“That man from the hostage situation you and Steve dealt with last week, the tech guy, he was there…in Bryan’s mind. Whatever this is might be deeper than we think.”

You three stood looking at Fury. “I want you three to meet me in 30 minutes on Jet 99546. We’ve got to go to the New York office and figure out what’s going on. Go back some bags.” Steve left the room before Fury could finish his sentence. You didn’t follow him; it was clear he was heated and needed a second for himself.

30 minutes later you walked on to the Jet. Steve sat by himself with his head in his hands. You put your bags away and sat down, at a slight distance, from Steve. “Are you ok?”

“I don’t know what to think,” his voice was sorrowful.

“We don’t know anything for sure yet Steve. Try not to worried about anything yet. Ok?”

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” He dat back up and extended an arm towards you. You rested your head on his shoulder, “We’ll figure it all out, Steve. We’ll figure it out.”

You did figure it out weeks later..

But it was not the answer you were hoping it would be. Fury ended up dead and Steve had been attacked by a group of Hydra agents that had gone deep undercover within S.H.I.E.L.D. Things happened and now you were with Natasha and Steve in the street with a small army of Hydra agents on the bridge above you, ready to kill you and your friends.

Natasha was off fighting something. Sam, a man that Steve met on one of his joggs, was off fighting something You were fighting a couple of agents. And Steve was facing off when the Winter Soldier. Every time you finished fighting off one pair and took a step to help Steve another pair would jump you. They were gone from your surrounds now and just as you were ready to help Steve you saw him stopped. A single name left his mouth. “Bucky?”

The events after that blurred together. There was a helicopter and a van. You were being loaded into the van with the other three. You were escaping with Maria, and now, you were looking at Fury’s body. His living, breathing, body. Natasha was furious and stormed off. Steve had gone off to talk with Sam about the game plan. “I’m no mind reader like you are kid. What’s going on in that head of your,” Fury asked from his bed.

“Steve’s going to go up against Bucky.”

“Yeah. And he took him on fine before.”

You shook your head. “This’ll be different Nick. Steve didn’t fight Bucky out there- he fought the Winter Soldier. But, now that he knows, he won’t fight. Steve’ll fend him off but he won’t fight. And…”you teared up, “I’m not going to be with him to make sure he’s ok.”

“Y/N,” Fury drew your attention. “Steve will get what needs to be done, done. You have to trust him.”

“I do trust him, Nick. It’s the Winter Soldier I don’t trust. It’s not Bucky in that head…I don’t have to get in his head to know that.”

The time came and it was time to take down S.H.I.E.L.D. That was the only way that Hydra could be brought down. You and Steve were about to break apart to your designated areas when you pulled on his arm to stop him. “You come back to me, ok?”

“Y/N-” you didn’t let him finish.

“Steve, you come back to me. You protect yourself, you get the job done, and you come back to me.”

“Yes ma’am,” he gave you a sad smile. “You be careful too. You never know what skills these guys might have.” While Sam and Nat and Steve were in charge on all the combat you’ve been charged with starting the round up the Hydra members that were still in S.H.I.E.L.D.

“I love you Steve.”

“I love you too,” he kissed your forehead as he held you close. Then, before you wanted it to be over, it was.

It was easy to get focused when the fight started. You had three trusted agents with you, whom you’ve known for a long time and double checked before you asked them for their help, when you started sweeping the building. Floor by floor, room by room, you and the three agents went through clearing any threats. Every time you entered a room you quickly swept the mind of each individual. Those you were hydra got locked up right then and there, unable to move from the cuffs and chains you and your agents wrapped them in. Those who fought back often didn’t end successfully. You were almost done clearing the floors when you saw a bright flash from the widow. You whipped around fast and saw the scene before you: the Project Insight aircraft exploding. “Director General?” You heard one of your agents call your name.

You turned around and walked out past them. “We have two floors left and 5 rooms on each. From what I’m getting there’s only 13 people left above us. Let’s wrap this up.” You wrapped up the last 13, all but 2 were clean, and mindlessly walked down to the street.

Natasha and Maria were talking far ahead of you when you exited the building. Nat excused herself and jogged to you. “Y/N…”

“I saw what happened Nat. I just…I want to be alone right now.”

“Y/N, he’s alive.”

“What,” you felt a tear slip down your cheek. “Where is he?! Is he ok?!”

“He’s being transported to the nearest hospital right now. He looked pretty banged up but he was still breathing. He’s going to be ok, Y/N. He’s a strong guy. Let’s get going over there, yeah?”

Days passed and you were drifting off to sleep in the chair next to Steve’s bed. “Y/N,” you jumped up and looked at Sam.

“Hey Sam. What’s up?”

“Why don’t you go stretch your legs? Get some coffee, maybe? I’ll stay here with Steve.”

“I want to be here when he wakes up.”

“I doubt he’ll wake up the 10 minutes that you’re gone.”

“Thanks Sam,” you smiled and walked to the cafeteria.


“On your left,” a weak voice made Sam look up from his seat.

“You like proving me wrong don’t you?”


“Y/N’s hasn’t left since you’ve been in here and the one time I get her to leave, and promise her you won’t wake up, you do,” Sam laughed. “She’s going to kick me ass.”


You were still fixating on Steve’s room even though you were in the cafeteria. As you took the coffee cups in your hands you felt a shift in energy come from Steve’s room. You took off and booked it up the stairs. “Steve?” You looked at him…awake…on the bed. You rushed and set the coffee on the bedside table. “Are you ok?”

“Why are you whispering,” Steve chuckled.

“I don’t know,” you laughed. “Are you ok though?”

“I’m fine doll. Just a little beat up.”

“Good because if you would have died I would have killed you. Sam,” you turned and looked at him. “I told you I shouldn’t have left.”

“Why’d you stay the whole time anyway,” Steve asked?

“Because that’s what we do.”

Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.27 Dark Promise

(AN/ Hey Guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, this is a real quick update, so thank you to everyone who supports this fic and let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/27/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 27- A Dark Promise

“Look at your daughter then look at my kit,” Marian instructed to the Hopps matriarch, before taking a gulp of her beer “they love each other just like any other couple, nature had nothing to do with it.”

Bonnie was quiet for a few seconds, she then opened her can of beer, downed half of it with one gulp before saying to Marian “Fine, let’s talk.”

“Ok, there’s one thing I want from you before we continue any further,” Judy demanded “I want you to apologise to Nick and me.”

Nick noticed Bonnie’s fur stand on end and whispered to his girlfriend “Wrong move carrots.”

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(Sorry if you had this already) What do the Companions do when the SS is ill?

Yay, fluff! And no, this one is new. 

Cait: “Shite, I think I’ve had that before. Hold on, let me mix something up to help.” She actually knows her fair share of medical knowledge, and mixes up alcoholic cures. 

Codsworth: “Sir/Mum, are you comfortable? Do you need soup? I can get Curie if you’re feeling really bad.” He essentially dotes on Sole and constantly asks if they need anything.

Curie: “Ohh, yes, I know this illness. Let me consult my journal.” She’s an illness guru, particularly skilled at cutting sickness time in half. She’s also constantly whipping up strange, yet helpful cures. 

Deacon: “I have no clue what to do myself, but I can help keep your mental illness healthy!” He essentially makes sure that Sole isn’t lonely when their bedridden and tells them fun jokes, stories and riddles. 

Danse: “Soldier, I found this in a nearby facility.” He just busts in with an IV set, heart monitor and dialysis machine. After it was explained Sole wasn’t THAT sick, he’s in charge of checking for fevers with his hand. 

Nick: “Here, kid.” Nick tossed Sole a couple of mystery novels he found recently, “Just because your sick in bed doesn’t mean you gotta stop solving mysteries.” He winked. 

Piper: “Ah, Blue. Happens even to the best of us, huh?” Piper soaked a rag in cool, fresh water and wiped Sole’s forehead, “But when you’re feeling 100%, we’re going out to find some trouble. 

Preston: “Remember to take it easy, General.” Preston warned, pulling up and straightening their blankets, “Have Codsworth come and get me if you need anything special, ok?” 

Hancock: “Huh, that sucks.” Hancock chuckled and looked over the ill Sole, “But seriously, I could go run out and get some Med-X, or get some crazy medicine if you need it.” 

X6-88: “Sole, please consider letting the Institute, or at least me give you a check up.” He placed his hand on Sole’s forehead, “ I need you to get better soon.” 

MacCready: “Hey! Sole!” MacCready busted in, interrupting Sole’s nap, “Oh, sorry I woke you up. But you need to drink your fluids, ASAP!” He’s in charge of making sure Sole drank plenty of water of Mutfruit juice. 

Strong: “Human sick? Human needs to get better, not weak.” Strong urged, his tone somewhere between frustration and concern. 

Dogmeat: Keeps Sole company by sleeping by their side and giving doses of cuddles as needed. 


Nearly Headless Nick really needs to stop all of this gossip. It’s only like, 75% true


for my Fitzsimmons Secret Santa iaindecutestecker, Happy Holidays!

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Your top five fics that made you say, "ok I might need Jesus"?

OOOOMMMMGGGGG. I can even probably put them in order :

1 - A Waltz For A Night  : “Stop being so nice to me. I’m normally horrible to you. I’ve been horrible to you the last however many times we’ve seen each other.”“I just thought that was you flirting,” Nick says. “Wasn’t it?”“No. I mean, yes, of course it was, but like, also, no. Oh, fuck. I fancied you rotten. I was trying to hide it."Or: Louis finds someone who likes every bit of him, and who likes the same things he does. He just hadn’t expected that person to be Nick Grimshaw. (26k Tomlinshaw sooooo kinky)

2.- Left to their own devices  : "It is a bit weird, innit,” says Liam, curled up on the floor in front of the sofa in the living area of their hotel suite. “Like, how none of us are seeing anyone.” They’d had an interview today, before the show, and the interviewer had not been able to shut up about it. ‘Five eligible hot guys, and none of you have a girlfriend! Is it just to make your fans think they have a chance?’Or: In which Liam finally figures out they’re all a bit gay for each other, and various sexy hijinks ensue. (16k, OT5 orgy)

3. - You Are The Blood  : A seventh-year Hogwarts AU in which Niall gets all the girls, Liam goes on a journey of self-discovery, Zayn falls in love, Harry wants something more, and Louis tries to figure out once and for all why he, a Muggleborn, was sorted into Slytherin. (175k, can we talk about Ziam watching LArry fucking? BECAUSE IM STILL NOT OKAY)

4.- why don’t we go there?  : Louis sends a text message to a wrong number by accident. They keep texting each other from there. (20k, I live for the audio file on chapter 11 okay)

5- It’s My Pleasure To Introduce You  : Or, the AU where Louis is the most helpful sex shop salesperson in the history of sex shops, and Harry really was just looking for a vibrator with simple instructions (yet ended up getting a hands-on demonstration). (8k, Larry because)

Imagine you have a professor called Sebastian Stan at university

‘I know it is a silly homework, but for next class you are going to write an essay about your weekend. Yes, it seems we are in high school but it may be easier for you to apply the vocabulary you have learned on this kind of essay. Ok, that is all for today. See you on Monday.’ Says Professor Stan.

It is Friday, finally, and your classes are over. All you can think about is the party you have tomorrow. 

University is consuming you, literally. When  you were in high school you 'enjoyed more life’ if that could be said: you went out more. But now, you want your degree as soon as possible. Therefore, you are really focus on your studies and you do not go out much. However, tomorrow is one of your best friends’ birthday. Not only are you going to the party because she is your friend, but also because the parties she throws are awesome. There are lots of people in there and there is her oldest brother too. Yes, he is cute, but for you is like an older brother. You even know some of his friends due to you have spent time with them. You like boys: they are not as problematic as girls and they are so funny.


You are wearing an off the shoulder top and a skirt, and you paint your lips dark red. You are a pretty girl, but today you look completely different than any other day.

'Hi, Emma. Happy birthday!’

'Hey, Y/N. Thank you. How much I missed you! Look at you, I did not know my best friend hides a hot girl in her. You look awesome.’

'Oh, just shut up.’

You give Emma, your best friend, her present and talk for a while in her bedroom. Then she tells you: 'come on, let’s go to the living room. There is my brother with the guys.’

'Nick, look who is here.’ Emma says.

'Hey Y/N! How are you?’

'Hi Nick! Hi guys! I missed you!’

Fortunately, the relationship between you and the guys has not changed, even though you have not seen them for a while. You talk and joke as if you still see each other every day.  

Emma leaves you with the boys as she is with her other friends. You are comfortable around them as you can talk about anything with them: about sports, about life, they even warn you about other guys. You love them, you really do.

'I will be here in a minute guys. Dean is coming with a fried.  I am going to wait for him outside.’ Nick tells you.

You continue talking with the rest.

'Do you know what happened to Sam while he was playing Pokemon Go, Y/N? He falled into the water.’ Alex tells you.

'Whaaaat? Ahahaha. Come on guys, you are grown up to play that game. God, how much I missed your stories.’ You say.

'Well, that game makes me remember my childhood. I like it guys, what can I say? Sam confesses.

'Hi guys! Hey, it is so good to see you Y/N!’ Dean says.

'Dean! Hi! Look at you, you look so good.’

'Thank you! You too. I must confess you are awesome tonight, Y/N. Guys, he is a friend of mine. You met him the other day. I think you do not know him yet, Y/N.’

You are checking your phone while Dean is talking, as soon as he wants to present you his friend, you look at him again.

'Y/N, this is Sebastian.’

You cannot believe what you see. Your professor at the party. Your professor in your environment, in your world. 

'Hi’ you say in a lower voice, surprised.

He seems surprised too.

'Hi, how are you?’ Sebastian says.

They sit down by your side. Oh, my God. You do not know what to do. His presence surprises you and you do not know how to act, react. Luckily, Nick says: 'I am going to buy more ice, guys.’ Immediately you tell Nick: 'wait, I am going with you.’

It is no weird that you go alone with Nick to somewhere. He is like your older brother so, it is very common for you two, even for Emma.

Being away from  the party for a while makes you feel good. In fact, it is great because you can talk to Nick. He has been a great support for you. He is the brother you never had. You two know each other so well. It is fantastic to know someone like him.

After half and hour, you return to the party. Now, you get into the house through the patio. You see that Nick’s friends and Emma are playing drinking games. You can control yourself with alcohol, it is not that once you drink, you cannot stop. So, you decide to join them. 

'Guys, I am in.’ You say.

'Ok, Y/N. Tell me, higher or lower?’ Emma tells you.


'Nope. You loss.’

'Oh, I need more practice. I lost my ability in these games.’ You drink a glass of beer.

You play for about 15 minutes and then, you decide to get in the house again. While you were out with Nick, you decided to stay calm. Your professor Sebastian is the intruder here. This is your environment, your world, not his. Therefore, you decided to enjoy the night as he was not there. 

You sit on the couch again with the other boys and of course, Sebastian is there. He seems he is having fun. That is another thing you like about men: it is so easy for them to integrate and to be integrated to a new group. 

'Hey, Y/N. We were talking about you.’ Sam tells you.

'What? What are you talking about?’

'Well, we were telling Sebastian about all the crazy things you have done together with us.’

'I do not think he is interested in knowing that stuffs.’ Why the fuck are you talking to him about you?!? Obviously, they do not know he is your professor. Much better.

'Hey no, it is fine. It seems you are cool.’ Sebastian tells you and he smiles at you.

'She is really cool. You better know her, Sebastian. She is even a nerd.’ Dean says.

Oh, as if Sebastian does not know that. 

After a while, the four of you: Sam, Dean, Sebastian and you decide to go to the front yard. You sit on the entrance stairs. Ten minutes passed when Nick appears and says: 'Sam, Dean come a minute, please.’

Ha ha ha. What a joke. It seems they know he is your professor and it seems they know you think he is hot (as the rest of your class.) 

You start talking to break the ice. 'So, when did you meet the boys? I am sorry you have to listen to all that stories that you do not even care.’

'I met them in Dean’s birthday. And it is ok, really. Of course it is weird to see how different you are here from university.’

'Oh, is that good or bad, Professor?’

Sebastian laughs. 'Really? Are you going to call me 'professor’ here? So I will call you Ms. Y/L/N’

'Ok, I do not call you 'professor’ and you do not call me by my surname. It sounds awful. I think you learn my surname because I practically live in your office during your office hours. Well, I live in most professors’ offices.’

'Yeah, because of that and because of your grades. You never forget a brilliant student.’ He keeps looking at you while he smiles.

'Well, thank you.’ You feel a little nervous but as soon as the conversation goes on, your nerves disappear completely. The last thing you would imagine was you talking with a professor at a party about life. It is a relax chat: you talk about series, movies, you even mention some of your old boyfriend stories and Sebastian, his girlfriend stories. You get to know that he is single. How is it possible?!? 

After half and hour, you decide that it is time to go. 

'I have to go too. I can take you home.’ Sebastian tells you.

'I do not think it is the right thing.' 

'Come on, what could happen? Suppose I am just a friend tonight. I am not your professor now. Come on.’

You bit your lip nervously. 'Ok. Ok. I am going to say goodbye to the rest.’

You get in his car and you feel good. You are calm as if Sebastian were just another of Nick’s friends. 

You continue talking as before and you even laugh. 

'Razorblade’ by The Strokes is in the radio. You ask Sebastian: 'can I raise the volume? I love this song!’

'Of course, I was about to do that. You like The Strokes? I like them too.Oh men, You are perfect.’

You just laugh and say: 'I love them. Well, you have good taste in music then.’

The rest of the trip you talk about music. Finally, you get to your building.

'Well, here we are.’ Sebastian says.

'Thank you for the ride. The last thing I expected was seeing you in a party and talking to you so friendly.’

'Yeah, the same happened to me.’

You two look at each other and you smile. All of a sudden, Sebastian kisses you and you kiss him back. This is different from alcohol. You can control yourself with alcohol, but now you can’t control yourself. As soon as you realize, you are sit in his lap. He leaves you a trail of kisses along your neck. 'You are so beautiful’ Sebastian whispers in your ear. God, this feels so good. However, you 'wake’ from this dream and you say: 'no, no. This is a mistake.’ You get out of the car as fast as you can. 'Thank you, Sebastian. I had a great night, but this should not happen.’


Monday morning. You are in Professor Stan’s class with your head down, trying not to make eye contact with him. You did not even look at him when you went to his desk to hand in your essay. The essay you have to do about your weekend. 

When the class is over and just a few still remain in the class, Sebastian tells you: 'Ms Y/L/N, come to my office, please. I need to talk to you about the essay you hand in at the beginning of the class. I think  there are some things that can be improved about your essay and about your weekend, for what I can read’ When you look at him, he winks at you. 

Sebastian, Professor Sebastian. How should you call him now? The only thing you know for sure is that he is going to drive you crazy and you like it.

Marvel: Get Marvel to stop Hydra Captain America
Yesterday, whilst #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend was trending, there came a leak from Marvel on their new comic book series, Steve Rogers: Captain America 1. From the leaked photo, it showed Captain America (a hero who is against Hydra and is looked up to by millions all over the world) saying "Hail Hydra"....

You know I don’t normally post this sort of thing, but seeing someone who is a national icon, and a symbol against bullies tarnished like this isn’t ok. If they’d rather have a Nazi Cap than a bisexual Cap then they need to check their priorities. Sign the petition and tell Marvel no. I don’t care if it’s temporary, or if he wants to sell more issues, Nick Spencer needs to get fired for this atrocious damage to Captain America’s image. Bucky did not suffer 70 years of torture just to learn Steve had been part of that organization all along. Peggy did not put all her faith in a Hydra agent. Sam isn’t best friends with a monster who would betray his friends and allies.
Put a stop to this, because we’re with Cap till the end of the line. 

  • *listening "What Did I Do To Your Heart" by the Jonas Brothers back in 2009*
  • Jonas Brothers: What did I do to your heart? What did I do to your heart? Did I break it apart? Did I break it? Your heart
  • Me: Oh, stop, Jonas Brothers! You'd never do that. You silly boys lol
  • *listening What Did I Do To Your Heart" by the Jonas Brothers now*
  • Jonas Brothers: What did I do to your heart?
  • Me:
  • Jonas Brothers: Tell me, What did I do to your heart?
  • Me:
  • Jonas Brothers: Did I break it apart?
  • Me:
  • Jonas Brothers: Did I break it? Your heart
  • Me: Ok, you need to stop, Jonas Brothers! Yeah, you did break my heart! Another question?

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I might end up regretting this but I have it on good authority that I'm a masochist. Prompt number eleven please!

11.) You’ve said you’re going to leave, but I don’t want you to go and if I don’t say something now…


“No regrets” by Uzrfrndly


Things had gotten flirty lately.

It felt like, since not so long ago, things had started changing. It wasn’t obvious. It came on subtly, and it was impossible to tell when the exact moment was that it happened. “Dumb fox” this, and “dumb bunny” that just faded away. He couldn’t even remember what they were doing the last time he’d unintentionally called her that.

He actually called her “dumb bunny” just a few days ago, but it was strange because he had to remind himself to do it. He had to go out of his way to insult her just because it felt strange that he wasn’t doing it naturally anymore.

That wasn’t all either… they used to say things like a sarcastic “oops,” or the occasional “idiot” when they played pranks and jokes on eachother. Now, whenever he tried to play a joke on her she would respond with some sort of sexually charged taunt like: “Why don’t you make me?” or “maybe you should show me sometime.”

It persistently bothered him, like poison oak. It should be nothing to waste time thinking about but he was. He was wasting a lot of time on it. He really started to panic when he though about her out of nowhere one night… while he was bathing.

The only thing he could think of to do, was to put all of his effort into being as “chummy” as possible when he was around her.

“Timbeeeer…” he howled as they walked.

She looked up at him, just as he expected, she had no idea what he was doing. He waited a couple of seconds, then stuck his leg out in front of her. It was a flawless execution. She came tumbling down face first with a terrified shriek.

“Nick!” she shouted. She flipped over onto her back with a menacing scowl to see him howling with laughter. “One of these days I’m gonna’ trip you, and you’ll fall for ME!”

“What!?” All the fur on the back of his neck stood on end.

“Why’re you-” she looked perplexed by his reaction. “Pfff-” she scoffed and started giggling.

“What’s so damn funny!?”

“You uh… you really had to reach for that one, didn’t you Nick?”

Obviosly, he’d taken part of her statement out of context. His head was playing tricks on him. He shook it vigorously, and without stopping to help her up he strutted away.

“Hey!” She hopped up and quickly skipped after him. “What’s your problem?”

“No problem here carrots.” He stuck his nose up, and did his best to ignore her. He snuck a glance at her over his shoulder to watch her roll her eyes. There was a couple minutes of wierd silence before Judy decided she would make it even worse.

“Y'know,” she casually wrapped herself around his arm in a playful manner. “You’d have to be pretty dumb to trip over yourself, lover-boy.”

He pried his arm out of her grip while she cackled like a witch. He hastened his pace in order to get a few feet ahead of her. As she came bounding after him, he stuck his leg out again. This time it didn’t work, she hopped right over it.

He’d actually planned for this. He’d stopped in front of the curb of the sidewalk they were on, and with a quick poke to the back of her head, he knocked her off balance and sent her reeling off the edge of it.

While she was groaning and screetching with frustration, he quickly rounded the corner onto the next street. There was a stip club he used to go to on this street. He wanted to get there before she could catch up. “Nick!”

He glanced over his shoulder to see her bounding after him. Luckily enough for him, he’d gained enough distance to easily duck into they nudie bar before she could catch him.

“Nick!” She stood outside the smokey doorway glaring in. “Get out here so I can kick your butt!”

He rolled his eyes and stretched out in the entryway. From it, he folded his arms behind his head and casually stolled into the bar. She was too… what’s the word… “proud” to enter the bar? He wasn’t sure why exactly, but this wasn’t the first time he’d ducked into a seedy establishment to get away from her.

He picked a stool from which he could watch the entryway. As he sipped his drink he watched her fume and stare him down from outside. Eventually she got tired of standing there, angrily tapping her foot, and decided to give up.

When she was gone he didn’t bother staying much longer. He didn’t actually want to spend his Saturday afternoon at the stip club. Not that it wasn’t usually enjoyable… problem was there were no fox or bunny girls dancing tonight.

“…Wait… or bunny girls?

He quickly knocked back the rest of his beer and haphazardly tossed a wad of bills on the bar. He wanted to get out of here and soak his head…

*Three weeks pass*

“As most of you probably already know,” he casually removed his glasses and set them on the podium. It’s creaking was the only sound in the room. “Officer Hopps has recieved a promising job offer from the homeland security administration.”

It was Monday again, and Bogo was in the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing he always did on Monday. Only, this time it came with some unexpected news.

“So,” he surveyed the room. “We’ll be saying goodbye.”

For Nick, it felt like he was gripping a perimiter shock fence. His whole body was rigid, and he didn’t look at Bogo or anyone else in the room. He’d known for weeks, but didn’t tell anyone.

“Hopps was a good officer, and fine example of what the ZPD stands for…” he was giving some sort of farewell speach that Nick wasn’t paying attention to. He’d been avoiding her since he’d found out. Unable to come up with something to say.

He wasn’t leaving the force. This was his new life now, and in his head, he could do it with or without her. He just didn’t know what to say to her. “See ya later fluff?” Seems a little impersonal after all they’d been through, but what was the alternative? “Please don’t go?”

“Wait… what… where is this coming from?” he though. The thoughts had crossed his mind unexpectedly, he had a lot of those thoughts lately, and he needed to understand why.

“Hey… Wilde!” His chair creaked as he turned around to see who it was. It was Wolford.

“What the hell’re you doin’ here?” The rest of the bullpen quietly shook their heads in disapproval.

“What are you talking about?” Nick gave him a confused raise of the eyebrow.

“Hopps is leaving…” he exasperated, as if Nick aught to know what he was getting at. “Go stop her!”

Everyone else present nodded their heads in stern agreement. Nick wasn’t dense, he was just in denial. He could connect the dots and find the exit of most puzzles. This one was leading him to believe that the rest of the precinct knew something he didn’t…

“You stay in your seat Wilde.” It seemed the only one who wasn’t on board was Bogo. “Hopps has a great opportunity here, don’t ruin it for her.”

“How’re we gonna’ get throught to this idiot!?” Several officers were were getting visibly unnerved by this situation. They seemed desperate to get Nick to go after her, and he was slowly starting to consider the most obvious reason.

“I’ve got it!” It was Trunkaby, he stood quickly and shook the whole room. “Nick-”

“Trunkaby sit down!” Bogo shouted.

“We’ve got Bogo, whatever you’ve got to say go for it.” Several other officers rose to meet Bogo, who was advancing towards Trunkaby to stop him from saying whatever it was he had to say.

“All of you stand down!”

“Nick,” Tunkaby got Nicks attention back, he was looking nervous to learn whatever it was he had to say. “She never would’ve solved that first case without you… right?”

Nick shook his head in disbelief, unwilling to understand.

“Homeland’s gonna’ be a hundred times worse… do you really think she can handle it by herself? What if she needs you to stop her? You know she’d never admit it, she’s too proud!”

“… And wouldn’t you regret it if she left now?” Francine had decided to casually speak her mind in the midst of the caos in the room. Apparently, that was what Nick needed to hear. Trunkaby looked a little discouraged by it.

“Wilde… stop!” Try as he might, Bogo couldn’t stop him from darting out of the bullpen and down the steps of the precinct…

‘You’ve reached Judy, I’m not here right now so leave me a message ok?’

“Judy!” Nick was running aimlessly. He’d ran off with conviction and confidence, but he was an idiot. He forgot to ask when and were she was leaving from. “Don’t leave you idiot! Call me!”

He was headed for Central Station, it was how she got here, maybe it was how she intended to leave. He mashed the buttons on his phone as he ran headlong through a crosswalk without looking for traffic. He made it through the intersection just fine, but his second attempt to call her ended the same way.

'You’ve reached Judy, I’m not here right-’

He had to come to a slow stop, he was completely out of breath. As he slumped forward on his haunches and gasped for breath, he looked around to get his bearings. There were still twelve blocks at least between him and the station. He had no idea when she was supposed to be leaving… maybe she already did.

As he was getting ready to take off running again, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and Rick Astley calling out to him through his ringtone… that was Judy’s ringback. He checked it: -Carrots-



He was still out of breath.

'Why’d you call me so many times?’

“Don’t leave!”

It was quiet on the line.

’… You don’t want me to leave?’ She sounded so happy to hear it.

“No… you… idiot! Of course not!” He tried to get it out in between gasps for breath.

’…Why?’ She sounded nervous, as if she didn’t actually want to know why.

“Where are you? I’ll come tell you myself.”

“…Right here.” She was walking up behind him. She hung up the phone, and held it behind her back. “You seem pretty… desperate to find me Nick.” She looked away.

“That’s a little cliche don’t you think?”


“Walking up during a phone call… kind of early two-thousands romantic comedy don’t you think?” He chuckled.

She looked truly nervous, like she already knew what was coming. He brushed off his knees and stood up straight. He smiled at her, when she saw it she looked away again.

“Hey.” He crossed his arms over his chest like frankenstien, or more accurately, a trust fall. When she looked up she jumped at least a foot in the air with a frightened shriek. He started falling striaght backwards, despite the fact that she was infront of him. She rushed to catch him… but she didn’t make it.


“Well…” She looked so confused. “What’d you do that for idiot?”

“… You don’t get it?” He slowly opened one of his eyes, with a big grin on his face.

“Oh… tripping over yourself?”

“… Yep.”


Sorry for the wait friend. Kind of rushed the ending a little… my back was starting to hurt. Hope you enjoyed it anyways.

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i'm just so disappointed the lance/bobbi ship isn't called horse

nick blood pls stop stalking my tumblr ok I get it u love the adoption jokes but you need to stop trying to make horse happen. it’s not gonna happen.

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dreamcast five shakespeare roles

Oh you darling!

Ricky Gervais as Iago
A Midsummer with Flight of the Conchords and Garfunkel and Oates as the lovers and doing some of the scenes as songs
Stockard Channing as Paulina
Samira Wiley as Viola
Charlie Cox as Mercutio

I’m gonna do more…

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman as the Macbeths or as Beatrice & Benedick that skewed ages up
Lily Tomlin as The Nurse
Daisy Ridley as Henry V
Martin Sheen as Prospero
Oscar Isaac as Tybalt
James Franco as Jacques

Ok I need to stop

Holiday pt 8

Betty was in the kitchen when she heard what sounded like a herd of elephants coming down stairs. she looked up to see Jack storm out of the house, then sees Nick walk down the stairs buttoning his shirt he looks up to see Judys mother staring at him and he gives a small smile. Nick looks back up the stairs then back to Betty.
Nick:” Um… Judy will be down when she finishes her shower.”

Betty : “ Good because i want to talk to you first, want to take a seat?”

she said in that mom tone that he knew he didnt have a choice in the matter so Nick sat down and waited.

Betty: “ Before we get started can i get you anything? some pancakes?, coffee?.”

Nick blinked a couple of times before answering “ Um … yes mam,coffee please.”
Betty brought over a mug of coffee and a plait of blueberry pancakes and placed them in front of him.

Betty: You should eat.” she said as she sat down across from him

Nick: “ thank you.”
he looked down at the plate then back at Betty wondering if she poised them or not then took a bite.Poised or not they were still good.

Betty: Nicholas, i wanted to start off by saying…”
Nick already knew what she was going to say and he was ready.

Betty: “ That i am sorry for how we treated you when we first met then when we found out that she was  engaged to…”
Nick was not expecting this at all  “ …. engaged to a fox

Betty: At first i thought you were this untruthful, low life that had Judy fooled…. but then i saw what you did lats night… How you talked to her through the door, how you got her to come out of her room and you know as well as i how stubborn she can be, Not even Jack could do that. I can tell that you truly care for her so im sorry that we … I jumped to conclusions when meeting.”

Nick smiled this is nowhere close to what he thought she was going to say to him.
Nick: “Thank you mam i know this must be difficult for you me being a predator i appreciate it.”
Nick turned around when her heard foot steps coming down the stairs wearing Blue plaid shirt and shorts.

Betty: “ Hi Judy, your father wants to see you out front real quick.”

Judy: “ Um… Ok”
Judy looked at her mom then to Nick to see if he need any saving.

Nick: Here is your coffee carrots.” he said handing her the mug which was now at perfect temperature.

Judy: “ oh thanks i need this, Is everything good here?” she asked

Nick: “ Yep were all good.”

Judy: Ok …. i guess i will go see what dad needs then,”
then she walks out but not before giving her mom a kiss on the cheek and Nick on the head.

Betty: “ why did you give her the mug i made for you?”

Nick: “ She never waits for her coffee to cool of and burns her mouth…. That and i was pretty sure you poised either my coffee or Pancakes which were fantastic by the way!”

Betty: “ if you thought i poised your coffee then why did you give it to Judy?”

Nick: “ well if it really was poised you would have stopped me from giving it to her.”

Betty gave a short laugh
“ Just so you know if i feel that i cant trust you or you hurt one of my Kids i will tase the holy crap out of you with that fox taser! just so were clear.”

Nick: “ Of course.”
he became distracted by something pulling at his pants Nick looked down to see the same little bunny that greeted him before, Nick picked her up and placed her in his lap and she smiled at him.

Betty: “ That’s Lilly, it seems shes taken a liking to you Nicholas.”
she said cleaning up

Nick: “ Just Nick …. “

Betty: “ Nicholas do you mind if you can keep a eye on her out side while i finish up?”
Nick stopped making silly faces and look at Betty with sock at Bettys request
sure i guess …. and its just Nick.“
he took the small bunny out side Betty could keep a eye on them from a distance.

Jack: what do you thing your doing? you shouldnt leave her alone with him what if-”

Betty: Im testing him and if need i will intervene and besides Lily is a good judge of character.”

Jack rolled his eyes  and went out the back If anything would to happen to her…” he said to him self worried at first then a idea popped into his head
If something happened to Lilly that dumb fox wouldn’t stand a chance! and if i ended up saving her form the vicious predator Judy would leave him for me! its perfect!!”  Jack thought as he made his way around the house to wear Nick and Lilly was at.