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Ok so this is a super old moment on x factor before bootcamp. Harry, Louis, and Niall, were all practicing together. Louis is at 00:48 :) 

Commentary Crew Preference - They hold your newborn baby for the first time.

Commentary Crew Preference – They hold your new-born baby for the first time.
Fem! Reader unless stated otherwise.

• He would lift the baby away from you, sitting back in the hard, leather chair beside your hospital bed, he took his time to admire her. She had eyes that matches his, he saw his life in her and couldn’t hold in, his happiness as he rested her small head in his hand and let a small tear run down his face.
• “She looks like me.” He’d smile and bob the baby girl on his knee
• “I’m so proud of you.”
• “I cant believe she’s real.”
• He would tweet pictures of him and the baby 25/7
• For the first time in a long time, Calvin felt genuine happiness, he shook with gentle tears as he carefully lifted the small child to rest against his soft vans hoodie. He held him tight enough to pass all of his love to him but gentle enough not to hurt the small baby who shared his eyes.
• “I love him so much. Daddy loves you.” He spoke in almost a whisper, attempting to keep both members of his small family calm
• ‘Leafyishere literally dies after child of actual SATAN keeps him awake for 300 days 100% real.’
• Oliver felt blessed by the child, a little less blessed when the baby began to cry and shriek because it’s tiny lungs had taken their first breaths outside of the womb but nevertheless he still felt an abundance of love he couldn’t control, he didn’t even want to let her go when the nurse came to take him away.
• “All little longer with the boy please ? I just want to look at him.”
• While he hated most things, including you at times, there was not an ounce of hate in his entire being towards the tiny child, he felt full of love instead of annoyance. It was funny to him, this small human he had only just met made him feel at home, like he’d known him forever.
• “I love you little guy.” He said, putting on a voice, causing the small boy to erupt in giggles and his heart to erupt with love.
• “Meet baby IHE, I don’t hate him before you ask.”
• He never loved a girl like he loved his little girl, he didn’t understand it and he never would but she was his entire world and he loved her.
• Billy had always seen himself as a man, until the day he met his son, he knew the minute he met him, that he was a man.
• “I love him, I love my son.” He proclaimed, sitting next to you on your hospital bed.

I don’t really know why I haven’t drawn this scene yet seeing as it’s pretty much the best scene in existence ever [society6]

This is what I have been working on for the past 10 days. Yes it took that long (smh @ myself). It is my spin on the #1DLNDSESSION #1DLNDart.

I freehanded this drawing. Each sketch took 2 days each and it took 2 days to color it all. I tried my best to describe all fans. I changed how each fan looked to fit the multitude of fans. Any gender, race, sexuality, age, religion shape/size etc.

We are all unique and different but despite that we still love them the same at the end of the day.

This shows the love between the boys and their fans. How much we love them and vice versa.

I would love for this to be seen by a lot of fans so I am asking you to please help me spread the word. (I’m going to uploading on my Instagram and Twitter as well). Hope you guys like it. 💖💖💖💖

(PS: thank you @yslboner and @/thinmintlouis and @/chicks2015 (on Twitter) for the pics)

On the plane with him

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Liam always tried to catch up on a bit of sleep on the plane, knowing that it was the only place they wouldn’t be bothered and weren’t expected to do anything else. However you were quite the opposite, you willingly admitted that you had a bad case of the travel bug and whenever you sat down on a plane, excitement kicked in and you were so far from sleep that you were practically bouncing in your seat. “Babe what are you doing?” Liam asked only 20 minutes into the flight, having opened his eyes from his unsuccessful nap to see you fidgeting in your seat and mindlessly flicking through a magazine, too fast to actually be reading anything. “I’m sorry Li” you said guiltily “I was trying not to wake you, but I am just so excited.” “Love I haven’t even been close to sleep, I can feel the seat moving underneath me from all of your fidgeting,” Liam told you with a fond smile. “How can you even consider sleep? Aren’t you excited?” you asked incredulously. “Of course I am, but you learn to sleep when you can.” “I wish I could sleep, but I am just so hyped up,” you told Liam with a sigh. “Maybe try to relax and tell me what you’re excited about.” Liam suggested, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you close into his side where you fit perfectly. You nodded and in a quiet voice started to excitedly tell Liam the things you were most excited to see on your travels. After almost an hour of talking with Liam while he ran gentle hands through your hair and down your side you finally felt your eyes beginning to droop. “Sleep love, we still have ages till we land” Liam told you when he saw you fighting against the sleep. You nodded and turned your head further into the warmth of Liam and his soft hoodie, his arms encircled you and held you close as the both of you drifted into a reasonably peaceful sleep.


Harry was one of those people, who when given too much time to think would come up with a series of deep thoughts to ponder. “Y/N are you asleep?” you heard Harry’s whispered voice ask and immediately your eyes flickered open “No Haz what’s the matter?” you whispered back. “I can’t sleep like everyone else, I just keep thinking about everything.” “What’s on your mind?” you asked Harry, quickly taking a glance around to see that all the other boys were fast asleep in their respective chairs so you moved a little closer to Harry, both of you curled under one blanket as you looked at Harry expectantly. “Why do people like us so much, when we go to places we have never even set foot in before, I just don’t understand” Harry started out. You looked at him quickly with furrowed brows, only to see him looking back at you with a very similar expression. You started to giggle quietly, ducking your head into his chest so you wouldn’t wake anyone. “What?” Harry questioned in a deep almost offended voice “why are you laughing at me?”  You looked back at him with bright eyes “I’m sorry babe, but only you could start think such deep thoughts in the middle of a long overseas flight on the way to your sold out tour” you told him with a bright grin. Harry smiled at you almost shyly, his dimples just showing through “I was just on twitter earlier and I saw so many people, from places I’ve never even been, telling me how much they love me” Harry told you incredulously. “Harry it’s because you guys are so talented and amazing to your fans, they love you because it’s so obvious that you love them” you told Harry and he smiled pulling you into his chest and kissing the top of your hair, “thank you for always listening to my thoughts” Harry thanked you, making you smile and reach up to kiss him softly.


You were jolted out of your sleep by a shudder of turbulence running through the plane. Though you had flown many times before, you were still a rather anxious flyer and as a second bump rocked the plane, you bolted upright and glanced around anxiously. You looked hopefully over at your boyfriend, Zayn, only to see that he was still fast asleep. Trying to stay calm you focused on keeping your breathing even, but when the plane continued to shake you looked over at Zayn again, and feeling very guilty, you leant over and shook his shoulder. Zayn stirred slightly and his eyes attempted to open as he mumbled “we there already?” “No Zee I’m sorry, I just…” you started before you cut yourself off with a squeal as yet another bump moved the plane. As soon as you squealed, Zayn’s eyes shot open and he was wide awake. He looked at you and noticed the panicked look in your wide eyes and watched you flinch as the plane rocked. “Oh love” he said in realisation before opening his arms for you to curl into the comfort of his chest, to which you happily complied. “I didn’t know you were afraid of flying” Zayn said softly. “m’ not just don’t like turbulence” you mumbled, sounding much like an offended child. You felt his chest vibrate underneath your ear as he chuckled, but he wrapped his arms tightly around you and ran a soothing hand on a path across your arm, while the plane flew through the rough part.  Once the flight had settled again and you managed to ease the tension in your shoulders you moved to smile at Zayn, “Thank you” you said with a blush. “Anytime, I understand being afraid of something” he told you sincerely and you no longer felt the need to argue that you weren’t afraid.


You and Louis were similar on flights, both choosing music as a reasonable distraction. You sat close to Louis enjoying each other’s company silently as you were both engrossed in your own set of music. You were humming along softly when your ear buds suddenly went silent, confused you looked down to see a black screen with a flashing battery on it. “Arrgggg” you groaned, “are you serious we still have like two hours left” you mumbled to yourself. “Everything alright Y/N” Louis asked, removing one bud to hear your answer, after seeing the frustrated look on your face. “No” you grumbled “I forgot to charge my stupid ipod last night, cause I’d already packed it and now the damn thing has gone flat on me.” Louis grinned, extending his removed ear bud towards you and waggling his brow, “care to share my musical taste for the rest of the ride.” Laughing you nodded, taking the bud from Louis and putting it in, leaning closer to Louis so it could reach. You stayed silent for a few more songs before you spoke again “you know, I think your music taste has improved a bit since the last time I listened to your playlist” you teased Louis. “Oh really?” Louis said with a smirk “thank you so much for your tick of approval, miss QUEEN of music” he finished sarcastically. “You are very welcome, but please call me ‘your majesty’” you replied with a triumphant grin. Louis just rolled his eyes at you “You’re crazy” he told you affectionately and you just smiled and curled back into his side enjoying the music, “you love it” you said quietly. “That’s true” he whispered in your ear, kissing the side of your temple.


“Is there anything else I can get you sir” the air hostess asked in a bored voice, barely glancing at the Niall. “No thank you, I’ve got everything,” Niall said in a gruff voice, his accent coming through strongly. The girls head shot up at the sound of his voice and when she looked at him to see him flashing a rather charming smile, her demeanour quickly changed, she turned her body towards him and flashed him a wicked grin “are you quite sure, I couldn’t make you more comfortable?” She asked flirtatiously. “No I’m quite comfortable thank you” Niall replied never dropping his grin. The girl sighed and nodded deflated as she walked away, continuing down the aisle. As you had watched the exchange you had become increasingly more annoyed, now when Niall turned back to you, you sat turned away from him with your arms crossed over your chest. “Y/N?” Niall questioned with a frown, reaching over to place a hand on your shoulder which you quickly shrugged off. Niall’s frown depended as he asked, “is everything ok, have I done something?” You glanced over at Niall to see that he looked genuinely perplexed as to why you were upset with him. “You really don’t even notice do you?” you questioned softly. “Notice what darling? Please tell me what I’ve done” Niall said. “That girl, she was clearly flirting with you and all you did was smile at her like she was the prettiest girl in the world, while I was sitting next to you.” You rushed out quickly, blushing now at how stupid it sounded. Niall’s brow furrowed and this time when he reached for you, you didn’t protest, “babe it’s part of my job, I’m just so used to having to put on the charm for fans and interviews, that it just comes natural,” he told you. He pulled you close into his chest before he leant down to kiss you softly before moving back enough to tell you quietly, “ and I promise you that you are the prettiest girl that I have seen, please don’t ever think that I am flirting with others, I’m just trying to keep up an image.” Niall continued looking into your eyes to make sure you believed him until you finally nodded and let him pull you into another gentle kiss.

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hampsteadharry  asked:

You gotta do top 5 Harry outfits too! I'm curious 👀

Jenni, Jenni… I’m in trouble now. As I am a Niall girl I haven’t really ‘embraced’ the usual craziness that is Harry’s style. So to Harry girls this list of mine will probably be fucking boring lol. These outfits I do LOVE though, as when Harry does get it right (for my tastes), he looks fucking amazing!!!

(And in case you are interested, here’s my top 5 Niall outfits.)

5. Ok I can’t see his shoes, but I assume they are the tan boots.. looks like it. BUT I LOVE THIS. That coat, beanie, titties out, but in a NORMAL shirt.. lol.

4. CAN I JUST CRY?? He kinda looks like a homeless person in this outfit, but it is such a fave of mine – MEGA MEGA LOVE!

3.5 Harry in blue jeans is so special to me (just like Niall too)! He needs to wear them more! And I LOVE the coat with a plaid shirt and a basic tee. AAAA I LOVE HIM!

3. Ok I cheated again, because the coat is the same and in this one he also has a plaid shirt and a tee, BUT what he doesn’t have is a head scarf – and I prefer this ;). Also these boots are a nice change. And I remember basically screaming when I saw this pic the first time. UGH.

2. ARIAs Harry is my fave Harry. His whole look there was SO SO SO GOOD and I just want to stare at that face forever! But as the hair and face looked so good, I have kind of ignored the outfit a bit… It deserves my attention though, this all black ensemble is stunning on him! FUCK HE LOOKS GOOD! bye

1. THISSSSS DAMN THING RIGHT HERE! I don’t know if it would be as good without the bun, but as the bun is FUCKING PERFECT it makes this whole look perfect and I GIVE UP NOW. Leave me alone Harold.

Bonus: This snuggly look. I just want to hug his cosy ass.

(None of the edits are mine, so let me know if they’re yours and I’m very happy to credit you.)