ok never stop smiling

         HIS USUAL SMILE had never stopped him from being rough and harsh with people, though there was no reason to act this way with this man after the events they had to go through, he refused to let go of his burning pride that immediately reminded him of the defeat he had gone through a while back. The other prosecutor always looked angry, today wasn’t the exception- hah, how surprising. Without looking away from his work, he decided that bothering him would be fun, maybe a little bit too fun for him. ❛ There he goes, with that big frown on his face! Bags under his eyes- a look that could kill! A short pause. ❛ Oh, nevermind me, I am just singing a silly song. ❜


Please, imagine if you will:

Yahaba coming home and finding Kyoutani soaking wet, mostly naked in the living room, chasing a dog still covered in soap suds.

Spinal cord

ohhhh myyyy godddddd my anatomy lecture professor showed me a Laminaectomy (on a cadaver) where they remove the lamina of the spinal vertebrae so you can see the spinal cord better. He pulled apart the dura matter and showed me how the dorsal rootlets become a dorsal root then into a dorsal ganglion. IT WAS SO COOL. I was so excited and happy. It is a once in a lifetime experience!!!!

I cant wait to show my students next week AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH