ok maybe this is kind of cheating but

ZUN's philosophy for making each Touhou game
  • HRtP: atari breakout was a really fun game but there weren't enough cute girls
  • SoEW: actually let's go with danmaku
  • PoDD: actually let's go with this other kind of danmaku
  • LLS: nah the other danmaku was more fun
  • MS: yeah this is way better
  • EoSD: for the defining game in my series literally called 'east project', i will make a hugely western-themed game
  • PCB: ok i actually have to go for something oriental i guess
  • IN: how can i take the tale of the bamboo cutter and make it as confusing and convoluted as humanly possible
  • PoFV: maybe try the other kind of danmaku again?
  • MoF: .......nah
  • SA: in this game you can go to hell. no seriously you can go to hell
  • UFO: gotta make sure every character has gimmicky danmaku
  • TD: circular health bars, get your circular health bars here
  • DDC: UFO wasn't gimmicky enough
  • LoLK: if the players are going to cheat and use save states i might as well make it an integrated feature
  • HSiFS: here's your normal bomb, and here's your better bomb
Cheating- Connor McDavid

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Ok so I like how this turned out and I hope you guys do as well! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Warning: cursing

@mysweetdragonfly Request: So for the sad one like someone says that Connor is cheating on you (maybe like a bitchy wag not saying they are bitchy I’m sure they are all wonderful people) and you get all self conscious and shit you don’t believe her but you still decide to ask Connor he is kinda mad that you don’t trust him but reassures you and cute shit like that


              Ok so MAYBE it was kind of a ridiculous question judging by the look on Connor’s face. And MAYBE it came out wrong.

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My Mistake (Chris Evans x Reader)

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Prompt: Can you do a Chris Evans x reader fic where it’s really angsty but turns fluffy into smutty like they’re having a fight the night he planned to propose–maybe she thinks he was cheating or falling out of love with her or something–and the two of them come home to the place covered in rose petals and candles and Chris apologises and they get engaged and it just ends in fluff and she apologises profusely and Chris shows her how much he loves her all smutty like :-)

A/N: OK, so there’s not as much smut because you know me, I’m an angst kind of gal. I hope that that’s OK, for the anon who requested it. This was one was fun to do. Enjoy! 

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My dash is having conflicted feelings about this yikes. Honestly for me, it's almost like watching someone cheat on another person. Even though they're not "together" in canon but Dean doesn't call multiple times to other people making sure they're ok and being worried. Maybe he needed it for stress relief? I guess but doesn't make it less weird to watch at this point

I think that it depends of the person. For me, I feel like you, it kind of feels like cheating, even if we know it isn’t because Dean and Cas aren’t together. But we know how they feel, how they care and love each other so much, so for me, that scene makes me uncomfortable.

Other people are saying that Dean has any right to sleep with whoever he wants, as long as there’s consent, and I totally agree with them. Dean has every damn right to sleep with anyone, as long as there’s consent. It’s his life, after all.

The thing is that I know that it feels weird to some of us to watch Dean sleeping around because of our feelings regarding the relationship Dean and Cas have. They aren’t together, but it feels like it. That’s why there’s that cringy feeling whenever Dean sleeps with someone. It’s not that we get mad about Dean sleeping with someone, it’s just that it feels weird, because after all Dean and Cas have been through, what they have, we can’t help to feel uncomfortable with the whole thing.

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Am I the only one who prefer DarkVic fic who still love n treasure Yuri n would never abuse him physically, mentally, & verbally, thought maybe there's some manipulation, n maybe even kill people, rather than Kind Nice Loving Victor but have an affair or cheating on Yuri fic because he have sexual need and they were away for job reason or because Yuri want to take things slow. I DESPISE IT SO MUCH BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL!!! WHEN VICTOR LOVING YURI I DOUBT HE WOULD NEED TO SLEEP WITH ANYONE BUT HIM

Holy crap, i would too. I’d prefer a victor who kills and lies to Yuuri to keep him safe and even manipulate him a little bit over a Victor who finds it ok to cheat on Yuuri like, ever. I mean the only problem i would have with a the first is the lack of trust between the two, but being unfaithful is just sad, especially if yuuri finds out. it’s heartbreaking.

Mole Chicken Enchiladas

I made this chocolatey, decadent enchilada casserole using leftover mole sauce. The mole recipe I posted last week makes a big pot of sauce. If you use it for baked chicken like I did, you only need about a cup and a half of it, so you’ll have plenty leftover for another dish or two. It’s great with scrambled eggs & tortillas, or over crispy tortilla chips as a chocolatey chilaquiles type dish. But this post is about using it to make enchiladas. 

I used leftover cooked chicken in my enchiladas, but you can fill your enchiladas with anything you like and nobody can stop you. You might try grilled tempeh, tofu, black or pinto beans, corn, rice, bell peppers, or any greens you might have on hand like spinach or Swiss chard. And of course you can always add some cheese. And some on top. Unless you’re on a diet, then maybe don’t. Or maybe tell your diet to fuck away. Cheese enchiladas are so bad for you  sincerely delicious.

It’s easy to make a quick cheater version Mole using the Mole sauce they sell in a flip top jar in the Mexican food aisle. If you do it that way, just sauté some onion and garlic in a sauce pan, add the Mole paste, and then some enchilada sauce or canned tomato sauce, and maybe a little wine or chicken stock to thin it while it simmers. It will thicken back up. It’s not really cheating, you’re cooking, but it’s way faster than doing the whole thing from scratch. The home made version is infinitely more flavorful though. But, the kind in the jar is ok if you doctor it up with fresh ingredients.

Heat oven to 375

Heat corn tortillas on both sides in a dry hot pan

Roll any cooked chicken, pork, tempeh, veggies, peppers, cheese or greens into corn tortillas. Place in a casserole dish. Cover with enchilada mole sauce, top with shredded cheese and bake. Serve with rice and green salad. 


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Alternative summary of Outlander S2 (non book reader edition) - J&C are having marriage problems - J is having issues with impotence - J spends nights at brothel instead of w pregnant wife - J is kind of a jerk - J cheats on C with prostitutes - C is obsessed with preserving her husband Frank in the future and changing history - C loses pregnancy, blames J - J&C happier in Scotland for a few days - C is depressed - C goes back to Frank and has another daughter (by Jamie? or maybe king?)

Ok but like while I was watching season two, that’s exactly what I was afraid non-book readers would see.

With the exception of Louis XV being the father of Claire’s baby. With all the explicitly stated time jumps, there’s *no way* he could be the father. And that’s not even counting the year spent at Lallybroch that they decided not to say in the show for some reason…

*fights back urge to rant about tv being a visual medium and not showing Bree being conceived was a mistake*

*aggressively crosses fingers for a return to form in season three*

Destiel Real Estate Agent AU || castielinablanket's idea 
Winchester Real Estate: 'Hunting down your perfect home since 1983'

When Mary got out of community college she started in the realtor business. It had always been a dream of her’s, to help new families, old families, reunited families, moving families, find their new place in the world. She was a master, hell even sold a house to her not-at-the-time husband when he came back from the war. 

She’s been working for that company until Sammy (her youngest) turned one, with the money she had been making and John investing his own money into her business they made their own; Winchester Real Estate. 

That’s how her boys, Dean and Sam, grew up into the business, it wasn’t forced upon them like many thing. Sam still went to college like he always wanted to, Dean worked part time at his dad’s old garage, they still had their own interests they just… sold houses. 

Mary knew her boys, she knew them well, and when her business became too big for her to handle the accounting on her own she hired a man, Castiel Novak, to take care of it. This man, while a little socially awkward at times, would get along with her boys and possibly even John. 

Mary would like an academy award now please, because the boys did get along with him, Sam shared a love of philosophers and Dean… well… Mary wasn’t an idiot, she could see her boy blushing and tripping over things when no one else did. It’s than that Mary hatches her plan, roping John in it because you best believe she’d make him help. This is their son’s happiness they’re talking about!

It was winter when Mary hired Castiel and started her plan, by spring it was fool proof and delayed enough that Dean wouldn’t get suspicious. She threw a house party, not a business one like normal, but a family and friends kind of thing. It worked perfectly, because Dean’s one of those people that can’t really get up the courage in front of strangers but you give him a setting he knows and enough courage and he will take on the world. 

And ok, maybe Mary cheated a little by talking to Cas ahead of time, and maybe she cheated even more by having it be a pool party with music (her boy did love Led Zeppelin it always made him more bold), but it still worked! 

When the sun was setting Dean and Castiel had managed to make it into the pool and started a sort of one-on-one chicken fight (how does that even work?) and before anyone knew anything they were kissing. Everyone knew about it right away because there was a large cheer from the area surrounding the pool. 

Mary would be lying if she said Dean didn’t blush, she’d be lying if a little panic set in when she saw his reaction to the clapping. But a moment later, after scanning the crowd and realizing that not only was his brother grinning but John was also grinning like an idiot and sending a silent ‘good job’ towards Dean. When Dean finally looked at Mary she did nothing but smile, she smiled so hard her face started to hurt. He got the message and for the rest of the night he and Castiel were inseparable. 

Castiel had always been of major importance in the family, first as their accountant, then as their friend and now he was one of them. There was no doubt in Mary’s mind that one day Castiel Novak would become Castiel Winchester, and that? That was something that put a smile on her face every morning. Now all she had to do was sell them a house…