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Final Update from the Andrew Scott Birthday Project 2016

Today is the big day, so @moriartysgrimmfairytales and I thought now would be a good time to say thank you for all your wonderful contributions and give you a final update.

We’ve collected 570 Pounds for the Theodora Children’s Charity, which is an amazing result! Thank you guys so much for donating, we are sure that Andrew as well as the children who profit from this charity will appreciate it ❤

We also received 23 beautiful artworks, letters, cards and messages for Andrew. If we needed any more proof that scotties are the sweetest and most creative and talented people, we have it now. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to make something for Andrew! We have send it all to him and hope that he will see it soon.

In addition to the things we received from you, we have made a birthday card in the name of the people who donated, as promised. This is what it looked like:

Ok, I think that’s all… Thank you all once again, you’ve been amazing ❤❤❤

Ok y‘all are always about heart eyes howell but here‘s the thing

Dan is LOUD. And i’m not about his actual sounds, which yes. He speaks loud, and laughs loud and when he screams he SCREAMS, he’s PHIL I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU MADE THAT JOKE and OMG KANYE WEST and LET ME TAK ABOUT MUSE, but he also falls off chairs because he moves too much, and he uses his hands when talking so much and everything is LOUD and his emotions are EMOTIONS and when he looks at Phil he’s FOND and he gets crinkles on his eyes from smiling too much and rolling his eyes to the other universe and everything is there for us to see how much he enjoys being with Phil.

But then there’s Phil.

And we don’t know about Phil. Well, that’s not true, he overshares childhood stories and let us know certain things but he is so quiet compared to Dan. His emotions are always so controlled, he listens atentively instead of the nodding and interrupting of Dan and you don’t know his actual emotions behind the polite smile, he is so careful in what we see about him, and his eyes give almost nothing compared to Dan’s open book face.

But sometimes when he’s with Dan, especially those times when Dan is behind the camera, he looks up and he smiles to him and God. He loves that boy so much. As a friend or whatever they are for each other, he adores him, and is super subtle, it’s just a few seconds but when we get to see Phil‘s face just show it…


skinny!steve + realizing that he may have made a very bad decision (◡‿◡)

Prince Choi Seung-hyun and Sir Kwon Ji Yong on the set of 쩔어 (Jjeol-ouh) music video. 
By a great number of historians this is considered to be one of the most important days in the history of mankind. It is a well known fact that the blonde hair of Prince TOP brought worldwide peace. 
Astounding and very detailed panting by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.


The King’s Men (2014)

Ok, so i made this doodle forever ago, because of 3 reasons.
1. I love the Heroes of Olympus series. So much.
2. The Sand Guardian vine is one of my all time favorite vines ever
3. Jason wears glasses and I forget that sometimes, but it makes me happy when I remember.

My friend told me to put it on Tumblr so I said “ok why not”


Brooklyn Nine-Nine rewatch + best quotes per episode, as decided by my followers

1x01, “Pilot”

Special mention:
“Okay, two points to make here. First: Rihanna? You…and then, *:・゚✧ Rihanna ✧ ・゚ :* .”