ok last one tonight

Requested imagine •14 Jeff

Hi! Could you make an imagine where the reader and Jeff aren’t close but sometimes she helps him with spanish hw cause she’s Spanish, and then they both coincide at a party. Reader doesn’t like parties and Jeff keeps her company so she won’t be wandering alone?

“Are you going to the party tonight?” Jeff asked glancing up at you as you checked over his homework, you shook your head and didn’t say anything “aww why not?” He asked pouting making you laugh “party’s are not my thing” you replied and handed him it back “looks good, you should pass” you said with a smile and his pout turned into a grin “I can’t thank you enough y/n” you smiled and started to pack your things away “please come to the party!” He begged “I’ll think about it” you mumbled and walked away.

Later that night you sat on your bed feeling bored, glancing at your make up station you thought “fuck it” and started to get ready, showing up at the party was pretty daunting, you’d never really been to one but you made your way to the kitchen which was the least noisy and noticed Jeff near the door with a group, you didn’t want to disturb him so you got a drink and waited for him to finish his conversation.

10 minutes later Jeff just happens to turn and see you and his eyes light up as he immediately ditches his group of friends to greet you “you made it!!” He nearly squeaked and you nodded laughing “what you wanna do?” He asked and you shrugged “I don’t know I’m not really into parties, I was just bored at home and decided to try it out” you replied and he smiled “I’ll look after you” he winked and took your hand, guiding you around the party showing you different things, people playing beer pong, people passed out, people making out and people throwing up “okay I admit it didn’t really sell the party idea” he said innocently looking down making you laugh “I’m very glad you came tonight though y/n” he whispered and held your hand tighter throughout the whole night.

Jeff offered to drive you home but you insisted he walk you home instead “I swear I’ve not had much to drink” “I don’t care, one is too much. I don’t mind walking alone it’s fine jeff” you reply and his eyes widen “the hell you will walk home alone! Let’s go” he exclaimed grabbing your hand and taking you outside, he took off his jacket and gave it to you. He walked you home and stood awkwardly on your doorstep “I’d ask you in..but it’s like 1am and I don’t think you’d really want coffe-” you rambled when suddenly he kissed you mid sentence, you both finally pulled away and Jeff had a huge smirk on his face “next time you need a party guide you know where to find me pretty lady” he said winking at you before walking away.

Hope this was ok! This is the last one I can write tonight because I’m falling asleep while I type! The rest will be posted tomorrow!