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“It’s weird!“ - SN: 12x04 or the one with all the eye candy

Screw mp100 personality posts

Wanna know a lot abt a person? Check on how they spell the Boss’s name whether if it’s Touichirou, Toichiro, or Toitsuro


In the 75th episode of ‘88 Osomatsu-Kun, there’s this super cute exchange between 50-year-old Osomatsu and Totoko. Despite the fact that Totoko can’t seem to remember what exactly Oso gave her, she seems determined to prove to him that he was always super sweet to her (and try and justify why she’d much rather be marrying him instead)!!

You can find the scene (plus the entire episode w/ the subs!) here!

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A gift for @x-i-l-verify , Shiro and Tadashi and their daemons! Shiro has a Pyrenees Mountain dog, while Tadashi has a St. Bernard (thanks for typing him for me, I really love what you came up with <3)

They’re having fun chatting and sharing funny stories about their families :’)


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So that’s my entry for the @tokyoghoulbook contest

I don’t know if combining sketchy art and line art was a good idea haha

oh and also this is my favourite part of this


Rodriguez: […] But this is an important scene because this is where you find out Kate’s been killed. And your reaction— it was cool watching this because I was like ‘I want to see how my scene came out since I wasn’t there,’ make sure I don’t have to go reshoot anything. But you did such a terrific job.
Madison: I really love your reaction in this scene, DJ.
Rodriguez: Yeah, it’s so great.
Madison: Because I think it’s so sad that you left Kate on the side of the road, or while you gave her money, and then—
DJ: Yeah.
Madison: Now she’s dead.
DJ: He feels responsible.

(Robert Rodriguez, Madison Davenport, and DJ Cotrona  in the “Santa Sangre” DVD commentary )

More from the RP I been doing with my girl lady-of-rohan (also where this one came from, preceding this pic) rife with silly boy ridiculousness and an extended buddy cop car ride. Joseph took pity on Seb and let him smoke in the car cuz he got all muddy. Always fun times :)