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Please Don’t Leave - Auston Matthews

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Ok, so I wrote this pretty quickly last night since my work schedule’s been all over the place so I didn’t edit it, oops!  Sorry in advance if there are any god-awful errors!  I hope you guys enjoy this one! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1118

Warnings: a couple swear words!

Request: “Hey can you do an Auston Matthews imagine with prompt 152? Thanks! Love this blog btw :)” - @thecrosby-chronicles

Prompt: #152 “Please don’t leave me.”

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“Good morning Aus” you murmured as you rolled into your boyfriend’s side.  

He squinted his eyes then gave you a small grin before wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you tightly against him.  “Morning love.”

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Take a Shot

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Summary: In which you confess your hidden love for your best friend of six years one day, and he’s licking alcohol off of your body in three. 

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre/Rating: Bestfriend!Jimin, Rated M

Word Count: 4.3k 

A/N: Ok but this pic sucked the life out of me wth, but this was for @wo0jins who is a hardcore Jimin enthusiast. Ty for always screaming with me about BTS at 2 in the morning <3

Living with Park Jimin was not as easy at it seemed, but you wouldn’t have it any other way- or at least that would have been your answer if you were asked in any other day but today.

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#23 ”how the hell did you think that was a good idea?” (Emmett Cullen x Reader)


“Come on (Y/N), it will be fun, trust me” Emmett sat next to me on the couch, his hand gripping my arm and moving it trying to get my attention. “Is just a little prank”

“Last time you said that we ended up both being chased by Jasper into the woods and we almost burn the house down” I said not even bothering to look at him.

“Oh, come on!” he raised his voice a little and I could sense the frustration in it, making me smile a little “It was one time and you managed to put out the fire” he pressed his head against my shoulder and sighed “Please…”

“Ok, fine, but I swear to god if something bad happens again I will leave you alone and you will have to deal with everything” I looked at him, he was smiling like a child, his dimples becoming more noticeable with his smile.

We stood in an acceptable distance from Edward and Bella who were sitting on a rock next to a river, they looked so peaceful I was starting to feel bad about pulling a prank on them but before I could think about leaving Emmett’s hand landed on my shoulder and he looked at me grinning.

“I’m sure you will be able to do it from here, we can’t come closer, Edward will hear us” he whispered to me and I nodded.

“I hope you know that I fucking hate you, Em” I said while raising my arms and moved my hands starting to feel my powers coming through my hands.

Emmett laughed slightly “Yeah, but you love me, babe”

In an instant the water moved imitating my arm’s movements and I moved it towards Edward and Bella splashing them both, Edward looked at where we were standing and he narrowed his eyes.

“Oh shit, run (Y/N)!” Emmett and I started sprinting into the woods with Edward running behind us.

“Emmett, tell me again please, how the hell did you think that was a good idea?!” I shouted while I dodged the trees and rocks. I heard something fall down with a loud noise, I stopped abruptly and looked behind  just to find Edward on top of Emmett and both of them on the floor pushing each other, I laughed at the sight.

“(Y/N)! Babe, help me!” Emmett said between laughs.

“Oh no, for the first time I’m not the one getting pushed onto the ground, I told you, you are on your own!” I made my way back into the house trying to find Bella to help her dry but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Okay okay I swear the goddess this is my last post about this…

/btw url and icon are censored bc I don’t want anyone to get in troubles, I don’t like being vague at all but at the same time I know sometimes the best, I don’t want anyone to get any sort of bad comments or hate because of one of my posts/

(this is the exact gif btw) 

and well… so did I!

first Peridot appearance! tho, this green is a lil more yellow-like, so even tho is pretty damn neon (the first palette is also full in saturation if you check the color) let’s not count it.

Let’s do count tho, the one that is exactly the same!

catch and release, first episode we have Peridot ON A NORMAL ENVIROMENT.

And yes, that IS alsmost the same color (one is slightly more neon (like by one inch tbh and I think is the Friend Ship one) but it may be bc of the low quality of both shots, the reason why one looks more neon-like it may be bc of the enviroment) 

But ok, let’s NOT count friend ship bc she had her libs /let’s say/, then it was ALSO season 2! Catch and release gave us little Peri in all her 5 foot shininess, and in a normal light she is still p neon! (So is in some parts of episodes like Back to the Barn, Too far, Log date… ok you guys get the point)

But ok, let’s ignore ALL of that, what about that gif? it’s all on the context.

You see, this are two shots, one happened exactly before the Peridot gif and the other after

Its pretty easy to notice what changed, the weather. The light changed, and so did the character’s skin-tone, because that’s how lightning works, in the middle of that whole scene, the clouds faded away (idk what’s the exact term in english I apologize) and you can actually check it out by yourself if you don’t remember!! Min 0:16 - 0:24.

It’s ok if you don’t like Lauren’s work, or La/pi/dot, or even the fucking show in general, but try to not spread lies about it…

I need to clarify OP may have done it as a joke (which i am not sure since as i know they are S/uC/rit/s and ton of their posts are serious, tho I won’t 100% affirm it) but even if it is a joke I am using it as an example why this color palette discourse is… really dumb, tbh.


hi!! can u please write this prompt with Keith from voltron?? if not that’s okay thank you ((: “Do me a favor?” “I swear to god if this is like the last one-” “No, no, calm down, this one is legal.”

Sorry this took so long! I just started a new semester at school so I was a little busy! Hope you enjoy anyway.


“Do me a favor?” “I swear to god if this is like the last one-” “No, no, calm down, this one is legal.”

Keith sat in the lounge of the castle reading an old book he had brought from Earth, just enjoying the silence that was so rare among his comrades. All of a sudden the door to the lounge slid open revealing his girlfriend, *y/n*, leaning against the door frame. She slid across the room and plopped down on the couch, making herself comfortable.

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Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader

Warnings: Bit of fluff, bit of angst? Pregnancy

Summary: Being pregnant is a risk by itself, but being a walking Gamma mom it’s taking its toll on you.

3 months earlier.

“Bruce,” you had suddenly woken up with a terrible feeling in your stomach, and more precisely, on your growing belly. You tugged at Bruce’s sleeping self, trying to wake him up to take you to the hospital, or somewhere where you could be checked. “Bruce, come on wake up,” you hissed. He mumbled incoherently, trying to roll on his side to keep sleeping. “Bruce, goddamit, wake up!” Your voice was shaky now and it was enough to make him worried and awake. “I need a doctor…”

He jumped off the bed and started getting dressed again. He took his phone from the night table as he took your jacket and something cozy for you to wear. It was cold outside, freezing actually, and you saw him go from one part of the room to the other while pressing his phone to his ear with his shoulder.

Once he hung up, Bruce helped you getting up and to the car. He drove in silence, turning his head to look at you quickly, and when your gazes met, you turned away to the window. You were not sure of what to say, or if you even had to say something. He tenderly squeezed your hand, making you look at him, finding his lips curled in a sympathetic smile.

“We’re gonna be fine, (Y/N),” he said. “I promise,” you nodded silently and looked away again.

To your surprise, the place he drove you to was the tower. Dr. Cho was waiting for you inside, getting everything ready to check you up and make sure you were just fine. The elevator seemed to take its damn time to get you upstairs, but once you were finally there, you saw that Helen had already taken care of everything, and she asked Bruce to wait outside.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I woke up feeling terrible and I was bleeding… My god,” you sighed, “I have to change the sheets once I get home…”

“There’ll be time for that later, now I want you to lay down while I do the ultra sound.” You nodded and rested your back, impatient for the whole thing to be over. The gel was cold, colder than that night, and you twitched immediately when it got in contact with your skin.

Dr. Cho told you to be still for a while, that it would only take a few minutes. You kept your eyes away from the screen, fearing the worst, and it all seemed even gloomier when you heard her sighing heavily.

“(Y/N)?” she gently said. “Hey, you still with me?” You shook your head and looked at her. She had a slight smile on her lips. “It’s ok, you’re ok. You both are.” She started cleaning you up and looked for a cozy blanket to place it on top of you. “You’re gonna have to stay here though. I’m gonna call Bruce in so you can hear me, okay?” You nodded, feeling a smile of relief forming on your lips.

Bruce came in a bit later and took the seat next to your bed. He held your hand tightly and kissed it repeatedly, matching your smile with a huge, cheeky grin.

“(Y/N), you were very luck. This could’ve had another outcome,” she said sternly. “So I’m afraid that no more avenging for you.” You were about to rise up from the bed when Bruce pulled you back again. “I’m serious. I know the training you go through and the kind of missions you go on and if you want to keep that bun in the oven, you’re gonna have to slow down.”

“Avenging is my life!” You retorted. “You can’t take that away from me!” You started breathing heavily. “And what am I gonna do? Sit and knit all day long until I give birth?”

“If you want to be a mother, yes,” she folded her arms over her chest and looked at you with the coldest eyes. “Your pregnancy is risky because the gamma radiation is making it so. It’s a miracle, yes, but it’s also very dangerous. Slow down the training, period.”


The belly was already showing up, and it was big and you felt both joyous and bored. You weren’t given much choices, Dr. Cho was checking your training and whatever you did; well, everyone had that task. Bruce was especially obnoxious at keeping an eye on you. He didn’t let you do much, if it depended on him, you could be strapped to the bed and taken to the bathroom on a wheelchair and he’d still be worried about your state.

Against all odds, you did learn how to knit because you had already read almost all the books that you had, and the ones you didn’t read were Bruce’s encyclopedias and doctoral works that you didn’t really understand. Science.

You had finished a cozy scarf, alone in your bedroom, while Bruce was diving into some research he had been doing for the last couple of weeks. You stood up, and walked with your belly on point towards his office. Softly knocking the door, you got inside. He looked at you and smiled widely, but it didn’t last long.

“What are you doing? You’re supposed to be resting.”

“Yeah, I’ve been doing that for the past three months, if you haven’t noticed,” you rolled your eyes in tiredness. “I just wanted to do something…”

“Like what?”

“Like going out? Maybe taking a walk and having ice cream?” You innocently asked, walking towards him and dragging his chair away from the desk, enough for you to sit on his lap. “The days are getting warmer…” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and pouted your way to his stubborn and caring heart. You placed a soft kiss on his lips, which he very happily replied by placing his hands on your waist.

“I could use a break from this…” he breathed once you broke the kiss, “it’s very boring anyway,” he shrugged. “So, where do you wanna go?”

“Maybe we could have a date, like the three of us,” you looked down at your belly. “We’d be supervised by you, doc,” you shrugged innocently. “I mean… what better than my personal doctor to take care of me?”

“Are you sweet talking me?”

“Is it working?”

“You bet,” he laughed breathily. “Ok, go grab something and we’ll go out,” he shook his head and placed one last kiss on your lips before giving you a soft spank and making you get up. You smiled playfully.

“Don’t tempt me, Banner,” you accusingly pointed a finger at him, “because I have done my research and sex is good for buns in the oven,” you played with the collar of your cardigan and bit your bottom lip as you moved your hips. “So you either take me out or I swear to god I’ll drag you to the bedroom because ohhh… how I miss you.”

“Don’t push your luck, (Y/N),” he cocked an eyebrow at you, “you won’t get lucky today.”

“Is that an open invitation for other day?”

“Maybe, let me do my research on that too. Now go so we all can go too,” he urged you, shaking his head as if he thought how crazy you were. He had won a battle, but no war.

I swear to gOD if Bryan dies I’m going to lose my crap. He is just a tiny ball of sunshine who only wants to be happy ever after with Miller. They are one of the few good things this ugly ass season has, idk wtf am I going to do if they break up or one of them dies, honestly.


james mcavoy + Empire interview (2013) (part 1/part 2)

ok.O.kay I just finished season 9 episode 8 of how i met your mother and. And if barney and robin don’t end up getting married or jus like together in general I swear to god I’m gonna? I’m gonna throw out my tv and never trust anyone ever again

Please Don't....

Anon request

You run up the stairs and thorough the hallway. “Please God…, let him live”, you mutter. You run faster and when you finally reach there, the Dauntless restraining Eric. Four raises his gun and you put yourself between them.

“Four, please…, I’m begging you”, you say.

“(Y/N), move”, says Four sternly.

“NO! I won’t let you hurt him!”, you say.

“(Y/N), please listen to him”, says Eric. You kneel in front of him.

“Eric, I love you. You promise you’ll never leave me”, you say, tears begin to build up.

“I deserve this for everything I’ve done”, he says. You couldn’t believe what Four told you and now he’s saying what Four told you is the truth.

You turn to Four, cheeks already stained with tears. “Four, please…, I can’t live without him”, you sob.

“He needs to be punished for his crimes”, says Four. The other Dauntless soldiers pull you away and you struggle to escape and save Eric.

“She doesn’t have to see this, Tobias”, says Eric.

Four nudges his head and the Dauntless soldiers drag you out of the room. You struggle, but there’s not way you could escape them. The minute the door is closed, you hear the gun being pulled off.

“ERIC!!!!”, you scream.

*a few years later*

You walk with your son, Leo towards The Pit. Today is his tenth birthday and he wants to get his first tattoo.

“Are you really sure?”, you ask him…, again.

“Ugh, mum, for the last time. I’m pretty sure. Besides, I’m 10 and I think I’m old enough for a tattoo”, says your son and you can see every bit of Eric in him.

“Ok, let’s see what Tori got for us”, you say before going in. What he picks is somewhat to what Eric once had - the maze tattoo on his arms.

“Right is done. Come back again and we can finish the left one”, says Tori, but Leo insists on doing both arms. Yup, just like his dad. “I swear to God I can see Eric in him, but he has some traits of you - compassion”, says Tori.

True, Leo is a mini Eric through and through, but some parts of you manage to stick in his DNA. Two perfect combination. Would Eric be proud of his son? You damn right he would.

☆ you are lovely ☆ 

i know i make these all the time, but i swear to god i’ll never stop loving you


01. mario kart love song - sam hart //02. lovely - twenty one pilots // 03. If i die before you - ludwig gorranson // 04. lullaby - ok go // 05. i like playing my ukulele for you - snckpck // 06. closer to the sun -slightly stoopid 07. song for you - alexi murdoch // 08. girlfriend (acoustic cover) - own made // 09. it’s tough to gave a crush when the boy doesn’t feel the same way You Do - ok go // 10. flaws - bastille //11. can’t help falling in love - twenty one pilots //  12. spooky ghosts - snckpck //  13. last leaf - ok go (sleepover shows) // 14. love - american authors // 15. guns for hands (cover) - guess who! 

  • Sailor Moon Fandom: I hope Crystal doesn't have any fat jokes like the 90's anime did.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: * After eight episodes,no fat joke been spoken. Had a opportunity to do so in act 7 with Usa eating but didn't.*
  • Sailor Moon Fandom : * crickets*
  • Sailor Moon Fandom: I hope Crystal doesn't have god awful "pantie shots".
  • Sailor Moon Crystal : *No "pantie shots" while the girls transform. No form of fanservice what so ever.*
  • Sailor Moon Fandom: * crickets*
  • Me: Is it certain things that Crystal has done right fandom?
  • Sailor Moon Fandom: NO! Everything is wrong.
  • Me: ok....
DEAR BVB FAMILY (please read this)

ok so, where do I start…
I watched the game against Bayern, and I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. I knew that, like it or not, Bayern it is a good team. (God I swear I
hate to say it). 
I was screaming and jumping every time we were about score or so was Bayern.
And then Auba and Marco did that amazing play, and the last one, scored. I jumped as high as I could and scream as loud as I could.Even my dad was jumping like a kid in Chirstmas.
Then the second half started and the things change a little bit… but when the first goal came and it was from Robert and also he “thanked” for his goal and smirked I…I don’t even know how to describe how I was. I don’t blame him for his goal…well it’s his job, but I blame him for looked that satisficed.
Why? easy. Because he scored against the club that gave him everything, and that even so, he left…he scored and was completely happy, even when he knew that the club wich gave him everything was having dark times. He knew that not just  the result, but the fact that he scored would be more than painful for us. And he didn’t care anyway. You were looking for that Robert, we all could see that. Congratulations.
But, I’m not here to talk about this guy, because, at the end of the day, the thing that really matters to me, it’s my team. My family.
At then end of the game, when that penalty was shot, and the referee whistle the final second of the game, I really couldn’t help but cry.
I cried. Really I did. My face was covered by my hands and I stayed like that for a while. Even my dad gave me a hug and left.
Why did I cry? Because my team doesn’t deserve this fucking bad days.
But you know, after that time, I stopped crying and got up.
Because that’s what our team is doing. Because that’s what the whole Family of Dortmund is doing and always will.

Yes, we fall, we lose, we get mad, we get sad, but what makes our club the most special, is that we get up all the time, and fight like warriors, every time, even when we are in our darkest times.

And I assure you that when this club get up, it comes back stronger than ever.

Every single player of this team come back stronger. Marco did, Kevin did, Miki did, Roman did, Shinji did,  and EVERYONE DID at one time. And this time won’t be different.
The whole team will come back stronger. And the fans, we will be with BVB every day more proud of the club, and stronger than ever too.  
Because that’s what we do. WE ARE A FAMILY!!



Other teams can have a lot of money to spend, a lot of “stars” in their teams, but we have the most important thing and oh BTW we create our stars. WE DON’T BUY THE ROAD, WE CREATE IT.

People say that after the storm, the calm comes, but oh people, get ready because Borussia Dortmund won’t bring you calm but a hurricane.


quilkipps  asked:

Hey Kiran, so I googled Dr. Strange and saw that Benedict Cumberbatch got the role. (I do agree with the 'wtf marvel' kinda attitude towards casting him) And I was just wondering what your general opinion on this was? (if that's okay ^^)

haha well I’ve talked about it here but since that post kinda got some attention I’ve been thinking more on it and generally my opinion is that this is such a boring choice and really it’s showing everything that is wrong with marvel entertainment’s strategy for their cinematic universe so far.

doctor strange is not just marvel’s first major venture into the magical side of their mythos, it’s the first marvel movie that’s drawing from a canon heavily saturated in various asian cultures. admittedly the original comics were white men’s perversion of the “mysterious orient” but it’s 2014 and our culture should have evolved past the limited view of asia’s MANY CULTURES that we had in the 20th century. so by making this movie about a white man, marvel has once again proven that the people in charge of their films severely lack the creativity, innovation, and willingness to take risks with the material available to them in order to make films that are worth engaging with.

this isn’t just because I dislike cumberbatch as an actor or a human being, I’d feel the same if they’d cast any of the white men they were rumored to be going with. even casting someone like oscar isaac wouldn’t have been ideal for me, because this should be an asian superhero story in full. ideally, the doctor strange movie wouldn’t have any white people in a major role whatsoever. it’s only fair, since the other mcu movies have been almost entirely white. like how there shouldn’t be any white people in the black panther film. it should be an african movie, and doctor strange should be allowed to be an asian superhero.

god ok the more I think about it the angrier I get. they cast a classist, british imperialistic privileged white man for a role that could have taken the mcu beyond its narrow white dude-focused scope. and british imperialism has had a severely negative effect on asia as a whole, so their choice at casting a white british actor for this role is even more insulting.

I’m gonna stop now and I SWEAR this will be one of the last things I say on this but god everything about this choice is horrible and marvel should be ashamed of themselves.

ok so like i used to be a Tenor I and i used to take chorus and do like all country and honor chorus shit back before i hit puberty but i stopped because when i hit puberty it fucked up my voice and like i couldnt sing properly anymore 

but i swear to god my voice is getting it the fuck together bc i can hit high notes again as well as control my voice and pitch without cracking n stuff


psi-ness  asked:

ok one last ask i swear HAHA i remember reading this book about goyo del pilar and then when i reached the part where it talked of his love life, there was a sentence saying "gregorio del pilar made love openly" aND I HAD TO SHUT THE BOOK LIKE OH GOD WHY



THIRD I NEED IT IN MY LIFE LIKE I NEED GREGORIO DEL PILAR’S ARMS AROUND ME his love life must be SO INTERESTING especially since he’s pretty much the papi of the revolution I NEED TO READ THIS