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Alright it is here! TWIT pt 5! The final part :)

[Thank you fan-dem for being so supportive during my first ever fanfic! this isn’t the last one I am going to do either! I will starting a new one next week, I don’t think that one will be a multi-chap though. I haven’t decided yet but one thing I do know is that there will be rinn smut!! ;) so be gentle because it is extremely awkward for me to write naughty things haha….ok I hope you guys like the conclusion.

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[[AU- finn is crazy about Rae, the gang falls apart, and then what happens!!!???]]

(part 5/5)

you can find other parts here

Izzy was heartbroken but she couldn’t cry anymore. It was all she had been doing for days, and there were no tears left in her now. She slumped in her chair, she felt heavy and there wasn’t enough strength in her to hold herself up. She was supposed to meet the gang at the pub later, Rae had begged her till she had agreed to come, but she was already contemplating staying home.

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