ok kiddos!!

Stuff I Love About Yurio
  • Primadonna girl all she ever wanted was the world
  • Animal print: The fashion trend that never goes out of style
  • I could write an essay on how weak I get when that baby smiles
  • Accurate 15 year old. Does Russia have Hot Topic.
  • He remembered Yuuri’s birthday
  • And gave him a pork cutlet bowl pirozhki
  • Says hi via dropkicks
  • His fans are lowkey furries
  • “I am the ice tiger of Russia” ok kiddo u keep tellin urself that
  • His hair. It’s Important.
  • His relationship with Mila is so funny to me
  • Hates JJ with a burning passion
  • I feel like I should mention Yakov somewhere on here so… “YAKOV”
  • I want Grandpa Plisetsky to make me some pork cutlet bowl pirozhkis
  • Is Yuuko’s fourth child
  • Is simultaneously Yuuri and Viktor’s first child
  • Him running away absolutely bewildered from Yuuri’s wild hugging spree
  • Has not one, but TWO embarrassing dads.
  • When he skates I feel so Blessed
  • Gender: Fuck
  • Even though he was so sweet in ep 9 he’s still such a salty boy
  • It’s like those weird sweet and salty trail mix bars. Nature Made??
  • What lip gloss does he use??? Mascara???
  • Probably owns a shitton of animal print converse
  • Is fifteen, first time competing in Seniors, and he’s heading off to Grand Prix Finals
  • I’m so proud of him
  • He deserves everything good in the world
  • Salty, bitter, lowkey soft babie Protect This Boy

Ok listen up kiddos we’ve got very little time and a lot of work to do. According to some posts going around on this site our fight is not yet over. The electoral college doesn’t actually vote until December 19th which means we have 39 days to make a change. This will only happen if we all work together, and even then it might not work. But we literally have nothing left to lose. So here’s what I propose. Get the word out to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. Family, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers. Tweet and message celebrities who are openly speaking out about how upset they are. Get them to spread the word and maybe even call or write letters to the representatives that we need to convince to change their votes. Then start calling, emailing, writing, and marching yourselves. Over half of the popular votes went to Clinton. Over half the country wants her to be our President. How can they ignore over half the country banging on their doors pleading for them to change their votes and help us? Like I said, it’s a very small beacon of hope, but it’s something. We have been told for over a year that our voices matter, so let’s start screaming.

when @patrickrodriguez suggested i draw ‘shadow daddy’ im almost certain this isn’t exactly what they meant 

i mean it was either reaper or shadow the hedgehog 

(Gabe said he wouldn’t wear it in public but he’s also a damn liar so)

(EDIT: fixed reapers skin tone, he was like really pale on everything besides my laptop for some reason)

ok kiddos listen, how you gonna expect linda to accept that A) the devil-metaphor and all the implications surrounding that were very real and B) she had sex with the devil, within 2.5 seconds of her seeing his actual face like ?????

“b-but that was his safe space! it’s her job as a therapist–”

yes okay sure i guess she should’ve just been like “hey thanks for this earth-shattering revelation about you being ACTUALLY SATAN and proving god is basically a thing–no don’t worry about my mental health and the possibly religious/spiritual crisis this has put me in!! let’s talk about your brother :)”

Yet again, another new Shingeki no Kyojin chapter proves that Eren and Armin’s close bond isn’t something fictitious or over-analyzed. It’s right there in plain sight people and yet I still can’t believe it’s push over as a simple friendship