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I hate the fact that this whole album is basically about Kendall. Even if a song is not about her, we won't know for sure. This bothers me to no end and I'm not one to hate whoever Harry dates. I don't even really "hate" Kendall, but she represents a vapid, narcissistic materialism that contributes to a lot of what is wrong with society & I hate having to associate Harry with that because he seems so opposite. I wish H would have left out the part about her being a "huge" part of the album.

I answered an almost identical ask earlier today, but Harry didn’t say she was a huge part of the album. He didn’t name her. So you have a choice whether to regard the album as being “basically about Kendall” or not. Choose whichever works best for you ;)

I agree  - Kendall represents a lot of the things that I intensely dislike about contemporary consumerist culture. But perhaps she also represents a lot of personal traits that Harry values, and that we are not privy to. 

And frankly,  although of course I don’t think Harry is vapid or narcissistic, I find it a huuuuuge stretch to say he’s the opposite of the materialist type when the boy is out there spending obscene amounts of money on ridiculously-priced designer clothes, cars,  goods and private jets. He very clearly appreciates the finer things in life, as well as the simpler things. 

He has also exclusively dated models - as far as is publicly known - since he was 18 so, y’know, he obviously doesn’t have a problem with the people he dates promoting that narcissistic consumerist culture via their work. Perhaps that goes back to his focus on separating the personal from the professional. 

Or maybe he’s just the type of guy that - shock horror! -  is swept off his feet by incredibly hot girls regardless of what they represent, as long as they’re not nasty individuals…WHO KNOWS!?! :)

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