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honestly where is my wedgeluke friends au where luke realizes he's gay and gets divorced from mara jade (who's pregnant with rey but that doesn't come up till later) and he moves to new york and moves in with his sister who's living with her best friend wedge + han and lando live across the hall…… and of course luke and wedge eventually fall in love and raise rey

ok but mara jade and luke actually both realize they’re gay at the same time and split on good terms as friends 

JadeRose Week : Day 7 : AU 

The goddess of light and future with her eldritch terrors and the goddess of space and hunt with her pack of wolves. 

I fucking hate Alphonse Mucha and I’ll wrestle with his mangled corpse if I could. 

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Because sometimes you never know
Where time will take you.

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An attempt at drawing something based on everyone’s favorite ball of sarcasm’s character development, inspired by this post.  Ever wondered what kid!Jade will think of ending!Jade…? (・ω・)



Tag urself im egg

happy birthday my swee t…. 

inspired by @taqibun​‘s rlly cute jade pic!

(also if this drawing is inappropriate or inaccurate in anyway, please tell me!! i’m more than happy to change it! ( ᐛ )!!!)


hM i’m getting a bi vibe around here…. O WAIT it’s me hello!! 🌈