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many things that happened in Bambam’s vlive Q and A:
- Jinyoung was wearing a beret and also shorts
- Jinyoungs favorite movies are Scent of a Woman and Dark Knight (which are like 2 wayyyy different movies lol)
- Bambam definitely does not like the shipping between members (he mentioned it a lot)
- his favorite youtuber is Pewdiepie (he then imitated Pewdiepie)
- his favorite anime is Naruto
- he doesn’t like pokemon so that’s why he doesn’t play Pokémon Go
- he chooses Prove It over Sign (and apologized to Youngjae)
- he thought about dyeing his hair red next but decided against it
- he’s hotel rooming with Yugyeom and said 97 line room only!
- someone asked if he was a unicorn and he replied “no, Im human, man!” ( ok so why do people ask these types of question but also why did he answer it seriously omg it was cute tho)
- he said that he’s not going to be doing vlive for a longggg time (I don’t know why but that’s what he said 😟)
- he said “bye bye” really cutely

me: people dont like me bc im annoying and boring and a bad friend and theyre just pitying me when i bother them

some of my friends: i like you and enjoy talking to you and like being your friend :)


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KEL could you please please do a tutorial on how you draw fay's wings in the angel au !!! they're so pretty and fluffy sobs buT it's okay if you don't want to and THANK YOU for making such lovely art 💙💙💙

omg OK but just FYI this is not a 100% accurate wing, it’s just how i personally draw wings 

HERE IS A MORE anatomically accurate tutorial on wings if you are interested and I also recommend looking at bird wings in general. I hope this helps!! Wings are rly fun to draw I LOVE THEM

dating vampire mingyu would be like

•"babe, does this shirt look ok? i can’t see myself in these mirrors!“
•"come on, mingyu, let’s go outside its so pretty out!” “i can’t i’ll turn to dust” “we both know that’s bullshit, get your ass up”
•*while making out* “im not gonna let you kiss my neck if you don’t put your teeth away, they’re gonna draw blood.”
“…well…that’s kinda the point.” “yes, buT NOT RIGHT NOW.”
•"no you can’t kill the neighbors cat"
•*when you get a bad grade in class and start crying* “babe, no don’t be sad. i can kill your teacher you know, i can literally kill him.” “that’s not necessary but thanks, mingyu”
•*while you’re on your period* “i smell blood.” “well, i happen to have that in my body thanks for noticing, mingyu.” “no, like, lotS OF BLOOD! AND ITS COMING FROM YOU,OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK?!!?” “oh my god, iM ON MY PERIOD CALM DOWN!”                                                                                          •*meeting your ex* “mingyu, this is ryan.” “hi, nice to meet you” *flashes fangs* “uh b-bye Y/N!” *ex runs off* “did you show him your fangs?” “why? he looked good enough to eat!” “mingyu, that’s not funny”                                                •"babe, how do you get blood out of jeans?“                                                  •*when you’re trying to sleep and you hear rocks against your window” “KIM MINGYU, THIS IS NOT THE 1800S YOU CAN TEXT ME IF YOU WANT TO HANGOUT, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU” “SORRY, THIS WAS HOW YOU GET GIRLS WHEN I WAS HUMAN” “IM SORRY I DIDNT REALIZE I WAS DATING ROMEO” “…can i come up and cuddle now??” “yes, mingyu, get your difficult vampire ass up here”

I know a lot of people are like “I don’t want to listen to ___ song too much or I’ll get sick of it :/“ but I LOVE listening to something until I’m sick of hearing it. just being able to enjoy that song so much I know every refrain and all the musical interludes by heart, loving it so intensely in that moment, feeling it move me even after I’ve repeated it 15 times. even if I end up hating the song a few weeks later, its always worth it

Happy Birthday To The Bang Twins!!!

Never forget that Yongguk has an older twin name Yongnam~! And today it’s his birthday too~^^ I just had to draw a fanart for him too hehe :3 this is also an excuse for me to draw chibi B.A.P and Yongnam tbh LOL

Anyways, Hope you guys like it~ :D

PS: Yes I changed the age to Korean age this time haha~

I just want to point out one thing here: When was the last time the boy kissed the boy’s head while a volcano explodes and THERE’S A FREAKING DRAGON in the background? Ever? Has it happened ever? I seriously think it might not have happened ever.

hello…it’s me // Twelve x Clara [Whouffaldi] s8 AU

What if Clara and the Doctor actually separated at the end of Kill the Moon. Both angry and guilty for their mistakes. After a long time of being miserable, she finally calls the Doctor to confess but of course he doesn’t pick up and it goes to the answering machine. When the Doctor finally hears the message, is it too late?

150901 CBB Fanaccount:
  • Me: Hi~
  • Hyuk: Hi, how are you~?
  • Me: Good and you?
  • Hyuk: Fine.
  • Cashier: drink?
  • Me: 1 Ice Tea, please (in korean)
  • Hyuk: (to the cashier) Her Korean is good but why she always talks to me in English? (If you knew lol)
  • Me: Cos it's fun :D. So how was your day?
  • Hyuk: uhm... so so.
  • Me: Why?
  • Hyuk: ehm... sleep no good?
  • Me: aw, me too, but why?
  • Hyuk: I don't know (in korean)
  • Me: when you go back home, sleep well.
  • Hyuk: Ok, thank you.
  • Me: /rise hand for promise/ see you in 2 years and please take care of yourself a lot.
  • Hyuk: i will. Thank you :)... your hair, you cut it really short this time.
  • Me: yeah, too hot. See ya~
  • Hyuk: Bye~
  • cr: Nuku
10 more days till Girl Meets Forgiveness (New Stuff)

Alright. You are getting bored of the same message I’ve been using because I’m lazy. I’ve been watching a lot more Girl Meets World recently and I realized how Maya was always down and nobody pulled her up. Girl Meets Forgotten: Cory is talking about the Great Depression and Maya points to herself saying,” Nothings gonna beat that, sir.” In Girl Meets Semi-Formal, when Cory is asking who knows about Etiquette, Maya raises her hands to answer with a hopeful smile on her face and Cory shuts her down saying “No you can’t.” Did you see the look on her face? How can she look up to someone who claims that he is there for her but is the one who discourages her? In Girl Meets Texas part 3, he tells her not to use big words correctly it’s not who she is.They tell her she’s smarter than she thinks and when she acts on it, she gets pulled down. And also guess who gets asked to dance first, Riley. It’s okay, no bitterness but also how is it possible Riley gets 2 “real as in Farkle not included because he’s into both) boys to ask her but Maya gets none. FIRST OF ALL SHE’S GORGEOUS!!!!!!! but whatever. That doesn’t even count really because you’re not required to have somebody like you or ask you to the dance. In I am Farkle, when Maya asks Riley for a “wonderful little Riley” pick me up, she says,”What ever happens at least you’re in a better shape than Maya.” How wonderful. *Sarcasm* And Farkle just smiles. Maya clearly darkens her mood and says,”Kay that wasn’t what I was going for but sure let’s turn on me.” Is it okay to use somebody’s troubled life as a “pick me up” as in sure you feel bad now but hey, at least you’re better off than this girl who’s life sucks. “You think you got stuff, look at this, this is a bag of cats (was that it?)” and Maya is clearly upset. But whatever. I heard rumours that in Girl Meets Forgiveness, they are going to try to pressure Maya into forgiving her dad. Why should she forvive sombody who left. Who moved on and never called. Maya cried to Riley because her dad never send her stuff. It’s the sentimental value that sombody’s thinking about you to send you something is what she cried about. Whewre is that? Maya is hardly a bad influence. She is som=ine who is trying to be tough for a world who will not protect her. Where even her friends make fun of her. Where she never gets liked by a boy, asked on a date, truely vcared for. Josh says he won’t date her because of the 3 year gap but its ok for the ollege girl and him. Nobody takes her feelings seriously. Why do you like him Maya? And maybe she didn’t hide her feelings from the beginning. Maybe she just recently got them. She helped Riley all this time to get her the guy she likes and Riley stepping back now is honestly such a waste of effort. But it’s neither one of their fault because they’re still learning what the world is about. I will conclude this tomorrow because its 2:20 AM and I have to finish my french assignment and sleep) Bye. Yell at me later.

1st imagine :Over Protective Winchesters

 ok so I would really love  some feed back. I know I need practice but I really hope some of you somewhat like it .Tell me what needs improvement I know the whole telling who’s talking maybe a little annoying and I can remove it if you don’t like it. please help me improve but i’m really happy to have request!

Word count:1657

Request :

iam-superpotterlocked asked:

Can I request some little sister fluff? Like I’ll let u decide but I could really go for some over protective winchesters!

summary : the Reader is the Winchesters little sister and she secretly goes on date and ,her older over protective brothers Sam and Dean aren’t to happy to find out.

When you see this

d- = Dean is talking                                             

s-=Sam is talking  

Y/n-= you are talking

j-=James is talking

Since you could remember your older brothers Sam and Dean had never let you go anywhere if no one went with you. You weren’t allowed to go out the door without telling them where you were going or who you were going with .when you were in school and your father was out on a case   they would make sure any guy flirting with you would know that they were your older brothers and that they would kick his butt if he ever hurt you. When you went out to see guy you either had to lie to them or sneak out.

         Now that we were older Sam and dean laid off a bit but still got protective whenever they saw a guy flirting with you at a bar they would ruin it by telling an embarrassing story or just plain out say that you weren’t interested without confronting you. Once you finished a case you and your brothers decided to get a hotel room to stay in .we headed out in the impala together. once we reached the hotel. You told your brothers to wait in the car while you checked in since they were covered in more blood then you were.

d-”Wait Y/n you sure you don’t want us to go with.” y/n -“yes I’m positive Dean I’m not your 7 year old sister I can handle myself alright.” D-“ok if anything happens just yell well come”. Y/n-“For god’s sake dean im going to check I’n I’m not going to hell.” I swear you’re the definition of an overprotective brother seconds Sammy here. You got out of the impala and headed out to the checkout desk .there was a good looking guy around your age behind the desk. You went to the front desk .J-my names James what can I help you with “one room three beds please. J-“Wow having company over” .y/n-“Yeah my brothers “.j-“oh ok well we don’t have a room with three beds but we have two rooms next too each other one with two beds and one with one bed. Y/n- “That sounds perfect well take that .ok here’s your card.” J-“Lizzie Zepps that’s your name?” y/n-“ What oh yeah that’s me. Here’s your keys thank you.” You started to head out when James stopped you j-“wait I know this is forward but anyway can I get your number?” “Y/n-“ uhhh yeah sure but I have to hurry my brothers are waiting .”J-“ Yeah here just write it on here, ok well ill call you later  then.” Y/n-“Yeah well thanks bye.

        You headed back to the impala “alright we’re in rooms 3E and 4e” .Sam asked “no room with 3 beds “.Y/n-”no. I’ll take the room with one bed .D- “ha like you’re staying by yourself. You really need to get over this whole overprotective thing Dean I have the keys and I choose who gets the room and it’s me.” Before they could argue you got your bag from the back seat and headed to your room.  Sam stopped you in front of my room S-“you know were just trying to look after you your our little sister.” y/n-“ I get that but it’s getting a little insane Sammy Dean probably making a hissy fit right now but I’ll buy him pie in the morning so please I just want to be alone and shower please move Sam” .s-“alright but y/n you need to be careful don’t open this door unless it’s us and don’t go wondering off in the middle of the night Y/n -.Sam I’m not dumb and I’m old enough to make my own decisions so please move over .s-“Y/n  I know you are but it’s just hard seeing you grow up so fast”. y/n-“Sam I’m only like  2 years younger than you .I love you and Dean to death and I would die for you two in a heartbeat and you know this .ok so this chick flick moments over and the blood on your plaid shirts starting to dry and the vamps blood is starting to stink “.with that Sam smelled his shirt and you took the chance to step into your run down hotel room .

          You threw your bag on your bed and grabbed a change of clothes the usual black skinny jeans, combat boots, black under shirt, plaid flannel and a towel then headed to the shower. You jumped in and washed your hair and body when you got out . you heard your phone ring .you went to answer it. J-“hey it’s the James from the front desk I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go get dinner or a beer. y/n-“ said how about I order in and you get the beer and you meet me in my room but be sneaky because  my brothers might  hear you and you might be dead by morning “J-“.ok see you in an hour alright .”Y/n-“I didn’t know if I said yes because I was mad at my brothers or because I liked the guy. I decided to order a cheese pizza playing it safe once I finished ordering it I heard knock at the door. I could already tell who it was because he was humming back in black by ACDC. y/n-“ Yes dean” he had already showered because he had wet hair and smelled like soap .D-“hey I’m sorry y/n ok I get that you’re old enough to handle yourself but I just worry.” y/n-“ Sam already had the chick flick moment already. I forgive you and we can get pie in the morning.” D-Thank god ok alright since that’s done me and Sam are going to go get a bite .y/n-“oh well I ordered in and I kind of want to have a night alone now that your trusting me .d-“Fine we’ll be back after sounds good dean bye rdquo;. When he left James came he brought beer and the pizza delivery guy came. We talked all through the night about how annoying siblings are and embarrassing stories about them he made me laugh and we watched TV for a little while. we had a good time .when it started to get late I told him “well its getting late and I need at least 4 hours of sleep”. he said” yeah ok well this was nice can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend yet your too cool not to”. y/n-“haha if you knew me you’d know why” .j-“well I guess I’ll be heading out.” y/n-” yeah I guess so.”J-“uhh would it be a total turn off if I kissed you on the first date.” Y/n- “uhhh truth be told I’m probably not the best kisser. But uhh sure one kiss wouldn’t hurt” .You had a soft tender kiss when you heard you door being picked.

      y/n=”Shit hide you went to the door and said for god’s sake “.when it opened James had already hidden under the bed. it was dean-“ hey just came to check in everything ok?” y/n-“ yeah peachy but why were you picking the lock .” D-“just in case you were a sleep “ohhh ok yeah well all good alright bye dean “. D –“wait a min you got beer and pizza and you didn’t save me a beer.” y/n-“oh well you know I wanted to relax .D-“with 4 beers you usually drink 2 but it’s not like you to drink 4 beers and eat a whole pizza. y/n-“it was a long day dean.” D-“no somethings off here .why does it smell like cologne?” y/n-“ probably from the last guest “.D-“Y/n you tell me the truth right now or…..” thump owww .y/n –“well I’m dead . d-“who’s that?” dean followed the sound and pulled James out from under the bed .He pulled out his gun and pointed it at him Jesus Christ D-“SAM get in here” he yelled Sam came rushing in who the hell is that y/n uhh a friend . You think it’s funny for you to come in with my little sister. I’m this close to blowing out your brains out .” y/n-“ Sam please control him”. Sam gave me a disappointed look and then went up to dean we kill monster not people Dean .D-“He is a monster he violated my sister.” y/n-we kissed dean that’s it plus he works at the desk” .dean let him go and then Sam grabbed him by the shoulder and whispered something in his ear and he went running out .

y/n-“wow that’s wonderful guys you made one of my dates practically pee his pants”. dean started yelling” I don’t care for all you know he’s lucky to be alive.” y/n-“dean you sleep with anything that moves and Sam has had one night stands and, because I have a boy over you make this scene” .d-“y/n I don’t want anything to happen to you” .y/n-“Dean I’ve been shot, stabbed and, possessed. I think I can handle a boy”. D-“ I know but I don’t like the fact of some boy who doesn’t deserve you hurting you or making you feel less.” Y/n-“I know dean and I know Sam feels disappointed in me right now too but you both need to face the fact I’m old enough to experience dating a boy .come sit next to me the both of you .Now I know you love me and if some girl hurt either of you id probably hunt her down and kill her too. He didn’t hurt me though and you sent him out probably scared to death to show his face. We need to agree if I have a date you can’t come in and act like he’s a monster we hunt .Unless you know he is then ok but if he’s normal let him be .plus James never even got to know my real name he called me Lizzie all the time  because of the fake credit card I used .we all busted out laughing alright dean alright Sammy S&D-“alright “.