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The white wolf!

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Without further ado, here’s the jeffmads song, written and recorded in just under an hour!

I actually don’t hate this one. That’s new. 

Anyway, I present: “Without You”! 


EDIT: Oh my god I’m definitely writing a counterpart to this song in James’ perspective tomorrow…


Peach: So hopefully the video should come out better with a cameraman! Well…
Peach: As soon as the camera gets here anyway haha!
Chip: Heh
Chip: Heh heh
Peach: … what?

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The 7th Sense - part 4

Group: NCT 127

Member/pairing: Jaehyun x Reader (ft. Doyoung)

Genre: fantasy and a lil fluff i guess

Word Count: 1,3k

Summary: -

A/N: sORRY this took ages, ive been busy+unmotivated and im a slow writer anyway so ;-; this ends at kind of an awkward place because i just wanted to get it out as soon as possible and- well anyway, the dialogue in this sucks i know sry but i try pls :)) also doyoung gif because jaehyun aint in this part woops

part 1 part 2 part 3

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Despite waking up so early, you manage to forget the time and end up 20 minutes late for school. All eyes turn to your panting figure when you burst into the classroom, forgetting for a moment that you should probably try not to disturb the class that already started. You flush red and apologize quietly before hurrying to your seat at the very back of the room.

The teacher clears his throats as you slip into your seat and the lesson continues as normal, most people having already turned their attention from you and back to the whiteboard. Doyoung, however, fixes his gaze on the bandage around your arm with a deep frown. He elbows your other arm gently to get your attention.

“Hey,” he whispers, “what did you do? Did something happen?”

“Huh?” You follow his gaze down to your arm. “Oh, that…” you trail off, trying to think of an excuse that wouldn’t make you sound completely wacky in the head. “…I fell.”

Fell?” He echoes. His tone turns even more worried. “How? Where? Is it bad?”

“Well I fell… down the stairs?” You whisper, unsure. “Y-yeah, the stairs.”

“Y/N…” he narrows his eyes, “you live in an apartment. And you only use the elevators.”

Well not this time apparently!” You hiss, somehow annoyed that he’s not believing your bad lies. “I took the stairs for a change and obviously that was a bad idea and I will never do it again, thank you.”

You turn away from him to partly get away from his scrutinising gaze, and partly to get your books out of your bag. The bag that you now realise you forgot to bring. “Crap.”

“Forgot your stuff again?” Doyoung questions with a slightly teasing tone as usual. You groan and lay your head on your desk, nodding with a quiet groan. “You can copy from my notebook later if you want.” You lift your head slightly, giving him a small, tired smile.

“Thanks, Doyoung. By the way, are you free after school today? It’s Friday, movie night?”

“I think so-”

“No, actually, he’s not,” a third voice cuts in. You straighten up in your seat and face the boy now turned around in his seat in front of you. He has longish dark hair, large eyes and a defined jawbone and chin. You’ve hung out a few times because he knows Doyoung, but you wouldn’t exactly say you’re friends with him. His name is Yuta.

Doyoung frowns at him. “Why not?”

“I guess I forgot to tell you, but we have extra practise today. It’ll end late.”

“Ah.” Guess you’ll be having your movie night alone then…

“Yep, sorry lovebird, your date will have to be some other time,” he tells you with a bright, cheeky smile and turns back around in his seat like it’s nothing.

You roll your eyes but at the same time you can’t help the tinge of pink that creeps onto your cheeks. Doyoung clears his throat and turns back towards the front so you can’t see his facial expression, but you notice the tips of his ears turns slightly red for a moment.

That’s one of the things you had noticed about Yuta so far. He was a shameless flirt with everyone, and never hesitated to let out cheeky comments like the one just now. Especially about you and Doyoung when you were together. In the beginning you didn’t really mind, his comments could actually be quite funny, but lately it was just getting kind of irritating.

The biggest reason for that was because you could tell how uncomfortable Doyoung got every time he said something about the both of you. He would blush and look away from you, muttering something under his breath. You think you know why. You and him are strictly friends, very close friends, but friends nonetheless. There’s absolutely nothing romantic between the two of you, you’re basically like siblings so thinking about your relationship like that is just really weird. He’s a brother to you, and you’re sure he sees you as nothing more than a sister and best friend as well.

You shake yourself out of your thoughts and try to put your focus on the teacher’s monotone voice, but your mind drifts back to a certain brown-haired boy. Would you see him again soon? Tonight? This week? Who was he, really?

Jung Jaehyun, you repeat the name in your head. Jung Jaehyun.


After school ends, you follow Doyoung to the dance studio to drop him off for practice before going home alone. He waves to you in the doorway before entering with Yuta, leaving you outside. You sigh and look up at the grey, cloudy sky before pulling your jacket tighter around yourself and walking down the street. The autumn air was getting chillier and chillier each day, as it is almost October.

“I’m home,” you declare as you close the apartment door behind you. You place the grocery bags in your hands down on the floor with a rustle, before kicking off your shoes and shrugging off your jacket.

Your mother pops out of the kitchen with a smile. “Oh, Y/N! You got the groceries, great. I’ll start dinner in a bit!”

“Wait, it’s okay, I’ll cook today,” you hurry to say before she can disappear into the kitchen again.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to, darling,” she frown. You nod.

“I want to try a new recipe anyway.”

“Of course. I’ll leave you to it, then,” she smiles before leaving to the living room.

Dinner takes longer than you expect and isn’t done until later in the evening. After eating you don’t really see the point in staying up any longer, so you start preparing for bed. As you’re brushing your teeth in the bathroom out in the hallway, you hear a knock on the door.

You pause for a second before you spit out the toothpaste, trying to take your brain for anyone who would come knocking on your door this late. Only one person comes to mind.

“Doyoung?” You say, after opening the door and confirming that it was indeed the bunny-looking boy. His dyed blue hair is damp, assumably from showering after practice, and he’s panting. “Um, are you okay? Why are you out of breath?”

“Practice ended… early,” he says between pants, “I… ran here…”

You blink at him. Why would he run here? Wait, actually, why is he here?

“Still up for movie night?” He gives you a crooked smile after catching his breath. You can’t help but smile back, opening the door wider for him to enter. That’s your answer.

“We have some leftovers from dinner if you’re hungry,” you offer, but he shakes his head.

“I ate at the studio, but thanks. So what movie are we watching?”

“I don’t know, it’s your turn to pick.”

“No, I picked last time, it’s your turn.”

“But you-”

You end up bickering about who’s turn it is to pick for about 10 minutes, and then another 5 minutes of bickering to actually pick a movie.

Finally, you manage to settle down on your bed, backs against the wall with your laptop balanced between you on both of your legs. You agreed to watch some random action comedy film because it seemed interesting, but after ten minutes you aren’t even paying attention anymore. Your mind drifts, once again, back to Jaehyun.

You lightly rest your head on Doyoung’s shoulder, eyes still trained on the screen but unfocused. What’s Jaehyun doing right now? Is he already asleep, in the ‘dream world’ or whatever it is? What did he call it again..? Seventh sense?

You have so many questions about this so-called seventh sense. Will you be able to ask them tonight, and actually get answers? But what if he’s not there, what if he never comes back-

“Y/N?” Doyoung asks worriedly, twisting his neck so he can catch a glimpse of your face. “Why are you so tense? This isn’t a horror movie…”

To be continued…

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I'm in love with yoongi... I seriously can't do it anymore, I feel so desperately in love with him. He makes me happy, I love seeing his face, his smile. I don't want to sound like everyone else does, but I honestly feel so much pain and love and I can't

aw come here 

yoongi makes lots of people happy and i lov him too


ok u guys been doing this kind of things i just thought id do some and like ive been obsessed with vampire these days idk but here’s vampire!mingyu bye:

  • ok but can u imagine mingyu being a vampire that’d be total hot
  • having a giant stock of blood in the refrigerator bc duh
  • him trying to control himself from biting you bc he said you smell really good i quit
  • “its ok man u can bite me”
  • “no no nonoonononono ILL NEVER IM GONNA HRUT U NONONO”
  • but ended up biting u one time when he runs out of blood to drink
  • regretting it later and said ur blood tastes like heaven
  • offering him ur blood but he refused even tho inside he is like YES GIVE IT TO ME
  • lets be real here mingyu will be the type to tease u with his sharp teeths sending shiver thru ur body and smirk against ur skin IM ODNE WIHT THIS KID
  • dressing u as a vampire too on halloween
  • having him draw you as a vampire
  • “youd be super hot as a vampire”
  • HE WOULD SCARE U A LOT WITH HIS RED EYES AND FANGS im not even joking this is so real
  • having to bear with him sleep talking about blood ofc
  • sharing his drink with vampire!wonwoo isnt that obvious
  • making breakfast for urself only bc dUH
  • he’d be jealous one time and accidentally bite u again and itd be so hot OH YM GOHDSUDO
  • but lets not forget that mingyu is a giant dork thats 185cm tall who likes to be a small spoon (a lot) and kiss ur nose and hold ur hands and kiss it after. he would smile at u with loving eyes and OMFG NO MAN ILL KICK THAT STUPID SMILE FROM UR FACE
  • “im so lucky to have u”
  • and he’d be all cheesy making u all blushy and no dude why
  • oh and did i mention that u have to take care of him and wonwoo

im sorry for this  jk im not send me requests for other members!!!!!


so remember that drawing i did for shallura week & i did a small doodle of them reversed? wwwweeeeellll I wanted to explore that a lil bit more.

headcanon things about this under the cut:

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This sketch kinda escalated  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

obviously w/ all the hype and all i haven’t seen anythin but

what’s yurio looking at in he in the pv and


{{i might be overreacting but like do you think they have the voices that haven’t got anything to do w/ the pictures to distract us~ bc// i sense angst// i’m a sucker for angst really but,,  WHO GOT HURT i wonder what happens}}