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i’ve gotten so many asks about how i stay motivated enough to work hard even when i don’t feel like it. the reality is that motivation can make you feel like wanting to work, but discipline is what will actually force you to get up and work.

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7 things that I have learned from nursing clinicals thus far.....

Clinicals… many love them, some hate them. They are the right of passage we all must go through as student nurses. Here is what I have learned, as a nursing student, in a world that can be both intimidating and exhilarating all at once….

1. Volunteer to do everything! 

(with your nurse supervision of course) the more hands on experience you get the more confidence you acquire. Taking the initiative will also expose you to potential experiences you might not have had otherwise. If your nurse feels like you are helping them, then they might help you get to do some really cool things like get into a surgical procedures. 

2. Ask questions: 

especially if you don’t know what a drug, procedure, etc. is. It shows that you are interested in learning. 

3. Talk with your patients as much as possible. 

They are the ones that have the disease process and are good resources especially if it is a chronic illness. They will know how certain drugs are affecting them, any procedures, symptoms they experience, etc. It also helps build good patient/nurse rapport.

4. Right off the bat… ask your patients, “What are your goals for today/ your total stay?” and “What do you expect from your care?” 

these kinds of questions will help you with care planning and making your “nursing diagnoses and patient outcomes” patient centered. It will also give you a direction to begin your care. 

5. Not everyone you work with is pleasant and that is ok. 

Many times nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc might be having a bad day (remember they work long hours, day in and day out) and don’t realize how it might affect a “baby/ student nurse” or it is just they way they are. Don’t get me wrong, by any means this does not excuse any mistreatment. The best thing you can do is brush off any comments and thank them for the opportunity to work with them regardless of your experience. One day you may work with them again. 

6. Always say goodbye and thank your nurse and patients for the day when you leave. 

For your patients, It is the final step in the nurse/ patient relationship and shows that you really care and appreciate working with them. For your nurse, it shows the same (and remember that you may end up working with them later in life, make as many good and strong connections as you can now). 

7. Finally, any experience whether “good or bad” is a learning experience. 

Clinicals are what you make of them. If you are a student who stands behind your preceptor nurse like a little puppy without helping, or you sit around all day you will most likely not learn as much nor enjoy the experience. Remember to take initiative and smile! Good things come to those who seek them. One of my favorite quotes is “Taking initiative does not mean being pushy, obnoxious or aggressive, but recognizing your responsibility to make things happen.”

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ummmm..... I LOOOVE YOUR WORK (≧∇≦) YOU ARE SERIOUSLY SUPER TALENTED! Are YOU A GENIUS???? Sorry for caps...(´-`)If you don't mind, may I request an hc about the RFA + minor trio mistaking mc's twin for mc? Maybe they see her twin with another guy, so they ask mc about it or something... I just love love love your writtiiinngg~~~ I can write whole page! It's all so good that I they're all my favorite! (´Д` ) Sorry if its unclear/bad grammar... Bye(・◇・)/~~~

RFA + MTrio React to Mistaking CM for MC

Omg pls you guys are feeding my ego so much
And don’t worry about your grammar!! Grammar is the hardest part of any language, I cry when I speak anything other than English cause “How do say this” 

Ok anyways

Some of these are going to be those totally cliché “Secret Twin” scenarios that are kind of angsty but I’m gonna try some more lighthearted ones too because I feel like the “I SAW YOU WITH ANOTHER MAN IM LEAVING YOU!!!1!1!” “Babe thats my twin” scenarios have been used quite a bit and I don’t want to pump out something that’s already out here

If you decide you want those scenarios instead though then let me know! Because if you just happen to reallllly like that specific case then I’ll do a short drabble focusing on that

Also sorry in advance for the Choi twin ones, I just feel like they would know about MC’s twin and I the writing for them isn’t up to par with the others but I didn’t want to postpone posting for much longer because of it.

Ok I talk too much lets go


  • He’s walking by a cafe near campus when he sees you sitting across from another guy
  • He stops dead in the side walk and stares in the window
  • At first he thought you were maybe just..discussing something? With some guy? Who you never told him about…?
  • No he didn’t think that at all his brain went straight to the worst but he couldn’t bare to think it so he came up with every excuse in the book.
  • MC’s a spy and they have to kill this guy
  • He’s a new RFA recruit???
  • He’s a dealer and MC’s buying drugs
  • MC is secretly a vampire and just trying to eat this guy
  • Every thought bubble he had was popped when you leaned over the table and planted a kiss on the mans cheek
  • Yoosung heard his heart-
  • rrrng rrrrng rrrrng rrrng
  • He was going to say breaking but apparently his heart rings when broken?
  • He looked at his phone and your Caller ID was up
  • “Huh?” He looked from his phone to the window, where ‘you’ were still sitting and talking with the strange man
  • He answers the phone, voice a little shakey “H-Hello?”
  • “Yoosung? Hey! Sorry to call but on your way home can you grab soup. I’m feeling like soup for dinner tonight.”
  • ….
  • “Yoosung?”
  • “MC…how are you doing this?”
  • “…Doing what Yoosung?”
  • “Are you a vantrilaquist?”
  • “Yoosung pls just what the fuck are you talking about”
  • “I’m staring at you through a window having coffee with another man…but you’re on the phone with me.”
  • “1. Yoosung that’s creepy that you’re staring at two strangers 2…”
  • His phone beeped and he looked down to see you sent him a picture of you sitting on the couch with a controller in hand, soda on the table, blankly staring at the camera.
  • He snapped a picture of the ‘you’ in the window and sent it back
  • “Yoosung that’s my sister and her boyfriend you egg”
  • “Your sister???? What???”
  • “I told you I had a sister!”
  • “I assumed when you met her you’d be with me…not that this would happen. This is some TV style mess.” You chuckled, feeling a little guilty. Reflecting on it, you probably would have been upset too if you thought a look a like Yoosung was putting the moves on someone else “So……soup?”
  • “Yeah babe of course, what do you want?”


  • She was at the cafe making -cue Savior Meme going and making a post about Jaehee owning a musical theatre instead- a new brew when you walked in
  • She sees you and casts a warm smile and a “Hey Honey”
  • The person Jaehee thought to be MC cocks their head, slightly confused, but brushes it off as Jaehee being a very friendly Barista
  • The copy cat you stands at the counter, waiting about a minute before Jaehee realizes their presence at the spot
  • “Dear, what are you doing?”
  • The customer furrows their brows and responds slowly, somewhat confused “Ordering coffee…”
  • Jaehee chuckles, amused at you playing customer. She just shakes her head and walks over to the register
  • “Alright, what’ll you have?”
  • “I’ll have an iced Mocha with extra cream no sugar.”
  • Jaehee scribbles it on a cup and gets to work making the drink “Weird choice for you. Didn’t think you were a fan of  mocha, you always seem to prefer vanilla”
  • “I do?” 
  • “Yes silly, you always ask for French vanilla flavoring.”
  • “I ne-” Before your clone can respond though, Jaehee has finished up the drink and handing it over
  • As ‘You’ take the drink, Jaehee leans over the counter and plops a quick kiss on your cheek
  • ‘You’ are frozen on the spot
  • Jaehee opens her eyes to see why you’re suddenly so frigid towards her, but when she opens them she can’t help but glance behind you and see…YOU??
  • “MC?” Jaehee jumped back looking between you and your look a like.
  • “MC?” Your twin turns to you, face still flushed from their sudden kiss. “Is this the surprise you had for me??? A super friendly barista??”
  • “Surprise???” Jaehee exclaimed, still looking between the two of you. “Wait you’re not MC???”
  • Finally you stepped in to clear the confusion
  • “Jaehee! This is my twin …. CM. CM, this is my new Cafe that I run with my girlfriend!”
  • “Girl..friend.” CM turns to look at Jaehee, at the same time the two of them realize everything that just happened concerning the confusion.
  • “I am so so so so so so so so so sorry” Jaehee can not stop apologizing no matter how many times CM says it’s ok.


  • It was  opening night for his new show
  • He was pumped
  • Sure because of the show, but also because you had shot him a text earlier that day that you were going to bring your sibling. 
  • Zen had yet to meet anyone in your family, so he was excited that you were going to start introducing him to them. It showed how ready you were to spend your life with him and that just made him giddy.
  • So after the show was over he couldn’t wait to find you
  • He scanned the crowd and eventually spotted you in the crowd with a bouquet of roses
  • MC is so sweet he hummed to himself
  • That was his sole moment of calmness before the storm
  • He watched as his coworker walked up to you and started chatting you up. Zen was on the other side of the auditorium, trying to push his way through the flock of people set on congratulating him, so he couldn’t run to your rescue as fast as he liked.
  • He was frustrated but he knew you could handle yourself
  • At least that’s what he thought until his fellow actor’s hand found it’s way to your hand, where the thumb gently brushed back and forth. 
  • Zen’s face turned red, and the shade only grew deeper when he saw his douche bag scene mate’s mouth turn into a cocky looking smirk.
  • He found superhuman speed and agility to push through the crowd and end up right behind you, where he wrapped his arms around you tightly and pressed a long kiss to your cheek
  • “Honey, there you are.” Zen sounded so sweet while his blazing red eyes stared daggers into the green ones of his coworker.
  • “Zen? This is your girlfriend?”
  • “Yes, this is my girlfriend MC.” Zen squinted at the guy. How dare he pretend not to know, Zen only pointed out MC every time she came to a show. Every time she picked him up from rehearsal. Every time-
  • “You said your name was CM” The Actor turned a confused stare to the person in Zen’s arms
  • “I-” They tried to say but
  • “CM?” Zen questioned, he spun them around only to realize “You’re not MC.”
  • “No I’m” Cm tried to say
  • “Zen!” You interjected as you ran over to the 3. “Sorry, I had to run to the bathroom. CM thanks for holding the flowers. Speaking of which, Zen I see you’ve met my twin”
  • Zen’s face turned bright red with blush this time
  • He turned to his fellow actor and CM and started apologizing profusely 


  • He knew you had a brother….or…a sister? …or both?
  • He lied he had no clue, he just knew you had some sort of sibling.
  • He was unaware it was a twin
  • A twin who worked as an assistant for a company but was looking to switch, so when they saw C&R was hiring a new chief assistant, they threw an application in
  • So here is Jumin, just sorting through some applications when he sees
  • “CM PlayerPants” 
  • He smirks at the paper, seeing all the information filled out is yours. Your home address, the general store you lived near, your school, graduation, etc.
  • Your picture was even you, just you in a suit and looking very hot professional
  • Now lets face it you and Jumin did some kinky shit sometimes
  • Sometimes your love life together involved role playing
  • Jumin was surprised at how much effort you put into this, but he wasn’t going to spoil it. 
  • He types in the phone number, it’s not your usual cell number, what did you get a prepaid phone just for this?
  • He was in awe with your dedication
  • Rrrng rrrng rrrng
  • “Hello?” Your voice answered
  • He couldn’t hide the smirk on his face “Hello there, Kitten.”
  • “I-I’m sorry?”
  • “Oh my bad” He corrected himself “Hello there, Ms. Playerpants. This is Jumin Han from C&R calling about your application”
  • “Oh! Uh, Hello! Yes, what can I do for you? Does it need any clarification?”
  • “Oh no no no, I think I read you loud and clear.” He lazily flipped through the pages of the resume in front of him
  • “Oh..ok. Is this about the position then?”
  • “Yes” A smirk found it’s way to his lips “Speaking of which, what is your favorite position?”
  • “Excuse me? I don’t think I understand?” The voice on the end was clearly taken aback. Damn, you were making him work for this.
  • “Well I figured I’d give you a say in the matter tonight since you put sooo much work into this. So Kitten, tell me, what would you like to do tonight? Maybe I’ll buy some toys on the way home an-”
  • “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????” Click.
  • Jumin just stared at the phone confused. He shrugged it off because his desk phone went off, and when he answered it was his father calling him to a meeting. Jumin resolved to just handle whatever happened with you when he got home
  • After a long work day he came in the door to see you waiting for him. “Hello Kitten.”
  • “Hey Babe, how was work?”
  • “Good, aside from this strange phone call I made today” A small grin on his face
  • “Oh?” You cocked an eyebrow.
  • “Yes,” He purred as he walked over and started rubbing your shoulders “I thought I had found a new assistant”
  • “OH!” You exclaim, jumping up and remembering something “I forgot to tell you this morning! My twin is applying for the chief assistant job, it completely slipped my mind.”
  • “Your…twin?” Jumin cocked his brows now
  • “Yes! CM!”
  • “C….M” Jumin was quick to catch on to his mistake “Oh my god”


  • Lets face it
  • You guys may be sick of hearing this but 
  • He knew
  • Of course he knew
  • He stalked the ever-loving-shit out of you
  • He saw photos of the two of you together
  • He insists on you and your twin joining him and Saeran out for lunch all the time
  • You guys have the certified Twin Club in his brain
  • The 4 of you spend so much time together Seven can tell the slight difference between your hair and your twins. How your twin is about a centimeter taller. Your eyes are a little more wide.  He knows. 
  • Which is why he isn’t caught off guard when your twin and you show up in the same room
  • He’s not confused when he sees CM out kissing someone 
  • He knows
  • He loves it
  • #TwinSquad


  • His eyesight is so bad he has mini heart attacks once a week thinking he sees you out in public holding hands with someone else
  • Over time he stops freaking out, he starts to recognize you easier, which means he can play ‘Spot the Blurry Difference’ a little better when you two aren’t together
  • Until one day he’s on set doing a photo shoot for a Modeling company that requested his help
  • And he sees…MC? With a headset on ordering some people around to do this and that.
  • The voice is the same. He knows MC’s voice damn well. 
  • And that is MC
  • “MC..” V quietly calls out but with no answer.
  • ‘MC’ Disappears into the crowd of models
  • What the fuck. How could you not tell him? He was a little hurt you never shared your work life with him. Was this where you were when the two of you weren’t together? Did you think he wouldn’t be impressed because he usually focuses on more artsy photography??? Did he say something??? MC please why don’t you love hi-
  • “Hey Hun!” 
  • MC!? V whirled around to see you, but you were talking to one of the models, very flirtatiously he may add. Your hand on their arm and a sweet, sweet smile on your face as you looked at them. He could see that much.
  • He felt his heart break a bit, how could you pretend not to even see him?
  • No. No this couldn’t be you. 
  • Jihyun Kim trusts and loves you and refuses to believe you’d be evil *cough*LikeHowHeTrustedSnakeBitch*cough* 
  • He marches well marches as good as you can while visually impaired up to ‘MC’ and taps them on the arm.
  • MC turns “Can I help you?”
  • “I’m sorry, but you look extremely like a friend of mine. Her name is MC-”
  • The set director in front of him suddenly seems much more friendly “Oh! That’s my twin! Wait, are you V?? MC mentioned they were dating a photographer I didn’t realize it was the one we hired for today! Oh, I’m sorry, Hello I’m CM!”
  • Relief. So much fucking relief on V’s heart.


  • Neither you nor Vanderwood were aware that Seven was being devious today
  • He had been scarce all day, leaving the two of you to go through the day in overall peacefulness. You guys had spent a bit of time together, but eventually you got up to start cleaning and doing some chores.
  • Yep that’s all normal
  • Until you suddenly walk in the door you did not leave out of
  • “MC?” Vandy stared at you as you looked at him, then walked straight back out the door you just came in
  • Then you walked in the door he thought you originally left from.
  • You crossed the room and into the hall, out of site. He was left a little slackjawed and confused
  • Then you entered from the door he just saw you enter from. Wait what
  • “MC how-”
  • You giggled and ran out another door
  • Only to come back from the hall
  • His outburst made you jump
  • “Vanderwood wha-”
  • Two doors behind you silently opened, and two almost carbon copies of you peaked their heads through and shushed Vanderwood
  • He was speechless and just violently pointed trying to get you to turn around, but by the time you did the copies of you were gone
  • “What in the fuck-”
  • “Vanderwood what is-”
  • “Yeah Vanderwood why-” An MC copy asked running in from the hall
  • “What’s going on?” Another one said coming in from a room
  • “What the” You looked around and Vanderwood was rubbing his eyes like crazy trying to get whatever form of psycho out of them. 
  • Upon further inspection, you realized one of your clones didn’t look like you aside from the fact they were wearing your clothes and had on a wig that looked like your hair “Seven?”
  • “You got me! Lucky~~Aha~!” Seven cheered pulling the wig off
  • “So who is-” Vanderwood looked to the last copy
  • “Oh, I’m CM! I’m MC’s twin. 707 asked if I would help him out with a little prank and I couldn’t say no” Cm giggled.
  • You all had a good laugh
  • Except Vanderwood


  • Ok, you guys might hate me for this one
  • But
  • I feel like he also knows
  • I feel like Seven has told him, and dragged him out on the #TwinClubDates
  • There’s no way Seven wouldn’t constantly talk about you 4 being goals
  • He takes group pictures of you guys all the time
  • He shows Saeran photos of CM constantly asking if he and Saeran look more alike than MC and CM
  • Buuut
  • Even though Saeran knows, he’s totally fucked up before
  • I bet he’s accidentally kissed CM before when MC’s in a spot then leaves only for CM to be left standing somewhere close to where Saeran last saw MC
  • He’s definitely had to play the “Which one am I dating” game when you two first started going out. And he has failed and accidentally grabbed Cm’s hands, causing you two to giggle despite Saeran’s obvious saltiness
  • I’m sorry. This one is really weak but I don’t really have any ideas for it because I feel like Saeran wouldn’t make a big slip up since he’d know MC had a twin cause of Seven. 
Doctor I Need You: Chapter 3

Chapter Summary: After saving Choi Haru’s life the doctors really seem to respect you now. Except Yuta, he still hates that you’re his teacher. At the end of your shift, Taeyong asks if you want to grab a drink with him.

Originally posted by nctaezen

Prologue / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / to be determined

a/n: Next chapter will have more romance (possibly smut? *wink wink*)

Warnings: Surgery and mentions of death

Genre: fluff, smut, angst, romance

Rating: M

Characters and their roles:


  • You (Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery)
  • Dr. Kim Jisoo (Head of General Surgery)
  • Dr. Kim Seokjin (Jin) (Attending Anesthesiologist)
  • Dr. Lee Taeyong (Head of Trauma Surgery)
  • Dr. Kim Taeyeon (Head of Neurosurgery)
  • Dr. Kim Xiumin (Head of Pediatric surgery)
  • Dr. Park Leeteuk (Chief of Surgery)


  • Dr. Jeon Wonwoo (5th year Surgical Resident)
  • Dr. Nakamoto Yuta (5th year Surgical Resident)
  • Dr. Park Rosé (5th year Surgical Resident)
  • Dr. Park Joy (5th year Surgical Resident)
  • Dr. Kim Mingyu (5th year Surgical Resident)

Songs to play while reading: I’ll point out where

  1. My type - iKON
  2. Fire - Taeyeon
  3. Cosmic Love - Florence & the Machines (This song’s gonna appear a lot in the series)

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” - Mattie J.T Stepanek


(My type)

Ever since the night you saved Choi Haru’s life, the Heartstone doctors and Serenity doctors have really bonded.

Lunchtime rolled around, you sat with Xiumin, Jisoo, Taeyong, and Taeyeon.

“So Dr. Y/n, how’s working with Yuta?” Xiumin asks you.

“I’m actually impressed, he may in fact be the best resident I’ve ever seen,” You chuckled, “But I don’t think he likes me.”

“Oooh, he doesn’t like you?” Taeyeon laughed, “Well he did get the last 3 Cardio surgeons at Heartstone fired.”

“Yuta just needs a strong Cardio attending that’s all,” Taeyong assured you.

Taeyeon shook her head, “I don’t know Y/n, the last Cardio surgeon- OW! Did you just kick me?” Taeyeon glared at Xiumin.

“No that was me,” Jisoo raised her hand.

Across the room Yuta, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Joy, and Rosé were eating their lunch.

“Are you enjoying working with Dr. Y/n?” Joy asked Yuta, “I heard she’s a Cardio goddess.”

“Ugh,” Yuta rolled his eyes.

“Leave Dr. Y/n alone, she’s not used to working with you,” Wonwoo said.

Yuta scowled, “Why are you defending her? She went to a state school.”

“So did I,” Rosé pointed out.

“But she’s a Serenity doctor.”

“So am I,” Wonwoo pointed out.

“But she’s annoying.”

“So are you,” Mingyu said.


Joy was treating a motorcycle victim in trauma 3. Taeyong got her page and ran there.

“Fill me in.”

“Systolic is stabilizing but he’s still having multiple arrhythmias, I’m about to do a chest tube,” Joy said with confidence.

“Joy have you thought about what your specialty might be?” Taeyong asked her.

“No sir.”

“It’s trauma.”


You and Jisoo were in the attendings’ lounge drinking coffee.

“Isn’t it time for you to get a boyfriend?” Jisoo asked you.

“Isn’t it time for you to get a Jin?” You fired back.


“You know in cartoons when a bear is starving and it looks at an object and the object turns into a turkey?”

“I don’t look at Jin like that,” Jisoo scoffed, “What about you and Taeyong?”


“You know in cartoons when a bear is starving and it looks at a cute doctor?”

“Shut up,” You laughed.

*beep beep*

“Dammit, Yuta’s paging me, finish my coffee for me” You excused yourself and ran to the ER.

“Why’d you page me?”

“This is Jinu, 8 years old, asthmatic. Nebs at home haven’t been working. He’s still having trouble breathing,” Yuta said.

“Jinu, I’m gonna take a listen to your heart ok?” You put the cold metal on his chest and listen for awhile, “Has Jinu have any other medical trouble?”

“A febrile seizure at 3 months,” Yuta informed you.

“Ok, page Dr. Xiumin and book an OR.”

“What why?”

“Because I said so.”

“He has asthma.”

“Cardiac asthma.” You corrected him.

“How do you know?”

“The seizure he had, wasn’t from a fever he had a heart attack then and he’s having one now. So book an OR because I’m your attending. When I tell you to book an OR, you book an OR.” You snapped at him.


(Play Fire)

Taeyong got a page from Joy, he ran to trauma 1 where Joy was performing CPR on her patient.

“What’s happening Joy?”

“I put in the chest tube but there was no blood. Tried another one there was no pulse.” Joy said.

“How long has he been down?” Taeyong asked her.

“20 minutes. Do I open the chest?” Joy asked him.

“Move on Joy, he’s gone. You can’t save him. Call it.”

Joy removed her hands from the man’s chest, “Time of death 4:55 p.m.”

Taeyong saw the sadness in Joy’s eyes, “You did everything you could. Trauma’s a team sport, you don’t have to be the hero. Just go where you’re needed.”


You, Yuta and Xiumin were in surgery.

“See the anatomy here?” Xiumin pointed, “the coronary artery is attached to the pulmonary artery.”

“It’s presented as asthma, but it’s actually alcapa.” You looked at Yuta.

“How’d you know?” He looked at you with astonishment.

“I saw some cardiomegaly on the x-rays and heard a murmur through his wheezing. You’ll know for next time. And after today, you’ll know how to fix it.”

“I thought you and Dr. Xiumin were-”

“Dr. Xiumin, do you mind if Yuta first assists me on this one?” You ask him. He stepped aside for Yuta. Yuta had a happy glint in his eyes and started the surgery with you.

“Let’s see Dr. Yuta’s handiwork,” You smiled at him.

*beep beep beep beep beep beep*

Xiumin stepped up, “The bleeding is behind the coronary artery anastomosis.”

Yuta frowned, “My anastomosis.”

“Ok Yuta how are you gonna fix it?” You asked him.

Yuta frantically tried fixing his mistake, “Help me Dr. Y/n”

“You can do this,” You assured him, “tell me what you want to do.”

“I want to defibrillate.”

“Then do it.”

Yuta grabbed the paddle and put it around the exposed heart.

“Charge to 20. Clear!”


The heartbeat normalized.

“Good job,” You praised him, “Now keep your eyes on the field and do exactly what I say. We’ll fix this without rearresting the heart. Are you with me?”



The surgery finally finished, your shift was over, you started packing up to go home. Taeyong walked in the attendings lounge.

“Hey, I heard you lost a patient today.”

“Yeah, nothing I could do to save him. But Joy, she’s gonna be an excellent trauma surgeon one day.” Taeyong said.

“I think I got Yuta to like me,” You chuckled.

“Wow, you’re the first Cardio surgeon to do so.” Taeyong laughed, “Hey doctor, are you coming to the hospital party tomorrow?”

“Are you kidding me? A no work day, I’m there.” You laughed, “Are you coming?”

“I’ll see you there.” Taeyong grabbed your bag for you and handed it to you. You moved your body closer to his and looked into his eyes. He looked back into yours.

The door slammed open. Taeyeon walked in.

“Guess what hap-WOAH,” Taeyeon looked at the position the 2 of you were in, “Were you 2 about to kiss?”

The both of you shook your heads vigorously, “No,” you said in unison. You grabbed your bag and left the room in embarrassment.


Yuta went into the residents lounge with a huge smile on his face.

“Why are you so happy?” Mingyu asked.

“Today I did a Takeuchi repair,” Yuta bragged.

Wonwoo looked at him in shock, “You did not.”

“Not all by myself but Dr. Y/n did let me do the coronary artery anastomosis.”

“Maybe she is a cardio goddess,” Joy said.

“Yeah,” Yuta agreed.


(Play Cosmic Love)

You walked outside the hospital and was about to leave when you felt a tap on your shoulder. It was Taeyong.

“It’s still early doctor, you wanna grab a drink?” He asked you.

“I have to drive Taeyong.”

“Who said it had to be alcoholic?”

“Alright,” You agreed.

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Ok two questions. First, I've started drawing some of my classmates because I need to work on figure drawing, do you have any excuses if people catch you drawing them? Secondly, do you have any stories about people catching you drawing them?

Lol… sometimes I do make eye contact, and then I just kind of… quickly look at something else - NOT directly back to my sketchbook, because then it’s really obvious that I was drawing them. Generally you want to be able to look up frequently but for a small amount of time - so don’t stare at your subject - train your eyes to be able to take in a lot of information very quickly. 

Only a few times in my history of drawing strangers has anyone actually interacted with me about it, and usually it’s actually someone sitting beside me, watching me drawing another person. The typical reaction will be “Hi, I can’t help but notice you’re drawing someone..” and then we might chat about me going to school for it and my future plans etc. 

Close Every Door

 Characters – Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Summary – TFW tries to find answers after the reader is kidnapped; what they uncover will surprise them.

Word Count – 3,196

Warnings – Angst, Kidnapping, Torture

A/N – This was written for @faegal04‘s 500 Celebration Party.  Congrats sweetie! My prompt was “Oh, I’m not going to kill you…I’m just going to hurt you really, really badly.”

I am a massive fan of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, and “Close Every Door” was always one of my favorite songs from the show. I was listening to the soundtrack a few weeks ago and this idea popped into my head.  I hope you like it!  Feedback is very welcome!  

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Your name: submit What is this?

The boys were worried. You’d left at nine that morning to run to the grocery store for some supplies, saying you’d be back in an hour. It was now noon, and neither of them had heard from you.  Dean had called your cell a dozen times without getting any response.  He’d sent even more texts, with the same answer.  Finally, when Sam had not had any luck tracing your cell phone on his laptop, Dean grabbed his keys.

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everthingbutnothingatall  asked:

Ok i'm not too sure what that other user meant by assuming all people not in stem fields use items that act as pollutants( I know a lot of STEM folks who do) but as a Woman in a STEM course i care deeply that the world showed it cares about the STEM. Know how STEM gets increased funding? Public increased interest. STEM needs the care of people not in STEM. Plus a STEM career is no better than any other, society works by using people with different skills. Excuse any lack of cohesion, I had exams

I agree with you on every point.

I care about science and making sure we make educated decisions on things like the environment. But, when it comes to high level science and technology a lot of it goes over my head. I’d be a terrible scientist even though I respect those in the field.

We can’t all be in STEM. Who would build the cars they come to work in? Stock the shelves where they shop? Build all the innovations they come up with?

We need all kinds and all kinds can support and believe in science.

anghraine replied to your postI know you deleted that post, but you did think…

‘you did think it’ wow

earlier today i made a post asking mutuals to tag for a thing, and then thought better of it and decided it was nbd, but by then a couple people had already ‘liked’ it,

but like, honestly, if anybody wants me to tag anything, it’s ok can ask? i dont know why anon thought they needed the leverage (and it didn’t/wouldn’t work with me as an argument anyway, i’m agreeing to tag bc it’s a reasonable request), maybe i’ve been coming across as intimidating or argumentative;p

thelioninmybed replied to your post: I know you deleted that post, but you did think…

if you do make a bashing tag then please use it as an excuse to be meaner about elves

honestly lion i’m a big fake, in fact i think most elves are pretty swell, sighs 🙄 at any rate im glad most edainerds and elfaboos can meet halfway thanks to our favorite peredhil of choice ;)


@jan31 said: What is she doing sleeping at an important time like this. Pffft some people are just not taking this seriously!!!!

Seriously! Ok, new fandom rule. For the next 8 days sleeping will only be allowed based on a very strict schedule that we will develop to make sure there is always at least 10 people around at all times in case anything happens. You hear me? Do not start making excused about school or work or family or children or responsibilities or adulting. We won’t be having any of that nonsense. For the next 8 days you are Blindspot fangirls only. Nothing else matters. Ok? Now just give me a few minutes to prepare that very scientific schedule. THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH, PEOPLE. FANGIRLING IS NOT A JOKE!

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why I’m anti cs

After seeing some posts about this, I wanted to explain why I’m anti-CS because maybe then I can stop thinking about it :) 

I think CS a very unhealthy relationship and has really damaged Emma, a character who used to be strong and full of life now just seems broken and only cares about her boyfriend. I’ll try to demonstrate why I think that. 

Obviously this is my point of view, if you like CS you see this differently. Other scenes are more important to you and/or you interpret it differently. I respect your opinion. I just wanted to express mine. I hope I don’t get hate for this :P

To understand what this is: This is not a deep analysis of the characters and their motivations. These are my feelings about scenes that stood out for me while watching. I was GA until mid season 4 since I wasn’t in the fandom and didn’t really ship anyone until then.

This is huge and has a lot of gifs with examples of scenes, so everything is under the cut

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 Let’s be serious I can’t-do this Tumblr thing correctly anymore. I am busy and kinda productive almost all the time. My life is finally somehow peaceful. 

And I want to first thoroughly explain the horrible things I went through in the first half of 2017 before saying that I’m doing ok now. I am struggling with myself still, but in a healthy way, in a conscious trip towards balance and consistent hard work.

What I want this blog to be is a truthful example of the struggle from hardcore procrastinator to excuse-free master. I think I have passed the turning point, I have had my wake up call, and it is essential for anyone to take any good advice from me to first understand that a deep-rooted belief had to be crushed before any new rational thinking skill could be installed. I’m having a hard time trying to explain it and I believe that I need more “ recul” as the French like to say. It means having enough understanding of a topic before explaining it.

SCM: Leon x Mc (Part 1)

 Ok~ New fanfic here~
I’m going back to school next week so i’m trying to write new fanfics as much as possible.Tho i’m very lazy. Lol~
I’ll be kinda busy when school starts again but doesn’t mean i’ll disappear. Teehee.

Plot: Mc turns into a cub.

As usual, this is not for request so i’ll just use my name so that it’d be easier to call her, instead of blank. Lol~


Hiyori walks into the mansion because Leon has just called her. She’s a bit late since she has work today. She opens the door to the living room but she’s greeted by silence. Weird, usually Teo or Hue would be here at this time of day.

“Hm? Guess i’ll just wait here til they come back.”

Hiyori thinks to herself as she sits down on the couch. That’s when she notices a plate full of colorful animal shaped cookies. Just then her stomach makes a loud growling sound. 

“It doesn’t hurt to eat one right?”

Thinking that, she tosses a lion cub shaped cookie into her mouth.

“Mmn~ This is so good. It’s sweet and smell nice too!”

In no time, she has swallowed it. A minute after, she starts feeling weird inside, her breaths is short and she can feel her heart is beating faster. Then she sees smoke around her. 

“Hm? Where’s the smoke from?”

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Someone asked me today what’s the best and worst thing that’s happened to me this year and I was pretty stuck on it. I know for sure the best thing is that I’ve gotten closer to my mom and I started fashion design school. At first I was thinking that the worst thing was how much weight I gained, or the crappier my relationship got with my dad but those aren’t the worst things. Like yeah they suck but those aren’t it. The worst thing was me losing one of my closest best friends. And the reason it’s the worst thing is because we didn’t even have a fight. She dropped me like I didn’t exist. And I never talked about it to anyone about it because I didn’t know what to say. Her and I were best friends since 2012/2013. We were inseparable :) she lives 4 hours away from me but distance meant nothing. Everyday we talked on the phone and we texted each other nonstop. We cried and opened our hearts to each other. She was the only one who truly understood the pain I went through when my parents divorced ❤️She was with me right after and she comforted me. Wallahi she’s the best person I’ve ever met. She took baby steps with me towards the deen. She taught me self respect and she really helped me with my mental health. This girl listened to me when no one else would. Even when I wasn’t talking she was there for me to lean on. I’ve never met anyone as beautiful and as strong as her. She made me feel valued and I never realized I needed that until she did it for me. In the beginning of this year she started texting me less. We were getting busy with school and we had our moments where we needed to focus on our studies. But then she wasn’t answering my messages. She didn’t have time to pick up my phone calls. I’m not stupid I can tell when someone isn’t putting enough effort into talking to me. I kept asking what was wrong and if I hurt her. No answer. I tried asking if she was ok and I’m always here for her and I’ll do anything for her. No answer. I texted her on her birthday and she said thank you days later. Texted her during Ramadan, on Eid, basically any excuse to message her. I’d either get short answers or nothing. Finally over the summer after work I was tired and feeling sad because I really missed her and the truth is I was really worried about her. I called her when I got in my car and she picked up! She immediately started laughing and saying things like ‘where have you been?! Omg Malak it’s been so long girl. Why you don’t talk to me anymore?’ Y'all know what I’m talking about. Dude I lost it when she did that. I went on about how she wasn’t answering me and I’ve been trying to give her her space but it’s been nearly 6 months and now I’m worried. What’s going on? What’s happening? She just laughed and was like idk girl it’s just life. Which made me cry. I busted into tears. I bawled my eyes out and I kept telling her I missed her. I asked her to forgive me for whatever I did to hurt her. She laughed at me. Then I heard a guy in the back laughing too. And she hung up. I don’t know exactly what was going on and I don’t want to make any assumptions cause I really do care for her. She’s a good person but it breaks my heart she doesn’t want me in her life anymore. She texted me about two months ago asking me if I still lived in DFW. I obviously still do and she wanted a place to stay at because she was visiting. Which was fine with me all I’ll be there to help a friend out, but she only wanted somewhere to sleep she didn’t want to stay with me. She only wanted to use me and that’s it. She went out of her way only once this whole year to ask me if I lived near dallas so she had a place to crash at. And this is when I walked away from her because in our years of friendship I begged my parents THREE times to drive four hours down and spend money for the weekend for me to visit and spend time with her. The fourth time I flew out to see her. I spent money on airfare because of how much she meant to me. She NEVER tried driving up to see me. She never visited me. And the one time she was able to come up here for work she only needed a place to sleep. She eventually came to dallas but never texted me to let me know she was there. And we haven’t spoken since. I hope we can be friends again one day. She was such a positive impact in my life and I know I was a positive influence on hers too. She loved me so much and I love her just the same.

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Oh no i wanted romance in the vampire novel:( now im sad and now im gonna cry :"(Also can i ask you to make the main character strong what i mean by that is that like she can protect herself also like i would want her to be mysterious bc never seen a main character be like that like she doesnt talk much and can have a strong personality...i dont know if you get me but i would live that it would be kinda different than what female characters are like :) thank you for your time <3

Ok, I get a lot of these questions and I’m answering all of them in this ask right now. So, none if it is personal. But please do read it.

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okay… mental illness does not excuse abusive behaviour

you can EXPLAIN it, which involves you telling how your symptoms cause you to do certain things so the person can understand why you do it (they are in no means required to forgive you, but understanding helps a lot)

but when you EXCUSE it, you’re not explaining how your mental illness caused you to do certain things, you’re saying that it’s okay because your mental illness caused it.

an abuse victim isn’t going to be any less traumatized because their abuser is mentally ill

I myself am mentally ill and have worked on a lot of behaviours because of the way they affected others, excusing toxic/abusive behaviours with “uwu I have X disorder” makes the situation 10x worse


After meeting Devin, Kasim got back in his truck with a smile on his face - something that hadn’t been coming easy as of late. Just as he put the truck in gear, his phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID on his dashboard and pushed a button on his steering wheel to answer it.

Kasim: Hello

Gabrielle: Hello, Kasim. This is Gabrielle. Did you forget about me?

The soft and flirty purr of her voice came through the speakers and filled his truck, making him smile for the second time that day.

Kasim: Naaaah, I didn’t forget about you, Gabrielle. How you doin’? I’m sorry I didn’t get at you sooner, but I’ve been caught up with some personal stuff and I figured you’d call me if you still needed the computer fixed.

Gabrielle: Did you ever find Angelique?

Kasim: Umm, yeah. I found her.

Gabrielle: Oh… ok. Is everything alright?

Kasim was a little taken aback by the inquisition, although she wouldn’t have asked if he had never involved her in the first place. He answered her question, but kept his response short and sweet.

Kasim: Everything’s cool.

Gabrielle: That’s good. Well… I still need my computer fixed. So when can you come by to take care of me- it?

Her slip up didn’t go unnoticed.

Kasim: When do you want me to come by to take care of it?

Gabrielle: If you aren’t too busy, can you stop by tonight?

Kasim: I probably won’t be able to fix it tonight, but I can take a look at it.

Gabrielle: Ok, so come look at it.

Kasim: I can be there around eight. Text me your address.

Gabrielle: Nine is better.

Kasim: A'ight, then I’ll be there at nine.

Gabrielle: Hi, you made it! I’m so glad you didn’t have any trouble finding the house.

Gabrielle: Oh my goodness, please excuse my attire. My air conditioning stopped working and this heat is just unbearable!

Kasim stood in shock, unable to believe his good fortune as Gabrielle fanned herself and babbled on about some shit he wasn’t even listening to. First, he’d met Devin with her delectably round, firm and fat ass that he intended to hit from the back as often as he could. And now he had a prim and proper school teacher standing in front of him looking like a teenager’s wet dream. Was it humanly possible that his day could get any fucking better?

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ok so. i hate that i have to make this post. but my financial situation is HORRENDOUS right now and i could really use some help.

long story: (skip to the end of the post for the tl;dr) i work third shift and part-time doing general labor in a factory. the thing with being part-time is i’m not guaranteed any hours. my supervisor is really great and tries to schedule me for four days a week so i can get 32 hours in (the maximum i’m allowed to get), but when full-time people are offered ME days (manager excused days), aka days off due to lack of work, i’m the first taken off the schedule, along with the temps. even if i volunteer to come into work to clean or work in another department, i’m not allowed to per company policy.

i’ve lost three days of work so far this month because of lack of work, which means i’ve lost $300 (again, so far). that’s almost one week’s worth of pay. and, to make matters worse, the plant is closing for the first week of july, as we do every year. so, within a the span of a month, i’m going to lose over $650 in pay (i’m getting holiday pay for the 4th of july, but as a part-time employee my pay is prorated, meaning i get only 6 hours of holiday pay while full-time employees get the full 8). consequently, i might not be able to afford to pay my car insurance, rent, or phone bill. it’s Bad. i have a little bit of vacation time left but not enough to cover the full week; even so, i’m saving the sliver of vacation hours i have for when chelsey fancycake visits later this year.

i spoke to the pennsylvania unemployment office and while i am eligible to collect unemployment, even if i do file for that week i still won’t get paid because there’s a one week waiting period before payouts start (as your claim is processed, etc). because i’m not guaranteed a set amount of hours per week, i cannot file a claim for the days i was taken off the schedule. so i cannot file earlier than the first week of july when the plant is closed. and now here we are.

tl;dr: my job is cutting my hours and i’m not going to have any work for a whole week in july, and this adds up to me losing over $650 from my paychecks from june through the beginning of july. because of this i am in danger of not being able to pay for my most important bills due within the first two weeks of the month (rent, car insurance, cell phone), and i really, really need help.

if anybody is able to spare any amount i would be infinitely grateful. i don’t have a lot to offer in return besides some fanfic if that’s what you’re into. but even reblogging this would be an enormous help! my paypal email is jkalavoda13@gmail.com. thank you in advance to everyone who reblogs this (and double thanks if you donate!)

Ok so to start this Year more creatively then previous one I’ve decided to make little event~!

I’ll pick 5 random people with the help of number generator who will get this kind of headsketch <3 All You need to do Is either Like or reblog this post in order to take part in this event ~!

Not much work but any excuse to force myself to actually draw is good and I hope It will make some of You happy too :D

Anyway Deadline will be till friday when I will announce winners- I need to be done with Secret santa and comission first :’D!

Cheers! <3