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I grew up among those who sold the illusion of love, and then I was trained to make my heart cold in favor of the kill. Everything I have been taught says what I feel is wrong. Yet I cannot help it.

Corr isn’t safe. He never was. And I can’t help but wonder if their bond wouldn’t decay as Sean grew older. The magic and rituals are still at his fingertips, but his hands aren’t as deft as they used to be, and he gets tired.

Would Corr lose respect for Sean, when he couldn’t drown out the sea’s songs as totally as he used to?

What about after the months, maybe even years of work to heal Corr’s leg, when he’s finally able to be ridden again. Of course he can’t run like he used to, but neither can Sean. Would Corr realize this isn’t the same boy anymore? Not the one with hands full of magic, who never let a capall get away with anything. But an old man, who knows what to do, but can’t do it quite the same.

Would Corr know? Would Corr care?

Not a racehorse, or a riding pony, a capall uisce. Would he stay? Would he dive into the sea, taking Sean with him?

Would Sean know? Would Sean care?

  • Cole: Your elbow made him smile.
  • Cassandra: My-? Who are you talking about?
  • Cole: The blacksmith’s apprentice. He repaired the armour. He was too shy to ask you if you were satisfied. He saw you smile as you tested the joint. It made him happy.
  • Cassandra: It was fine work. I will remember to thank him when we are back at Skyhold.
  • Cole: My elbows don’t make anyone smile.

pootisbirb  asked:

Are there any tips you could give me for drawing Kirby? If not that's ok!

take ur time!! always start small!! it took me ages to find the right brushes and texture,,, if ur using a pencil and paper, never draw too hard, and always practice. practice makes perfect!! 💖💖

  • prof while looking through my sketchbook homework: I can tell you were tired when you did this one.
  • me: I was tired when I did all of them.