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Kakashi requested by raikis (︶ω︶)

In which Lee Kwangsoo sums up a k-pop bias perfectly.

AfterDeath CPAU

Fucking shit why is AfterDeath taking over my life, like I love it so much. After drawing that picture of it i can’s get it out of my head XD This will maybe contain some Sin (IDK I make this shit up as I go)

The party that Geno had hosted was going terrible as expected, everyone was either Drunk, upset, mad, or anything in between. All parties come to a end, Geno being done with everything told everyone that it was time to go. Surprisingly everyone didn’t hesitate to leave, but someone had stayed behind—someone who has been watching Geno since he came.

Death kept his distance away from everyone, watching from a distance after the chaos became a little to much too bare. His gaze, cold and dark, stared right at Geno, Death was unable to kill anyone in this void. Which was—interesting— to death.

A smile appeared on his face as the last Sans walked out of the void, or so Geno thought. He let out a much needed sigh, falling straight to the ground in an act to relax.

If Death couldn’t kill anything, that meant… Death eyes lifted up to see Geno lying on the ground. Why had death been feeling such weird feelings around Geno? Why had he been experiencing such emotions around Geno? What made Geno so special? Snapping out of his thoughts Death realized Geno getting up and waking to the closet.

Geno thought it would be a good start to start in the closet since he say Fell in there with Sci and his bro.

Little did Geno know that Death had followed him inside the closet, lost in his own head, Geno started to mumble. “Stupid party…….stupid Au’s…..stupid hot death reaper…..stupid everything..”

Death eyes widened and a Blue blush had appeared on his face, after what felt like forever Death came out of the shadows and headed into Geno’s direction. Geno, mumbling to himself, didn’t notice Death.

Geno let out a yell as he was suddenly pinned to the dark closet wall, “w-wha-” was all that came out of him.

“So— Geno…I’m a hot death reaper?” Death chuckled out, Geno face bared a dark Red as he tried to say something back, but all that came out was stutters and inaudible words.

Finally after what seemed like forever, “i-i-I was just….um….I-I’m tired…I uh….” Death laughed at the blushing figure in front of him, “ANYWAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?! CAN’T YOU SEE I DONT WANT YOU HERE” Geno shouted as he tried to escape from that awkward situation.

Death frowned when Geno started yelling again, “AND DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT AN-MMMHHHMMM?!?!” Geno continued until he was shut up by a kiss from Death, Death had expected a fight but Geno had melted into the kiss.

Eventually Death broke the kiss, looking, Geno and Death’s eyes met. “Isn’t that a better use of your mouth then yelling at me?” Death chucked, expecting a reaction Death eyes furrowed in a confused manner when Geno looked away. The silence was killing Death, Geno would normally yell at him for doing something like that.

“Can you……d-do it again?…..” Geno said in almost a whisper. Covering up his face with his scarf Geno added, “Y-YOU d-d-don’t ha-h-have to!!!” Death suddenly grabbed Geno’s chin to make him look at him in the eye, Geno was going to protest until Death pulled him into a deep and passionate kiss.

Geno moaned into the kiss, liking every moment of it. Death smiled in the kiss for this dominance over Geno, Death then licked Geno’s teeth for entrance. Being hesitant at first Geno eventually put a little gap in his mouth, Death immediately put his tongue in, tasting all the blood.

The taste of Geno’s blood drove Death crazy like a vampire, making him push Geno to the ground, deepening the kiss. Geno was surprised by the sudden action but moaned more as Death’s tongue kept exploring his mouth. Breaking the kiss, Death panted for the need of air, although being skeletons they still needed Oxygen.

Geno also was in the need of air, jolting up, Death attacked Geno’s neck. “Mmm-mmhhmm~” Death moaned as he tasted Geno’s slim bones, they tasted so good, Death wanted it. No. Needed it.

Death let his hand travel up Geno’s ribcage, being careful not to hurt him. Death got rid of Geno’s sweater and lifted up to admire his prize. Geno was still in a daze of pleasure that he didn’t notice that Death took of his sweater.

“You’re so beautiful……” Death complimented, making Geno snap out of his trance.

“Mm-m…stop…..” Geno squeaked out, trying to hide the slash mark on his ribs m. Which was quickly stopped by Death, “no your beautiful…” Death repeated, making Geno blush more.

Death once again leaned down for another round till a knock on the closet door interrupted him.

“Hey Geno? I think I left my Jacket in there.” Classic Sans exclaimed from behind the closet door.

As quickly as possible Geno scurried to put on his own jacket, Death jumped up and went to the closet door, opening it to make his escape.

Classic eyes widened as he saw Death walk out instead of Geno, with blood on his mouth.

Geno walked out with Classic’s Jacket, “HERE” Geno exclaimed as he threw it to him. Classic opened his mouth to ask but was shit up by Geno, “DON’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. YOU DID NOT SEE ANYTHING; YOU DID NOT SEE HIM HERE. NOTHING HAPPENED” Geno said with a glare that spoke Death. ((GET IT, EY…OK IMMA SHUT UP))

Classic kept his glare of disgust and didn’t say a word and just left.

Geno let out a sigh as he looked around to where Death had run off to.

“Looking for me?” Death exclaimed as Geno jumped from Death being behind him. “Don’t worry, its just me” Death chuckled. “Now as much as I would love to continue….I got work…how about later then?~” Death exclaimed with a purr at the end of it.

Geno blushed brightly, “mmmmm” Geno whined out, bringing Death into a hug. Death smiled at the gesture and kissed Geno on top of his head, “I’ll be back soon” Death exclaimed. Geno gave a nod and let go of Death, Death smiling and opening a portal to leave.

“Love you….”

“Love you too”



Geno created by~ @loverofpiggies

Death created by~ @renrink


There’s something different about sleeping alone when you’re truly alone. When there’s no one else in the house to ease your mind and the noises you hear are solely made by you. It’s almost eerie to know the only presence you feel is whatever consciousness is in your head. That’s when you begin to want. To want to feel the warmth of another human beside you, their steady breathing a soft background noise. To want the touch of their strong arms against your waist, more comforting and reassuring than any blanket that rests against you. The only time you want someone else is when you’re utterly alone and you wonder why you’re utterly alone in the first place. Do you even want to be? Beneath the walls you’ve built do you want this solitude?


Some Taehyung fluff because who doesn’t need that in life. 😌

Bits dancing bc of a video and also a comment by @sarchengseys here 

and also for a friend who this wouldn’t exist if not for her constant support of my neverending and shitty fanart thx babe ily

ok ok so when Thor first came out and Tom Hiddelston was all over tumblr I was like uh why does everyone love this guy so much and think he is so sexy

welllllllllllll after watching the Thor and The Avengers for the second time after seeing em like a year ago I have finally realized what everyone saw and have fallen under his spell

Thor 2 just locked it in for me

I felt like I needed to tell you guys this

t h e  p r e s s u r e

“But it’s really out of my control, the way you feel is not my problem. I don’t wanna see you go, put I don’t have time to solve this. And you don’t have the right after all you put me through….”

{a/n: ok so like i’m not sure if this is really long for a one shot (it’s a little over 2000 words but totally doesn’t seem tht way), or if this is any good at all. it’s my first time writing a one shot, my first time writing any piece of fanfiction, and my first time sharing any piece of my work to a mass audience open for judgement. it was very very very loosely based off a song, also not sure if i’m gonna do a part 2 or just leave it as is. if u like it, hate it, have any constructive criticism or if u want a part 2, please tell me. also u can leave requests if u like this. ok imma shut up now and let the writing talk for itself. thx for reading!}

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