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Kakashi requested by raikis (︶ω︶)

In which Lee Kwangsoo sums up a k-pop bias perfectly.

Bits dancing bc of a video and also a comment by @sarchengseys here 

and also for a friend who this wouldn’t exist if not for her constant support of my neverending and shitty fanart thx babe ily


Some Taehyung fluff because who doesn’t need that in life. 😌

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wtf why are all these people being so passive aggressive :/ I think most people use tumblr all day... i only make 3-5 posts a day bc I only reblog stuff I really like but I'm still technically checking it all day. besides you're in school AND have a job if this is what you like to do in your free time why does it matter? you're improving your life by doing those things so why don't these anons improve their life by learning to be a little nicer and stop checking up on you so much?

dfdsadasjdfksd omg thank you, this message means a lot to me

ok ok so when Thor first came out and Tom Hiddelston was all over tumblr I was like uh why does everyone love this guy so much and think he is so sexy

welllllllllllll after watching the Thor and The Avengers for the second time after seeing em like a year ago I have finally realized what everyone saw and have fallen under his spell

Thor 2 just locked it in for me

I felt like I needed to tell you guys this