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a quick lon’qu study so i can get comfortable with fanart again. (it has been…so long…) i got a lot of inspo from @apple-melons lon’qu’s cuz thats my favvvvv

doodle 4 a comic ill never finish

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Omg the love songs! they split the phone conversation into two episodes just so they could play two different love songs. Till we meet again, starts playing with Joanna, so you think it's about her and Tyrell, but we now know the gifts weren't from him. So the song moves through scenes to show us where Tyrell's heart lies, with Elliot. They play 3 love song in tyrelliot scenes in series 2 which says a lot when they barely have any together. Why do that if it's not happening. Huh, Sam??

MMMhmmMFMMM HUHH SAMMMM?!!! i could Literally write a book on just the love songs in s2 it is tOO MCUH,,,, like bitch their scenes were fucking painful enough did yall have to add t h r e e (3) emo ass love songsWAIT NO FOUR. THERES FOUR

o r i g i n a l spitfire witch : live fast die young, girl with one eye { art creds & listen  }

i. paper planes - m.i.a. ; ii. monster - nicki minaj verse ; iii. die young - ke$ha ; iv. sugar we’re going down - fall out boy ; v. gives you hell - all american rejects ; vi. girl with one eye - florence & the machine ; vii. how to be eaten by a woman - the glitch mob ; viii. 50 ways to say goodbye - train ix. don’t stop - foster the people x. it’s time to run juliet - imagine dragons & we the kings ; xi. diane young - vampire weekend (bonus track: a mashup of pop-punk bands saying ‘town’ by tumblr user dickfuente)