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zinnia | heartbreaks & earthquakes, pt 2

fandom: shadowhunters

rel: raphael & elaine lewis

notes: missing scene of raphael & elaine’s discussion


The situation is flavored like Raphael’s past, it rots his fangs; Camille is still gone. Simon still hasn’t found her. He doesn’t get it: Camille wants and wants, the only thing she ever did correctly was wanting, being insatiable and grotesque, and now she wants blood. His blood, the clan’s blood. There isn’t a difference. Raphael is the clan. Or: the clan is Raphael. They all live inside of him. They all make him better. Raphael is an amalgam of every vampire he has ever known.

(That includes Simon, we’re your family now, but–)

Elaine Lewis is beautiful. The situation is flavored like Raphael’s past. He thinks, for a moment, about his own mother.

And then he stops, the thought fading as quickly as it came.

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You know it is actually really neat having people ask me about Jewstuff. I grew up from ages 0 to 15 in pretty much exclusively Jewish circles, and Jewish stuff doesn’t come up especially often in my day-to-day life since. So I kind of take for granted that everyone has a basic knowledge of Judaism, and it turns out I’m dead wrong. Which can be disheartening at times, but in settings like this where people are asking because they want to learn more, it’s actually really neat. I get to teach others about stuff that has been deeply entrenched in who I am as a person and how I grew up. And hoo boy does it allow me to think about things it never occurred to me to think about.

  • me: *is okay*
  • me: *thinks about harry potter*
  • me: *is no longer okay*

well ok no imma be real then go to bed i can 100% understand why ppl wouldnt like chloe. shes mean shes a bully shes an ignorant arrogant rich white girl whos spoiled rotten but im a firm believer in second chances for cartoon girls bcuz sometimes the writers *looks at thomas* dont wanna give them the character development they deserve and serve as just a means of pitting main girl against her and for fans to hate her, or comedy relief. im gonna take chloe away from all of yall and keep her in a throne and feed this white girl starbucks and write her like a real 15 year old arrogant girl who can still make things right and can learn and apologize
but i totally get why ppl wouldnt like her (speaking as a mexican kid who had to deal with a lot of white girls harassing her in alabama, its a long story)
so yeah *party whistle* chloe for bee miraculous 2k16 a vote for chloe is a vote for not predictable writing *confetti*

ok i guess this is my time to say what i wanted to for some time, i am so incredibly proud of ot4, after how they have been doubted after zayn left and after what they have been through, they are still the strongest, they look so happy and excited and listen to their fans and interact and communicate and they do action 1d and they make so many people happy and i am just so happy to be able to see them like this, because they deserve everything in the world and im here to support my children no matter what im here and im watching them and its amazing