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My Brother, My Brother, and Me (dir. J.D. Amato, 2017)


Did you arrest him because of what I said? Only in part. But it helped? Yeah.



There. The blushy Jot you wanted. u:< Now go to sleep. I’m dying. LMAO

I just wanna hold hobi’s hands like he has such pretty fingers and his hands are probably so soft I just wanna give him lil’ hand smooches

how can i even trust that these memories are memories? or fanasties? or just dreams? i dont know whats real and whats not but they intrude my thoughts nearly daily now, and are getting worse slowly. theres no proof, i must be making it up.

[fic] gray hairs and all [1/1]

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rating: t

that feel when none of the ereriweek prompts strike ur fancy so u write a generic canonverse oneshot and post it like a week before  ┐(´д`)┌

i was talking w my waifu cissyswonderland on skype once and she was like yooo u should write a fic where levi’s going gray and now, three hundred years later, here it is. short as balls and also pointlessly fluffy im gomen

- - -  

As if to mock him, it appears exactly a week after Levi’s celebrated his 40th birthday. A single gray hair.

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ok so on Sunday my sister and I went to Universal Studios Singapore for her birthday and literally the first thing I thought of was theme park performer!Bin and visitor!Eunwoo so this spilled out 

happy 500 days with astro ~~~

  • Minion lover Cha Eunwoo
    • I’m cackling
    • So the new minion movie just came out and they’re saying that the theme park near Eunwoo’s place has minion-themed stuff to promote it
    • Including a giant inflatable minion !!!!!!
    • And so Eunwoo, our neighbourhood minion trash,
    • You know
    • Has to go
    • And so he wakes up on a Saturday morning, heads over to the theme park and enjoys the minion festivities
    • Unironically because he’s lee dongminion
    • And because he’s bought the ticket already he figures he might as well enjoy the entire theme park so he grabs lunch and goes around to the different attractions
    • Until he comes across a stage
  • Street performer Bin
    • Has a showtime every hour or so, depending on the crowd & depending on his boss
    • Performs on the main stage right near the entrance
    • Mostly does dance and damn he’s good at it
    • He & his crew (Rocky, Hoshi, Dino, Chani) do a five minute routine every showtime and they get thunderous applause every single time & usually almost half the crowd is filming them
      • The other half being kids who scream and clap in delight
      • And a small handful of teenage girls who also scream and clap in delight
    • Gets hungry after every single show
      • Dino gets alarmed sometimes because “bin are you sure you can eat all this before the next show?”
      • Finished everything every single time & gets hungry right afterwards too
      • Basically a food black hole bless his soul
      • Rocky doesn’t even get surprised anymore when he looks at bin’s table and he’s polishing off two full meals for lunch
    • Does extra shows after their own five minute segments just for fun
      • Steps off the main stage & just dances freestyle slightly to the right
      • Sing sometimes too or beatboxes so the rest of his friends can dance
      • You know how there are queues to take pictures with characters and stuff like shrek or the minions or stuff
      • Yeah people queue up to take photos with the dance crew
      • Most of them being young kids beaming in excitement and Chani also beaming in excitement because he is also a young child
        • I love him so much stop me
      • But also some of them being Smitten™ fangirls who giggle their way through the photos & press numbers into their palms
      • But Bin always palms them off to Hoshi and Rocky because there’s really only one person he wants a phone number from
  • Every Saturday there’s always this one guy who comes
    • It’s always during his two o'clock show and again during his six o'clock show
    • And the first time he saw him Bin fumbled and missed a step
      • Essentially the first mistake he’s ever made on stage so he sat down afterwards sweating over it
      • Even though literally nobody else noticed because Hoshi was in the centre being spectacular and he was exiting stage right
      • Like “why did I make that mistake omg” and “it was beCAUSE OF THAT G U Y" 
      • hold up Bin what
    • literally the first image replaying in his head after the stage is that guy’s face
    • Bin didn’t get a clear look because he’s been spinning around stage and because said guy was half hidden behind a bunch of giggly girls but he got a short glimpse of clear bright eyes, a half smile and carefully ruffled hair in a white shirt
      • And it’s that image of an angel that stays with Bin through his three, four, five o'clock shows because wow he has never seen someone who could make him mess up his steps like that
      • How annoying, Bin tells himself, what a terrible guy
    • Until he sees him again at his six o'clock show, this time in the front row, grinning, one hand on the strap of his backpack and the other in a pocket and a thin silver chain around his neck that disappears into the v of his collar
    • And wow his face is easily one of the best??? looking ????? ones ????????? Bin has ever seen ????????
      • And judging from the girls nudging and whispering beside him it’s easily one of the best looking ones everyone and anyone has ever seen
      • And he nearly misses a beat staring but Dino brushes by him and he moves right back in place
    • But the whole dance he’s staring at the angel and gets startled every time the angel meets his eyes and smiles
    • And dammit Bin is blushing
      • I mean everyone else thinks it’s because of the heat and because Bin is dancing but Bin knows
      • And his face is flushing and dammit Bin shouldn’t be affected !!!!!! because he’s on stage and dancing and shouldn’t be distracted !!!!!
      • But two can play at this game bitxh
      • So he throws a wink and a grin in the angel’s general direction when he’s in the centre
      • And watches the man flush and bite his lip and look down
      • And also hears the very audible swooning of the girls next to him because they think it’s meant for them
    • But yes the man leaves right after even though Bin was keeping an eye out for him so he could catch him after the show
    • And so Bin resigns himself to seeing that beautiful smile in his dreams and only in his dreams
    • Because ??? Literally there’s probably no chance he’ll ever see this beautiful man again
  • Until the next Saturday at two o'clock when he shows up again
    • Bin truly wants to scream
    • He’s in a soft blue button up this time, thin and light enough for the weather in a theme park but somehow structured enough to make his broad shoulders seem endless and for him to look soft and boyfriend and he’s smiling gently waiting for Bin to start his stage
    • Wait
    • Boyfriend
    • What
    • Bin, stOP IT
  • But as usual he disappears before Bin can get off the stage to talk to him so Bin just cries internally in despair
  • I mean there’s always the six o'clock show right
    • But the moment Bin finishes his stage he sees a soft blue shirt detach itself from the crowd and drift off towards the theme park exit and he feels his heart sink in disappointment
    • And so Bin goes through the motions of pictures and smiling and thanking people for their support then flops over to the closest refreshment stand because boy he needs a drink
    • Because wow chances are that if that man’s already come two weeks in a row to enjoy the theme park it’s unlikely he’ll ever come again
    • He’ll never see that man again
    • Oh well
  • And our son just looks so mopey that MJ hands him a turkey leg and a Coke and pats him on the head
    • And because this is MJ he obviously asks about it
    • what a sweet caring bean
    • But when Bin refuses to speak about it MJ just sagely nods and whacks his friend on the head
      • MJ: "is it boy trouble or”
      • Bin, muffled through a mouthful of meat: “shussup”
      • MJ, loudly cackling because if anything that’s a sure confirmation
    • Sanha sticking his head out from where he’s manning the minion booth beside MJ’s food cart
    • “HYUNG HAS A CRUSH???”
    • Cue teasing-fodder-hyenas Hoshi, Rocky, Dino and Chani leaping into Bin and Sanha and yelling at Bin to spill
    • Bin sensibly yelling back that he’ll probably never see that guy ever again because this is a theme park, dammit, nobody comes more than twice a month because the tickets are too bloody expensive
    • MJ whining sadly about lost love and the boys all awwing at Bin
  • And so they all go back to their daily lives, Bin quickly forgetting the man in favour of focussing on dance routine and new pranks to pull on his crewmates
    • Until
    • You guessed it
    • Eunwoo makes an appearance for the third Saturday in a row
    • And when Bin steps on stage his eyes are caught by a small silver flicker and large bright eyes curved in a smile
    • And so he grins brightly at the angel because goddammit he isn’t letting this angel fly away again because third time lucky right?
    • Wrong
  • Right after the performance comes to a close Bin slips off the stage and towards the angel
    • Who has his arm around the shoulders of another guy
    • Bin
    • Is
    • Crushed
    • He has never once entertained the idea that angel boy might be taken, that someone else might have been wowed the same way he is, that someone else might have courted this man first
    • And now that he does, he feels disappointment and a vague sense of despair welling up in his heart and elbows and eyebrows and everywhere
    • He truly thought he was going to talk to that man today
    • But I guess not
  • And so he skips his post-performance snack and sits, huddled in a corner of a room looking in the mirror because that man the angel had his arm around?
    • He was beautiful
    • Large brown eyes with beautiful eyesmiles, bright grin, sharp jawline, sun that could power a village for five years (MJ claims this one though, Bin thinks his smile could power one for at least seven years), cute mole beneath his lip and matching silver chain
    • Bin might have the body honed by dancing endlessly daily for more than half his life but
    • Wow this boy is truly beautiful too
    • The both of them are
  • and MJ and Rocky are waiting at MJ’s refreshment stand, waiting for Bin to come out and claim a bag of potato chips
    • But he doesn’t
    • And it’s when Rocky walks into their shared prep room with a bag of chips to dangle in Bin’s face he sees Bin staring despondently at a mirror
      • “It was a dumb crush anyway it wasn’t going anywhere”
      • “Wait hyung what”
      • Bin, startling: “wAIT”
      • Rocky: “YOU MEAN ANGEL BOY CAME AGAIN????”
      • Bin, sulking: “yeah? Him and his boyfriend?”
      • Rocky:
      • Rocky:
      • Rocky:
      • Rocky: “Oh my god you’re jealous”
      • “Ur jealous aren’t u”
      • “Oh my gOD HAHAHHA” (loud smiley park minhyuk laughter)
    • Ok but rocky isn’t an entire lil shit he hugs Bin, pats him on the head and tells him it’s alright
    • But he’s still a lil shit so he opens Bin’s bag of chips and eats that
    • And Bin gets up and chases Rocky around the room and suddenly just like that, with Bin running after Rocky and Rocky cackling and trying to stuff as many chips in his mouth as humanely possible, the atmosphere is alright again
  • Bin performing at all his shows with a lighter heart because screw that beautiful human he doesn’t need to see his beautiful face and beautiful smile every day to be happy
    • And right at six o'clock he sees angel in the crowd waiting and bin makes sure he does extra good !!!!
    • And because he’s not a little bitter or anything he totally doesn’t wink in the angel’s general direction
    • And keep his eyes trained on the angel’s just to see how much he can make him blush
    • Nope
    • Not at all
    • Eunwoo blushes a lot
  • Eunwoo, for once, not disappearing after the performance
    • Because goddamn he got a season ticket to come to the theme park for a reason and that reason was to enjoy the dance performances (and also the minion parades)
    • And to talk to Dance Boy !!!!
    • And Jinjin wouldn’t let him disappear anyway
    • Jinjin didn’t buy a ticket to not see the boy eunwoo’s been moping over for the past two weeks
      • “his smile is so bright jinjin”
      • “he wore a sleeveless black tank today his arms were amazing jinjin”
      • “his eyes are the shiniest jinji-”
      • “but he’s beautiful, jinjin, you have to see him when he dances, I’m like nothing compared to him I’ll never stand a chance" 
      • yeah right Eunwoo jinjin doesn’t believe you he’s going to see for himself
      • and so jinjin: ok fine I’ll buy a ticket and suffer through the minioning to see this angel myself
  • Eunwoo shaking nervously and Jinjin squeezing his hand supportively before letting go quickly
    • He’s pretty sure the reason why Dance Boy disappeared so fast from the stage was the fact that he saw Eunwoo’s arm around his neck
    • I mean, Eunwoo was trying to keep him from yelling out Eunwoo’s number at Dance Boy but Dance Boy probably doesn’t know that
    • And so he doesn’t want to give Dance Boy the wrong idea !! Because no matter how much Eunwoo whines Jinjin is a Good Friend !!
    • And so Jinjin gently pushes Eunwoo towards Dance Boy when the stage nears its end because there’s no way he’s wasting his ticket without a result
  • And so after the last beat ends Bin finds himself thanking the audience and coming off the stage
    • To run right into Eunwoo
    • "Um”
      • Wow Jinjin was right Dance Boy really looks like a cat up close
      • Beautiful, Eunwoo thinks
      • He watches Bin’s cautious smile morph into one with slight worry and remembers that ???? He gotta respond
      • What a dude
    • “Um, hi.”
      • Wow what ????? Angel Boy has ???? An angel voice ?????
      • A voice ???? He wouldn’t mind hearing every day?????
      • first thing when he wakes up in the morning, last thing at night before he sleeps ?????
      • Dammit Bin sTOP
    • “I think you dance really w-”
    • “Thanks for coming every we-”
      • Both of them stopping flustered because wow what
      • Eunwoo being horrified because wow #EunwooExposed Dance Boy knows he’s been coming every week so much for being “unremarkable” Eunwoo
      • Bin blushing because wow the angel thinks he dances well??????
      • Rocky hysterically laughing in the background
    • “Yeah I come every week to watch y-”
    • “I think your face is really nice to-”
      • Someone save Rocky he’s wheezing on the ground
      • Chani hugging his stomach because ‘your face is really nice’ incredible, Bin, 
      • Jinjin torn between eavesdropping and wanting to hide himself in the ground because holy heck eunwoo’s so embARRASSING
    • Hoshi finally stepping in because while he loves Bin Hoshi truly has no sense of self preservation whatsoever
    • “Hi I suggest you two fuck”
      • Brb gotta save Dino he’s on the floor wheezing too
      • Bin spluttering “hyUNG”
      • Jinjin adding “well I don’t disaGREE EUNWOO WHAT DO YOU SAY”
    • Eunwoo coughing and blushing and being slightly scandalised and planning ten thousand ways to kill Jinjin in his head 
    • and finally responding “well, perhaps a date first? or perhaps i should know your name first????”
    • Bin, shaking,
    • Chani helpfully supplying, “his name is Bin and his shaking means yes”
      • thanks Chani son 
    • Jinjin slightly panicking and going “WAIT BIN”
    • everyone turning to Jinjin 
    • baby Bin’s eyes widening in alarm because what if this ‘thing’ is that Eunwoo is actually a serial murderer and is secretly our to kidnap dance crew members and 
      • ok bin firstly he wouldn’t tell you if he was a murderer
    • “the real reason why eunwoo got a ticket to the park was because he has a min-”
    • eunwoo, eyes widening lunging to cover jinjin’s cackle: “OH MY GOD SHUT UP” 
    • jinjin, screaming at the top of his lungs: “A MINION OBSESSION”
    • bin, mildly terrified,
  • but yes fast forward two months into the future,
    • Bin and Eunwoo going on dates that don’t involve the theme park 
    • Bin still performing his heart out every Saturday for Eunwoo
    • Eunwoo making good use of his one-year season pass and visiting his boyfriend 
      • Eunwoo sitting near his boyfriend’s stage with a cup of coffee and a book and whiling his day away people watching and Bin-watching 
      • and well, minion-watching 
      • Eunwoo defending his boyfriend from overly enthusiastic stans by appearing almost silently with a hand on Bin’s elbow, smiling slightly coldly 
    • Bin appearing in between shows to surprise Eunwoo (read: steal his coffee & steal kisses) and generally reminding other staring theme park visitors that Eunwoo is his and not a theme park attraction thank you very much
  • (hisses) i never want to see another minion in my life 

ANYWAYS ya girl was up at 3 this morning thinking abt Car Boys & junk so I went & made a playlist that I wanted to share bc Im actually proud of it it makes me happy

Happy Birthday Mark Lee  💕
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Cri I tried my best but it’s still a mess don’t zoom in ;w;