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My Brother, My Brother, and Me (dir. J.D. Amato, 2017)


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Imagine #86

Character: Newt

Rating: M

Words: 2,508

Warning: Smut

A/N: Yup, I’m coming back with full on smut bitches. So hide your phone from your grandparents because this is going to be a gooooood one ;)

Request: Could you please write one about your first time with newt and him being all cautious but you just want him to go crazy and then he does


Can you do a really cute Newt imagine where they’ve both been in the Glade since the beginning, and they have to have their first banishment of someone and they were both good friends with the kid banished and like he’s just comforting her?


I was sitting at the table full of Keepers, looking down at my lap and twiddling my thumbs together. I wasn’t paying attention to this meeting, and I felt like it was clear to everyone else that I wasn’t either. 

We were all here because we had to figure out what to do with Kyle… Earlier today he attacked me. I was walking the perimeter of the glade when he ran out of the West entrance screaming my name, then jumped at me, knocking me over the first moment he saw me. Everytime I blinked I could see the crazed look in his eyes when he was trying to kill me. When I screamed for help I felt like no one would come to get me in time…and that Kyle would just kill me. That wasn’t the case though, Minho and Ben were on their way out of the maze when they saw Kyle strangling me. If it weren’t for those two I’d probably be dead. 

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Happy moms 

I’ve never really gotten into homestuck, but this au made by polyglotplatypus is pretty snazzy :P

Happy Birthday Mark Lee  💕
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Cri I tried my best but it’s still a mess don’t zoom in ;w;

Idk i just want to draw them crying and covered with blood. If you want a backstory: au where dipper’s birthmark repels demon (like in IMMiMM). Somehow the mark doesnt only burns the demon that touch him but it burns dipdop too(mybe only for bill? Idk i just want them to burn). Long story short after keeping their distance for so long while still maintaining their relationship, bill’s dying and touchy touchy. I need sleep.

Merlin is Done and I’m tired!

Hello everyone! After a very scary election, I channeled my motivation into the Merlin script, and it is now done and it is 15 pages long! That’s about the size of the Scorbus script, but it’ll probably be longer since with a TV show, you have to play clips and stuff. I’m aiming to keep it around half an hour…and I think it’s pretty good. I’ll try to narrate this weekend but I also have a project to work on, so we’ll see. Thanks for being patient guys, and I hope you’re all doing okay, and if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message. Thanks!!

lol happy birth @shoosshpap