ok im reuploading this

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i'm not sure about anyone else but you could literally make a video of a poorly drawn picture of kao or someone with music playing in the background and i would adore it. it's your channel, you should do what you want

Ok im gonna reupload the sekkusu map 69 times


reuploaded due to tags not working


—- It’s been another year and, as expected, you have managed to bring yourself in a position much better than last year. This is what you do, this is what I admire the most in you, the ability to overcome past mistakes and build something better, something stronger. You have grown so much, you are no longer the little boy that would rap random covers of songs, you have managed to build, with hard work, patience and pure strong will, your own path. I’ll never be able to explain well enough how proud I feel of your achievements. The only thing I can do is cheer thousands miles away from you and hope, no, know, that the path your paving will bring you to even greater destinations. Thank you for all the hard work Kim Hanbin, please keep being iKON’s amazing, charismatic, dumb and cute leader! Happy 19th birthday my favourite leader ♡