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Star Wars ask meme I made at 5am because why not

1. What are your favourite Star Wars spaceships?
2. If you lived in the Star Wars universe, what would you do? What kind of person would you become?
3. Who are the most relatable Star Wars characters?
4. If you made a Star Wars movie, what would it be about and who would you cast?
5. If you could change your life with one of Star Wars characters for a week, who would you choose?
6. If you were a Padawan and could choose your master, who would they be?
7. If you were a Jedi master and you could choose your padawan, who would they be?
8. If you lived during the Clone Wars, which side do you think you would choose? Republic? Separatists? Staying neutral?
9. Which pilots in Star Wars do you want as your piloting teachers?
10. Which weapons would you use in the Star Wars universe?
11. Do you have any favourite names of Star Wars characters?
12. Your favourite and least favourite character are on the same mission together. What would happen?
13. If you could change one line from Star Wars films, books or animated series into something else, what would it be and what would the new line be?
14. What are your favourite Star Wars aliens species and why?
15. If Star Wars were a musical, which characters would sing which songs in which scenes?
16. If you had a power to help two different characters from different times meet each other, who would those two be?
17. Which Star Wars cast you want to watch Star Wars with?
18. Any great Star Wars merchandise ideas?
19. Who do you think the most well developed Star Wars characters are?
20. What is the main reason you love Star Wars?


“7 or never, 7 or nothing.” #GOT73rdAnniversary #3YearsWithGOT7 #LetsFlyHighLetGreenShine

I’m so proud of Wanna One, they achieved their first win and became the 2nd fastest boy group to achieve their first win! They worked so hard and to the people who think it’s because of their popularity, their HARD WORK is what gained them popularity because people realized how talented this group is. Congratulations again Wanna One!

When i saw this comment on my Roadhog face hc this is all i coupd think. Also…It was only after I finished that web did I realize hog would be viewing it backwards…..ooops.


anonymous asked:

How do you get friends on here?? Like should you just pop in something in their inbox or message? I barely know anyone here on simblr and i wanna get to know some people soooo bad, you're one of them!! ..

hey nonny :+) ! you can start off small by liking + commenting on their posts & sending them msgs off anon during those ask meme things & they’ll start to recognize you (or that’s what i did & it helped me a lot cause before i never really commented on things) :+) & ppl will be like oH i know u ive seen u around kinda thing & it reduces that “awkward” convo ish?? sometimes u just have to step out of ur comfort zone & msg the person! i know it sounds intimidating but dw, most ppl will appreciate the fact that you came up to them in the first place!! for me personally I don’t like having that “live” chat cause im afraid ill respond too slow / im forced to keep the convo going etc, so what i like to do is reply ppl in batches!! like i would send them a paragraph reply & they’re free to reply whenever they’re free shorta thing so it reduces my anxiety if that makes sense??? that’s for me personally, some ppl like that live convo going yeuno? but im rambling bleh dhsf but you can hit me up nonny whenever u like :’) have a great day/night!!