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Maybe Virgil getting hurt(nothing serious) and falling into little space?

tw mild injuries, implied sh mention, m*dicine mention.


Virgil is extremely clumsy so yeah this happens a lot

-Virgil has a really bad day, and somehow ends up slipping and slamming his hip into the edge of the counter in the kitchen. normally he’d let out some curses, and hide the incident from the others, but all the events of the day catch up to him so this time he just slides down to the floor crying. Roman finds him like this a good 15 minutes later, and immediately crouches down in front of him. “Virgil, honey. Why are you crying on the floor?” Virgil looks up at him, and Roman immediately recognizes his expression and demeanor. innocent, pouty, more withdrawn, and vulnerable. little space. “Oh, my baby. Come here.” Roman sits back, and opens his arms. Virgil reluctantly crawls over to him, and cries into his chest as his strong, protective arms wrap around him. “It’s okay, baby. Let it all out.” Virgil spends the next few minutes letting the tears fall freely, and suppressing sobs. eventually he calms ever so slightly so Roman starts to speak again, “Do you wanna tell me what happened, love?” Virgil doesn’t look up as he answers, “Bad day. Hurt myself.” Roman immediately tenses up. Virgil feels it so he quickly says, “W-Wait, no! I.. I didn’t mean in-intentionally. I hit my hip on the counter..” Roman relaxes, and sighs in relief. “Oh, good. Well, no not good. May I please see your injury, love?” Virgil leans out of Roman’s embrace a bit, and lifts his shirt up. “Left side,” he mumbled. Roman gingerly pulls the waistband of Virgil’s pants down a bit so he can see the damage better. he has to bite back a gasp at the sight of it. it’s the size of a golf ball, mostly dark purple, and green around the edges. surely just hitting the counter wouldn’t have caused this? “Jesus, Verge. How hard did you hit the counter?” Virgil whimpers at the sharpness to his voice, and replies reluctantly, “Rweally hard… I did it yesterday too on the same spot..” ah, maybe that explains the severity of the bruise. “Why didn’t you tell us? This doesn’t look good, baby.” Virgil whines, and nuzzles his face against Roman’s neck. “It’s just a bruise, Ro.. It hurts a lot, but I’ll be fine..” Roman sighs, and stands them up. “Come on, love. Let’s go see if Logan can make it feel better.” Virgil groans in protest, “He’s busy I don wanna botter him, RoRo.” Roman smiles as he listens to Virgil’s speech become more childlike, and starts leading him upstairs. “Logan won’t mind, honey. He’ll want to stop, and take care of his baby.” Virgil silently concedes. once they reach Logan’s office Virgil runs into his arms almost knocking the wind out of him. “Hmph.. Virgil? What’s wrong?” Virgil doesn’t answer, he just nuzzles into Logan further, so Logan looks to Roman for answers, “Roman? What happened?” Roman sighs, and leans against Logan’s desk, “He hit his hip on the counter really hard. I found him crying on the floor. There’s a bruise. Left side.” Logan’s confused expression softens to a concerned one. “Oh, baby.. Let me see.” Virgil mimics the same actions he did for Roman. Logan mimics Roman’s, but instead lets out his gasp. he whispers, “My poor baby..” as he gently runs his fingers over the bruise. he then stops, Virgil whines at this, and gets something out of his desk drawer. “Sorry, baby, but this will help you feel much better.” he opens the first aid kit, and grabs the soothing cream. he instructs Virgil to hold his waistband down as he applies it gingerly. Logan moves to put it back once he’s done then looks at Roman. “You should have immediately put ice on it, Ro. Could you get some?” guilt & regret flash across Roman’s face for a moment, but he quickly pulls himself together to follow Logan’s order. Logan turns his attention back to Virgil, and wipes the tear tracks off his face. “Do you want to go lay down, and watch cartoons with me, love?” Virgil glances at Logan’s laptop before responding, “You’re busy..” Logan smiles at him, “No, not anymore. Not when my baby is injured, and upset.” Virgil shrugs, “Okay, I guess..” and lets Logan lift him up. Logan carries him out to the hallway where they meet Roman. they all head into their room, and Logan places Virgil on the bed pulling the covers over him. Logan then lays next to Virgil, and slips his waistband down a bit so he can hold the ice there. Virgil winces at the sudden cold, but eventually gets used to it, and relaxes. Roman goes over to the tv, and puts on Virgil’s favorite little space movie. Peter Pan. Virgil smiles as he hears the familiar opening credits, and makes grabby hands for Roman. Roman chuckles, and lays on the other side of Virgil. he holds Virgil in his arms, careful not to move Logan’s hand full of an ice bag on his waist. Virgil sighs contentedly, and watches the movie. Roman & Logan meet each other’s gazes, and smile. Logan leans forward carefully, and gives Roman a quick kiss. they settle back down, and turn their attention to the movie.

-Once it’s over Virgil no longer has an ice bag on his hip, and is fighting to stay awake. Logan notices, “Baby, take a nap.” Virgil whines in response, “No. Wanna play.” Logan sighs, “I’d rather you rest so you don’t hurt yourself again.” Roman jumps to Virgil’s defense, “Lo, he’s really clumsy. Getting hurt is inevitable for him. We shouldn’t keep him from doing things.” Logan sighs again, more exasperatedly this time, “Fair point, but he’s barely conscious. For now he just needs to sleep.” Roman concedes, and turns his attention to Virgil, “Just a quick nap, okay baby? I promise we can play as soon as you wake up if you’re still feeling little.” Virgil shrugs, and lets his eyes close. Logan & Roman exchange a relieved glance then wrap their arms around Virgil, and rest for a while.

-eventually Virgil wakes up, and winces as the pain hits him again. he whines, and Logan immediately sits up, “Ann, honey? Wait. Is it okay to call you that right now? Sorry it was an instinct.” Virgil just nods, and snuggles up to Logan who sighs happily. “How’s my little Ann doing? Your hip still hurt, baby?” Virgil nods again. “I suppose I can.. get you some pain medicine.. Go over to Roman. And feel free to wake him up. He promised he’d play with you.” Virgil looks up to see Logan’s smirk, and giggles. Logan smiles at him, and kisses his forehead then slips out of his hold to head downstairs. Virgil immediately starts poking Roman. “Ro, wake up. You promised to play with meeeee.” Roman stirs, and mumbles, “Mm, in a minute, love.” Virgil pouts, and straddles Roman’s waist. “Pwease?” Roman sighs, and reluctantly sits up so he can wrap his arms around Virgil’s waist. “What do you want to do, baby?” Virgil beams at him, and drags him over to his “little corner.”

-Logan comes back in to find them coloring in Virgil’s Disney coloring book. he smiles as he silently watches for a little while. eventually he gives Virgil the medicine & water then sits back on the bed, and pulls out his phone to pass the time as he listens to their silly banter.

-The three spend the rest of the day like this, the bruise long forgotten. inevitably though the incident repeats itself, but slightly different each time. and each time they take care of their little Ann, and shower him in affection.

((this should not have taken me two & a half hours to write lmao oops im tired good night -i say at almost 5am- but before i go Virgil’s little space is getting really repetitive. way too much hurt/comfort. i need to figure out new ways to write it. anyone have any ideas? gah idk ok bye for now love ya’ll))

Hunter, Baker, Cherry Pie Maker (Dean imagine)

Will you please do an imagine where the reader is deans girlfriend and one morning she wakes up before everyone else (dean Sam Cas and Kevin) to make dean pie and she’s making it when everyone walks in and gawks at her cause she’s in her underwear and one of deans flannels and deans like damn then is like stop staring and cutely jealous then cute fluff and a little smut when she feeds it to dean please!!!!!

I liked the idea of this imagine, and it was fun to write. Im cringing at the name right now but my buddy (Darylsearnecklace) Highly recommended that i kept it.

I also dedicated this imagine not only to the person who requested it, but this rather confused follower of mine.:

I really want to request something. but I have no idea what omg I usually never have this problem ok ok umm… hmm.. either sam or dean… and.. uh.. you can.. um. I have no idea iM SORRY I TRIED ILYSM

Both of you, and all my other assbutts, ENJOY! X

Itwas a beautiful Sunday morning and you had just woken up from a brilliant nights sleep. Yesterday, you and your boyfriend Dean went on amazing date for the first time in a year or two. You talked and laughed and didn’t mention hunting once. It was a perfect romantic night, and it just rekindled your passion for him, Not that it ever had gone, but you now felt the same as you did in the start of your relationship. Happy, excited, head over heels in love. That kind of thing.

You lay in your bed, on top of your silk sheets and rolled over. You looked at your gorgeous boyfriend who was deep in slumber, and wasn’t going to wake up for at least another hour. You decided that you were going to treat him. You were going to and bake him his favorite thing in the world. Pie.
You climbed out of bed, in nothing but your underwear. It was 6am so you knew Sam or Kevin wouldn’t be awake yet either, so you wouldn’t have to get dressed properly. You grabbed one of dean’s flannel shirts that was lying on the arm chair in the corner of your room. You put it on, and left it open as you knew baking would make you warm.
You tip toed out of your room, not closing the door completely as the bang would wake Dean up. You walked down the hall and into the kitchen. You searched the cupboards and fridge for everything you needed, luckily it was all there. You got everything out and set it on the counter. You then went over to the old cassette player and put in one of dean’s ACDC tapes, and danced away to the music as you baked.
You heard a bang coming from down the hall, and you assumed it was Dean coming out of his room, as he usually woke up before the other boys. Then you heard two more bangs almost spontaneously, shortly after the first one. You looked round the corner and didn’t see anybody, so you carried on. You finished everything, and the pie just needed cooked. You put it on a tray and just as you bent over to put it in the oven you heard someone talking.
“Wow” Kevin whispered loudly to Sam. You looked over to see every one in front of you. Dean, Sam, Kevin and even Cas. Dean jokingly hit Kevin and Sam on the back of the arms.
“Hey. No looking” Dean said pointing to them both. You pulled the shoulder of the shirt up, that had fallen down as you were baking. You took one side and wrapped it around you in an attempt to be more modest.
“Close your eyes Kevin. Sam too. Cas, I don’t even know if you realize what’s going on, but close you eyes as well” Dean walked over to your and wrapped his arms around you. He kissed the top of your head. You looked up at his gorgeous green eyes and grinned.
“I have surprise for you” you giggled
“Yeah? What is it?” He asked. You went on to the top of your toes and kissed his nose.
“It’s in the oven. I’ll go get changed and it shouldn’t be too long” you smiled, then walked away. You were just out of the kitchen when you heard Dean shouting
“Pie? Awesome. Thank you baby!” He called to you as you were walking away.
“My pleasure” you yelled back.
You went into your bedroom and got changed into some more decent clothes and returned to the kitchen. You walked in to Sam and Kevin looking at you strangely, with grins on their faces that looked like they were up to something. They practically just seen your breasts, which is probably why. You jumped up and lightly hit Sam on the back of the head, making his hair go messy.
“Knock it off” you pointed to both of them. Sam rubbed the back of his head and put on his puppy dog face.
“Oh come on, that did not hurt” you said, then looked in the oven to check if the pie was ready yet. When you looked back up Kevin and Sam were still looking at you funny.
“Guys stop it your making me paranoid” you said chucking a tea towel at them. They just chuckled to themselves.
“Fine. No pie” you teased, and their faces suddenly changed. You walked out of the kitchen and they followed.
“You’re right that was pretty fun” Kevin said to Sam.
“Not for me, I got injured” Sam replied
“Well, you knew the risks before you decided to annoy me” you smirked. You went into the living room where Cas and Dean were sitting. Dean put his hand out for you to take it, and sit on his lap. You sat on top of him and kissed his cheek. He turned his head and kissed you on the lips, after a couple of seconds you heard a voice speak up in the room.
“Ew, gross we’re right here” you heard Kevin say. You just smiled, whilst Dean’s lips were still against yours.
“Dean I don’t want to break up y’know….. but we have to leave” Castiel declared. Dean looked at you sadly, not wanting to leave you. 

“Hey, you go. I will be waiting here with your pie when you come back” you reassured.
“you aren’t coming?” Sam asked
“No, ill stay with kevin. Just call me if anything happens” 
you kissed dean once more, and then stood up off his lap so he could leave. 
“Bye guys” you waved at Sam Dean and Castiel as Cas zapped them off somewhere.
The rest if the day Kevin and you talked and played video games when he wasn’t reading the tablets. You were sitting on the couch reading magazines and waiting for Dean, Sam and Cas to get home to get home, When they arrived in the middle of the living room about 10 hours after leaving. 
“Hey. You guys ok?” You asked them all
“Yeah, we had a few bumps and bruises but cas fixed us up” dean told you. 
“Im just going to get a shower” Sam announced
“wheres the pie?” Dean asked you, making you laugh. 
“Go get changed out of those dirty clothes, ill bring some down to the room in a minutes” you smiled at him and he did as you said.
“I am going back to heaven, now” castiel told you
“You sure? Your more than welcome to stay”
“No, its ok. Bye y/n, kevin” he then vanished into thin air.
You went over to the kitchen and cut a massive slice of pie for Dean. You put some cool whip on the side and brought it down to him in your bedroom.
“Dean?” You walked into the room, and couldn’t see him at first. He came out from behind the door and covered your eyes with his hands
“Guess who?” He giggled. You turned around and he wrapped his arms around you.
“Brought you some pie, baby” you smiled
“Aw, my two favorite things in the world”
He looked delighted. You went down and sat on the bed and he did the same. You took the fork and scooped some of the pie up, and brought it to deans mouth.
“That’s amazing y/n” he said, with a mouth full of pie. You smiled at him and fed him more. He took the plate off you and set it on the nightstand. He shimmied closer to you and pressed his lips against yours. He ran his hand along your leg and the other through your hair. You could taste the flavor cherry pie on his tongue.
“Don’t you want to finish your pie?” You asked, breaking away.
“Nah” he pushed you back on the bad so you were lying down, he lay down on top of you and propped himself up with his elbows.
“Id rather have you, babe”