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An ask event owo //i might draw the answers ewe

You can ask me or my oc, KaZero, ((but nuthin personal ok? kahaha))
OR maybe even ask me about that au im thinking of making uwu

actually i have designs for it but the story isnt done (i only got le prologue done) so ye.

anyways the ask event is open yayyyy
wonder when itll be finished
o well.


witchsonas! :3c

Something that I really really Love about Dear Evan Hansen is just how relatable Evan is, and I mean past the debilitating anxiety and crush on Zoe Murphy that we all like to talk about. I mean, Evan is alone. He has no real friends, only Jared (which is honestly another topic all on his own), and although it seems like he has some social contact through social media (like when he was talking to Alana the first couple of times), he has nobody who’s actually there for him, especially not consistently. His anxiety absolutely plays a part in that, too, though, and that’s important to note. He sort of isolates himself and that keeps him lonely and keeps other people from approaching him, so even though it isn’t intentional on the part of other people, Evan feels so alone and left out. He’s really, truly alone. And I think that’s really important to think about because at the end of the show, he still has nobody, but he’s doing okay. He isn’t anyone’s best friend, he doesn’t have anyone to talk to besides his therapist and Heidi, who is presumably still working and going to class the same amount as before, only now she and Evan are closer and more understanding of each other. So by the time Evan and Zoe talk in the orchard, he’s gone from being alone and miserable for it to popular and friendly with lots of different people, to having all that ripped away only to be left alone again, except this time he’s alright. I think that’s just so lovely and I wish we got a little more insight on his life after the lie, because being alone can be hard, especially after the events that Evan went through/caused. It makes me hopeful, honestly. If someone like Evan, with his problems and having said and done the bad things he’s done, can be okay with being alone, then someday I can be too, and that’s such a brilliant takeaway from this show.

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Gladion, Hau, and Ilima reacting to hearing their s/o singing for the first time (at some kind of event like a concert where the s/o has a choir solo?)? Thanks!! (I had a solo in a concert recently and that was the first time my crush heard me sing!!)

wow!! congrats!! u must be rlly good to get a solo :V

- it’s probably one of a few rare times he’s actually shown anything other than tension on his face. he never truly has his guards down, but his face isnt as tense as he watches u sing
- maybe cries….it depends on the song. if the song is relatable and sad, he might shed a tear
- probably convinces someone to record it and send it to him later…shh its a secret tho

- honestly i’d be shocked if hau didn’t get a front row seat just for this event?? hes probably one of those people that nudges the person next to him when you come on stage and goes “im dating them”
- whistles once ur done your performance and is probably way too enthusiastic abt it…hau likes to go over the top
- you’re getting a congrats malasada once you’re off stage

- ok, he is def recording you as you sing. he wants to save this moment and be able to replay it for himself later when he wants
- he probably also has a bunch of flowers for you for when you’re done performing bc you? deserve it? also bc he’s cheesy af but with just a touch of dreamy
- maybe asks you to sing in private once yall get the time? only if u want tho

Requested- Tyler Seguin

Hey guys!

So Natty and Kirsten are absolutely amazing and have been nice enough to let me help them out with some of their one shots. I’ve been a fan of their blog and one shots for awhile, so it’s very cool of them to let me post on their blog. Hope you like this one, it ended up being kinda long…sorry! But enjoy! xx


“Babe, how much longer? We’re gonna be late” you call up the stairs while taking another look at your watch.

“Two more seconds, I’m coming, I’m coming” you hear him call back.

You glance over to Jamie who is stretched out on the couch. He looks up from his phone, giving you a smirk as you roll your eyes in response. You’re both very aware of what Tyler’s idea of two seconds is.

“I’ll go grab the car. If he’s not down in a few minutes, let’s just ditch him” he smiles, giving your shoulder a squeeze as he walks past you towards to door.

“Deal” you say, glancing back down at your watch.

“Ty! We really need to get going”

“Babe! 2 seconds! Promise!”

You smile and shake your head as you grab your clutch off the counter to double check you’ve got everything.

You know you should probably be annoyed at his poor time management skills, or the fact that he doesn’t seem to care about being late to an important event, but you’re not. You’d been working in New York for the last 3 weeks and you’d only just flown back to Dallas earlier that afternoon, so at this moment, you were just happy to be in the same city as him, even if he was making you very late.

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Weddings are usually an event that’s hard to forget, even if you happened to stumble into one uninvited. And also because there’s this unreasonable man who wants to steal the chocolate pudding on your plate, too. AU (Fanfiction)

A/N: WOw, my first, completed fic on tumblr can u believe this omg. I think I overdone it with the length again, and that would mean there will be more mistakes and more plotholes but i AM friggin done!! ASDFGHJKH rEAD AT UR own risk

The thing was… Aoko had no idea how she ended up here.

She had finished praying at a beautiful shrine she found in the heart of Osaka and was walking out to the main streets to take a bus back to her hostel, which she rented for a nice two days trip by herself. But within the next ten minutes of walking about, admiring cherry blossoms and happy dogs running freely in the park, she suddenly found herself in the middle of a fancy garden, where there were literally hundreds of people standing around, laughing and talking with each other.

The sudden increase of random, well-dressed people standing around the field was odd, but she was too busy boggling over another observation.

It was those cake-filled plates on their hands.

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guess who’s finally here ye it me ur beloved bab :’)) ok so i’m really really hyped up for this zombie au and i decided to change miyeon’s background story because Why Not right so have some tidbits of her below here and some possible plots and give this post a heart if u want me to come bother u so we can plot something okie dokie 

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tbl 312 “the vehm”

A Day in My World

Part 2 You didn’t understand, you saw him for a total of five minutes, maybe. He didn’t even know your name. You had a plethora of questions running through your mind. How did he find you? Why would he want to find you? What did he mean when he said he couldn’t forget you? Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of your name being called. “Y/n? Hello? Y/n are you listening?” Y/f/n said. You pulled yourself away from these questions and answered your friend who was Sitting across from you. “Y-yeah of course I’m listening.” You said with a slight smile. “Ok what did I just say?” y/f/n retorted sounding annoyed. You had no idea what she had just said. “Im sorry, I’ve just had a lot on my plate and I guess I zoned out.” You said apologetically. Your friend’s expression softened a bit. “Y/n what’s going on? Is everything ok?” A look of concern now swept across her face. You weren’t sure if you should tell her about the events of the morning. You decided to withhold the information for now which made you feel kind of guilty since you always told her everything. “I’m fine really, I just have a ton of things I need to get done and I’m a little distracted.” Y/f/n tilted her head to the side and changed her facial expression to one that suggested she didn’t believe you. “Ok well when you’re ready to tell me what’s actually bothering you I’m all ears.” She flicked a piece of paper at you that once housed the straw that now sat in her water. When it hit in you square in the chest and landed in your shirt she threw both her hands in the air and yelled “score!” This caused you both to laugh and giggle and you felt yourself relax a bit more. ‘Maybe I should tell her’ you thought to yourself. You decided to bring up the topic of today’s front page news while keeping your own personal experience to yourself for now. But as it turns out you didn’t have to bring it up. Y/f/n got quiet for a moment before speaking. “So did you hear that that psycho clown from Arkham escaped?” It felt like your stomach did a backflip. You thought you were ready to talk about this but maybe you weren’t. You stumbled over your words as your mind wandered back to the note you received this morning. “U-uh, y-yeah that’s insane. Do you think they’ll catch him?” Y/f/n shook her head. “I don’t know y/n. Maybe but I’m not sure what good it would do, he’d probably just escape again. He always does.” She was right of course, you’d heard stories of how the clown prince had been captured a few times but he always seemed to get away and before anyone knew it he was back to being the king of Gotham. Just then you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You pulled out your phone to see who the message was from and read a single word where the number should be. 'Unknown’. 'Well that’s strange’ you thought as you unlocked your phone to view the message. The waitress had wandered back over to see if you and your friend needed a refill on coffee. You politely declined but you heard y/f/n say “you might as well just leave the pot.” When the waitress left your eyes returned to your phone and remained glued to the screen. You felt your face get hot and your heart rate began to increase as you stared at the message. 'Why don’t you come out and play doll? I’ll be at the docks. Don’t keep me waiting.’ -J You nearly dropped your phone catching it last minute trapping it against your leg. “Are you okay? You look like someone just died.” Y/f/n said with a worried look on her face. You stood up and pulled a ten from your wallet and placed it on the table. “I-I have to go.” You mumbled quickly as you hurried out the door of the cafe. You heard y/f/n say “wait! Y/n!! What’s going on!?” Before the door closed behind you. You began walking quickly back to your apartment. 'I just need to get home. Lock the doors. How did he get my number?’ You felt a hand grasp your arm. You prepared yourself to scream as loud as you could but saw it was only y/f/n. You exhaled slowly. “Did you honestly think I wouldn’t chase after you after leaving like that y/n? Now tell me what’s going on.” You shook your head. You needed to get home. “It’s nothing to worry about really. I just felt really sick all of sudden. All I want to do is go home and Relax. honest.” With those words y/f/n seemed to get the hint and you walked away again, this time not looking back when you heard her call your name. You made it back to your apartment and locked the door behind you. 'Should I have gone to the dock?’ You thought to yourself. 'No don’t be silly you were right to come home. Right?’ All these thoughts swirled through your head. He’d know by now you didn’t plan on meeting him. Or maybe it wasn’t too late to go to him. Either way he’d be pissed, either because you didn’t show up or because you were late. You decided to stay put. Your head was now throbbing and you needed an aspirin and a bath. That should be enough to calm your nerves.You made your way to the bathroom opening up the medicine cabinet and grabbing an Advil. You ran the water and used your hand as a means to get the water to your mouth swallowing the pill. You then ran hot water into the tub and while you waited for tub to fill up you pulled your hair into a messy bun so it wouldn’t get wet. You stepped into the tub and submerged yourself in the hot water and you stayed like this for about a half an hour before you decided to get out. You stepped out of the tub and dried off before wrapping yourself in your favorite satin robe. You decided tea sounded like a great idea, your go to beverage whenever you’re stressed. You walked into the kitchen and opened one of the cupboards and grasped your favorite teacup which you let fall to the ground when you heard a low growl come from behind you. You whipped around and grasped the counter behind you. Your heart dropped to your stomach and your breathing became labored. Standing before you was the clown prince himself, and he looked pissed.

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Ok so I read your theories and the Beth GSW survival and it would be a great twist but way too far fetched. It can be explained with flashbacks i'm sure but it would be a bold and risky move with this miracle survival. Suspending my disbelief.... She may have been unconscious/coma but she would have been left by the group for a while before any medical help... but Im sure Maggie was crying at some fresh grave after the event... anyway I went laughing at this theory to debating it so well done

Since this ask and the previous one from the same person, I’m attaching your other post so I can answer them together:

Anyway, thank you for actually checking out my site. I appreciate the effort.

Firstly, Beth’s GSW to the head is survival, as you noticed, and it’s completely plausible. Carl was shot in the face and saved by a psychiatrist with almost no experience in surgery. The show doesn’t give a flying fuck about realism. If people can accept the illogical events in 5x08, then they can accept this too, especially if there are flashbacks/a bottle episode like Morgan to explain what happened. The headshot is also the only way there could be a public death and TF not knife her in the head. They’d think her brainstem was destroyed so she wouldn’t turn. It would actually save her life.

Throughout the entirety of filming for season 5, Emily Kinney was spotted, filming taken place that has never been seen on screen. Known as the unseen filming spoilers, these include the cast filming at two white houses in late May 2014, Emily filming a lot at the hospital, and Emily being photographed on set in mid-November 2014, months after 5x09 was filmed. You can check them out in my filming spoilers tag (X). It is believed that Emily filmed all of her return scenes ahead of time, so she wouldn’t be spotted on set filming during season 6, when the world would think Beth was “dead.” (T$DF later removed many of these spoilers after 5x08, including one that mentioned Beth being seen driving away from the hospital in a police car).


Greg Nicotero gave an interview that for 5x08, mentioning that they filmed an upwards of 800 walkers, and yet we never saw close to that many. Then in Tyreese’s 5x09 flashbacks, we saw the men running, waving guns in a parking lot, twice. A major theory is that when Beth was brought out into the courtyard, a giant herd descended upon the group, forcing them to flee. Unable to carry Beth, they put her in the trunk of a car to protect her. When they came back for her, she was gone, hence the lack of onscreen burial. This theory stems from that interview, those scenes, and from the female walkers we’ve seen in cars, going back to 4b. The two most prevalent were the 5x09 focused on TWICE and the one Maggie found in the trunk. Even before she opened it and saw the kidnapped walker, she looked disturbed. In that episode (5x10), Daryl didn’t even go near cars. Coupled with the fact that he and Beth hid from a herd in a car trunk in 4x12 (which had a 03 written in dust inside) and the fact that she was taken in a car, it indicates that Beth and cars are deeply linked.

Maggie was NOT crying by a grave. She was crying by a small fire, and the context of that scene was never explained (X). In the original trailer, which was the first 2 minutes of 5x09, we saw all of these flashes that were never explained, including the men waving their guns. For the Talking Dead after that episode, Nicotero confirmed that they deliberately made it look like Beth’s funeral even though it was actually Tyreese’s. You don’t do a bait and switch like that unless there’s a reason. No one thought there would be another major character death, so it’s not like they had to worry about that.

“We look not what can be seen, for what is seen is temporal, but we look at what cannot be seen, for what cannot be seen is eternal.” Father Gabriel said that twice during Tyreese’s funeral montage.

You know’s what unseen? Beth’s body. And in fake-outs, a missing body is a big fat component. I’ve studied them and grew up with them, my father involved with the Death of Superman graphic novel. Beth’s fits the fake out arc perfectly.

Grady is the only settlement that Team Family encountered that wasn’t destroyed. That was for a reason. As far as we know, it’s still out there, and Edwards was close to Beth. He could save her. 

Also, the theme song played in Coda. An episode titled after a musical term, which featured the “death” of the character who embodied music, and the theme song played. For main character deaths, it is silence or sad music, especially under Gimple’s reign. Beth’s is the only outlier. You know who else had theme music in the closing credits of their “death” episode? 

Glenn in 6x03.

I would say more, but that would take days. Just look up Beth-Andrea parallels, Beth-Rick parallels, the music box, etc. It’s all stored here in my evidence page: X.

Instead of being sad, can we all just take a moment and appreciate all the positive things that actually happened with Taylor? Even though they broke up, Im so proud of Taylor lately . Because she has done some things recently that she has never done before. Like posting pictures of a bf for the first time on Instagram.And went to events publicly with her bf. And went to Coachella something she feared she might never do, and did it. And mentioned someone shes with in an acceptance speech at the awards in front of everyone. And even during the news of the breakup she made it public. So no matter what, Im proud of Tay. Because despite all of this, she learned to not care and its ok to just be happy no matter what anyone thinks …

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How would you describe Tom Hiddleston physicality to someone who is blind?

This is a fantastic question. Thank you, whoever you are for asking. 

Hmm…I would start off by describing his hair. It is naturally INCREDIBLY light brown (to me). He occasionally changes it to dark brown, black, or as of currently, blonde. Of course he looks great regardless what color it is. Sometime’s it could look very sleek and proper while other times it can look very soft and fluffy!

Onto his face, I would say it is of course very glorious! His ears are perfect size. Not too big, not too small. His eye brows are WILD but in the best way possible. His eyes can go from blue to green depending on the light of course. They are so shiny and look like they hold so much truth and sweetness. He has the perfect man nose. It is the very least bit crooked but only a crazy person like me would be able to tell. Also not too big or too small. His cheekbones….oh lord the cheekbones. They extend from the very top of his lip all the way to the middle of his ears and they are so defined, you could actually cut cheese with them. He has a very thin top lip (which I’m actually not into but it actually works for him somehow and I love it). Lastly, the jawline….once again, so sharp you could cut cheese with it.

His neck needs it’s own paragraph. This man’s neck is breathtaking. It isn’t too long or too short. Perfect neck ratio. It looks unbelievably smooth and soft, you could really tell he does a lot of moisturizing (God bless).Pretty much to the point where you just want to LICK IT.

His body..OH GOD. This man’s body. He is 6′2 and 183 pounds. He is the most evenly proportioned tall guy I’ve ever seen. Tom isn’t too skinny which is AMAZING. His physique though does vary depending on what role he is preparing for. Loki for example, he was quite skinny and lanky. For Coriolanus (my favorite) he was very built and chiseled. His abs, along with every other part of his body looks very lickable.

As for his legs, this man is pretty much all legs. They are very long and skinny, yet again, quite built. You can definitely tell he does a bit of running and work on them because the muscle definition is there. We have not gotten to see his feet but I’m not really into that so it’s ok LOL

I consider him to be a pretty versatile dresser. On casual occasions he can be spotted wearing anything from a simple black or white t-shirt to a nice black cardigan. Even a nice black leather jacket or coat. He usually pairs that up with a pair of  black or grey jeans. Tom has these infamous cowboy boots that he loves because they hold a lot of meaning to him considering they were given by real westerners that helped him improve his horseback riding skills for Thor 1. He wears those quite often. Also, he can also be spotted in a VERY NICE button up, usually with the top 2 buttons undone with a pair of slacks and dress shoes. At events on the other hand, this man looks absolutely impeccable. He will have on these gorgeous and expensive designer suits that are tailored PERFECTLY for his gorgeous body. 

ok im done sorry (not proofreading so if you see errors oops)

These Are The Hands of Fate | Chapter 3
  • This chapter covers May 1 and May 2, 2016. Location: NYC
  • 5600 words
  • Please read chapter 1 and chapter 2 first.. to put this in the right context
  • This chapter is not tavyin, although it fits with their story, but I would consider it (early) Hiddleswift
  • Please feel free to send me feedback even if it’s constructive criticism.
  • Thanks and enjoy :)


“Tom. Tom Hiddleston! Yes, of course, so glad to finally meet you,” Taylor says as she reaches for the wine that he’s offered to her.  Her eyes roam his suit, which is a dark maroon in color, and very different. Taylor admires the uniqueness of it.

“The pleasure is all mine, Taylor,” he says earnestly before turning towards Anna. “Fancy a glass?” he asks the hostess, raising the other glass of fine Italian Chardonnay towards the sixty-six year old editor-in-chief of Vogue.

A smile curls up around the edges of Anna’s mouth. “No, thank you, dear. Enjoy it here with Taylor,” she insists.  “Please do excuse me a moment, while I check in with the kitchen,” Anna pats Taylor on the shoulder before she heads towards the back of the Greenwich Village townhouse.

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ok, one more and then im done for now

i feel this needs to be clarified:

the thing about the “hate doesnt end hate” post is that it’s far too broad and ambiguous, and because of that, it countermines the reason the reactionary hate exists – namely, that it is a reaction.

and a reaction is something that is provoked. it is a reciprocal action against a preexisting influence or event. it is a response.

what the “hate doesnt end hate” post is actually talking about is the sparing occasions on tumblr when a person from an oppressed group verbally attacks someone from a privileged group without provocation.

and i don’t think it’s right to condone approaching anyone with ill intent unprovoked.

but that’s not what the post says.

it’s not worded to talk about individual cases. it’s worded to shame and invalidate reactionary hatred. and this is a huge problem because reactionary hatred is justified, after being learned through a lifetime of oppression and microaggression.

it’s okay to have a bias against groups that you’ve learned are likely to harm you.

it is okay to voice this bias and let those privileged groups know how dangerous and scary they’ve taught you they are.

if someone from these groups asks you why you’re angry at their whole group indiscriminately, it is okay to inform them of the reasons for your anger – and to do so in as kind and calm a manner as they do, letting them set the tone. if they ask you rudely and invalidate your feelings, it is okay to react with anger.

it is okay to react to hatred with hatred.

but when it’s on an individual level with someone who has not done anything provocative, it’s a little different, because in this case there are no established tones or assumptions – it’s a blank slate – so the first one to speak is the one to set the tone. and if you start out with anger, you’re not reacting to anything, because there was nothing to react to in the first place. you’re being an instigator.

a reaction is your gut feelings of distrust and wariness. a reaction is putting up walls. a reaction is not picking the fight before they can beat you to it. because when you’re just two individuals, you can’t know for certain whether they will pick that fight.

you can be cautious. i’d argue that you have to be. but instigating isn’t a good idea, because you’re making an enemy out of someone who would probably take your side if you brought it up in a civil discussion instead.

privileged people are a huge problem.

a privileged person is just a person.

and to be frank, i’m sure most tumblr sjws know this and would agree.

the reason we don’t bring it up is,

when we take any kind of stance of “hate doesnt end hate,” when we give that inch, everyone else takes a mile and says “yeAH ANYWAY YOU GUYS NEED TO STOP HATING ALL PRIVILEGED PEOPLE” and no, that’s not what we’re saying at all. and it is important for people in privileged groups to recognize the power they have, because if you’re not fighting the system, you’re helping it with your passiveness.

when you tell oppressed people to stop hating the privileged groups that oppress them, you’re invalidating the fact that their reactionary anger is justified. you can’t exactly say “i get why you’re angry but you totally shouldn’t be angry” because, uhh, apparently you don’t get it.

you’re also turning it into a pissing contest of who is hurting whom more, which is a huge unnecessary counterproductive distraction from the main issue which is that oppression is occurring. so let’s focus on that, okay?