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Study Date. Pt.1 (Izuku x Reader)

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A scenario in which Midoriya is helpless over you. He is completely head over heels for you, and you know it- everyone knows it. Bakugo- being Bakugo gives Midoriya a tough time about it. As soon as you show the slightest affection towards Midoriya, it’s game time for Bakugo. And it’s not pretty.

(Ahhh okay im not sure if im liking the way this is turning out so far, and im contemplating on deleting! Idk heres a preview of it. P L E A S E let me know what you think, and if i should continue! I just dont know if i want to continue, but i will happily continue if i receive some feedback! im not trying to be needy! Ok ok im done but enjoy!)

Word count: 2,000+(ish)

PART 2 can be found on this link!


   (Y/N). Her voice was soft, calming. She was beautiful. She knew how to use her words, she was delicate- yet fierce and strong. Her strength was the most admired thing about her to anyone, really. She knew how to fight, and was always determined to win one. Her determination was another thing that was greatly admired about her to her peers. She was going to make an amazing hero. A legend. Everyone knew it..

 “Midoriya!” Ochako chimed, waving her hand in search of Izuku’s attention. The boy snapped his head up that was once dug deep into his journal. “Yes!” He exclaimed, slamming his journal shut, in which made a sharp slapping sound. “You were so into writing, i didn’t think i was ever going to get your attention,” She smiled, in a chagrined manner. Izuku chuckled, in a forced-like response because he couldn’t find any words to say, as his eyes awkwardly shifted to the other students across the room, surrounding (Y/N)’s desk, asking her questions.

   “Amazing! That really happened to you? How did you even make it out alive?” “You weren’t scared?” “Ah- if that were me i would have ran away and gotten help!” Questions were being thrown to her like there was no tomorrow, but this was an often occurrence, especially after she finishes explaining yet another one of her adventurous stories. “You are quite brave, (Y/N).” Todoroki nodded to her, which made Izuku flinch in reaction. Ochako tilted her head questioningly, and turned around, only to see what Izuku winced at. She sighed once she connected the dots- (Y/N).

 “She’s never going to notice you if you only stare at her from the distance!” She exclaimed, crossing her arms firmly. “W-what!” Izuku jumped at her statement, responding a little bit too loudly. The class drew silent, and peered their heads into Izuku’s direction, his cheeks grew into a reddish cherry shade, and he slowly sunk into his desk in embarrassment. Quickly after, everyone proceeded with whatever it was they were doing. Izuku chucked his head in Ochako’s direction, whispering sharply, “What did you mean by that!” he questioned, loud enough for only her to hear. She giggled, covering her mouth, “It’s so obvious! Seriously!” she continued to giggle, in a friendly manner. “T-tell me!” Izuku whined, pleading her by shaking her hand. “(Y/N)! I mean (Y/N).” She whispered in his ear, covering her mouth with her hand to prevent anyone from reading her lips. “Eh? What about her!” He jumped, once again. Ochako cocked her brow, giving him a smug smile. “You’re being w-weird. I don’t even know her that well.” He slouched, turning his head in your direction.

“I can help you talk her if you want!” She happily implied, leaning closer to the embarrassed, flustered boy. “You’ll what?” He tilted his head, in confusion. Help him.. as in, talk to (Y/N)? There was no way he could agree to such a thing. If he wanted, he could easily muster up his own courage and talk to (Y/N) himself, but he knows that he would be a stuttering mess, and only leave himself in more embarrassment than he already is in. “I could..” Ochako furrowed her eyebrows, and tapped her chin lightly with her index finger, figuring out a way to help Izuku strike up a conversation with (Y/N).

“I could ‘accidently’ bump into her! Knocking out her notebooks out of her arms! And then you come in, and help her pick them up! And then you save the day and ask her how her day is going! Ask her if you want to go grab a bite with her..” She beamed, continuing explaining the possible series of events that could occur if only Izuku would agree to do so.

Izuku scratched the nape of his neck, “Ochak-” he started, only to be interrupted. “I got it!” Ochako pointed to him, “This weekend, i could invite (Y/N), you, and a few others to my house and have a ‘study date’, and you could get to know (Y/N) more!” She excitedly clapped her hands, feeling quite astonished and accomplished with herself for coming up with such a genius plan. “I-i’m not sure about this, Ochako-” He nervously waved his hand, attempting to shut down her idea, but was once again, interrupted, yet this time he was interrupted by a nosey Kirishima, “Study date?” He questioned, “Mind if I join? I’ve really got to get my ducks in a row before the final exams! This could really help me!” Kirishima pleaded, as Ochako rubbed her elbow, eventually giving into the redhead’s plee. “Yeah, sure..” She nodded, giving Kirishima a thumbs up.

“Hey, did someone say ‘Study date?’” Mina turned her attention from (Y/N) to Kirishima, as Kirishima nodded vigorously. “Gravity girl is having a study date at her place this weekend!” He announced. Izuku- once again sank into his desk. There’s no way i’m getting out of this one, he mentally  complained to himself. “Yes!” Ochako gleamed. “You’re all welcomed, if you’d like! Aoyama, Momo, Mina, (Y/N),..” She listed, on and on. Izuku’s heart stopped at the mention of (Y/N). He was so.. average. And well.. she was beyond that. He didn’t even want to talk to her because he didn’t want to make a fool out of himself. What if he did talk to her? Would she think she’s better than him and just ignore him? Does she already like someone else? What if she already has a cooler, older boyfriend that nobody knows about? What if she’s not even a real person and she’s just a robot who’s secretly a villain and is eventually going to take over the city- “I’d love to go!” (Y/N)’s voice completely snapped Izuku out of his rambling thoughts, peering into her direction. “I could use the extra study. These exams aren’t going to be easy.” She nodded firmly to Ochako, whose face was beaming with joy. “Y-yes! See you then!” Ochako waved, immediately facing Izuku after their encounter. “Now you have to come! She’s definitely going to be there!” Ochako whispered to Izuku, who was completely at a loss for words. “Can we talk! Privately!” Izuku sharply questioned the overly excited girl.

The pair walked outside of the classroom, before Izuku could even speak, Ochako immediately began, “Don’t worry about it, Midoriya! It’s just a study date! You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.” She patted his left shoulder. He sighed in relief. “I know you’re trying to help me with (Y/N), but it’s not that simple- And! I really appreciate your help! I do!” He exclaimed, as his face fell into a frown. “It’s…impossible for her to be into someone like me, though.” He muttered, dipping his head in embarrassment. “You haven’t given it a chance!” The girl stated. “You never know, (Y/N) could find you really cute!-” She explained a little too loudly.

From the corner of the hallway, Bakugo approached the pair, walking towards them only to enter his classroom.

“K-Kacchan!” Izuku nearly screamed, realizing the spikey-blonde headed boy may have heard everything he and Ochako were talking about.

“(Y/N), eh?” Bakugo lifted his chin, only to reveal a deathly grin. “Where did you even come from?!” Ochako questioned, clenching her fists. She was not about to put up with Bakugo and his child-like antics.

“I had to take a piss.” He replied bluntly, turning his head back to Izuku’s direction, who was trembling at this point. “And you’re right, Deku. It is impossible for a girl like (Y/N) to ever be into someone like you.” Bakugo leaned into Izuku’s face, giving him a long, cold stare. “Just drop whatever fantasies you have about her. It’s pathetic.” Bakugo turned his head to Ochako, tilting his head and began to chuckle. “And you’re in on this? Helping this dumbass get with a girl who’s clearly way out of his league!” He shook his head, slowly walking back into his classroom.

“You’re wrong!” Izuku shouted, surprising himself. He was used to Kacchan’s hurtful words, his childish banter. But.. this was different. Kacchan was talking about a girl Izuku had strong feelings for. Even though Izuku would never admit it. Even though they’ve hardly spoken in the past. Izuku- being an extremely observant person, has gotten to know (Y/N) through her mannerisms, the way she acts around others, and with herself, by just observing her throughout the long hours of class.

Bakugo snapped his head in surprise, due to Midoriya’s unusual back talk.

The ash-blonde boy towered over Izuku, attempting to threaten Izuku with their height difference.

“G-get away from him!” Ochako yelled, in helpless attempt to break whatever conflict that was going on between the two.

“What was that? Huh, Deku?” Bakugo’s voice was the deepest it’s ever been. Izuku stepped a few feet behind him, trying to give himself space.

Izuku stayed silent, just to avoid getting pushed or punched in the jaw from the boy hovering over him. He looked up at Kacchan with his chin dipped to his chest, Izuku opened his mouth to explain himself.

“That’s what i thought.” Bakugo spat. He turned around and walked inside of the classroom, giving a ‘tsk’ sound, before he rolled his eyes and entered the room.

Ochako and Izuku fell silent. They didn’t even know what to say to each other at that point. Bakugo simply left them at a loss for words due to his harsh words.

Izuku looked up at Ochako, who was already staring at Izuku, with a tense and concerned expression on her face.

“I-” Ochako begun, holding her hands together tightly behind her back.

“This is stupid. I knew this whole idea would be stupid.” Izuku stated, his heart sinking as he realised Ochako lightly winced at his words.

“No! N-Not you! I mean.. Bakugo. He.. sure knows how to tear my confidence.” Izuku tried to lighten the mood by chuckling at his last remark, which wasn’t intended to be funny at all.

“We’ll show him! Once you win (Y/N) over! He’ll regret he ever said those mean words to you!” Ochako gripped Izuku’s shoulders, which took him by surprise. He only gave her a firm nod, not wanting to speak any further on the matter.

“We should go back in. Before Aizawa notices were gone..” Izuku stated, opening the door slowly for Ochako to enter before him. “Yeah.” The girl nodded, walking into the classroom.

The words that Bakugo spat at Izuku couldn’t stop replaying through his head.

She would never be into someone like you.

Izuku was already aware of the fact it was impossible for him to win over you. This was old news to him. However, for Izuku to listen to someone verbally say it to his face like that broke him. His heart sank deeper and deeper for each time he replayed those words through his brain. He knew Ochako was just trying to be a good friend, and encourage him to speak to you, but he couldn’t help to feel annoyed with the whole idea of even trying to talk to you. Bakugo was right. She would never be into someone like me. Why even attempt? It would be useless. But, because he knew deep down Ochako went through the trouble of inviting their classmates over to her home for a ‘study date’, Izuku felt obliged to at least attend that. After all, she did say he didn’t have to do anything he was uncomfortable with, and after all, they are just studying. That was the only reason (Y/N) was going to Ochako’s house in the first place. Nothing more or nothing less. A study date.