ok im done im so tired bye

its ur local glittery idiot back to annoy u all with another thing

  • can u believe 700+ ppl follow this blog
    • it’s the equivalent of a live feed of a flaming trash can yet here you all are
    • wild
  • k so this is for followers so like…be following me
  • oh yea reblog this post too
  • maybe check out the shitty voltron sideblog i now have if you like gays in space
  • ummmm ok so send an ask with your name and favorite color for a name aesthetic
  • seeend an ask with like. a fun animal fact and i’ll give you a space fact and an archive moodboard
  • send me your headcanons!!! lets talk about them!!! im “the best hype man” according to jari ok like. lets yell together. 
  • your name and a genre will get u a playlist wooo
  • im. very tired wow
  • anyway i love all of you 
  • yikes this is a mess,,, uhhh let me make things for u??? bc i love all of u???? cool

alright im done blabbing carry on 

OH WAIT JK the tag is #clare does stuff so if u wanna blacklist these shenanigans there u go

also that’s a link if u want examples of stuff ive made people k now im done BYE

I’m really excited for something for the first time in a long time.